Everybody’s Still Surprised Bridge Is Really Open

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Jefferson County Public Schools spends more money on administration – and less on instruction – than similarly sized school districts, leaving the vast majority of teachers dipping into their own pockets for classroom needs, a sweeping review by Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen’s office has found. [WDRB]

Actually, Jessica, the voters have spoken and they’ve said loudly and clearly that they want action and results, not Twitter and show. Jessica Green, the daughter of former Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, defeated her mother’s successor, Attica Scott, in the Tuesday Democratic primary — while other incumbents easily held onto their seats. [C-J/AKN]

This station didn’t even bother trying to get a reporter to understand and digest a state audit, so it stuck to the press release. [WHAS11]

An unlikely conservative cause: abolishing the death penalty. [Newsweek]

A state audit of Jefferson County Public Schools made more than 200 recommendations to school administrators. [WLKY]

Imagine you’re minding your own business, maybe admiring spring’s first blush of redbuds, when someone comes onto your property and begins bulldozing it. When you protest, the state says you are in the wrong. That’s the travesty that five siblings are challenging in Pike County as a Teco Energy subsidiary strip-mines their inheritance without their consent.[H-L]

If you missed all the election fraud data, here’s your chance to dig in to those numbers. [Page One]

In a surprising upset, an outspoken community advocate has lost her Metro Council seat to a woman with strong ties to local government. [WAVE3]

Jefferson County Public Schools’ management system is “bloated” and the district isn’t providing teachers with enough classroom resources, according to a a state audit released Wednesday morning. [WFPL]

Outside magazine is hosting a bracket-style competition for the Best Town in America, and Louisville has advanced to the second round. [Business First]

Pearl Street Treats owner Lynn Rhodea opened her business in late April with the hopes that the Big Four Bridge would bring customers right to her doorstep. [News & Tribune]

Examining Last Night’s Election Results

Okay, this will be a bit rough because we’ve just put together two similar statewide stories on Page One. So… you know the drill. Check over there if you want those details. Particularly if you’re interested in the giant Democratic protest vote against Alison Grimes, the abysmal performance of Matt Bevin or the surprising rejection of Democratic good old boy corruption in rural Eastern Kentucky!

As mentioned on Page One:

3rd District Congressional
John Yarmuth — 52,025 — 87.04%
Ray Pierce — 7,747 — 12.96%

A total of 59,772 votes were cast. Who even knew Yarmuth had a Democratic opponent? We’ve probably written about it but the guy was truly forgettable.

Yarmuth will also win in a November landslide. There’s no doubt about that. We likely won’t even pay attention to his hyper-conservative opponent.

Now to other races we paid a bit of attention to…

30th Judicial Circuit – 7th Division
Dennis Burke — 20,021 — 23.54%
Denise Brown — 39,452 — 46.40%
John Hamlet — 14,471 — 17.02%
Denise Helline — 11,089 — 13.04%

85,033 total votes cast.

Despite missteps early on in the race, Denise Brown has proved herself (her snotty campaign aide aside). Appears she’s learned her lesson about properly connecting with voters and taking her role seriously. Doesn’t hurt that she’s got her ducks in a row and is beyond pleasant.

Dennis Burke, though, barely showed up for the game. Even with his wife’s name I.D. and all of her old campaign material, signage, logos and such he basically repurposed for himself. That’s got to be disappointing for him.

Metro Council – 1st District
Jessica Green — 1,711 — 55%
Attica Scott — 1,400 – 45%

Total of 3,111 votes cast.

This surprised everyone but the proof was kinda in the pudding. Voters in the district didn’t blame (rightly) Jessica for her mother’s shenanigans. And they were tired of Attica spending all of her time on Twitter and going to events instead of getting her hands dirty with people who truly needed her.

At one point, Attica refused to give Kevin Cosby more than 30 minutes of her time (WTF) when he was trying to dole out tens of thousands of dollars worth of scholarships in her district. That was sign number one that she was in serious trouble.

When she fought against Walmart (we’re kinda on her side here – at least as far as despising that company goes) and the entire district popped a vein over what she had to say? That was sign number two.

Her legislative aide? Talk about a walking disaster. When Green’s campaign shared the 14,000+ personal emails the woman had sent while on city time, we knew right away why calls weren’t being returned and why Attica always seemed so aloof. And why she gave so much of her discretionary budget to an amphitheater nowhere near her district.

What this all means: It’s not enough to be progressive and vocal. It takes real leadership and hard work to maintain a council seat. Especially in poorer districts with people who truly rely on their representatives in office.

Metro Council – 9th District

You already know why this race was important. Despite Greg Fischer’s pick winning — and him generally being a yes man for the powerful and the wealthy — he’s still less awful than the guy tied to the myriad messes at the University of Louisville, J.P. Davis.

The totals:

Stephen Imhoff — 294 — 6.33%
Greg Bourke — 158 — 3.4%
Bette Nieme — 244 — 5.25%
Jane Bennett — 315 — 6.78%
Jason Clark — 23 — 0.5%
Benjamin Vaugn — 100 — 2.15%
Jonathan Musselwhite — 149 — 3.21%
J.P. Davis — 496 — 10.68%
Mike Brooks — 339 — 7.3%
Geoffrey Morris — 129 — 2.78%
Chris Hartley — 871 — 18.75%
Bill Hollander — 1,288 — 27.72%
Mollie Younger Noe — 240 — 5.17%

4,646 total votes were cast. 4,150 of those votes were against J.P. Davis and 3,358 were against Greg Fischer’s guy.

What all this means: the local newspaper’s endorsement didn’t matter much. Mike Brooks didn’t break 10% of the vote. Outside lobbyists tied to all the problems UofL has caused? It could only buy 10% of the vote and not much more.

