Crazed Teatoots Vandalize Smoking Ban Signs

Are you a generous person or someone who loves animals? Help Jackson the Dachshund out ASAP, as he needs surgery! Jessica has been a tireless advocate for years and has definitely given more than she’s received. Let’s all pitch in. [Go Fund Me!]

A longtime educator with Jefferson County Public Schools has been named an assistant superintendent for the district who will oversee academics at 23 schools. [WDRB]

Despite two underperforming events in May and the postponement of the Paul McCartney and Miley Cyrus concerts, KFC Yum! Center officials said they expect to end the year with about $1.4 million in operating profit. [C-J/AKN]

A facility used to host meetings in downtown Louisville was reintroduced to the public Monday. [WHAS11]

The Derby City’s food scene has grown to include much more than juleps and hot Browns. [H-L]

The KFC Yum Center already attracts big crowds for University of Louisville basketball games and big-name concerts. Now the arena is offering entertainment with the summer plaza series. [WLKY]

If you missed it yesterday, the Education Professional Standards Board is making an epic move toward more secrecy and educational corruption. [Page One]

You can’t smoke in public buildings and workplaces in Louisville Metro. Now, Metro government is asking that you not smoke in park playgrounds and swimming pools where children are gathered. [WAVE3]

As a young Senate staffer in the early ’70s, I tended to form my opinions on the members based not on how they voted, but by how they treated us. [John Yarmuth]

Louisville is set to award franchise agreements to three private companies looking to bring ultra high-speed Internet service to the city. [WFPL]

Members of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Monday ripped the Veterans Affairs Department for covering up mistakes as it rushed to reduce its mammoth disability claims backlog. [The Hill]

When Louisville Metro Government wanted to monitor the air quality in locations across Louisville, it needed a product that hadn’t yet been produced by a commercial manufacturer. [Business First]

An officer who has claimed mistreatment failed to appear before the New Albany Police Merit Commission Thursday after requesting to be heard by the body. [News & Tribune]

Hardcore Porno Gay Causing KY Kingdom Drama

JCPS spends $780,000 for Summer Boost program helping 500 students. Some JCPS students are back in class, improving their reading skills as part of a special endeavor called the Summer Boost program, in which teachers are reading with students, both in groups and one-on-one. [WDRB]

University of Louisville President James Ramsey is for the first time publicly acknowledging that the school’s 16-month-old alliance with the financially-struggling hospital giant KentuckyOne Health “has had its challenges.” [C-J/AKN]

The popular Big Four Pedestrian Bridge will soon get $2 million in dancing lighting. [WHAS11]

Being the first major yearling sale of the Thoroughbred auction season often brings a unique set of challenges to the Fasig-Tipton July auction, particularly due to the timing. [H-L]

A Jan. 12 trial date is now set for a former Louisville police detective accused of shooting an unarmed man. [WLKY]

“As a father of twins and a diplomat, I usually avoid the word favourite,” says Matthew Barzun. “But you’re about to hear my favourite band.” The 43-year-old United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom is standing on a makeshift stage in the entrance hall of Winfield House, the neo-Georgian mansion set in 12.5 acres in London’s Regent’s Park, which since 1955 has been the official residence of whoever holds that title. [The Independent]

If you’re looking for beer or liquor on Sunday, you can find it in restaurants in Shepherdsville, Mount Washington and Hillview, but nowhere else in Bullitt County. [WAVE3]

If you missed it on Page One yesterday, you’ll probably want to read all about the latest scandal in the instant racing case. [Page One]

A gay Louisville man claims a Metro Police officer discriminated against him because of his sexual orientation and used a homophobic slur during a visit last week to Kentucky Kingdom. Spoiler alert: Jessie Colter is a hardcore gay porn actor out for attention. But Ed Hart clearly needs to work through these growing pains by finding competent PR folks. [WFPL]

Wondering just how disgusting the guy is when he’s not promoting unsafe sex in his “work”? Feel free to check out this NSFW excerpt from his Twitter feed. [Click the Ruh Ro Clicky]

John Yarmuth wrote an op-od about government playing a vital role in reducing poverty. [Real Clear Politics]

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Construction Financial Management Association’s Kentuckiana Chapter, members were treated to a boat tour of Louisville’s Ohio River Bridges Project. [Business First]

After a day of digging holes about a couple feet deep, members of the Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society finally struck gold — or glass, that is. [News & Tribune]

What? Greg Fischer Cares About The West End?

