FOX41 Interviewed Greg Fischer for Mayor

FOX41 interviewed Greg Fischer, a candidate for mayor, and asked him about being a union buster:

He says the future of Louisville depends on its main manufacturing companies like Ford and General Electric.  While he’s received several labor endorsements from the United Auto Workers and firefighters, some have criticized Fischer for being anti-union.

He responds, “Oh, nothing could be further from the truth. Those are from my competitors that wish they had my support. So I’ve received endorsements from the United Auto Workers, the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters, The electricians, the laborers, SCIU, all but one of the labor endorsements I’ve received. So they are trying to knock my credibility there.”

Greg says he’s not anti-union. But his actions speak louder than words. Like working against collective bargaining agreements. Allowing major union busters to play large roles in his campaign. Letting his sister, Lynn, who plays a major role in his campaign, to work against organized labor re: the downtown arena (I hear the C-J’s got a story coming on that.

Fischer went on to say he wants to steer clear of mudslinging:

While political TV ads have begun to air, Fischer says he hopes the race will avoid any mudslinging.

Guess that means he regrets getting nasty in his race against Bruce Lunsford, which he lost.

Julie Tam Says She’s Leaving Fox 41

From her Facebook fan page:

BIG CAREER ANNOUNCEMENT: This Fan Page is where you’ll find all the information and future updates, so check back soon.

leaving WDRB-TV FOX 41 in early 2010, after more than 4 years as a news
reporter and anchor here. Early on, I fell in love with Louisville and
the surrounding towns throughout Ke…ntucky and Southern Indiana, where
I’ve traveled to cover news and on my own time for pleasure. It’s a
beautiful and convenient place to live. I love our house and our
exquisite neighborhood. Now it’s time to move on. My husband and I are
weighing different options, including our family priorities and job
opportunities elsewhere. So, if anyone else wants to offer me a job, hurry! I
will continue running my business, The Application Masters – — and being a mortgage financier (I deal
only with exclusive clients). I also will continue my volunteer work
with Crane House: The Asia Institute (as long as I’m in Louisville),
Rice University (I’m an alum), and Asian American Journalists
Association. My public appearances continue, even after my departure from FOX 41: I’ll be emceeing the Asian New Year Dinner & Auction
at The Henry Clay in downtown Louisville on Saturday, February 20
– an elegant, annual celebration and fundraiser for Crane House, with
Honorary Chairs Dr. and Mrs. James R. Ramsey (University of Louisville
president and his wife).

make this announcement with a heavy heart, as I have made very close
friends in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area. I’ve been given great
opportunities and promotions at FOX 41, I’ve grown as a journalist, and
I’ve learned a lot from my co-workers. My work has given me the chance
to interview prominent people like Hillary Clinton on the campaign
trail for the Democratic nomination for President, to cover the
Kentucky Derby several times, to bring about government policy changes,
to tell very personal stories of people in our community, and the list
goes on. I’m grateful that so many viewers have tuned in night after
night and local organizations have invited me to be a part of their
events as emcee, moderator, lecturer, performer, guest reader to school
children, and other roles.

No word on whether or not Tam is leaving on her volition. In her message, she says she’ll continue to operate her business, The Application Masters (yes, T.A.M.), and about 45 other things. So one could assume (maybe?) that station management just decided not to renew her contract.

I’ll never forget the infamous blue glove story (seriously – not being mean here, but… that was hilarious) or all the other times she made us cringe and smile.

We love the Taminator and will forever follow her on the Twitter Machine.

Draper, Cain Leaving WHAS11?

We hear through the grapevine that Kyle Draper (going to Comcast in Boston – not sure how we missed that one/maybe we reported this previously?) and Chase Cain (moving to Los Angeles to be an actor?) are leaving WHAS11.

Also hear Dick Irby is leaving FOX41 for a move to Arkansas.

Gilles Meloche Scandal Day 4809823

Andy Alcock got his hands on tapes released in Dawn Simpson’s complaint against Gilles Meloche. And they are juicy:

“I’m trying to have a legitimate conversation with the guy and he walks around the desk and hugs and kisses me on the neck and says, ‘Aw, poor baby,’” Simpson told the investigator.


“’I really want to see you,’ he said. ‘All I keep thinking about is coming on the bus.’ That’s what he calls the bus, ‘And holding you and kissing you,’” Simpson recounted the voice mail.


Simpson said one time, she couldn’t account for documents or whereabouts of animal drugs and sent Meloche an e-mail about it.

