What Would You Do With UofL’s Vacant Lot?

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Federal Environmental Protection Agency officials say there’s still work to be done at the Lees Lane Landfill site in southwest Louisville, though they don’t believe the site is currently a danger to nearby residents. [WFPL]

Yalanda Parrish shot a man during a high-profile road rage incident in 2009 and she’s getting out of prison early. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever It Is]

Really, it costs $150,000 just to come up with ideas for what to do with a vacant lot? The University of Louisville Foundation sure is getting its money’s worth these days. [C-J/AKN]

Goodness, you can’t even chase a lady around the mall with your junk hanging out these days without getting in trouble. [WHAS11]

An appeals court on Thursday upheld a Kentucky Derby-winning thoroughbred trainer’s 10-year ban from the sport for drug violations. [WLEX18]

Just like that, WLKY is finally back on Insight/TimeWarner. Will you miss that Rocherster station? [WLKY]

Everybody in Kentucky is going to catch the Whooping Cough or whatever so get prepared. Tell your meemaw so she can panic and tell everybody else. [WKYT]

Yet another reason a tunnel for a bridge in Louisville is an absolutely stupid idea. Absolutely stupid. [C-J/AKN]

Shares of Papa John’s International Inc. have gotten an assist from Republican presidential candidate Mittens Romney. [Business First]

Your meemaw can’t even go to Walmart in Southern Indiana these days without being held at gunpoint. [WAVE3]

When will Louisville get a bunch of these double-crossover diamond things like Lexington has? [H-L]

Seems Like Louisville Hates Its New Cable Provider

If you missed it last week, Kentucky Retirement Systems is now running in circles over currency criticism. [Page One]

Police say they’ve arrested a woman responsible for more than a dozen burglaries in the Highlands. Police say this suspect did bizarre things during the crimes, even showering in one of the homes. [WHAS11]

This is what happens when Metro Government gives complete control over the cable market to a single company. Insight parent Time Warner Cable gave notice Friday that 14 additional channels could be dropped soon if negotiations devolve into fights such as the ones that cut WLKY off the cable system this week and WDRB for about a week last month. [C-J/AKN]

Here’s a fancy list of ten hotels with museum-worthy art galleries. Louisville’s famed 21c didn’t make the cut. [HuffPo]

It’s definitely sad that this family in the South End lost their home to fire. But we’re surely not the only folks to notice that glaring bit about 24 people living in the home. [FOX41]

Should the fate of historic buildings be decided by the city in general, or just those people who live nearby? [WFPL]

This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of Kentucky’s second generation of open records law. [Business First]

A federal judge turned down the River Fields request to speed up a lawsuit against the East End bridge. [C-J/AKN]

Murder-suicide in PRP this weekend? What a hot, sad mess that is going to turn out to be. [WAVE3 & WHAS11]

The city of Covington has won a legal victory in federal court to force an advertising company to remove its benches from city sidewalks because the city deems them unsightly. Sounds just like a fight Louisville has faced for a while. [H-L]

WLKY is still off the air on your fancy Insight/TimeWarner cable service. Seems station management has decided to fight back. [WLKY]

Let’s All Feel The Compassion In Possibility City

A hearing officer has recommended overturning the hiring of a state merit worker at Little Sandy Correctional Complex after House Democratic Floor Leader Rocky Adkins endorsed the man, the son of a local politician, over the applicant deemed best qualified. [H-L]

Just a reminder that compassionate things like this are happening all over Possibility City. [FOX41]

Everybody is steal freaking out because some other CBS station is now airing in place of WLKY. [C-J/AKN]

Some bridge construction debris fell into the Ohio River and people are freaking out about it. [WHAS11]

Just like we told you yesterday. Louisville Metro Councilman Jerry Miller, R-19, says he agrees with the Jefferson County Attorney that the Government Accountability and Ethics Committee should hold off on investigating purported ethics violations by Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2. [WFPL]

Here’s more about Louisville’s compassion and possibilities. This man was indicted after an alleged robbery went down with gunfire. [WAVE3]

You mean crappy public transportation can keep the poors from having jobs? Surely not. Surely the public transportation system – especially in Kentucky – is wonderful. [HuffPo]

Thank goodness WLKY (noticed that no other station mentions when a competitor is forced off the local cable extortion company?) isn’t running on your fancy cable. Otherwise you would be subjected to this “exclusive” David Camm interview. Because that jackass is clearly the most important news on earth. [Here & Here]

Also, that WLKY-Insight-TimeWarner cat fight is highly entertaining. You should read the latest details of their affair or whatever. [Business First]

You should probably read this paper from Boston College. It’s all about how Kentucky Retirement Systems is the worst pension system in the entire country. [Page One]

Who Will TimeWarner Drop Next, For Fun, Kids?