Haven House is trying to stretch its resources so they don’t have to turn anyone away. But they say the bridges project isn’t the only problem. [WDRB]

You know we love the West End and always push the positives there but let’s get real a moment. It’s time to rain on Greg Fischer’s parade again. Nothing he proposes is going to work. Fluffy, flowery language means absolutely nothing. People of the West End know it’s a load of horse dookey. He cares about the West End about as much as he cares about Metro Animal Services. [C-J/AKN]

Kentuckians against the U.S.’s support for Israel made their presence known in the Highlands. [WHAS11]

Kentucky Kingdom says it will allow women to feed their babies publicly in any manner they see fit, a policy shift stemming from a social media outcry following a woman’s claim she was asked to breast-feed privately at the theme park. Who the heck is doing public relations for Ed Hart? He needs to some help over there. [H-L]

Three new gorillas made their debut Saturday at the Louisville Zoo. [WLKY]

As the political world grapples with how to respond to the current crisis on the nation’s border, several Republicans have begun warning fellow party members that doing nothing but opposing the president carries substantial political risks. [HuffPo]

Kentucky finds itself in one of the most contentious races in the country. “They are not going to roll over,” Senator Mitch McConnell told a crowd Saturday. “This is going to be a big, big race.” [WAVE3]

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s Democratic Secretary of State who is challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in this fall’s elections, went after the five-term incumbent in a speech here to a convention of local county officials. [Ronnie Ellis]

University of Louisville President James Ramsey will be getting a significant increase in pay this year, coming in the form of a bonus that boosts his annual compensation to about $1.2 million. [WFPL]

The Federal Highway Trust Fund is expected to run out of money in August. So, naturally, Congress is debating a temporary fix that involves letting corporations underfund their pension systems. [NY Times]

Are there more acquisitions in Humana’s future? Perhaps. [Business First]

A more colorful sight will be greeting visitors of the historic downtown district by next spring. Jeffersonville Main Street, Inc., received a $10,000 Downtown Enhancement Grant through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs that will be used for one or two murals painted on the side of downtown buildings. [News & Tribune]

Greg Fischer Has LMAS Blood On His Hands


Feast your eyes:


If you can’t read the text above, here you go:

At Seven this morning, I stepped outside of my apartment to find a frail, malnourished, scared to death, puppy frantically searching for food inside of my recycling bin. I woke up all of my neighbors immediately and called animal metro Louisville and heard a recording which informed me that they would be open at seven thirty. After many attempts to get a live person, my call was finally answered at seven fifty. I explained the condition of the dog and that my fear was that the dog was near death and needed immediate care. Animal Metro told me they had put the call in and they would be here shortly. It is now past two thirty pm. We bought the pup dog food, and are keeping him hydrated. Will he be rescued? I wonder just what Animal Rescue Louisville is doing right now? Having Lunch?

We attempted making a lift for him to assist him to clinic or something but he cried, growled and was slowly becoming aggressive. Leaving him be, we called several more times over the hours and the woman on the other end of the phone was impatient with me, treating me as if I had done something wrong, isn’t this your job I thought? I wanted to SCREAM! We are sitting here doing everything we can to help this pup and you are pretty much telling me, this is an inconvience to you and the metro Louisville animal services. How ashamed would you feel if Curtis died on my porch? Knowing that there was something more you could’ve done? It is now 2:50pm and the puppy (Curtis we named him) is still sitting on our porch watiting for someone with the tools and resources to restore him back to his maximum health. More have gathered around scared to move Curtis and his frail body waiting for the help to come that is supposedly on the way. He is slowly dying with hope that he will get help, but in our eyes Louisville Animal Metro may never come. Why has no one been here? If we were to call 911 in need of a hospital bed/care we would’ve already been seen and probably stable. Does an animal is the eyes of Louisville Metro have a lesser value and urgency because they are “just animals”? Shame on you guys, if it weren’t for great courageous citizens of the Clifton area “Curtis” would be dead.

Possibility City!

This sort of thing continually happens and Greg Fischer, with the assistance of his spokesperson (Hi, Chris! You’re just as guilty!), continue to blow smoke up this city’s collective ass.

People like our friend, Don Vish, Mr. Compassion, should be ashamed that this sort of thing continues to happen under the leadership of Greg Fischer. All of the people who sing Greg’s praises and sweep serious matters like this under the Metro rug. The Browns, the Blues, Craig Greenberg, even John Yarmuth. They sit on their hands, bite their tongues, throw campaign cash at him. They get upset when you try to have polite discussions with them. But…

You’re only as good as you treat your animals, your children, the elderly and the poor.