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How Can JCPS Justify That Gigantic Tax Hike?

August 12th, 2013 by admin · 3 Comments

29 year-old Damon Talbert was found dead in a car in Louisville’s west end late Friday night. [WDRB]

There’s no way on earth Jefferson County Public Schools – with its rampant waste – deserves this property tax hike. Jefferson County Public Schools wants to raise property taxes as much as 3.1 percent this year to gain an additional $17 million that district officials say is needed to offset state and federal funding cuts and continue vital programs that boost student achievement. [C-J/AKN]

A child was sent to Kosair Hospital Saturday night after being struck by a suspected drunk driver in the 3600 block of Dena Drive in South Louisville. [WHAS11]

Two of today’s best-selling high-end bourbons, Maker’s Mark and Pappy Van Winkle, got their start in very different ways but their recipes for success have two things in common: wheat and non-traditional marketing. [H-L]

The victim of an overnight slaying was the brother of dance creator ‘Sugar Shizz’. [WLKY]

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame has inducted its latest jockey, Calvin Borel. [WFPL]

Louisville metro police are investigating an early morning shooting that sent one man to the hospital with grave injuries. Just before 9:30 a.m., police arrested a suspect in the shooting, Michael Murphy, who is reportedly in his late 40′s. [WAVE3]

A legal debate over whether one member of a same-sex couple has spousal privilege that would shield her from testifying against her partner is at the heart of a capital murder case in politically conservative Kentucky. [Reuters]

Suburban fire districts’ money-saving decision to respond only to the most serious medical calls, leaving all others to Louisville Metro EMS to handle, makes it less likely that ill and injured people outside the old city limits will survive, the head of Metro EMS warned. [C-J/AKN]

When I last reported on the plight of the downtown Louisville office market, there was plenty of gloom and doom on the part of local brokers and landlords. [Business First]

Henryville students started their second school year in their rebuilt facilities last week. While they may not have noticed the differences as much as last year, teachers are still trying to replace what they lost in the March 2012 tornado. [News & Tribune]

Turns out the 1960s were an unbelievably scary period of time for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders. [Buzzfeed]

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Gov. Steve Beshear’s Sporadic Video Address

August 9th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

This week Governor Steve Beshear and First Lady Jane Beshear discuss the new Dawkins Line Rail Trail in Eastern Kentucky:

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Mandy Connell Leaves Louisville And, Well…

August 9th, 2013 by jake · 3 Comments

Here’s some of her goodbye message as she departs for Denver:

For me, this experience defies explanation in the best possible way. The people of Louisville are simply the best. The. Best. Warmest, kindest, most open and caring community I’ve ever seen. I tell my friends who are incredulous that I live in Kentucky that Louisville is the most surprising city I’ve ever been in. So much to do, so many amazing restaurants, a strong sense of community, and caring and generosity of both spirit and funds. Being a part of the Crusade for Children has been wonderful. That very special event is and will always remain unique to Louisville, because Louisville doesn’t forget it’s past. I met someone when I was new to the area who had moved away after college and moved back years later, and he told me once you live here, you want to come back. It’s as if Louisville sings the song of a siren that follows you when you leave and pulls you back…happily.

I didn’t quite get it then, but I get it now.


Someone else will be hired to do this job. Please be kind and give them a chance! I would remind many of you that when I arrived, many were not happy. I was not Francene, would never be Francene, and you were not happy. I have the emails to prove this, lest you be in denial. But it worked out. You got used to me. I settled in. So I ask you to give the next host a chance. You will get used to them. They will settle in. You may even like them better! Seriously, it could happen. I hope it does, because I love this audience that much!

She’s right. Many of us didn’t like her when she got here, though we gave her several chances. And many of us are glad she’s leaving.

Why? Let’s take a stroll down racist lady memory lane:

As you can see, we welcomed her initially. We defended her for a while. Then she continued to step in the crazy, the hateful, the ridiculous. The worst? She embraced racism, embraced her own anti-semitic comments (and continued to attack John Yarmuth after the whole snafu), played the victim all along.

We knew you were a hot mess when you first told the story about how you were defending your friend, Mark Foley, as he was admitting to that congressional page incident. Don’t let the door hit you on your purposefully ignorant, racist-baiting, anti-semitic ass, Mandy.

