Minor Drug Offenders Serve More Time Than That

Kentucky and Indiana lack a plan for out-of-state toll collection. [WDRB]

The JBS Swift plant in Butchertown has been cited for humane slaughter violations. Seems like only yesterday the paper was screwing that story up and libeling a former WHAS11 employee. [C-J/AKN]

Oh, wait, here’s another story about JBS Swift. [C-J/AKN]

This has got to be the creepiest story of the weekend. A man who helped his lover bury a body in his old Louisville basement has been let out of prison. [WHAS11]

A pup that was scarred when someone branded an obscene word into its skin will receive plastic surgery from the Lexington Humane Society this week. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! There are still no arrests in the shooting death of a baby. [WLKY]

Like we’ve been saying on Twitter… Privately, McConnell aides said that Benton had been sidelined for months in a reorganization of the campaign after the GOP primary season, and that former McConnell Chief of Staff Josh Holmes has been effectively in charge since. [HuffPo]

September 2 will mark more than the end of a holiday weekend and the symbolic end of summer. It’s the beginning of what could be the biggest squeeze yet in the Ohio River Bridges project. That’s especially true if you’re driving on Interstate 65 and use the Kennedy Bridge to get to or from southern Indiana. [WAVE3]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager, Jesse Benton, announced his resignation late Friday, citing potential distractions over renewed attention to a scandal from the Iowa 2012 caucuses. [Politico]

A national conversation about the militarization of police has sprung up amid the recent unrest and protests over the police shooting of a teen in Missouri. [WFPL]

Summers in the U.S. have been warming since the 1970s due to climate change, though it might not seem like it if you’re riding out this unusually cool August in the northeast and midwest. Hint: This is about Louisville. [Fast Company]

Funny, we thought they had a habit of thinking too big. Reference: that 16th largest nonsense, “Possibility City”, “Compassionate City”, et al. In the opinion of Brian Wallace, Louisvillians have a bad habit of thinking too small. [Business First]

Just like with the long holiday weekend, enjoy the three lanes in each direction on Interstate 65, because come Tuesday morning, they’ll both be gone. [News & Tribune]

When Will The Killing Stop In Possibility City?

Louisville is being recognized for its efforts to get more businesses connected to the Internet. [WDRB]

A Metropolitan Sewer District investment program that had been sharply criticized by the state auditor in late 2011 has been found by the U.S. Treasury Department to have violated federal regulations. [C-J/AKN]

The coroner said marijuana, heroin, amphetamine and Xanax was found in Cogswell’s system. She said Cogswell died from an accidental overdose. [WHAS11]

Keeneland’s new dirt track is open and ready for training. [H-L]

Police continue to look for the people responsible for a shooting that killed a 1-year-old girl and sent her mother to the hospital. [WLKY]

In a local radio interview Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gave a frank response when asked why he thinks his re-election race against Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is so competitive. [HuffPo]

Leftover Ironman sports drinks, supplements and snacks are supposed to go to charity. Instead cases of non-perishables ended up tossed in the trash. However, the discarded leftovers finally ended up in the right hands. [WAVE3]

A fault on Time Warner Cable’s network left its 11.4 million broadband internet subscribers without a connection. [BBC]

Impropriety and shenanigans at Louisville Water Company? Surely not! Surely this isn’t even more borderline corrupt behavior from Greg Fischer’s team. (Yes, it’s Fischer’s team of people, let’s not pretend otherwise) [Kristina Goetz]

The FCC has announced that TWC must pay a $1.1 million penalty for failing to report a number of network outages to the Commission. [Consumerist]

An event in September will bring entrepreneurs and Norton Healthcare Inc. senior leaders together to discuss innovation. [Business First]

Scaled back but more expensive marina plans for Jeffersonville are in the works, with hope for future growth as one of the unwritten specifications. [News & Tribune]

Animal Group Needs To Get Its Story Straight

Jesus H, enough is enough.

This morning we had this to say about an animal advocacy organization — The Arrow Fund — claiming it/they had no idea if there was neglect on the part of Louisville Metro Animal Services re: Sadie.