Things are far from rosy at Kentucky Retirement Systems. Here’s a look at some of them. [Page One]

You can’t even go to the Highlands these days without some nut throwing exploding fireworks at you. At least the guy was arrested. Because people like Connie Marshall and other mentally ill people are allowed to drive deadly vehicles all over the place. [FOX41]

Alisha Ward, the equine program lady at the University of Louisville who stole $463,636, has been sentenced to 37 months in prison. [C-J/AKN]

Great, those abandoned dogs have been surrendered to Metro Animal Services, where they will be dead within two weeks. [WAVE3]

Less than a week after the state Energy and Environment Cabinet announced a water shortage watch for 27 Kentucky counties, Lexington officials made gray water, or non-potable water, available for residents or companies. [H-L]

Gag a maggot. Local teevee folks are going to be talking non-stop about David Camm. Again. Just go ahead and throw your television away. [WLKY]

You should probably go read this scathing column about the horrors of mountaintop removal from Ronnie Ellis. [Daily Independent]

The Red Cross has issued an urgent request for blood. Unless you’re gay. Then your blood is no good. [WHAS11]

Ruh ro, Miss Barbara is apparently furious with Greg Fischer and crew over their comments in the local newspaper. [WFPL]

WLKY was dropped from Insight Communications early Tuesday when the television station and cable company could not come to an agreement over contract renewal negotiations. [C-J/AKN]

Wondering why LG&E throws money at The Lane Report? Because it’s turned into a press release publisher and source of Beshear administration spin, sadly. [Click the Clicky]

Nope, Definitely Not Most Compassionate Or Safest

What was that, Greg, about Louisville being the most compassionate city in the country? What was that, again, about Louisville being the safest city in the nation? Quit with the damn buzz words. You looked and sounded like an imbecile while 95% of the city was stressed and saddened over yesterday’s tragic mess of death. For the sake of this city and the people who are hurting, quit with the buzz words. [Wake Up, Greg]

Everybody is apparently pissed over whatever Christopher 2X said on the teevee. [FOX41]

Morgan McGarvey will win this race with the endorsements his daddy got him. Without daddy, Crit and Jack wouldn’t know who Morgan is. [C-J/AKN]

Do you have faith that “Metro leaders” will be able to put a plan into place to stop all the violence in Louisville? [WAVE3]

From the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: As mandated by the Kentucky Legislature, uninsured motorists across the Commonwealth will begin receiving notices in June that registrations for their personal vehicles will be canceled if they do not obtain required insurance or show proof of existing insurance. [Press Release & More Info]

West End residents are less than happen about the spree of recent shootings, to say the least. But this doesn’t mean the West End is the only place crimes are being committed. [WHAS11]

Louisville is apparently the 18th most miserable city in the United States of America. Are you surprised? [Business Insider]

WLKY’s teevee people – since it’s hype week – say they have: “uncovered serious gaps in metro Louisville’s first-response system where hundreds of people in dire medical emergencies did not get help in time to save them.” Forgive us for being skeptical about anything Neal Richmond has to say and any blame he places on the Fire Department. He’s not in Louisville often enough to know what’s going on. [WLKY]

Read this story from June 2000. You’ll have Butchertown-Swift flashbacks like woah. [Pulitzer]

Almost nobody is going to go vote on Tuesday. All those television advertising dollars? Completely wasted. [H-L]

Why is it Boy Scouts get to camp out all over the place but the city’s homeless aren’t permitted to do so? [C-J/AKN]

The economy is still struggling to gain momentum, though long-term trends remain expansionary, the Conference Board declared, as it reported that its index of leading economic indicators dipped in April for the first decline since September. [Business First]

Will anybody ride their bike in to work today? You know, the handful of people who have jobs? Or are they all afraid of getting shot up? Maybe they’re just afraid of dying on the 2nd Street Bridge or Lower Brownsboro? [WFPL]

How Much Hype Can Local TV Produce This Week?

Here’s what police can’t tell you about this case: they believe Gregory Holt’s murder was in retaliation for an attempted murder the previous evening – by his mother. And drugs are allegedly involved. A lot of drugs. Seems the prosecutor’s office has threatened some officers for trying to conduct a deeper investigation, so, uh, it’s time to call the CA out. Mainstreamers need to a dig a bit more deeply for the real story. [FOX41]

There’s a lot of talk in the local press about ending child abuse. But don’t forget one of the biggest childhood problems – hunger! Donate to Dare to Care. [Click Here]

How badly will the Time Warner transition from Insight hurt? Will lubrication be necessary for customers in Louisville? [H-L]

The Jockeys Guild is melting down over Robby Albarado’s situation. His suspension stays until the case is over. [WHAS11]

HAHAHA, have you seen this latest mess in the First District Metro Councilcritter race? It is hilarious. [WFPL]

Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas criticized the behavior of a few of his peers Wednesday, saying the actions of a few recent Kentucky Derby winners have tarnished the reputation of his profession. [WLEX18]

You can’t even go to Waterfront Park these days without having your car burgled or whatever. [WAVE3]

What exactly is the point of destroying this reporter’s cell phone if all data is allowed to be retrieved beforehand? Why not just give it back to him? What a waste of time and taxpayer dollars in Indiana. [C-J/AKN]