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Your Weekly Transportation Lady Video Update

August 9th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

Papaw Steve Beshear was present for the groundbreaking of the KY 7 project in Elliott County and the Transportation Lady was excited about it:

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Louisville Should Care More About Homeless In IN

August 9th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

It’s a summer crackdown on crimes in Victory Park, like gambling, drugs and loitering. Despite seeing gang graffiti on trees, residents say the park has really cleaned up, and they are thanking the police patrols. [WDRB]

Councilman David Yates (D-25) will propose sweeping changes to controls governing Louisville Metro Council Neighborhood Development Funds. Yates will also be working with state legislators to address potential changes to the Kentucky Revised Statutes. [Press Release]

Paging Jerry Abramson… Health officials in Louisville are trying to find out who may have been in contact with a bat that has been confirmed to have rabies. [WHAS11]

PEE ALERT! Hal Rogers is traveling Eastern Kentucky to talk about the dangers of marijuana being a gateway drug. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

The Louisville Metro Council approved plans for a controversial 17-story construction project in the Highlands. Thank goodness that hype is almost over. [WLKY]

Lexington has turned into that place you don’t even want to visit. A drive-by shooting in Lexington early Thursday morning left a woman with a potentially life-threatening gunshot wound to the chest, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said. [H-L]

Losing a pet can be one of the more difficult things to go through. After all, they become a part of your family. But in Kentuckiana there’s now a service to make that transition easier for the pet and their owner. [WAVE3]

Entrepreneur, developer and filmmaker Gill Holland will talk about reinvigorating the economy Aug. 21 at the St. Matthews Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly business luncheon. [C-J/AKN]

It’s still too early to know what exactly the fallout will be from a critical state audit that found the Louisville Air Pollution Control District’s air monitoring program severely lacking. [WFPL]

United Parcel Service Inc. planes from around the world land in Louisville each night, shipping goods to and from the company’s Worldport hub. Ever wonder what might be in those planes? [Business First]

House Republicans on Thursday proposed their version of a House district map in advance of the Aug. 19 special session, touting it as a “fair” plan that would only split two existing precincts and would pit the same number of Democrats and Republicans against other incumbents. [Ryan Alessi]

As a handful of people were being handed meals out of the back of a repurposed ambulance, another dozen walked from about a quarter-mile away where they had been waiting for food. They used to know exactly where they were going to get their next meal, because it was the same place every evening. [News & Tribune]

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Yet Another Corrupt Metro Agency Got Caught

August 8th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

A court is trying to settle a dispute that’s divided the family who owns Holiday World. Again, Kentucky dodged a bullet when that family didn’t get to take over Kentucky Kingdom like Jerry Abramson wanted. [WDRB]

Mayor Greg Fischer said Wednesday he would order a top-to-bottom review of the operations of the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District, following a sharply critical audit of a key part of the agency’s air monitoring program. [C-J/AKN]

It’s a move sparked by all the recent cases of animal cruelty in Kentuckiana. The ASPCA is joining forces with law enforcement to prevent blood sports like cock fighting and dog fighting. [WHAS11]

Opponents of a controversial proposed natural gas liquids pipeline that would run through Kentucky presented 5,252 signatures to Gov. Steve Beshear’s office Wednesday, urging him to add the issue to the agenda of an upcoming special legislative session. [H-L]

It’s okay if you first thought, “Oh, that’s probably Barbara Shanklin burning a whole bunch of evidence. But don’t worry, it wasn’t. [WLKY]

Details of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program that feeds tips to federal agents and then instructs them to alter the investigative trail were published in a manual used by agents of the Internal Revenue Service for two years. [Reuters]

Rand Paul thinks they’re actually drones. They’ve been swarming Kentuckiana, causing fear in some people and curiosity in others. [WAVE3]

UPS expects designers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and architects seeking models to be among its customers for 3D printing services. [The Economist]

Indiana officials say they have found evidence of “manipulation” in the state’s school grading formula as part of a review stemming from a grade-changing scandal. [WFPL]

Residents of Kentucky use hospitals more than most Americans, according to statistics reported by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. [Business First]

Of course Kentucky Retirement Systems came up short on the performance front. [Page One]

Here’s even more about the crazy Holiday World family fighting in court. The Kochs are basically going to fight to the death. [News & Tribune]

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Another Day, Another Big MSD “Surprise” Leak

August 7th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

MSD reports a sewage is spewing into Pond Creek along the Pond Creek Trail in southern Jefferson County. [WDRB]

Animal nutrition company Alltech confirmed Tuesday that it is one of two bidders seeking the naming rights for a proposed new Lexington Convention Center. [H-L]

Keep an eye out for something new in District 9 that will help the environment. On Tuesday, Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) participated in an unveiling of three new permanent recycling containers. [WHAS11]

