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TV Wakes Up To Animal Abuse, Ignores LMAS

March 6th, 2013 by admin · 4 Comments

Clarksville, Ind. says it’s the oldest town in the Old Northwest Territory. Now leaders are exploring whether it should become a city. [WDRB]

If the event is losing $70,000 per year, why on earth is it entirely free? Why not charge a buck per person? The Waterfront Independence Festival, a two-day free public fireworks and music gala on July 3-4 that usually draws more than 100,000 people to the downtown riverfront, is in jeopardy of being dropped after this year, if it loses money again. [C-J/AKN]

The desperate 911 call made from the boyfriend of a slain teenager in Clarksville, Indiana has now been released. The young man called dispatchers as he tried to save his girlfriend. [WHAS11]

Gov. Steve Beshear held out hope Tuesday that lawmakers can still find a compromise solution to the state’s badly underfunded employee pension funds in the waning days of the 30-day General Assembly. [Ronnie Ellis]

Louisville Metro Police held a training session for block watch leaders across the city Tuesday night. It’s a small step, authorities said, ends up making a big difference when it comes to crime. [WLKY]

A woman accused of neglecting horses and other animals in Woodford County is scheduled to be arraigned this month on 28 counts of second-degree cruelty. [H-L]

It took decades to make a decision, but the landscape in Louisville and southern Indiana is changing now to make way for the East End Bridge. [WAVE3]

While Jefferson County Public Schools’ ACT test scores have traditionally been lower than state and national averages, it ranks among the middle of its metropolitan peers. [WFPL]

The nation should see gross domestic product growth of 4 percent in 2014 and in 2015, but the federal budget cuts imposed by the sequester will help limit GDP growth to about 2 percent this year, said Steven G. Cochrane, managing director for Moody’s Analytics. [Business First]

One of its catalysts has been the anticipated completion of the Big Four pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Once it is finished it will tie into the Ohio River Greenway, have paths out to Charlestown State Park and be an amenity that is promoted to attract more businesses to the region. [News & Tribune]

Pee Alert – Marilyn Parker is refusing her gubmint pension as a temporary councilcritter. Newly elected Louisville Metro Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, R-18th District, will not take pension benefits available to elected officials, saving the city an estimated $2,000 a year. [C-J/AKN]

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Interesting Look At Louisville’s Past Gun Violence

March 5th, 2013 by jake · Comments Off

Think gun violence is new to Louisville?

From the Washington Post:

After Dad Shot Mom, a family deals with the haunting legacy of gun violence

Edward Kenneth Vessels married his bride, Fran, in the stone- and-stained-glass embrace of St. Dominic’s Church in Southwest Washington in the summer of 1952. They were a handsome couple in their mid-20s, and in many ways were the embodiment of the postwar middle-class American dream.

Ken, the son of a railroad man, was a former Marine who became an insurance agent in his native Louisville. The family owned some 200 acres outside town. He had prospects.

Frannie, the only child of German and Lithuanian immigrants, was raised in the District and Northern Virginia. She was a registered nurse.


On Friday night, Jan. 20, 1967, he asked Frannie and the boys to have a seat at the dining-room table. He went to the bedroom, got a 12-gauge shotgun, came back and, in a matter-of-fact way, told them he was about to go to jail and the kids were going to an orphanage.

He then shot his wife across the table at a range of three feet.

Read it and let it sink in.

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Joe Arnold Actually Kicked Butt & Took Names

March 5th, 2013 by jake · 9 Comments

We love to give Joe Arnold crap because he’s one of the few remaining political reporters on local teevee.

But he’s right on this one (read from the bottom up):

A lazy local newspaper reporter couldn’t be bothered to do actual reporting on the “OMG ASHLEY JUDD NUDITY!!!1!” non-story. So Joe Arnold decided it was necessary. And he defended himself appropriately.

