Support Our Project

Time for a new endeavor in addition to our regular sites!

For the past several months there has been increased frothing and complaining from mostly Democrats that the content on Page One and The ‘Ville Voice is bought and paid for. Despite, of course, that being so far from reality that it’s laughable.

Most of that criticism stems from the Consumer Health Products Association advertising on our sites to reach the obvious audience: people in Frankfort and those who influence Frankfort. And, of course, when Williams-Farmer advertised on our site to do the same thing. In Louisville, it comes from a handful of Greg Fischer’s people who still ignorantly believe we’re in the tank for Jim King– despite us being the reason he has to comment here as himself and despite us being part of the reason his daughter faced so much public scrutiny.

You’ll note that it’s never criticism from Republicans because they know a fair shake when they see it. We criticize Democrats and Republicans equally and have a years-long history of doing just that. Along with a love it or hate it history of breaking news and forcing uncomfortable change in state and local government. It may make you uncomfortable or angry on occasion but you’re still reading dozens of times per week.

Which brings us to today. We’re launching a new project.

To put aside ignorant criticism, we’re announcing a new subsection of our websites that will be completely advertising-free. Free of the perception of influence from advertisers and underwriters. And 100% free of opinion. We’re partnering with a few now-unemployed journalists to bring new text and video-rich investigative pieces. And it will be supported by those who read these sites and those who want to support a continued effort to uncover corruption in Louisville and Kentucky.

Whether this new effort generates $500 per year or $50,000, the funds will work to accomplish the same goal. We already have high-end video and recording equipment. We already have a well-known web presence. So the funds will specifically be used for research and payment to the journalists doing the work.

Your contribution can be public or anonymous – it’s up to you. Once we see where this is going, we’ll maintain a publicly available list (you’ll decide if you want to be on it).

Here’s how:

We’re not a non-profit and don’t want to be at this point. The contributed funds will be taxable as revenue. But that doesn’t mean we won’t form a c3 entity in the future.

These sites and this new effort wouldn’t be possible without you. We’re looking forward to what you’re able to make happen.

Thanks for you support.