This Will Freak The Mouth-Breathers Out…

Haha, so, funny story…

All the mouth-breathers in town are going to freak out when they learn Betty Winston Baye will soon be appearing on FOX41/WDRB/whatever the hell station it is beginning December 12 during the 10:00 P.M. newscast. She’ll be delivering fancy “Point of View” editorials.

“We originally created ‘Point of View’ almost ten years ago with the intent of offering a perspective on the news that better reflected the values and opinions of our viewing public than the other available alternatives,” said Lamb. “Instead of being slavishly devoted to intensely conservative or liberal positions, we’ve always tried to put common sense above dogmatism, and I think we’ve succeeded in that regard.

More from Lamb: “But even though we’ve always welcomed dissenting opinions, airing scores of guest editorials and responses over the years, this latest step will represent the first time we’ve ever featured the opinions of another individual besides me on a regular, ongoing basis. I think it’s safe to say that Betty may look at many things differently than I do, and I think our audience will benefit from the even wider spectrum of opinion she’ll be providing.”

Those who hated her at A Kentucky Newspaper will surely hate her on the teevee.

We’re glad to have another voice on-air.

Some People Need To Get A Major Flipping Grip

We feel that you definitely need a reminder what about kind of overpaid shysters are running the state’s educational system. [Page One]

Really? November is King James version of the Bible Month? What the fuck kind of crack is Steve Beshear smoking? This is one of the most offensive things he’s done. Fucking pandering hack that the Democrats only love because he isn’t David Williams. Worse than promoting the goddamn Ark Park in front of an Orthodox Jewish crowd. [SoS]

We’ll be foaming at the mouth about this all week. Corrupt Keith Hall has been reprimanded and fined by the Legislative Branch Ethics Commission for being corrupt as all hell. To think this guy had the nerve to accuse everyone of lying about him. [H-L]

So the guy’s father is prominent, we get it. And we get that this is a domestic violence issue. But what does it have to do with his father? It’s not like this incident is getting covered up like the last. It’s not like Jerry Abramson covering up for his son. [C-J/AKN]

Accusing this girl of being a racist even AFTER seeing video and learning she didn’t say a word some asshat thought she said? Really? Calling the NAACP? This shit is out of control and people need a reality check. [FOX41]

No, WHAS, it’s not that she says she didn’t say the n-word. She didn’t say it. Watch the video. Jesus flipping christ. [WHAS11]

We’re pretty excited that yet another store is opening on East Market Street. But organic towels and eco-friendly bathroom accessories? You know what we’re thinking (it’s not good) and we’re fans of that sort of stuff. [Consuming Louisville]

Last night Steve Beshear said Louisville bridge construction would begin within a year. Louisville residents know that couldn’t be further from reality. We know those bridges aren’t getting built. [WAVE3]

Yep, this is what Greg Fischer spent your tax dollars on. He even held a press conference to promote it. [C-J/AKN]

Younger workers in Louisville are beginning to be happier but they’re still looking to leave. When will we stop this brain drain nightmare? Why are we ignoring this mega issue? [Business First]

Casino revenue and patrons dropped like flies when the Sherman Minton closed. Proof Kentuckians gamble like woah. [WLKY]

Look What Greg Wants To Spend Money On Now

Don’t forget to add your two cents by making nominations for the Third Annual Golden Poo Awards. [Page One]

Today at 1:00 P.M. John Yarmuth will announce a “major federal investment” to increase the graduation rate in Louisville. He’ll be at Fairdale High School. The new JCPS supe will be there and so will Greg Fischer, despite him having nothing to do with local education and no one in his family going to public schools. [Press Release]

Yesterday marked the 112th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “Jack Conway admits he knew that his brother’s investigation was compromised and yet he refused to notify law enforcement of this matter,” said Robertson. “Any prosecutor worth his salt knows that is wrong. It’s time Jack answer the tough questions instead of faking outrage that this is being discussed.” [Press Release]

Really, Greg Fischer? Spending $30,000 in discretionary funds that should be spent on the community that needs that money? And offering publicity for council members who pony up the cash? For WorldFest? It’s nice and all but are you out of your mind? Spend your own damn money. You have mountains of it. [C-J/AKN]

John Yarmuth talks jobs, budgets and political spending. Give it a watch. [FOX41]