Those folks definitely knew there was neglect and have said as much via email. Do we really have to go down this road by pointing out that they’re stretching a bit with the media? All this fake-crying and hand wringing is silly and unnecessary.

Turns out it wasn’t just in email. They said it publicly, as we originally reported as part of the first Sadie story:


The text (emphasis added):


The Arrow Fund took a call at 5:55 am Friday morning about a dog in distress. This dog had been fostered by a couple from a local agency since September. The dog when taken into foster needed a leg amputation. The amputation was promised from the agency that retained ownership. (We had the dog quickly transferred to The Arrow Fund upon arrival .)

The dog never received the leg amputation and repeatedly self mutilated the leg. This sweet girl lived with a cone on to keep her from biting her bad leg. Tuesday this baby got out of her cone and self mutilated her leg again and ate the bandage . So she had a foreign object in her gut. When she arrived at the hospital this morning (Friday) she had severe pneumonia and was critical – her white blood count was bottomed out and she was struggling to breathe , she had nasal discharge , and fluid on her lungs . Her leg smelled of rotting flesh. It was also discovered that she suffered from Megaesophagus. “Sadie” was and has been suffering . It was decided to ease her pain and assist her over the bridge. I held her and loved on her and told her that many loved her and I wish she would have been treated better on this Earth.

It is very sad that the agency that had ownership did not have her leg amputated as promised to the foster . The foster family is grieving and did what they could. So much suffering could have been avoided if this sweet girl would have had her leg amputated in September of 2013.

With a heavy heart – we say run free “Sadie”- You were indeed loved by many …..

So… Whoops?

There’s no disputing that The Arrow Fund does a TON of good in this community. Always stepping up when needed.

But you folks need to calm the heck down. Attacking me personally for pointing out the hypocrisy here is as insane as Margaret Brosko adopting a dog to impress her girlfriend… only to return it after breaking up, then trying to hide records proving the events took place.

The Arrow Fund knew this was going on with Sadie and Metro Animal Services. They wrote about it publicly.

On the neglect front?

This is what they had to say to the mainstream media yesterday:

Callahan and Eaves would not say whether they believe there was neglect…

You can read above what they said publicly several months ago. But are now afraid to say publicly because they fear losing access to LMAS as a foster agency.

If they want to attack me personally? Fine, I get it. Whatever they want to do.

Just a shame they can’t get their damn story straight so I don’t have to call them out. As if there weren’t enough nonsense flowing out of Greg Fischer’s sewer pipe this week.


Greg Fischer: Are You Really This Inept? What???

Seriously, folks, is Greg Fischer this inept? Is the man purposefully trying to sink his mayoral ship?

Here’s some more of our “grade school journalism” for you to think about this morning.


City staff brushes off animal services meeting

An animal advocate was emotional Wednesday as she discussed a young pit bull that was euthanized after needing medical care for months in the custody of Louisville Metro Animal Services and an inquiry into the situation by a Metro Council committee.


Callahan and Eaves would not say whether they believe there was neglect…


Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Fischer, confirmed the administration would not be at the meeting or send the documents until the police department’s Public Integrity Unit completes its investigation.


Fischer general counsel Kellie Watson, who did attend the meeting, gave council members discs containing information that had already been provided to the public or media through requests.


Councilman Kelly Downard, co-chair of the committee, who said members do not want to compromise any investigation, indicated the Public Integrity Unit was already looking into the situation before Fischer’s request.


Fischer asked the Public Integrity Unit to investigate the situation even though he said he had a team examine the situation when it first came to officials’ attention earlier in the summer and that there was no evidence that employees acted improperly.

“They determined there was nothing inappropriate,” he said. But, Poynter said, once the council continued to raise the issue, they thought it was appropriate for PIU to conduct an independent review.

Several council members questioned why the administration has not provided its examination, which they said could answer their questions.

First — for anyone to try taking the spotlight from the council is a little bit bizarre. Those folks definitely knew there was neglect and have said as much via email. Do we really have to go down this road by pointing out that they’re stretching a bit with the media? All this fake-crying and hand wringing is silly and unnecessary.