“In the end, we figured it out, but he came to me and said, ‘Don’t ever put stuff like that in an e-mail because I don’t want anybody to know,’” Simpson told the investigator.

“What I certainly don’t want to see happen, there’s an investigation, he gets slapped on the hand and two months from now we’re back in the same boat we were before. That is what I fear I think the most,” Simpson said in the tape.

Click here to read/see Andy’s story in its entirety.

And Bennet Haeberle has this:

The complaint filed in May by another Metro Animal Services employee says Dr. Meloche “injected Sodium Pentobarbital directly into the heart of three kittens that were still conscious.”

One employee said she “was shocked” the issue had not been addressed.


“I told Dr. Meloche that prescribing medications without documentation was a violation of the Kentucky Veterinary Practice Act.”

Michelle Hensel says she never received any medication from Meloche or MAS.

“I never received anything. There is no documentation for that. Dr. Meloche has never delivered me any medication,” said Hensel.


“I think the atmosphere at MAS needs a big change,” said Downard.

Click here for his story.

Still, Jerry Abramson allows this guy to keep his job as head of Metro Animal Services. If that weren’t bad enough? Check this message from Meloche’s replacement showing just how close Abramson is to the scandal:

Organizer: Zelinsky, Wayne L
Sent: Mon 11/2/2009 6:05 PM
Required: Animal Services Everyone
Optional: Summers, Bill
Subject: MAS mandatory meeting – all employees (volunteers welcome)
When: Monday, November 09, 2009 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Location: Yellow trailer

Mayor Abramson will join us.

Hopefully Alcock and Haeberle will ambush that fancy meeting Jerry plans to attend with a camera crew or two. Better yet, hide a camera on an attendee so we can get a look from the inside.

Hot mess, man. HOT. MESS.

It’s Friday and You’ve All Got the Pig Flu

Greg Fischer is holding a Halloween party or something. We got the press release but, well, just go here. [WFPL]

Some dude went to Warshington with the gays. [C-J]

Kentucky gets a D in protecting the legal rights of abused children. [Bluegrass Politics]

Louisville’s fire recruit class will graduate today at 10:00 A.M. at the Old Male High School – otherwise known as The Spectrum. The class includes 38 people who will work for Louisville Fire and Rescue and one who will work in Shively. [Press Release]

Call me crazy, but there’s just something about two of these projects (not the firehouse) that don’t seem worth going into debt. [WLKY]

Though, the Zoo losing $400,000 in revenue after shutting down its train is certainly troubling. [C-J]

And this morning at 9:00 A.M., Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson will plant a tree on top of the Metro Archives Building to “signal the start of a long-term effort to attract green jobs to the Park Hill area.” [Press Release]

Travel Magazine says 21c is the best in the nation. [C-J]

Yes, there should be tighter mayoral term limits in Louisville. Why is this such a big deal? [Joe Arnold]

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association announced winners of its design competition to generate ideas for an abandoned brownfield site on Lexington Road. You’ll want to check these out. [Broken Sidewalk]

This is very important: Did you know Julie Tam is a media celebrity who stomps grapes? You must read this ASAP. You must. The Taminator commands you. [Around the World with Julie Tam]

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

This week we discuss Jason Stinson (no mention of his ridiculous religious statements), stupid rumors about Heather French Henry and the mayoral race (for the record, we did not hear from reliable source that she’s considering this race, not sure why that was said on television), something about Kentucky Kingdom and a roller coaster, yadda yadda, check it out.

It’s a shame Fox 41 felt the need to over-hype this stupid Heather French Henry rumor. How is a non-credible rumor – which we publicly attacked for being pure hilarity – more important than the Stinson case or any number of issues? Come on, Fox, let’s get real and quit it with the hype when it comes to doing the news. It’s not cool to do just because it’s “sexy” to discuss someone who used to work for you.

Still think they should hire Dan Spangler.

Dept. of No Fooling and Yo We Ain’t Leaving

A Polling We Will Go: The first Survey USA poll of the U.S. Senate race came out yesterday. Mongiardo leads Conway overall 39-31. Grayson leads Paul 37-26. Of course there’s more to the story. [Page One]

Why Our Court System is Messed Up: Because ex-PRP coach Jason Stinson was re-indicted on wanton endangerment after his first indictment was dismissed by a judge. [AP]

A University Buys a Hotel: But it’s Sullivan, and the hotel is a Holiday Inn.  The rapidly growing Sullivan campus will be able to house 400 students in the old Holiday Inn near the KFC HQ. [Fox41]

