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Is 2X Worth A “WARNING”? What On Earth?

August 15th, 2013 by admin · 2 Comments

Looks like the Southwest Youth Soccer League has some fun, ahem, thoughts.

Check this out – was just posted on their Facebook page:


Are they afraid of folks because they’re holding a vigil to honor someone’s life?

Or for some other reason?

Possibility City!

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Council Accountability & Ethics Fun To Be Had

August 15th, 2013 by jake · Comments Off

Will anyone raise a ruckus at the upcoming Metro Council Government Accountability and Ethics Committee meeting?

It takes place Tuesday, August 20 at 4:30 P.M. and the focus will be a review of the NDF and Ethics Rules. Deborah Kent, legal counsel to the Ethics Commission, is scheduled to address issues brought up during the Council’s review.

Should be quite interesting in light of the Shanklin shenanigans.

P.S. Council Republicans are holding a presser today at 3:00 in Jefferson Square to “announce their proposal for sweeping changes to rules governing discretionary funds” – which should only complicate matters.

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Kept Up With That Silly Fight In New Albany?

August 15th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens says the district will now have to spend money from its reserve fund to pay for some student programs this year. [WDRB]

Construction on the massive, multi-billion-dollar Ohio River Olmsted Dam will come to a halt in January if Congress fails to increase a spending limit for the project — costing jobs and money, Army Corps of Engineers officials warned Tuesday. [C-J/AKN]

Around 6:45 p.m., police and EMS descended upon a trailer in the Autumn Lake trailer park. They were responding to a call of a shooting. [WHAS11]

Construction crews were busy Wednesday demolishing part of the historic Churchill Downs grandstand to make way for a new raised terrace and added seating near the Kentucky Derby starting gate. [H-L]

The investigation into the deadly UPS plane crash continues Thursday and is expected to take a while to complete. [WLKY]]

Rand Paul sure loves stepping into the middle of racial messes. From saying people should be able to discriminate at lunch counters, to hiring racist after racist, to saying racial discrimination doesn’t exist in elections. [HuffPo]

As of Thursday morning, evidence of the old Six Flags era will be no more at Kentucky Kingdom. [WAVE3]

The Airbus A300 F4-622R cargo jet involved in Wednesday morning’s deadly UPS crash had several mechanical and structural issues reported to the Federal Aviation Administration since it was put into service nine years ago. [C-J/AKN]

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has approved Century Aluminum Co.’s plan to buy electricity on the open market to power its aluminum smelter in Hawesville, Ky. [Business First]

Jefferson County Public Schools heads back into session on Tuesday. It will be Superintendent Donna Hargens’ third academic year—and the third year for the school district’s strategic plan, Vision 2015. [WFPL]

Already embroiled with the Floyd County Health Department over a permit issue, a local business owner has filed a tort claim notice over a photo that appeared on the department’s website. The photo showed a department vehicle parked in front of the New Albanian Brewing Company’s Bank Street Brewhouse, along with a posting about E. coli. [News & Tribune]

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Silly Press Conference Clearly Wasn’t Necessary

August 14th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

Jefferson County 0school board member David Jones Jr. says Louisville residents should be “outraged” at state lawmakers who have continually cut or refused to adequately fund education – forcing school districts like JCPS to continually raise property taxes. [WDRB]

Really? A secretive press conference was necessary for this? Metro Councilman David James told reporters Tuesday that race had nothing to do with the Aug. 1 decision to retain Barbara Shanklin after she was convicted of misconduct. [C-J/AKN]

Police are investigating a shooting in eastern Jefferson County. [WHAS11]

Floyd County Prosecutor Leslie Knable has hired a man whose family was at the center of a widely publicized death investigation. [News & Tribune]

A UPS cargo plane crashed Wednesday morning on approach to the Birmingham, Ala., airport, according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman. [WLKY]

Dave Sharma is the one who got away. More than 17 years after a fatal fire at a hotel he co-owned in Bowling Green, prosecutors are ending their efforts to find and prosecute Sharma in connection with the blaze and deaths of four people. [H-L]

