Seriously, Just Build The Damn Walmart Already

The heroin epidemic is terrible but no one is paying attention to a group of people having a funtimes walk on the Big Four Bridge. [WDRB]

All the fights over the West End Walmart are adding up to be some of the dumbest in years here in Possibility City. There is NOTHING in that part of town. It won’t kill businesses and it won’t choke local jobs. We hate Walmart, too, but… Get the hell over it. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another cyclist killed here in Possibility City. [WHAS11]

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray announced Wednesday that he is scuttling a $351 million renovation of Rupp Arena and attached convention center after the University of Kentucky told city and state officials that it was interested only in a scaled-back Rupp Arena renovation. [H-L]

There was a celebration of life and a call to stop gun violence Saturday. [WLKY]

Walkable cities aren’t just easy to navigate — they’re also richer and have higher percentages of college grads, according to a new study. [HuffPo]

Friends and family could hear the clanking of medals as Team Kentucky got off their plane, returning from the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games Saturday. [WAVE3]

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Though a coalition of west Louisville neighborhood leaders are demanding an urban-styled Walmart, a prominent civil rights organization says the 300 expected jobs matter more to residents. [WFPL]

Young delinquents are much more likely than their peers to die violently as adults. And girls are at particular risk. Lack of access to preventive care is partly to blame, researchers say. [NPR]

The lawsuit between Norton Healthcare Inc. and the University of Louisville, related to Kosair Children’s Hospital, is expected to go before a Franklin Circuit Court judge at 9 a.m. [Business First]

An Umbaugh and Associates report says the Jeffersonville Sewer Department has the bonding capacity it needs to move forward with a project aimed at curbing sewer overflows into the Ohio River, but concerns about the city’s future sewer needs still linger. [News & Tribune]

Let’s All Act Surprised By UofL’s Big Audit Stunt

Two big traffic changes are about to hit thousands of drivers in Kentuckiana. The 2nd Street Bridge (Clark Memorial Bridge) will shut down on Tuesday, July 8th. That means drivers will be able to use it all day on Monday, but it’ll close at midnight and be off limits for six weeks. [WDRB]

Southern Indiana loves to drive its homeless into Louisville. The head of a Southern Indiana homeless ministry has stepped down from the Jeffersonville Homelessness Task Force after the city council approved a camping ban on public and private properties throughout the city. [C-J/AKN]

A local man helps revamp a closed Boys and Girls club in his friend’s honor. [WHAS11]

Kentucky health officials are awaiting test results that could confirm whether a new mosquito-borne virus from the Caribbean has reached the state. [H-L]

Economists say there are more than 2 million “missing households” in the U.S. — young people who bunk with family or friends rather than buying their own home. New data suggest this trend continues. [NPR]

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public to be on the lookout for a missing man who is believed to be in danger. [WLKY]

Almost seven out of 10 people who bought health insurance on the federal Obamacare exchanges are paying $100 or less a month for coverage, according to a Department of Health and Human Services analysis. [HuffPo]

A lawsuit has been filed against school officials and a student at a Jefferson County Public School. The suit claims the principal and a teacher at Moore Traditional High School did not do enough to stop a student from being bullied. [WAVE3]

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University of Louisville officials refuse to release a report by an outside auditing firm that examined the school’s internal controls following a series of high profile – and high dollar – thefts. [WFPL]

Research has found that kids who play a variety of sports before settling on one achieve higher levels of success and suffer fewer serious injuries. [ProPublica]

Jeffersonville officials are hopeful that the construction of a proposed new hotel near the corner of 9th and Spring streets will move forward soon. But there are a few technical hurdles to clear first. [Business First]

Clark County Circuit Court No. 2 Judge Jerry Jacobi is asking a federal judge to dismiss the complaint made against him in a civil lawsuit involving claims of misconduct within the Clark County Drug Treatment Court, which he oversaw. [News & Tribune]

A Big Lesson In Listening To Your Constituents

We love to hate on Tom Owen for often being off in his own world. And for his scandals here and there. But he deserves praise for this.