Fooling Some of the People: A thousand people showed up to listen to Republican pro-life doctors bitch about Obama’s health care plan. They went nuts when one of them brought up not wanting to perform abortions, so we know what it was really about.  Too bad some of those people — who didn’t read our story —  thought they were going to an unbiased town hall. And check out the lady defining socialism for us all.  [WHAS-TV]

Obligatory Pitino Mention: Atlanta columnist Jeff Schultz reported word from the Twitter accounts of two Pitino recruits, adding to the rationale why the Coach is still in charge. Peyton Siva wrote: “Yo I ain’t leaving. Rick(’s) personal life is his life. He’s here to coach me and is the best teach of hoop to me!” [AJC]

Fair Game: I’m with Jake on this one. If you want me to go over and look at all the crap at the State Fair, you’ll have to send me some tickets. Still, the Fair is a big deal. It starts on Thursday. [Page One]

Pass the Smell Test: Of course neighbors are concerned that MSD is allowing a truck wash for pig haulers to open back up and continue putting pig poop in the sewers. [Courier]

Our  View – Don’t Worry About Getting U of L Tickets: U of L says it’s selling a lot of season ticket packages to watch this 2009 football team. Maybe. But we still say you’re going to have to dodge all the tickets flying around on Saturdays this fall. [Courier]

Get Up, Tune In: Watch The ‘Ville Voice/Page One segment on Fox41 this morning with Barry Bernson. At 7:45, or later here on the site.

Station Separates Opinion and News

WAVE-TV, like everyone else, reported on Monday’s local protest in front of John Yarmuth’s office. It was promoted by the Republican Party. Though we didn’t see him on camera, GM Steve Langford was there as a partipant, and WAVE added a disclaimer to its story, noting Langford’s presence.

I don’t recall a local station executive taking such an activist role in any non-broadcasting-related issue, but then again, Langford makes no bones about his passion for certain topics. And he says he doesn’t hesitate to get involved in issues, even beyond doing the station’s Hot Button editorials.

“I give opinions every week, but my opinion on things doesn’t impact our news coverage,” he said, proceeding to draw a comparison between his policy and the one the C-J’s Arnold Garson wrote about a while back.

“I think it makes us a better station,” he said.

I asked him if attending a political event was different than doing on-air editorials, and Langford said he didn’t see one. He said he’s simply giving opinions, that he leaves coverage of stories up to his news staff. “There’s no journalism in my system,” he said.

But in the same way we question the editorial/news coverage line at the newspaper, it’s hard to imagine that Langford’s opinions don’t have some impact in the newsroom.

Langford is asking us to trust him on this one — in the same way we have to assume a certain level of trust in any media to which we pay attention.

A V.V. reader may have put it best:

Imagine a WAVE reporter trying to cover this issue — while knowing that the news director’s boss feels strongly enough to demonstrate.  Might he or she be inclined to downplay or dismiss discourteous tactics?  Might an assignment editor be inclined to over-cover the opposition?

It’s one thing for a station manager to publicly opine on a public policy issue.  But to assume a physical, activist role is concerning on more than one level.

It creates an appearance — or at least suspicions — of bias.  And it complicates the reporter’s obligation to fair and balanced coverage — without fear or favor.  It’s hard enough to cover a protest when “the other side” is absent.

This gets even more complicated.  Should “full disclosure” require WAVE to remind viewers of Langford’s activism whenever it covers a protest?  Should it issue and/or publicize a memo exhorting its news staff to ignore executive positions on public-policy issues?

As a viewer, I prefer a little opinion with my TV news, so I like the fact that Langford and WDRB’s Bill Lamb give viewers a healthy dose of editorializing. Our local station managers are split — Lamb and Langford welcome the microscopic scrutiny that comes with doing them. Rather, they relish it.

WHAS and WLKY withhold the public expression of their opinions to avoid perceptions of newsroom bias, even though WHAS encourages reporters to contribute to blogs which have, in some cases, revealed reporter bias.

Both Lamb and Langford lean to the right in their editorial positions, though both will tell you they consider each issue on its own merits. And keeping an eye on them makes it interesting.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

The scary and literal poo flood that wreaked havoc all over Louisville, Jerry & Steve touring the city and smelling the poo, all the news that didn’t happen because of the poo flood, University of Louisville spending thousands upon thousands of dollars prosecuting nursing student Nina Yoder because she exercised her freedom of speech only to lose hard, and Metro Councilcritter President/Sometimes Mayoral Hopeful David Tandy’s little scandal. It’s all on the teevee this week.

Looks like David Tandy’s hot mess isn’t going away any time soon.