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They Play Pat-A-Cake With Corporations Like Walmart While Ignoring Real, Taxpayer-Funded Animal Cruelty Issues Right Under Their Noses

March 5th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

Where are these people when it comes to Metro Animal Services? Oh, right, sitting on their hands. Because they can’t truly be bothered with protecting innocent animals that can’t protect themselves. It’s just a stunt for attention. [WDRB]

On a mission to further choke its abysmal attendance, this is something a government organization would do. For the first time since it opened 44 years ago, the Louisville Zoo will begin charging visitors to park starting on March 16. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville is on the national radar for two minutes—ok, a weekend—every May during the pomp of the Kentucky Derby. Visitors who swoop in just for the race, though, are missing out on a vibrant city chock full of great eats, exciting happenings, and friendly locals. [Fodor's]

The woman who was found dead inside a burning home on Sunday morning did not die as a result of the fire. [WHAS11]

Of course Louisville ranks number four on this list of American cities with the highest taxes. [24/7 Wall St]

A sergeant in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has been reunited with her family. Shauna Rios was born in Bogota, Colombia, but she was abandoned as a child and couldn’t find her family for decades, until now. [WLKY]

A bill that would give subpoena powers to committees in Lexington and Louisville that investigate alleged ethics violations within local government is heading to the full House. [Bluegrass Politics]

A Louisville man accused of leaving his dogs outside in the cold to die is facing animal cruelty charges. [WAVE3]

Why they bother, we’ll never know. Supporters of a statewide smoking ban in Kentucky are once again trying to persuade a House committee to pass the the legislation this session. [WFPL]

Americans are largely uncertain over whether genetically modified foods are safe for the environment or safe to eat, but the vast majority say that foods containing genetically modified ingredients should be labeled. [HuffPo]

Humana Inc. spent about $323,000 last year to fly new CEO Bruce Broussard between Louisville and Houston, where his family resides. [Business First]

Standing inside the glittering, 400,000-square-foot Horseshoe Casino in the heart of this city’s downtown, Steve Rosenthal sounded like a happy man as he greeted an Indiana reporter who’d come for sneak peek of Ohio’s newest gambling hall. [News & Tribune]

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It’s The Easiest Things Teevee Crews Miss

March 4th, 2013 by jake · 2 Comments

Further solidifying our belief that local television news is rapidly declining:

New Liberty? Really?

Also pretty sure that Eastern Kentucky is not a town.

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President Obama’s Weekly Video Address

March 4th, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

This week President Barack Obama focused on stopping the impact of sequester:

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Indiana Wins The Award For Worst News Week

March 4th, 2013 by admin · 3 Comments

New information in the murder of a 17-year-old Clarksville teenager. Clark County prosecutor Jeremy Mull tells WDRB that the teen was sexually assaulted before she was murdered. [WDRB]

The state could proceed to write regulations that would enforce toll collections on the Ohio River Bridges Project under a bill passed by the House on Friday. [C-J/AKN]

It is the sound of progress and improvement designed to improve the road along South Fourth Street. For business owners that look out at it every day, it’s damaging their bottom line as it goes on. [WHAS11]

You won’t read much about this tornado damage that actually happened in Kentucky because the local press believes Louisville is part of Indiana. Their lives are delineated by a great divide: Before the tornado, and after the tornado. Yet survivors of the storms that tore through Eastern and Southern Kentucky on March 2, 2012, causing 25 deaths and millions of dollars in damages, have refused to allow personal tragedies to define their lives. [H-L]

Why do local teevee outlets always put their gay reporters on stories involving gay people? Prosecutors presented evidence Friday morning linking Joseph Banis and Jeffrey Mundt to the scene of the 2009 killing of 37-year-old James Carroll. [WLKY]

What the living hell is wrong with people?! The Logan County Sheriff’s Department, along with the Logan County Humane Society and Logan County Animal Control, took into custody 26 dogs from an Olmstead home Friday morning that appeared to be severely neglected. [News Democrat Leader]

Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer, said a white female was found dead inside her apartment early Saturday morning and he is ruling the case a homicide. [WAVE3]