While Attica Scott connects with people (who don’t even live in her district) on Twitter, he does things like this:


He rides through his district on a bike!

“This is the old fashioned way of going mobile so to speak,” says Owen. “The Summer Bike Tour is important because it allows the folks I represent another way to talk to them in their neighborhood. It’s another way to stay in touch with my office.”

Here’s the schedule:

  • July 6th – Upper Highlands/ Alta Vista Area
  • July 13th – Cities of Strathmoor Manor / Strathmoor Village / Seneca Gardens City of Kingsley
  • July 20th – Belknap
  • July 27th – Bonnycastle
  • August 3rd – Highlands Douglass
  • August 10th – Deer Park
  • August 17th – Tyler Park
  • August 24th – Cherokee Triangle/Original Highlands

In fact, Owen is going door-to-door to speak with constituents who request meetings. Want him to stop by your house for a conversation? Call his office at 574-1108 at least ten days BEFORE he’s set to ride through your neighborhood.

It’ll never happen but we’d love to see Attica haul her butt out like that. Or Jim King. Or even David Yates.

Been A While Since We Had An LMEMS Update

We hear through the rumor mill that the metro ID/security card in possession of that alleged drug lady belonged to Chief of Staff Kristen Miller. Our sources in the LMEMS world tell us she lost the card about a year ago and never reported it, a violation of the agreement signed when issued a card.

We also hear one of the P-2s was downgraded to EMT for battery against two female EMTs. We’re withholding his name because law enforcement is investigating. The guy physically forced two females into their trucks in a manner that was, ahem, extreme even for Metro Government. It’s the second time he’s been a supervisor and the second time he’s had a serious incident like this. After numerous official complaints, of course. He’s out on “sick leave” for three-to-five weeks to cool things down.

AAAAND… this is the big one… there are apparently P-2s acting as Medical Control for street paramedics. Because the University of Louisville stopped providing the service after several years of nonpayment. UofL residents used to give orders for paramedics to administer drugs and make major decisions. Now those orders are coming from people with no authority or licensure to give them, while apparently using the license of absentee Director Richmond. That means narcotics are being administered based upon direction from paramedics, not doctors, as is the case in every other major city in the country.

This is why Louisville can’t have nice things.

Murder Becomes A Hot Topic In Possibility City

Fiber internet that people can afford? We’ll believe it when we see it. [WDRB]

Here’s some important environmental trivia for your next cocktail party: Louisville has 1.2 million potential tree planting sites. [C-J/AKN]

This is apparently news. At least it’s not mugshot central like WAVE. [WHAS11]

Just around the curve of Glenn’s Creek from Old Taylor is another mothballed distillery that is slowly coming back to life. [H-L]

BEWARE THE AUTO-PLAY VIDEO! There have been 25 homicides committed this year, and a third of them happened in broad daylight. It’s called “no snitching,” and many people say it’s in full force and effect in Louisville. [WLKY]

You’ll probably want to watch homophobic Governor Steve Beshear talk about health care. [C-SPAN]

A lawsuit concerning the pay and tipping of employees has been filed against a Louisville restaurant. The class action lawsuit against Eddie Merlot’s was filed by nine current and former employees and alleges they were not paid properly or for overtime or tips. Maybe the restaurant’s ownership can play the crazy card and just fire everybody, allowing her restaurant to sit empty, like at least one former restaurant owner in Louisville. [WAVE3]

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Downtown Louisville residents live in one of the fastest growing urban heat islands in the U.S., according to preliminary results of an ongoing study. [WFPL]

After mass shootings, like the ones these past weeks in Las Vegas, Seattle and Santa Barbara, the national conversation often focuses on mental illness. So what do we actually know about the connections between mental illness, mass shootings and gun violence overall? [ProPublica]

What would it mean in Louisville if Humana sold its pharmacy division? Hundreds of people would likely lose their jobs is what it would mean. [Business First]

The situation isn’t ideal, but city officials said they have tried to mitigate the inconveniences to business owners and residents during the East Main Street improvement project. [News & Tribune]