An ASPCA expert on investigating animal abuse will give an all-day training session Wednesday to metro animal-control officers, prosecutors and law enforcement agents. Meanwhile, LMAS continues to rot. [C-J/AKN]

Stop us if you’ve heard this story before… A Louisville man is accused of dozens of counts of animal abuse. [WLKY]

How is it ethical journalistically for WHAS11′s Claudia Coffee to cover State Auditor of Public Accounts Adam Edelen without any sort of disclosure? She’s done it for months and months (most recently yesterday) like it’s no big deal. That, folks, is why we tend to roll our eyes at HAS lately. [Integrity Is Everything]

Two teens may face the death penalty in connection with a double slaying over the weekend. [WAVE3]

Papa John’s International Inc. posted higher sales and profit during the second quarter, the Louisville-based pizza chain reported Tuesday. [Business First]

Land owners and environmentalists are gathering in Frankfort to protest a proposed pipeline that would carry flammable liquids through several counties in northern Kentucky. [WLEX18]

Despite facing national and state funding cuts this year, AmeriCorps will be adding new members to Jefferson County Public Schools’ program targeting at-risk students. [WFPL]

If you spend a few minutes digging through the Kentucky Retirement Systems performance documentation for fiscal year 2013, you’ll notice that one of the most notorious managers using placement agents has disappeared. [Page One]

After more than half a decade of enrollment decreases, Greater Clark County Schools announced an expected increase of 100 students for the new school year. [News & Tribune]

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Will John Yarmuth Get A Serious Opponent?

August 6th, 2013 by jake · 1 Comment

Okay, Mike Nemes (remember him? Former Republican state rep) says he plans to file paperwork to run against John Yarmuth. Rumor has it he plans to do so after the special session. Which, well, okay.

Is everybody ready to watch him lose to Yarmuth and waste tens of thousands of dollars?

If people are going to run against Yarmuth, it’d be nice to actually have a choice. Or nice to have an alternative people are familiar with or won’t be rolling their eyes over. Wouldn’t it?

Almost as if these folks who have tried running against him lately refuse to see the forest for the trees.

Though, we bet he’ll be a better candidate than Brooks Wicker.

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Imagine Jerry Abramson Running For Governor…

August 6th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

The city of Jeffersonville is considering spending up to $30,000 on a consultant to find a long-term solution to the city’s problem with homelessness. [WDRB]

Something tells us this isn’t going to make the people of La Grange very happy. Starting in October, the paychecks of people who work in La Grange will be taxed 1 percent. [C-J/AKN]

He caved to pressure, according to at least one staffer. Mayor Greg Fischer said he doesn’t believe that residents and business had ample time to study the impacts and voice their support or opposition and announced on Monday, Aug. 5, that the city will not extend the Brownsboro Road Diet. [WHAS11]

Wanna see one of Hal Rogers’ staffers lie about Republican attempts to destroy the food stamp program? It’s your lucky day. [H-L]

It would be so much fun to watch him lose in a primary – even to Jack Conway. Jerry Abramson will likely make a big announcement Tuesday at noon about whether or not he plans to run for Kentucky Governor in 2015. [WAVE3]

If immigration reform sputters in the deeply divided U.S. Congress, supporters are planning to push President Barack Obama to act on his own to help 11 million illegal residents, lawmakers and immigration advocates said. [Reuters]

Jefferson County prosecutors are facing a daily struggle with witnesses too scared to testify. Probably because no one wants to get murdered while walking down the street or sitting in the park. [WLKY]

Again, we ask if this man has any sense at all because he ought to be disbarred. In a bench conference during Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin’s fiery misconduct trial, her lawyer said the prosecutor couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth because he “does not believe in God” or in “heaven or hell.” [C-J/AKN]

For the seventh time the Jeffersonville City Council did not give the go ahead to the Jeffersonville-Clarksville Flood Control District’s to pursue a $7.5 million bond to repair the Cane Run and Mill Creek pump stations. [News & Tribune]

Louisville Gas and Electric is facing a $65,000 fine for alleged violations at the company’s Cane Run Power Plant. This is the latest of several Notice of Violations the company has received for problems at the plant in the past two years. [WFPL]

In his most recent report on Churchill Downs Inc., Jeffrey Thomison, a Hilliard Lyons analyst, maintained a neutral rating on the company’s stock but said he is “generally bullish” on its second-half prospects. [Business First]

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President Obama’s Weekly Video Address

August 5th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

This week President Barack Obama discussed securing a better bargain for the middle class:

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