A man who was found innocent after spending nearly two decades behind bars spoke why he believes the death penalty should be abolished. [WAVE3]

The University of Louisville has received a second multi-million dollar grant to continue studying the effects of diabetes and obesity. [WFPL]

Gardening devotees sponsoring the development of an old, long-dormant landfill along River Road as a major botanical project have announced receipt of their first major gift – $225,000 from two long-time supporters that will match other donations as they come in. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville businessman and former NBA star Junior Bridgeman has joined current NBA player Chauncey Billups in the purchase of 30 St. Louis restaurants from Wendy’s Co. [Business First]

The Obama administration unveiled steps on Monday to fix what it considers the longstanding unjust treatment of many nonviolent drug offenders, aiming to bypass tough mandatory prison terms while reducing America’s huge prison population and saving billions of dollars. [Reuters]

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David James Holding 10:00 A.M. Presser Today

August 13th, 2013 by jake · Comments Off

Metro Councilcritter David James, who voted in support of Barbara Shanklin’s corruption, is holding a 10:00 A.M. press conference today in Jefferson Square.

The purpose? To “explain” his vote in support of and to keep Shanklin on the council.

He asked that this presser not be broadcast to the public, so here you go. It’s being broadcast to the public.

Secrecy surrounding anything related to Shanklin and Metro Council should not be permitted.

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Thank David Jones For Your Fun Tax Increases

August 13th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

How has this loose cannon not been disbarred? The state’s Judicial Conduct Commission ruled former jurist Martin McDonald guilty of Misconduct. [WDRB]

Strange – we thought it was rampant waste, fraud and abuse ruining MSD. Those “flushable” wet wipes, baby wipes, hemorrhoid pads that you send swirling down your toilet bowls are gumming up the works for the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District — clogging sewer line pumps, screens and other mechanical parts at sewage treatment plants, racking up equipment damage and labor costs. [C-J/AKN]

Police say a stabbing in the 1900 block of Kendall Lane in Shively on Monday night has left one man in the hospital. [WHAS11]

As a marketing venue for Kentucky’s most famous spirit, Bourbon Street is hard to beat — and in July, it’s steamy enough to make any drink look good. [H-L]

Louisville police are on the scene of a fatal shooting at an apartment complex in Pleasure Ridge Park. [WLKY]

Jennifer Lawrence sat down with Vogue to discuss paparazzi and the super “weird” past that made her the lovable star she is today. It turns out America’s dream best friend had a pretty “unhappy” childhood. [HuffPo]

A year after two motorcyclists were injured in a hit-and-run accident police have yet to make an arrest, but the woman who was the passenger in the vehicle that allegedly caused the accident has filed a lawsuit. [WAVE3]

Angry taxpayers spoke, and the Jefferson County school board listened — sort of. After a contentious, standing-room only meeting Monday night, board members for Jefferson County Public Schools turned down the district’s request to raise property tax rates 3.1 percent — then minutes later approved a smaller 1.4 percent hike that will generate roughly $8 million more for public schools. [Toni Konz]

Yum! Brands Inc. again reported weaker same-store sales for restaurants in China as many consumers there remain hesitant to eat chicken due to an Avian flu outbreak. [Business First]

The Jefferson County Board of Education has approved its sixth straight annual tax increase—but it’s a smaller hike than the JCPS staff’s 3.1-percent increase recommendation. [WFPL]

For five months one of the three bridges that cross the Ohio River from Southern Indiana to Louisville was closed. [News & Tribune]

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President Obama’s Weekly Video Address

August 12th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

This week President Barack Obama discussed the housing market and middle class homeowners:

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How Can JCPS Justify That Gigantic Tax Hike?

