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Councilcritter Ignoring You? Show Up In-Person

November 28th, 2012 by jake · Comments Off

Today, Metro Council’s Health, Education and Housing Committee will meet at 2:30 P.M.

The committee is set to review a resolution for the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program to be administered by the Metro Public Health and Wellness Department.

The agenda for the meeting is available here.

If you’re currently living in a property owned by a slumlord and you’re being ignored by your councilperson and your mayor? You can show up to meetings like this, wait outside, and get embarrass your electeds into listening to you. It’s a good opportunity to have members of the press hear your pleas for help.

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John Yarmuth Is All Over The Place This Week

November 28th, 2012 by jake · Comments Off

At 10:30 this morning, John Yarmuth is set to appear on Current TV to discuss the fiscal cliff, something Rand Paul has some difficulty comprehending.

Then at 11:15, he’ll call in to speak with Mandy Connell about his work in Louisville and Warshington. Maybe he’ll also get to discuss the “war” on Christmas and how he is a secret Muslin.

Tomorrow, John is scheduled to appear on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Live to talk more about the fiscal cliff.

Why bring these appearances up?

So you know Kentucky doesn’t just have a couple lunatic senators foaming at the mouth on the teevee.

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More On Your State Government Harming Children

November 28th, 2012 by admin · 5 Comments

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Family and friends of a Western Kentucky University student who was murdered over the weekend are returning to the scene of the crime. Cheryl Williamson’s family and friends want her to be the last person killed after leaving a party or nightclub. [WDRB]

The Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank skeptical of climate change science, has joined with the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council to write model legislation aimed at reversing state renewable energy mandates across the country. [WaPo]

Didn’t we know this was the case the second Bob Gunnell got involved? Joe Arnold certainly knew it, as did Mark Hebert. The co-chairs of Home Court Advantage, a group aimed at discouraging Louisville from pursuing an NBA team to share the KFC Yum! Center with the University of Louisville, have revealed their involvement in a letter to business leaders. [WHAS11]

An independent panel that convened Tuesday for the first time to review deaths and serious injuries of abused and neglected children won’t have access to the state’s full case files, prompting concern among some of its members. [WFPL]

Here’s a story about Greg Fischer’s imaginary “compassion” that he hyped around on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. No mention of the thousands of homeless people, hundreds (thousands?) of hungry kids, daily violent gun deaths and the weekly deaths of pedestrians. Compassion! It’s the new “Possibility.” [HuffPo]

Clarksville police are searching for the person responsible for shooting and killing a man at his home. Billy Chambers, 39, was found shot to death by his young daughter in the doorway of the home on Parkwood Drive near the intersection with Lombardy Drive about 3 p.m. Tuesday. [WLKY]

A grievance filed Nov. 12 over a police staffing issue was taken under consideration Tuesday by the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety. [News & Tribune]

This is the dumbest/most hilarious thing we’ve read from WFPL, ever, hands down. Is this what Joe Lord was hired to do? Write articles about celebrities he found on Wikipedia and have Phillip Bailey answer questions about politics so he sounds believable? Jesus H. [WFPL]

Looks like yet another royal screw-up by Lauren Roberts. A former University of Louisville football and basketball player is suing Jefferson County Public Schools. [WAVE3]

On what has been deemed by charities nationwide as Giving Tuesday, The Humana Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc., has pledged up to $200,000 to support relief efforts on the East Coast related to Hurricane Sandy. [Business First]

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More Great Fischer Priorities In Possibility City

November 27th, 2012 by jake · Comments Off

Greg Fischer has time for this:

But no time to deal with slumlords, Metro Animal Services or the disaster that is CERS.

Interesting how that works.

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Surely There’s A Better Way To Spend JCTA Funds

November 27th, 2012 by jake · Comments Off

What the hell does the Jefferson County Teachers Association have to be advertising with teachers’ dues?

Warning: If you click the link, an awkward video of Brent McKim in a vest autoplays at the top of the page:

One wonders if they have anything more important to spend their mountains of cash on… like teachers.

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Louisville Still Cannot Afford To Fund That Disaster

November 27th, 2012 by jake · Comments Off

Way back in June, we questioned whether Louisville Metro Government could continue funding the mess at Kentucky Retirement Systems and people freaked out.

We brought it up in March, as well.

None of that should come as a surprise.

It’s no secret that the KRS lost more than $100 million trading currency derivatives in offshore arrangements while paying $7+ million in fees. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Also not a secret that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has indicated in the press a few times that it is interested in regulating currency derivatives.

You’ll probably want to read the rest of this disaster by CLICKING HERE

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John Yarmuth Discusses Need For Deficit Balance

November 27th, 2012 by jake · Comments Off

John Yarmuth has a sad about the deficit and he went on the teevee to talk about how the plan must be balanced:

Why does John Yarmuth hate America? Mouth breathers will freak out over the class war in 3, 2…

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A Local Paper Loses Yet Another Prominent Name

November 27th, 2012 by admin · Comments Off

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

You literally cannot walk anywhere in Louisville without getting killed dead. [WDRB]

Lexington has decided to follow in Louisville’s footsteps by shutting out the poorest people in the Commonwealth by charging for news. [Page One]

We’re not sure how this was still even a thing. On Monday night, JCPS board members voted to ban smoking on all campuses and vehicles, that also includes sporting events held on school property. [WHAS11]

Kenneth Hill, 53, of Louisville sat in a one-man cell in the Louisville Metro Corrections infirmary, hooked to an oxygen machine. “Basically, I’ve been smoking since I was 12 years old,” he said. “That’s 42 years of smoking.” [C-J/AKN]

The girl shot and killed near 4th and Market? Allegedly because she stepped on someone’s shoe. Because that’s how things go down in Possibility City. [WLKY]

It’ll take more than a few signs, we think. Most of the gateways to New Albany are now a little more inviting, as three entrance signs were installed this month near the Interstate 265 interchanges along State Street, Grant Line Road and Charlestown Road. [News & Tribune]

The C-J’s Dan Klepal is taking a job with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Louisville loses again. [Deep Newspaper Thoughts]

Just a reminder that Greg Stumbo’s severe ignorance and corruption is harming education in Kentucky. [H-L]

A mother was arrested years after being accused of hitting and biting her toddler. [WAVE3]

University of Louisville officials have announced it will extend its “Upward Bound” college prep program to three more Jefferson County public high schools. [WFPL]

The board of the West End School is halfway to its $2 million fund-raising goal for the Darrell Griffith Athletic Center. [Business First]

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KYTC Keeps Trying To Hype Up Its GOB History

November 26th, 2012 by jake · 2 Comments

We skipped last week’s video from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet because the Transportation Lady wasn’t part of it.

So here it is, complete with a mention of the man who created the state’s most corrupt agency – Wendell Ford:

Unification through transportation? More like unification through enriching Steve Beshear’s friends.

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Ready For The Pre-Thanksgiving News Dumping?

November 26th, 2012 by admin · Comments Off

Here’s another story from last week that’s of significant importance:

Here you go, from the AP:

Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration agreed Wednesday to pay a former state mine regulator $270,000 to settle a wrongful termination case that raised questions about the coal industry’s influence within the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet.

Ron Mills, former director of mine permits for the state agency, alleged in a lawsuit that he was fired in November 2009 for contesting illegal coal mining practices. He later filed the lawsuit saying he was wrongly terminated.

Interesting how that works.

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