Greg Fischer’s Son Probably Got Special Treatment

You’ll want to read this:

WDRB has learned Mayor Greg Fischer’s son is facing misdemeanor charges after an incident Thursday morning.

An officer found him slumped over the wheel of a black Chevy Suburban with drugs inside.


LMPD says Fischer admitted to taking prescription medication and smoking marijuana in the morning.

The officer found marijuana and three pills in an unmarked container in the car.


Mayor Greg Fischer sent a statement Thursday afternoon.

“My son made a bad decision and received a citation from the police,” Fischer said. “We are addressing it as a family.”

He was cited but not taken to jail, and has been ordered to appear in court next month.

Shady as hell, isn’t it? The mayor’s son not getting arrested when countless black men were probably arrested for this very same thing this week.

But here’s the deal: We don’t need to dwell on attacking Fischer for this because it’s obvious he has more than a problem or two in his personal world.

We just need to press the man on making sure our justice system gets reformed. This is a good starting point. Reminding him of his own special treatment his money, prominence and privilege afforded him.

Head Of LMEMS Submitted His Resignation Today

Another one bites the dust?

Neal Richmond, the now-former head of LMEMS, has moved on:

Neal Richmond Named New Medical Director for MedStar EMS/Mobile Healthcare System

The Emergency Physician’s Advisory Board (EPAB), the medical oversight agency for MedStar system, is pleased to announce that Neal J. Richmond, MD, has been named as its new medical director. Dr. Richmond was selected from an extensive national search with a multitude of qualified applicants, according to Dr. Steve Martin, the EPAB chair.

Dr. Richmond comes to MedStar from Louisville, KY, where he has served as Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director for Louisville Metro EMS for most of the past decade.

Does this mean the service will now be run by second in command, Lee Dennison? He was promoted from EMT to Car 2, as we’ve previously reported.

We hear the agency is still having difficulty filling the position of associate medical director. Sources within LMEMS suggest dozens of qualified physicians have turned the position down because of Richmond’s involvement. Maybe that’ll change now.

Now comes the “national search” from Greg Fischer in 3, 2…


Sorry, forgot to mention that Doug Hamilton has been named to run LMEMS in the interim.

A Great Song For The Leaders At JCPS…

We’d like to dedicate this song to JCPS, Greg Fischer, LMAS (same shit, new people), MSD, that new guy at W(T)FPL allegedly ruining all the things, Jim King, Steve Beshear, all the people in the media who freak out when old people die, all the people shilling for the retirement system and the NKL shysters. But mostly JCPS.

It is not safe for work.

Here’s hoping Donna Hargens turns the volume up before she hits play.

Attica Scott’s Being Smeared By Greg Fischer

The former guidance counselor at Louisville Male High School failed to ensure a proper testing environment and during the administration of the ACT Compass test in the fall of 2013, according to an investigation conducted by Jefferson County Public Schools. [WDRB]

Attica Scott is telling the truth about Greg Fischer. He threatened a veto because he knew he could get away with it, knew Chris Poynter could call up his pals at his former employer and deny it. He knew he could get away with it because Scott doesn’t have much political capital with the local good old boy establishment. It’s just a shame Scott doesn’t have the guts to spill the T on everything Jim King has tried to pull. [C-J/AKN]

Jim Beam is asking for state incentives to bring an Urban Stillhouse to downtown Louisville. [WHAS11]

Wanna read what some Pikeville redneck (I fucking said it) has to say in his rant about how rape is overblown? Giving mountain people a bad name. For shame. [H-L]

More than 100 people packed a small room last night at the Louisville Urban League. [WLKY]

In an unexpected move, lawmakers also agreed on legislation expected to be incorporated into the spending measure that will permit a reduction in benefits to current retirees at economically distressed multiemployer pension plans. Supporters said it was part of an effort to prevent a slow-motion collapse of a system that provides retirement income to millions, but critics objected vehemently. [HuffPo]

More than 200 people packed into a community room at the Louisville Urban League on Tuesday, many of them demanding changes from Metro Police. [WAVE3]

Preliminary statistics indicate that seven people died on Kentucky roadways from Monday, Dec. 1, through Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014. During the same reporting period, KSP accounted for 320 seat belt citations, 58 aggressive driving citations, 15 distracted driving citations and 97 DUI arrests. [Press Release]

Some Louisville residents are calling on local law enforcement to be more transparent, engaged and proactive toward improving relations with the community. [WFPL]

Shares in Yum Brands fell nearly 5% to $71.54 after the KFC owner cut its annual profit forecast for the year, due to slower sales in China. [BBC]

Economic development officials I have spoken with so far said a new regional economic development initiative Business First outlined yesterday is a proper step in making the Louisville area more competitive nationally and internationally. [Business First]

The report hasn’t been publicly released, but Mayor Jeff Gahan said Tuesday two New Albany Police Department officers accused of inappropriate conduct were cleared through an internal review. [News & Tribune]

NKL Can’t Even Grift Originally These Days

No Kill Louisville, the once-decent organization that is still being accused by former officials of fraudulent, scandalous shenanigans, is at it again. (This is what happens when people turn a blind eye to grifting)

The organization…. well… look:


They’re grifting. Giving a bogus story about a dog in order to rake in cash. A story they tried to use last year, as well.

Former NKL officials called them out:


Wait, some bonus grifting, called out again:


Flashback here and here.

It’s never-ending.

Rep. John Yarmuth On The CIA Torture Report

While Mitch McConnell faps to torture, here’s what John Yarmuth had to say:

“There is not much in the Senate Intelligence Committee report that people didn’t already know or suspect, but it is important that we send a message to the world that we will hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of conduct, particularly to international legal standards that we worked to establish in the first place. The bottom line is that CIA officers and contractors went way too far in the interrogations, these torture methods resulted in little, if any, useful intelligence, and the people in charge intentionally misled the White House, Congress, and the American people about both. We are better than this – America doesn’t condone torture or hide from the truth.”

Maybe the only Kentuckian in Warshington with sense at the moment.

Maybe The CWF Could’ve Informed Everybody

The Center for Women and Families is falling well short of its goal to collect $30,000 in gift cards for the holiday season, according to a news release. [WDRB]

Is this the beginning of Zipcar taking over Louisville? Cross your fingers. [C-J/AKN]

Ready to be terrified? Hundreds of elves flooded the Galt House Tuesday morning–trying to break a world record. [WHAS11]

One of the arguments often made against government involvement in health care is that it impedes the action of the marketplace which, if left unfettered, could solve all our problems. [H-L]

Another day, another fun shooting in Possibility City. [WLKY]

The United Nations children’s agency UNICEF declared 2014 a devastating year for children on Monday with as many as 15 million caught in conflicts in Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and the Palestinian territories. [HuffPo]

Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall’s controversial proposal to tear down hundreds of homes in favor of a large development failed to win city council approval Monday. [WAVE3]

The GOP is refocusing its attention on the courts as it searches for any way to weaken President Obama’s signature healthcare law while he continues to wield a veto pen. [The Hill]

Indiana state Sen. Michael Crider wants federal investigators to provide the public with an update on its investigation of a troubled exotic animal refuge in Charlestown, Ind. [WFPL]

Last week we got an actually good employment report — arguably the first truly good report in a long time. The U.S. economy added well over 300,000 jobs; wages, which have been stagnant for far too long, picked up a bit. [NY Times]

Rain and cooler weather over the summer has led to a bountiful, healthy crop of Christmas trees in Indiana, and that has the state’s tree farmers celebrating. [Business First]

For the second time in just more than two years, the city has taken legal action against a New Albany dump truck business. [News & Tribune]