But back to the story…

Hilarious that Fischer is trying to claim he’s the reason there’s a police investigation… only to have Metro Council point out it was taking place before the mayor asked for it.

And about that internal investigation Fischer said has already taken place? Wait til we get to the WAVE story. You’ll wet yourself.


Louisville’s Metro Council investigating Animal Services dept. following dog’s death

Questions about Metro Animal Services’ handling of a dog named Sadie are just part of what Metro Council members want to know about the agency.


“Is there still some reason for us to think that there are parts of this that the mayor doesn’t feel like it is appropriate for us to be asking for,” said metro council member Kevin Kramer, (R)-Dist. 11.


“Many of the council members had seen that press release. We had it on our desks where the mayor’s office had said they had already done an examination of the situation. We just really want to get the facts and understand what’s going on,” said council member David James, (D)-Dist. 6.

“A number of the concerns we were having early on, were pretty much expanding daily. We wanted a clear picture of the total situation prior to moving forward,” said council member and ad hoc committee co-chairman Kelly Downard, (R)-Dist. 16.

Not exactly the kind of press the mayor needs — bipartisan skepticism. Investigations, hearings, county attorney, police, public integrity, animal cruelty, coverup.


Metro Animal Services comes under fire amid corruption allegations

Louisville Metro Animal Services is coming under fire amid allegations of corruption.

A metro council committee met Wednesday to discuss the scandal.


Members of the committee are currently trying to gather facts to see if someone should be held accountable.

Not bad for a station that’s focused on the bare minimum. Terrible for a mayor who just wishes he could make this all go away.

WHAS apparently credited this site (thanks, Joe Arnold! you’re always the best) during its evening newscast but this afternoon story is borderline plagiarized from several sources, not just TVV:

Special committee meeting held after complaints about LMAS

A special committee will start an eight week investigation into Louisville Metro Animal Services Wednesday night.


Emails obtained through an open records request accuse the agency of neglecting to raise funds or allow Sadie’s foster to raise funds for her surgery. Her medical records show she had ingested some of her own leg in an attempt to alleviate the pain. She developed pneumonia and was eventually euthanized.

The ad hoc committee will look into those allegations, as well as review how the department is run overall. Donald Robinson has been serving as interim director of LMAS.


Below are the emails and records we obtained through an Open Records Request…

Pro-tip to WHAS: When you get documents that the Fischer Administration is keeping secret from this website, don’t act like you did the reporting yourself.

Those records weren’t initially obtained via an open records request — they were provided to us by LMAS employees because LMAS and the Fischer Administration were illegally withholding the documents, as this website reported. Hello? That’s what launched the investigation(s)!

But nice to see you covering the story you’ve refused to cover for ages.

Here’s the kicker — WAVE:

Fischer response to dog case leaves Metro Council members ‘baffled’

Louisville Metro Council members said Mayor Greg Fischer’s explanations of an alleged animal abuse case involving a member of his administration left them confused.


“Baffled is the right term. I was very surprised,” said Kelly Downard (R-District 16), one of the committee’s co-chairs. “All we want to do is cooperate and get this thing done and find out what happened. It’s confusing why we’re having such a hard time doing it.”

The allegations have united Republicans and Democrats on the Metro Council in seeking answers from Fischer’s administration. Four members of Fischer’s administration, including Brosko, didn’t come as requested to the committee meeting.

Fischer’s legal counsel Kellie Watson showed up instead, and she faced intense questioning from council members, especially after she was either unwilling or unable to provide details about an internal investigation that found nothing improper.

Councilman David James, a Democrat (District 6) who sits on the committee, asked Watson whether there had been an internal investigation.

“I can’t answer at this exact moment,” Watson replied.

After the meeting WAVE 3 News asked Watson to clear up the confusion, but she walked away from a question without providing details about the internal probe. Fischer later said his administration wouldn’t provide key information or people requested by council members until the Metro Police Public Integrity Unit investigation was complete.

“We just want to take it one step at a time,” Fischer said, who said he knew about no wrongdoing. “Our director spoke to all the people involved, got an understanding of what the facts were, and felt like the procedures we had were followed.”