9th District voters are aware, informed and pay attention to everything that goes on in Possibility City. It’s a mixture of incomes, races, ethnicities, orientations and all that jazz. Those folks know when they’re being sold a load of nonsense. They can see right through someone trying to win a race while portraying something they’re not. The 9th District proved last night that local politics are NOT a Facebook popularity contest.

Edelen Releasing JCPS Audit Right Now

State Auditor of Public Accounts Adam Edelen is releasing his 260-page audit of Jefferson County Public Schools right now.

Wanna read it? Click here to access the giant PDF file. All 301 pages of it.

From a release:

The largest review ever conducted by the Auditor’s office identified outdated and inefficient operations that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a school board that doesn’t provide adequate oversight, an inconsistent contracting process, a toothless internal audit system and serious security and privacy concerns.

Auditors selected five peer districts across the country and found that JCPS ranks at or near the bottom in categories involving teacher staffing and expenditures for instruction while ranking highest in categories of school administration, support staff and instructional aides.

“This report paints a picture of a bureaucracy that benefits itself and keeps the board in the dark rather than supports excellence in the classroom and a public mission of transparency and accountability,” Auditor Edelen said.

We’re sure Eric Flack spent all night reading it (it was embargoed and we wrote this at 6:14 P.M. yesterday) so he can foam at the mouth on the teevee. You? You should read it for yourself to make up your own mind. It’s so important that you do so if you give a flip about JCPS and the future of this community.


Here’s a quote from an anonymous JCPS administrator:

“There is some really helpful stuff in here that can really move the district forward. Unfortunately, the rhetoric and politics and finger pointing will move us back.

We all tend to agree that the audit, when properly digested, is a good thing for the district. The comparisons, though? Extremely odd and unhelpful because they’re not urban districts like JCPS.

The general political consensus is that Adam Edelen focused so much time, energy and money on this audit because he thinks it’ll help him against Jack Conway in a primary. Because it’s Conway’s back yard. Not so sure that’s the case. Buuut… Edelen’s efforts and energy definitely would have been better spent focusing on the corrupt and embarrassing Kentucky Retirement Systems.

Judy Green’s Daughter Beat Attica Scott

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Four Metro Council incumbents cruised to victory in their primary elections Tuesday, but Attica Scott lost her race to the daughter of the council member she replaced three years ago. [WDRB]

The U.S. housing market is strengthening after a tough winter, according to economists at a Realtors convention in Washington. But even as the short-term outlook brightens, they remain worried about a long-term problem with “missing” young buyers. [NPR]

Another day, yet another senseless shooting here in Possibility City! [WHAS11]

Watching Mitch McConnell and Alison Grimes face off is going to melt everybody’s brain. [H-L]

It has been a long time coming, but the Jeffersonville side of the Big Four pedestrian bridge is officially open. [WLKY]

Atherton High School is moving toward adopting an anti-discrimination policy that addresses a question: How should schools treat students whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth? [WFPL]

American maternal mortality rates rose over a 20-year period at a rate that places the U.S. in the company of war-torn countries like Afghanistan and impoverished nations like Chad and Swaziland, according to a new report. [HuffPo]

Wait for it, wait for it… This one wasn’t a shooting but a stabbing. [WAVE3]

The income gap is widening nationally, but what about locally? [Business First]

Though Mayor Jeff Gahan said they are separate issues, New Albany Police Chief Sherri Knight stepped down from her position Tuesday in the midst of investigations into the department. Gahan would not confirm if he asked her to resign, but said he did accept Knight’s request to be reassigned, as she has been moved to the detective’s division. [News & Tribune]

What Are You Doing On This Election Night?

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Attica Scott should have spent more time doing her job and less time tweeting. Her assistant shouldn’t have sent something like 14,000 personal emails. And she shouldn’t have ignored the people of her district. Because she just got beat by JUDY GREEN’S DAUGHTER! Sins of the mother are forgiven.

J.P. Davis who? Good call, Ninth District, good call. Good call on voting for anyone but Davis. Glad to see you make an about-face after being confronted with the news of J.P.’s political world.

What Will Happen With Today’s Election?

And what will it mean for Louisville?

We’re paying close attention to just a couple races locally.


9th District Metro Council. Will out-of-state lobbyists and University of Louisville-aligned special interests buy the seat via J.P. Davis? Or will someone who isn’t vapid and devoid of common sense like Mike Brooks win? This is Louisville, so our money’s on someone like Davis. Primarily because he’s easily controlled and has no idea he’s being directly influenced.

Will Jessica Green beat Attica Scott? Most we’ve spoken with don’t think so. But Scott’s refusal to work with people like Kevin Cosby (really? giving the man just 30 minutes of your time when tens of thousands of scholarship dollars are at stake? please.) and her legislative aide’s general aloofness have that Metro Council district fired up. If Green wins, it’s a sign that the sins of the mother can be forgiven. If Scott wins, it’s a wake-up call for her to stop excluding people just because they aren’t hyper-progressive. Doesn’t help that Scott fought tooth and nail against building a Walmart at 18th Street, even though there are next to no businesses in the district and likely won’t be for years to come. Another not great thing for Scott: Her absenteeism when it came to dealing with Barbara Shanklin and her refusal to make a decision.

County Attorney. O’Connell’s gonna win but it’s going to be beyond interesting to see how many protest votes there are against him. This race, prior to O’Connell suspending operations after the death of his son, really forced him to soften his political approach and will likely cause him to be a bit more calm in his next term. But Faulkner, his opponent, has proved her strength as a candidate and we will surely see her running for something again quite soon. Most attorneys think she has a bright future.

Everything else is a bit of a sleeper. Not much political excitement going on in May 2014.

November, though, will be crazy.