Wait, We Thought Churchill Downs Was Going To Have To Close Down If It Wasn’t Allowed To Build A Fancy Casino In Louisville?

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Dear Ed Hart: We told you that you were getting screwed by Steve Beshear because of Bruce Lunsford. You knew it. Bruce knew it. And it’s happening again. Yes, they most certainly operate on decades of bitters. Ask Jerry Lundergan about that. [WHAS11]

Voting sites affecting more than 12,600 local households have been moved for the Nov. 6 general election, according to the Jefferson County Board of Elections. The relocations involve a total of 14 precincts and seven voting sites, said county elections spokesman Nore Ghibaudy. [C-J/AKN]

A teen who made a desperate escape, jumping out of a moving car on the interstate, has been found. [WDRB]

If you missed it on Page One yesterday, here’s a look from the Herald-Leader at Kentucky Spirit filing a lawsuit against the state for allegedly providing faulty Medicaid data. [John Cheves]

A mother of three was driving home from work Tuesday evening when her car was blindsided by a man fleeing police and a narcotics investigation, and now her family is mourning her death. [WLKY]

Churchill Downs has been given the go-ahead to offer a third racing meet starting next year. [WFPL]

He’s on trial for killing a woman so she couldn’t testify in another murder trial. Jurors have already heard from more than a dozen witnesses as they try to decide if Steven Pettway is guilty of murdering Troya Sheckles. [WAVE3]

No, Metro Animal Services is not even attempting to lower the number of animals it kills each day. It’s now openly working hand-in-hand with the Kentucky Humane Society. So much for Greg Fischer’s promised transparency and claims of reduced killing. How the Brown Family or anyone who comprehends logic can support this man while keeping a straight face is beyond us. [C-J/AKN]

Kentucky Derby-winning Thoroughbred trainer Rick Dutrow Jr.’s appeal to overturn his 10-year ban by state regulators has been tossed out by New York’s top court. [Business First]

The Clarksville Town Council voted unanimously to purchase the site of the town’s old drive-in theater for $500,000 at a special meeting Tuesday. [News & Tribune]

You Thought We’d Shut Up About The Mold Mess?

Turns out that no one in Greg Fischer’s world wants to take poor people seriously.

Probably because they aren’t members of River Fields, can’t make campaign contributions and don’t have bike parties on Bardstown Road.

Here’s one of those poor people suffering from mold issues as a result of living in a property owned by a slumlord the city ignores:


It must be awesome being a poor veteran in Louisville. Tested, diagnosed and treated for serious health issues caused by mold. Being forced to move when you have no where to go and no way to pay for it. While the powers that be sit on their hands.

Wanna read the rest of the letter and see some gross pictures?

You may do just that after the jump…

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Everybody Is Burned Out On Kentucky Kingdom

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and about 100 local businesses and civil leaders are in Oklahoma City examining how the city revitalized its'(sic) downtown. Spoiler alert: It’s not that great. [WHAS11]

Is Ed Hart just begging to get screwed again by Steve Beshear and his friends? Promising to invest $120 million sounds risky with that bunch. [C-J/AKN]

You can’t have a story about Kentucky Kingdom without Holiday World freaking out and trying to get free earned media, as well. [FOX41]

The more you know when traveling outside the city. You can’t even drive around in Lexington these days without encountering a hose that’s on the loose. [WKYT]

Wondering how that Insight changeover to Time Warner is going? Haha, yeah, about that. [WAVE3]

Wondering why the Kentucky Democratic Party is a disaster that can win a simple Metro Council race? The Kentucky Democratic Central Executive Committee has transferred $350,000 over the past month to Ohio, where President Barack Obama is in a tight race with Republican challenger Mittens Romney. [H-L]

A family is searching for answers two days after a young father was shot to death at his home. Police said there are no suspects in the shooting death of 21-year-old Bryan Lewis. [WLKY]

We told you early yesterday about Brooks Wicker’s freakout at the local paper. So the radio people decided it was a good idea to do a story about it. What’s sad, though, is that Wicker’s paid campaign staff say things like, “I personally think that it’s because Brooks is closing in on the congressman.” Oh, the hilarity. [WFPL]

As former owner of Turfway Park, Jerry Carroll said the track was bound to decline when the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission allowed a majority stake in the race track to be purchased by a partnership building a Cincinnati casino. [Business First]

Maybe this is why Southern Indiana can’t have nice things. Because everything is trying to live in the past – like the 150 years ago past. [News & Tribune]

WATB ALERT: Wicker Thinks Opinions Are “Facts”

Brooks Wicker, in his latest email blast, stepped further into the abyss of Marilyn Parker looney land with a WATB meltdown:

On Sunday, the local newspaper’s editorial board endorsed in our race. Yet, the Courier-Journal Editorial Board made its choice without ever interviewing me. Not once. Very little of the text of its endorsement was actually factual. Let’s look at what the Board would have seen had it done its due diligence.

While it’s clear why the editorial board didn’t interview Wicker – he’s a fringe candidate with zero chance in hell who refuses to do simple things like follow campaign finance law – the paper should have given him the courtesy. Not just because all candidates for major office should be interviewed but because of the hilarious time the ed board would have had with the guy. Why not allow him to make a fool of himself when he can’t even refute a lowly newspaper employee?

It’s really interesting that Wicker continues to believe his opinions are based in fact. Merely because he believes said opinions.

Even more interesting that he’s unable to produce anything the ed board got factually incorrect.

Oh – we can’t forget the sheer hypocrisy of his email blast. Blaming the media for being “liberal” after spending months claiming it is insignificant while whining because a newspaper didn’t endorse him.