WDRB Having Affiliate Difficulties With Fox?

For the first time ever, no one at WDRB/FOX41 wants to answer questions. Which is strange.

Word on the street is that the station could be in danger of losing its Fox affiliate status and that it could have something to do with the money paid to carry programming. Typical station-network stuff, of course.

Without the Fox affiliation, the station would likely have to gut its news department.

And rumors aren’t being killed now that the billboard near Third Street reads “WDRB News” instead of “FOX41 News”…

So what gives?

We hope this isn’t the case because it’d be bad news for Louisville.

Some Timely Local Teevee News Updates

Haha, so, funny story…

WAVE3 sent a text message to eleventeen million thousand recipients indicating that Shackleford won the Kentucky Derby.

At least twenty 20 went by before the station sent out a correction.

What the heck happened? Not asking in a jerk-ish way – honestly want to know what went wrong.

At FOX41… Marc Weinberg’s final day on Fox in the Morning will be this Friday. He’s moving to the evening newscast. Jude Redfield, as you may know by now, will replace Weinberg in the A.M. He’s formerly of WTHR in Indianapolis.

Local TeeVee News Rumor Round-Up Time

Here are the latest teevee news rumors floating about. Take them with a grain of salt:

  • Marc Weinberg will allegedly move from Fox in the Morning to the evening FOX41 program
  • Paul Emmick of 41 will be let go (hope not)
  • Jude Redfield of WTHR in Indy will move to Fox in the Morning
  • And a lady from one of the Indy stations is interviewing for Jamie Martin’s job at WHAS, as he is allegedly moving to South Bend.

See? Rumors can be fun, kids.

Especially when they have absolutely nothing to do with Metro Animal Services.

MAS Nightmare Should Keep You Up At Night

Maybe the best thing about Greg Fischer’s Day of Service? It exposed the need for volunteers in a lot of places. [WFPL]

If you didn’t participate in Greg Fischer’s Day of Service, remember that you can give back any day, any time, in any way. Always giving back to your community is a good idea. If you can. Obviously. [FOX 41]

President Barack Obama has called for a moment of silence today at 11:00 A.M. for the Tucson shooting victims. To those of you asking why I haven’t been more vocal about the shootings: what the crap could I possibly say? It’s a tragedy. [Press Release]

Here’s what some of Kentucky’s political leaders had to say about the Tucson tragedy. [H-L]

Did you see this open letter from a Metro Animal Services employee to our readers? If not, you need to read it immediately. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Seems only Bennett Haeberle is staying on the Metro Animal Services nightmare going down in our city. [FOX 41]

Metro Council President Jim King says the budget process may be smoother under a new mayor. Here’s why: Greg Fischer, while I obviously dislike him, isn’t incompetent like his predecessor and he’s more likely to cave to the council’s demands. [More WFPL]

Can you believe this David Camm case is still going on? A judge says Keith Henderson gets to remain as prosecutor in the case. [WAVE3]

Wait, what? The deal fell through for the sale of the former Colgate plant? That’s a shame. [WHAS11]

Simply Thai opened in a new location across the street from its old, closet-sized location. It is flipping amazing. Outside of the WORST SERVICE IN THE CITY, however. Flipping amazing. Mmmm. [Consuming Louisville]

Jerry Abramson on being proud of running for office on Steve Beshear’s ticket. [Page One]

Your Metro Animal Services Nightmare Continues

You know how a few folks foam at the mouth any time I publish something about the corruption under Wayne Zelinsky’s failed leadership at Metro Animal Services? How not much has changed since Gilles Meloche was sent packing by the reluctant Jerry Abramson?

You know how I just get accused of being uptight and bitter (okay, so that’s true)? How I’ve been accused – by the Fischer Administration, no less – of fabricating what I’ve published?

Here’s this from FOX 41’s Bennett Haeberle:

Several Metro Animal Services employees have come forward claiming that animals at the city’s shelter are being needlessly euthanized, neglected and in some cases possibly abused.

Those who came forward (a mixture of current MAS employees and volunteers) asked that their identities be concealed. Many feared they would be fired or retaliated against for the information they shared.

“I’m coming forward because the things that have been happening at Metro Animal Services are just totally wrong. They’re killing too many animals for no reason,” said one employee who spoke to Fox 41 News on a condition of anonymity.

Another employee said: “The place, needs new leadership, the place needs new management.”

How about that? Am I still a bitter liar when it comes to one of the most screwed up agencies in Louisville’s Metro Government?

Really. Go read the entire story You’ll see just how uninvolved, uninformed and silly Wayne Zelinsky seems to be. This is the Meloche-turned-Zelinsky nightmare. And it continues unabated.

Here’s Haeberle’s report:

Change needs to take place. Immediate.