How much time will Len Peters spend spinning over this today? Predictions? [H-L]

Thank goodness WDRB renewed its Fox affiliation. From a release: “We’re extremely happy we were able to reach this agreement with Fox and I believe the network is equally pleased,” said Bill Lamb, WDRB President and General Manager. “WDRB has been one of Fox’s strongest affiliates since we began our relationship when the network launched in 1986, and the partnership has been very beneficial to both parties for a quarter of a century. We look forward to continuing to bring Fox’s quality lineup of programs to Louisville viewers for many years to come.” [FOX41 Press Release]

The Louisville Orchestra has canceled concerts for September and October. We’re not sure what it says about our community when we get the strong sense next to no one will notice. [WFPL]

Everybody is still freaking out about the penis amputation case. [WAVE3]

Check out these fancy waste and recycling bins on Fourth Street. [Broken Sidewalk]

Not everybody is happy with the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan. “Not everybody” includes an appeals court. [C-J/AKN]

The Hummingbird Festival at Yew Dell Gardens is pretty cool and you should go. But you’ll have to pay to get in. [Consuming Louisville]

Bets On How Long It Takes For MSD To Stink?

Museum Plaza will not be built. Land now reverts to the city. 7th Street between Washington and River Roads will be restored and reopened. [Damnit]

You’d think the editorial board could get its facts straight by now. No Kill Louisville has tons of shelter management experience. One of its top folks has decades of experiencing running a large facility. Justin Scally definitely deserves the opportunity to do a good job. But people – particularly the apologists at your failing local paper – need to quit acting like Sadiqa Reynolds’ “with us or against us” way is supreme. Legitimate concerns, questions and disappointment should not be tossed aside. You cannot expect this community to come together overnight after Greg Fischer and crew spent a year ripping everything to shreds. [Short Sighted Editorial]

Get a load of Jack Conway in 2002 versus Jack Conway in 2011. [Page One]

The elephant in the room is FOX41 slowly referring to itself as “WDRB” more and more. Like with this Emmy story. [FOX41]

Are water main issues a preview of the future? [Broken Sidewalk]

Will the Rupp Arena task force cause Lexington as many headaches as the arena shenanigans caused Louisville? [H-L]

Remember the Louisville Zoo train crash? Turns out an employee disabled the train’s warning light prior to the accident. A light that could have alerted folks to problems with the brakes. [WKYT]

Wait, what? Free hot dogs at the Frazier Museum? [Consuming Louisville]

Little by little, problems at the Metropolitan Sewer District are floating to the surface like, well, you know exactly what we’re talking about. [C-J/AKN]

A fundraising event at Central Park tried to change the reputation of pit bulls. [WAVE3]

Kentucky is among the 10 states where government-sector jobs have grown the fastest over the past five years. [Business First]

Wait for this one: a Seymour police officer crashed a DARE trailer while allegedly driving drunk. [WHAS11]

Friday marked the 86th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “We will hold Jack Conway’s feet to the fire each and every day until he answers our questions surrounding this controversy,” said Robertson. “For a man who supposedly believes in transparency and accountability, this situation represents the height of hypocrisy.” [Press Release]

WDRB Having Affiliate Difficulties With Fox?

For the first time ever, no one at WDRB/FOX41 wants to answer questions. Which is strange.

Word on the street is that the station could be in danger of losing its Fox affiliate status and that it could have something to do with the money paid to carry programming. Typical station-network stuff, of course.

Without the Fox affiliation, the station would likely have to gut its news department.

And rumors aren’t being killed now that the billboard near Third Street reads “WDRB News” instead of “FOX41 News”…

So what gives?

We hope this isn’t the case because it’d be bad news for Louisville.

Some Timely Local Teevee News Updates

Haha, so, funny story…

WAVE3 sent a text message to eleventeen million thousand recipients indicating that Shackleford won the Kentucky Derby.

At least twenty 20 went by before the station sent out a correction.

What the heck happened? Not asking in a jerk-ish way – honestly want to know what went wrong.

At FOX41… Marc Weinberg’s final day on Fox in the Morning will be this Friday. He’s moving to the evening newscast. Jude Redfield, as you may know by now, will replace Weinberg in the A.M. He’s formerly of WTHR in Indianapolis.