Advocates for protections against domestic violence hugged and even shed some tears Thursday morning after a Kentucky Senate committee passed a measure to extend protections to dating couples. It’s the first time that the proposal has made it out of committee. [H-L]

This probably isn’t a ton of fun for Yum! Brands this week. Horse meat has been found in beef products at Taco Bell restaurants in Britain. [Business First]

The White House is coming under pressure from liberal Democrats in the House and Senate to press for a minimum wage hike as high as $10.10. [The Hill]

Floyd County Auditor Darin Coddington announced Friday he will resign his post effective May 3. In a prepared statement, Coddington cites personal reasons for the decision. [News & Tribune]

We hear Brent Ackerson may have an ulterior motive for leading this fight. The Louisville Metro Council voted 16-7 Thursday evening to overturn a recommendation of metro zoning officials and keep intact residential zoning on two adjoining tracts at 2813-15 Breckenridge Lane. [C-J/AKN]

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Your Weekly Transportation Lady Video Update

March 1st, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

This week the Transportation Lady highlights the Adopt-a-Highway program and the upcoming Spring Clean:

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Everyone Should Just Stop Answering Their Doors

March 1st, 2013 by admin · Comments Off

On Wednesday, 59-year-old Dianne Porter got an unexpected knock at the door close to 6:00 p.m. And then she was pepper sprayed and robbed. Crazy! [WDRB]

Advocates for protections against domestic violence hugged and even shed some tears Thursday morning after a Kentucky Senate committee passed a measure to extend protections to dating couples. It’s the first time that the proposal has made it out of committee. [H-L]

A plan is now in the works to renovate the International Convention Center in downtown Louisville. The plan was brought up at the State Fair Board meeting Thursday morning. [WHAS11]

A candidate for mayor of a small town in Mississippi was found dead by a river on Wednesday morning, the victim of an apparent homicide, police said. Marco McMillian, 34, was one of the first viable, openly gay candidates in Mississippi, according to the Victory Fund, a national organization that supports and endorses lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender candidates and officials. [Reuters]

Thursday was a graphic day of testimony in the trial of one of the men accused of killing a man and burying his body in the basement of an Old Louisville home. [WLKY]

If downtown feels a bit more dramatic than usual next week, it’s not your imagination. It’s more than 4,000 actors, theater designers, producers, administrators, educators and theater students gathering for the country’s largest regional theater convention. [WFPL]

Some tornado survivors are waiting on aid a year after the devastating twisters. Some, but not all of a highly publicized disaster relief grant, has made it into the hands of survivors. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money controlled by the United Way still has not been distributed. [WAVE3]

The House passed its version of a state pension overhaul bill Wednesday, along with a proposal to help fund the ailing pension system by expanding the Kentucky Lottery and instant racing at horse racetracks. [H-L]

Judging from their 2012 financial reports, most locally chartered banks are lagging the rest of the nation’s community banks in return on assets, which is a key measure of profitability. [Business First]

A change in which areas of Southern Indiana are considered urban was approved by the Federal Highway Administration in late January. [News & Tribune]

Since KERS is so effed in the you-know-where, any sort of reform is going to be problematic. All of Greg Stumbo’s proposals are going nowhere fast because KERS, at 27% funding, has been corrupted. [Page One]

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The Inside Scoop On Your Late Newspapers

February 28th, 2013 by jake · 1 Comment

Yeah, we know, no one is too worried about it but we thought we’d share the inside scoop on this:

That’s on the bottom of P1 of a local newspaper. But they left a little bit of information out.

Turns out the “computer system problem” was Gannett-wide.

The system used for all papers failed (apparently everything goes through a new-ish program called Newsgate), which seems to be happening more frequently now than in years past.

Our insiders at the paper tells us that:

  • The state edition of the paper was an hour late to press
  • The combined Indiana/Metro edition was nearly two hours late
  • But don’t worry, USA Today was only 30 minutes late

You’ll be comforted in knowing that the 18,000 or so USAT papers were that much more important than your local news.

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