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How Many Dog-Killing Idiots ARE There? Damn

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And just who are his primary backers? Mayor Greg Fischer on Friday questioned the science underlying the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District’s enforcement action against bourbon-aging warehouses. That position put Fischer at odds with his own experts and more in line with the bourbon industry. [C-J/AKN]

A group of former Kentucky Kingdom workers have banded together to push for the re-opening of the amusement park, and the movement is gaining momentum. [WDRB]

Yesterday, Congressman John Yarmuth joined Bellarmine University President Dr. Joseph J. McGowan at a news conference to announce $600,000 in new federal funding for scholarships that promote studies in chemistry, physics, technology, engineering, and mathematics. [Press Release]

Angel the dog who survived the tornado back in March, has now been adopted. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s Landmarks Commission will hold its first designation hearing next week since the city changed the law regulating its landmarks process last month. [WFPL]

A northern Kentucky man is facing 175 counts of animal cruelty charges. [WAVE3]

The Louisville man charged with fatally shooting two of his neighbors at a homeowners’ association meeting has pleaded not guilty to two murder charges and seven counts of wanton endangerment. [H-L]

Way to go, Southern Indiana, you’ve made Kentucky look good! A shooting outside a Clarksville bar sent one man to University of Louisville Hospital and two others to jail. [WLKY]

Wait, wait, it gets even better. A Charlestown man was arrested Sunday after a dog tethered to the bed of his pickup truck leapt from the vehicle and was strangled to death as it was dragged for several blocks on Jeffersonville roadways. [News & Tribune]

Have you seen the shady things some Democrats are trying to pull out in the state this year? Party aside, it’s not surprising that someone who sucks the mega teat in Frankfort is pulling pandering stunts like this. [Page One]

Transit Authority of River City will receive $4.4 million in federal funding to replace its high-emission trolley cars with zero-emission buses. [Business First]

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Steve Beshear’s Sometimes Video Address

September 17th, 2012 by admin · 2 Comments

Last week, Steve Beshear’s office decided to release another video update.

He discusses Kentucky exports and you can draw your own conclusions:

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Louisville Better Than Portland For Young People!

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Have you seen this piece yet?

It’s going to affirm what many Louisvillians have known for years.

In a roundabout way, Portland has staked much of its economic future on young, college-educated people who have moved here, the so-called young creatives who supposedly will lead the city to an economic renaissance.

Portland has for years attracted these young creatives at an incredible rate. Economists have been saying that they are exactly the type of new residents that helps a city develop new ideas and new jobs. They’ll start businesses, the thinking goes, and those businesses will grow and employ people.


The study is called — with a nod to IFC’s “Portlandia” — “Is Portland Really the Place Where Young People Go To Retire?”

Jurjevich developed a “demographic effectiveness measure” that basically grades cities on their ability to attract and retain young people with college degrees. Portland ranks No. 2 nationally, behind only Louisville, Ky.

And it’s going to reaffirm what all those people who left Louisville to go to Portland… only to return… have been forced to discover.

When you ignore the corrupt political shenanigans of Metro Government and those in our state capitol, Louisville is a terrific place for young people. Not the older-than-dirt elderly care (not that old people or that business segment aren’t important) buzzword spin Greg Fischer loves to hype.

It’s time for this city’s leadership to get back to dealing with the people who really drive change and want a place to love.

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An Update On Joe Riffe, Metro Louisville Paramedic

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Remember Joe Riffe, the Metro paramedic who lost his leg?

It appears he’s losing his job:

Well…as of now the date has been set. I will be departing from “my current employer” on September 20, 2012. I have the chance to have my MD fill out another set of ADA paperwork but he would have to give an exact date that I am able to return to full duty. That is perform my job functions as I did prior to my injuries. The issues I am having is that I am close to being able to return to duty, but I have found out that getting my body used to the increased energy consumption due to the amputation has been much more strenuous than I expected. I am going to have my PT doc fill out the paperwork and let them decide my fate. I have to admit that the Metro Government has been very helpful and I hate to leave behind such great coworkers.


I will miss working with all of you, and no matter where I go, be it EMS or some other avenue, I will always considers my home and family to be with all of you. I hope to see you all again, I may be wearing a new uniform, but I will always be proud to have served next to you.


I will continue to update everyone and let you know what the outcome of this current situation is, as the details become available to me. I finally have found peace with the fact that it may be time to move on to a new chapter in my career, but I will not give up on my dream. I was raised with 2 major fundamental values; 1.) Can’t never could do nothing, so can’t is not a part of my vocabulary. 2.) If you have to fight to achieve your goal, then you’re moving in the right direction.

So, with that I will update you on another day as I learn more. Thank you for supporting me and I am eternally indebted to all of you.

Possibility City!

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President Obama’s Weekly Video Address

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This week President Barack Obama discussed the tragic loss of four Americans serving in diplomatic positions abroad:

Note to mouth-breathers: save your b.s. claims that Obama has been “apologizing.”