Remember Christina Gilkey? She’s the school board president in Clark County (Indianner) and is involved in the selection of the next failed superintendent (let’s get real, here). She was one of the few honest folks there in 2009 and one of the people who tried to do the right thing. Not even she can save that district – that’s how much of a disaster it is. [More WFPL]

In Louisville, federal agencies have a relatively small presence compared to other major cities, according to an analysis of recent employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. [Business First]

The amount of unnecessary hype in this story is so thick you’ll gag. Property reassessment notices went out a few weeks ago for metro Louisville, but the rate of those reassessments is the lowest it’s been in years. [WLKY]

Thomas Massie seems to have a problem with Kentucky Open Meetings laws and the Office of the Attorney General is sniffing around. [Page One]

LWC-MSD Merger Will Only Hurt If You’re Tense

So, how excited are you that Greg Fischer is pushing for the merger of LWC and MSD, just like we said he would? [More Fischer Logic]

Maybe Barbara Shanklin should have thought about both nepotism and her grandson’s shenanigans before hiring him. Her pleas fall on deaf ears at this point. [WFPL]

Check out this crazy guy who attacked a man in District Court with a three-foot tree limb. [FOX41]

Here’s a nice look at how Louisvillians will be screwed by the Louisville Water Company and Metro Sewer District. BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES! [C-J/AKN]

Louisville really is Possibility City. Because there’s a distinct possibility that you’re going to be found shot to death. [WAVE3]

Lexington is trying like crazy to be just like Louisville. That town has gone so far as to start killing pedestrians on a daily basis. [H-L]

What would you do if you found a strange man in your house at 4:00 A.M. only wearing a shirt? [WHAS11]

Is Thomas Massie a big time jobs creator? Not so much. And he’s following directly in Rand Paul’s hypocritical footsteps. [Page One Here & Here]

WLKY is playing captain obvious this week. The latest hyped up story is about how many uninsured drivers there are on the roads. [WLKY]

For real – Lexington’s financial future is called bleak. It’s absolutely trying to mimic everything Louisville does. [Business First]

Metro Animal Services says it wants to find who shot and killed this dog. We’re more worried about finding someone who can actually run Metro Animal Services without killing a thousand animals each month. [More FOX41]

If the state legislature approves this LWC-MSD merger? You can just start bending over right now. It won’t save consumers any cash but will certainly make it easier for people like Bud Shart… her… Schardein to pocket mountains of cash. [84WHAS]

Metro Parks And That Ironic “Liquid Courage”

You know what’s weird/creepy?

Marty Storch mentioning liquid courage on the teevee last year while discussing the Derby Festival’s Hole-in-One contest:

Note: here’s the original segment from which we pulled the clip.

It’s only fitting to mention selling alcohol when your boss is a notorious drunk driver. You’ll note that this interview took place around the time Greg Fischer was first informed of Parks Director Mike Heitz driving drunk in a city-owned vehicle on a regular basis.

This year’s contest begins tomorrow at Seneca.

Note to WLKY management, who will freak out when they see we’ve legally used an excerpt of their footage: fair use applies, kids, and you’re one of the event’s media partners.

How Dare Us Ask Qs About Kentucky Kingdom!

Greg Fischer is still pushing this aging care industry lobbyist mantra. Where the hell does he find the time to write all this and promote it on Facebook and Twitter? [Click the Clicky]

Kentucky musician Ben Sollee was featured on CNN. Check this video out. It’ll autoplay. [CNN]

Here’s Greg Fischer discussing the five finalists for chief of police. [WAVE3]

Aww, it’s cute that Damon Thayer is still freaking out over his client list. Even more cute that he’s still pretending he has zero conflict of interest. Absolutely, 100% no appearance of impropriety on his part, he says. [Page One Here & Here]

It might snow. A little bit. Maybe. So rush to Kroger and buy up all the bread and milk just in case. You’ll see every meemaw in town there still in curlers. Maybe even in housecoats. [FOX41]

Once again, Tina Ward-Pugh fails to make her argument because she just gets bent out of shape. Sidewalks on Brownsboro Road aren’t just about the disabled. They’re about an entire neighborhood being able to walk around their neighborhood without getting run over by some fat guy named Bob in his soon-to-be-repossessed car. [C-J/AKN]

Yet another example of local media half-assing a story and reporting absolute bogus information about the Brownsboro Road sidewalk mess. [WLKY]

42 employees of your local newspaper – yes, 42 – have been offered buyouts by the Gannett beast. [Business First]

When will Old Dirty Judy start repaying that $130,000 she’s cost the taxpayers of Louisville? [WHAS11]

Whaaaat? Greg Fischer taking part in yet another socialite photoshoot? Surely not. [V-T]

For all of you folks who say racism doesn’t exist amongst the gays? Think again. [WFPL]

You wouldn’t believe the amount of hateful telephone calls we received over our story about Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. [The ‘Ville Voice]