August 12th, 2013 by admin · 3 Comments

29 year-old Damon Talbert was found dead in a car in Louisville’s west end late Friday night. [WDRB]

There’s no way on earth Jefferson County Public Schools – with its rampant waste – deserves this property tax hike. Jefferson County Public Schools wants to raise property taxes as much as 3.1 percent this year to gain an additional $17 million that district officials say is needed to offset state and federal funding cuts and continue vital programs that boost student achievement. [C-J/AKN]

A child was sent to Kosair Hospital Saturday night after being struck by a suspected drunk driver in the 3600 block of Dena Drive in South Louisville. [WHAS11]

Two of today’s best-selling high-end bourbons, Maker’s Mark and Pappy Van Winkle, got their start in very different ways but their recipes for success have two things in common: wheat and non-traditional marketing. [H-L]

The victim of an overnight slaying was the brother of dance creator ‘Sugar Shizz’. [WLKY]

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame has inducted its latest jockey, Calvin Borel. [WFPL]

Louisville metro police are investigating an early morning shooting that sent one man to the hospital with grave injuries. Just before 9:30 a.m., police arrested a suspect in the shooting, Michael Murphy, who is reportedly in his late 40′s. [WAVE3]

A legal debate over whether one member of a same-sex couple has spousal privilege that would shield her from testifying against her partner is at the heart of a capital murder case in politically conservative Kentucky. [Reuters]

Suburban fire districts’ money-saving decision to respond only to the most serious medical calls, leaving all others to Louisville Metro EMS to handle, makes it less likely that ill and injured people outside the old city limits will survive, the head of Metro EMS warned. [C-J/AKN]

When I last reported on the plight of the downtown Louisville office market, there was plenty of gloom and doom on the part of local brokers and landlords. [Business First]

Henryville students started their second school year in their rebuilt facilities last week. While they may not have noticed the differences as much as last year, teachers are still trying to replace what they lost in the March 2012 tornado. [News & Tribune]

Turns out the 1960s were an unbelievably scary period of time for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders. [Buzzfeed]

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Gov. Steve Beshear’s Sporadic Video Address

August 9th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

This week Governor Steve Beshear and First Lady Jane Beshear discuss the new Dawkins Line Rail Trail in Eastern Kentucky:

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Mandy Connell Leaves Louisville And, Well…

August 9th, 2013 by jake · 3 Comments

Here’s some of her goodbye message as she departs for Denver:

For me, this experience defies explanation in the best possible way. The people of Louisville are simply the best. The. Best. Warmest, kindest, most open and caring community I’ve ever seen. I tell my friends who are incredulous that I live in Kentucky that Louisville is the most surprising city I’ve ever been in. So much to do, so many amazing restaurants, a strong sense of community, and caring and generosity of both spirit and funds. Being a part of the Crusade for Children has been wonderful. That very special event is and will always remain unique to Louisville, because Louisville doesn’t forget it’s past. I met someone when I was new to the area who had moved away after college and moved back years later, and he told me once you live here, you want to come back. It’s as if Louisville sings the song of a siren that follows you when you leave and pulls you back…happily.

I didn’t quite get it then, but I get it now.


Someone else will be hired to do this job. Please be kind and give them a chance! I would remind many of you that when I arrived, many were not happy. I was not Francene, would never be Francene, and you were not happy. I have the emails to prove this, lest you be in denial. But it worked out. You got used to me. I settled in. So I ask you to give the next host a chance. You will get used to them. They will settle in. You may even like them better! Seriously, it could happen. I hope it does, because I love this audience that much!

She’s right. Many of us didn’t like her when she got here, though we gave her several chances. And many of us are glad she’s leaving.

Why? Let’s take a stroll down racist lady memory lane:

As you can see, we welcomed her initially. We defended her for a while. Then she continued to step in the crazy, the hateful, the ridiculous. The worst? She embraced racism, embraced her own anti-semitic comments (and continued to attack John Yarmuth after the whole snafu), played the victim all along.

We knew you were a hot mess when you first told the story about how you were defending your friend, Mark Foley, as he was admitting to that congressional page incident. Don’t let the door hit you on your purposefully ignorant, racist-baiting, anti-semitic ass, Mandy.

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