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Not Many Believe Fischer Can Help An NBA Deal

September 17th, 2012 by admin · 21 Comments

Today, John Yarmuth and Bellarmine University President Dr. Joseph J. McGowan will hold a news conference to announce a new federal investment. [Press Release]

A Louisville man says he was beaten by at least two Metro Police officers earlier this month. Andre’ Mulligan has filed a complaint with the Professional Standards Unit of LMPD. [WDRB]

We think J. Bruce Miller is likely being taken for a ride by Greg Fischer. We just hope that’s not the case. A group of community leaders convened by restaurant franchisee and former professional basketball player Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman met with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Friday to discuss the possibility of a National Basketball Association team coming to Louisville, Fischer’s office said. [C-J/AKN]

Another Kentuckiana doctor is under investigation by the Federal government. Local, state and Drug Enforcement Administration officials made a visit to two offices Thursday on both sides of the Ohio River. [WAVE3]

The government’s monthly jobs report has become Washington’s most anticipated and studied economic indicator, pounced upon by politicians, economists and journalists for snap judgments as the presidential election nears. But in the real world, most everybody else just looks around and figures things out for themselves. [HuffPo]

The newest resident at the Franklin County animal shelter is hamming it up and getting lots of attention. [H-L]

Seventeen-year-old Savannah Dietrich got what she was desperately seeking from juvenile court judge Angela McCormick Bisig Friday, when the judge handed down a tougher sentence than the previously agreed upon plea deal for Dietrich’s teenage attackers. [WHAS11]

The boyhood home of Muhammad Ali was sold for $70,000 to real estate investor Jared Weiss. The radio people spoke to Weiss on Friday. [WFPL]

An arrest has been made in connection with a shooting earlier this week outside a New Albany convenience store. [WLKY]

Where are the rest of Louisville’s business leaders on this front? Eco-tech LLC, a Louisville waste-management company, has donated 1,000 trees to the city. The company plans to purchase and supply 100 trees per year for 10 years. [Business First]

Two conservative groups asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington on Friday to allow tax-exempt organizations that pump millions of dollars into election ads in the weeks leading up to the November 6 vote to keep the names of their donors secret. [Reuters]

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3rd District Congressional Debate Will Be Enjoyable

September 14th, 2012 by admin · 2 Comments

Need proof Brooks Wicker has no idea who he is running against?

He and his staff have clearly not done their jobs because they haven’t seen how Yarmuth handed Andrew Horne his rear end in 2006. Or how he beat Anne Northup twice.

At least it will be entertaining watching Wicker spew already disproved talking points.

Just unfortunate that the 3rd Congressional District doesn’t have two solid candidates to choose from this year. No matter how much one likes Yarmuth, it’s always a disservice to the community when both sides aren’t solid and capable of leading.

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Here’s John Yarmuth On That Scary Fiscal Cliff

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John Yarmuth is back in Warshington and he’s been on the teevee discussing that terrifying “fiscal cliff” – here’s a look:

Don’t let your meemaw know we’re about to fall off a cliff.

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Your Weekly Transportation Lady Video Update

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This week the Transportation Lady discusses aviation day:

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Everybody Freak! Louisville Is A Giant Meth Lab!

September 14th, 2012 by admin · 10 Comments

A new preservation program is focusing on saving Louisville’s shotgun houses. [WDRB]

You can’t even ride a bike in Louisville these days without some road rage nut from Bardstown hitting you. [C-J/AKN]

A Louisville man allegedly told his cousin he planned to take the fall for his stepson’s murder, instead of his teenage son taking the blame. The more this story plays out, the crazier it gets. [WAVE3]

Quick, everybody freak out! Three suspects are on the run after police say they likely caused an intense fire at an apartment complex in Hikes Point. [WHAS11]

For the second straight year, the operator of Valkyre Stud found herself wonderfully overwhelmed after a colt by Bernardini shook up the Keeneland sales pavilion with a sales price of seven figures. [H-L]

Kentucky Supreme Court justices zeroed in on whether a man was improperly excluded from fully testifying about his self-defense claims in the shooting deaths of two others in a drug deal gone wrong. [WLKY]

Boxing legend and Louisville native Muhammad Ali [was] presented with the 2012 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Thursday night. [WFPL]

It appears Jack in the Box Inc. has an interest in bringing restaurants to the Louisville area. [Business First]

Turns out, not all Hardin Countians obfuscate and say crazy things about slavery. [Page One]

Oh, now they want to talk about the legislative pension problem in Kentucky? A group of Republican candidates for the state House and Senate called Wednesday for replacing the current pension plan for state lawmakers with a defined contribution plan like a 401-k system. [Bluegrass Politics]

What was that, again, about Mittens Romney being a foreign policy pro? [HuffPo]

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