Downard said he had spoken to Adkins, and the accuser was prepared to sign an affidavit about her allegations against Metro Animal Services staff.

“It is a corrupt place, led by people who do not care for the animals, but for good press,” stated a letter from Adkins that committee co-chair Cindi Fowler read aloud in the meeting.

Brosko transferred to Fischer’s office as a spokeswoman after news of the case broke, but LMAS officials have said it was simply a promotion.

All right for Theo Keith proving that good journalism is possible in Louisville television! Other stations should take note, as that’s the kind of work they should be doing. The kind of work that doesn’t require one give credit where it’s due because it’s all their work, their original reporting, their hardworking efforts to get people on camera.

Fischer admitted it was his METRO ANIMAL SERVICES DIRECTOR (!!) who conducted the “investigation” and found nothing to see here, move along, puppies and rainbows.

How bout that?

Every media outlet in town is finally covering LMAS and Fischer is apparently orchestrating a for real, literal coverup. But a bi-partisan team of Metro Council members are having none of it and they’re doing this city proud by holding the executive branch accountable. There’s even a criminal investigation.

We’re all so surprised that it’s tough to digest. Media covering LMAS: wow. Government doing its job: wow. Criminal investigation: wow. Fischer coverup: wow.


Greg Fischer: He’s The Opposite Of Transparent

The city of Jeffersonville is changing its plans for a marina that’s been vacant since the first of the year, after construction bids were more expensive than expected. [WDRB]

Chris declined to comment if Kindred had asked the city for financial incentives to assist its project. Because he can’t be caught being transparent with taxpayers and his former employer, the paper, can never be caught pressing him to open up. [C-J/AKN]

An infant was shot and killed and another person was injured after a shooting in the 110 block of South 37th Street, close to Market Street. [WHAS11]

Lexington hopes to have its first “Housing First” program that would provide permanent housing to about 20 homeless people by the end of the year. [H-L]

Local organizations met Wednesday at the VA Medical Center on Zorn Avenue to find ways to help homeless veterans in Louisville. [WLKY]

Lexington is apparently one of the ten cities with the highest quality of life. [HuffPo]

It was called Frost Middle School, one of Jefferson County’s most low performing schools, but that all is gone. In its place is the new Robert Frost 6th Grade Academy. [WAVE3]

Cowboy boots and denim jeans. That’s all that was new here Tuesday as Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes squared off before more than 500 at the Red, White and Blue Picnic on the grounds of the Daviess County Courthouse in sweltering, mid-90 degree heat. [Ronnie Ellis]

On Tuesday, Jeffersonville unveiled large-scale, wood models of the first piece commissioned by a community, civic and private initiative focused on developing public art in the Southern Indiana city. [WFPL]

“There’s only one thing Barack Obama needs to keep his grip on power,” Mitch McConnell said, his voice cracking amid the applause. “He needs the U.S. Senate!” [NY Times]

Ghislain d’Humieres, the director of the Speed Art Museum, has seen how the other half lives through many trips abroad. [Business First]

With a promise of 82 jobs to be added over the next three years, the New Albany City Council approved tax abatements for three companies . [News & Tribune]

Greg Fischer: What Is It You’re Trying To Hide?

By now you’ve all heard that Greg Fischer is all the sudden refusing to allow his staff to be made available for the Louisville Metro Animal Services hearings in Metro Council. After promising complete transparency and full cooperation.

And Fischer, Mr. Transparency, has decided to withhold public records from the ad-hoc committee.

It’s borderline unreal. A sitting mayor refusing to talk about what would otherwise be a blip on the radar involving a dog that was euthanized. Also refusing to hand over public documents.

What on earth could he have to hide? What is so terrible that people can’t be made available?

The coverup is always worse than the crime.

Again, please give your thanks to the Republicans AND Democrats on Metro Council pushing for transparency on this matter. They deserve your support so they can continue moving forward.

Louisville needs people like these folks working to hold the executive branch accountable to taxpayers.

And Greg Fischer? Well