Death Penalty In The Andrew Compton Case

Agree or disagree? WDRB says prosecutors are pushing for it.

My thoughts: No way, no how. How is dying – taking the easy way out – punishment for such a horrible crime?

Why shouldn’t this guy – if guilty and convicted – be forced to live his entire life tortured with the reality of what he’s done?

I get that some people think the death penalty is just cruel. I don’t think it’s cruel enough.

Anyone else on this same page?

Tears: Mayor McCheese Will Finally Stop Talking

If you missed last night’s mayoral debate, here’s what went down: Hal Heiner got closer to a good answer on Fairness but still sucked ass. He then pointed out how the entire Abramson cabal backs his opponent. Greg Fischer cracked a hideous joke about tolls, said the Bridges Authority is doing a fine job (Heiner said he’d review the group to determine if they stay or get replaced), fudged a bit more about the ice machine he didn’t invent. Heiner offered to open up all the hidden documents to unbury the bodies and Fischer lied yet again about his campaign not being involved in the anti-Heiner video. [Deep Mayoral Thoughts]

Footage from the debate will be archived online by noon today, according to Joe Arnold. So be sure to check it out. [WHAS11]

Everyone exited? FOX 41 is adding a 6:30 P.M. news program. [Business First]

Everyone knows that John Yarmuth is a devil. So go listen to him on the radio. [WFPL]

Mayoral candidate Jackie Green, like Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner, sat down for an interview with the teevee news people. [WHAS11]

What are you doing for Halloween? You should go see an all-original adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The Providence Alumni Association, Tim Brown & John Hetzel are producing the show at Providence’s Robinson Theatre (707 Providence Way in Clarksville). Evenings of October 21, 23, 28, 30 and weekend matinees October 23, 24, 30, 31. $14 for evening shows, $10 for matinees and seniors/students are just $8. Go! [Press Release]

Is David Nicklies, the guy who said times are right to build the bridges, behind a bait and switch? [MSNBC]

Jerry Abramson is set to hold his last community conversation on Monday evening. The event will take place at Seneca High School at 6:30 P.M. [H-L]

What? Could Chris Thieneman be involved in yet another campaign conundrum? He’s certainly no stranger to using property he owns to get what he wants. Like letting a “journalist” live rent-free in an apartment in exchange for free press. There are some interesting questions being raised. [Education Voodoo]

Do You Know Why We Can’t Have Nice Things?

If you’ve been wondering why state government loses so much money and is loaded down with idiots, check this out. An audit of the Department of Corrections and ARAMARK reveals unbelievable mismanagement, possible fraud, secrecy and hundreds of thousands of wasted taxpayer dollars.  This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things. [Page One]

If you missed the Southwestern Louisville mayoral debate, go listen to it now. [WFPL]

It’s nice to see the mainstream media notice Greg Fischer’s hypocrisy for a change. [FOX41]

Todd Lally and Frank Simon can’t deal with being called on their ridiculous bullshiz. See how they react when called out. [We Get Comments]

Six members of the Metro Council voted against reappointing Joe Regan and Chuck Moyer to the Bridges Authority. They are: Rick Blackwell, Tina Ward-Pugh, Jim King, Vicki Welch, Hal Heiner and Dough Hawkins, who votes no on everything. [Press Release]

A small plane made an emergency landing on the Watterson Expressway near the Taylorsville Road exit because it was low on fuel. [WHAS11]

Here’s how one station covered the corruption of the Bridges Authority meeting and the stunt pulled by an anti-tolling group. [More FOX41]

And here’s how another station covered the meeting. With few details, no mention of the outburst during the meeting and nothing about the significance of the anti-tolls group’s presence. [WAVE3]

Remember when MTV came to town to demolish one of the old Benknap buildings on the waterfront? [Broken Sidewalk]

Watch Fox41 July 4th Special On Afghanistan

Fox41 announced this morning that it’ll air an Independence Day special on the Kentucky National Guard’s effort in Afghanistan.

Fox 41 anchor-reporter Lindsay Allen and chief photographer Ken Bradley spent two weeks in Afghanistan, embedded with the Kentucky National Guard’s Agri Business Development Team. The team was in Afghanistan as part of an effort to teach the Afghan people how to better grow crops and become more self-reliant.

Over the course of the special, both Allen and Bradley will discuss what they experienced during their trip. They will also share new video that hasn’t yet aired on Fox 41, as well as a roundup of some of the video highlights of the trip.

“After our trip to Afghanistan, we had a lot of coverage and a lot of footage that we weren’t able to fit…into our news pieces,” Allen told Friday afternoon. “So this is gonna be some extended interviews — some footage you haven’t seen that really covers our journey to Afghanistan from the time we left to the time we got back, and the journey in between.”

Here’s a promo provided by the station:

Tune in Sunday at 10:30 P.M.

FOX41 Sends Reporter & Photog To Afghanistan

In a first for local stations, FOX41/WDRB has sent reporter/anchor Lindsay Allen and chief photographer Ken Bradley to Afghanistan on a three-four week trip. The two landed at Bagram Air Base on Sunday evening.

According to a press release, the two will be embedded with the Air National Guard’s Agri Business Development Team. The team consists of 60 members teaching Afghanis agricultural techniques to improve their economy and self-reliance.

From the release:

Allen, a native of Hagerstown, Md., said she’s enthused about the project.

“What we’re about to do is a very important story in both of our minds,” she told before leaving on Friday. “These men and women are sacrificing a year of their lives – birthdays, Christmases, 4th of July – to serve our country. If we can share their stories for just three short weeks — that’s the mission that I’d like to accomplish.”

Both Allen and Bradley went through extensive cultural, language and weapons training as a precaution before the trip. They also received shots and are currently taking malaria pills.

Bradley described what it was like to undergo weapons training.

“It was an experience,” he said. “We did training on M4 automatic rifles and 9mm pistols…but we’re hoping that all of the shooting we do over there will be in true HD — with our cameras.”

Both Allen and Bradley joked that they are taking along a couple of items for good luck: Allen said she is taking along specially-made dog tags, while Bradley said he was taking a “lucky coin” given to him by a colleague.

Are they nervous?

“Of course there’s an element of fear and an element of the unknown as, of course, we’re going to a war zone,” Allen said. “I’m very aware of that. But beyond any fear that I feel, I feel that I’m able to do this, for lack of a better word, because of my journalistic duty.”

She quickly added that she appreciates the concern and well-wishes of viewers, friends and colleagues.

“Thoughts and prayers – keep them with you,” she said. “As you guys lay down at night, be thinking of us.”

Shortly after landing at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan Sunday night, Bradley told Fox 41 News that the military there was preparing for a possible insurgent attack. That attack never came.

I think this is pretty cool. And I have to admit I’ll be watching more of 41’s broadcasts to catch the stories from Afghanistan.

For those of you who want to keep up-to-date on the mission, click here to dig in to the Facebook page created for Allen and Bradley.

Ohio Valley Emmy Nominations Announced

The 46th annual Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Award nominations were announced yesterday in a live webcast.

590 entries were received from more then 40 media organizations in the Ohio Valley. The awards will be presented at a gala in Columbus, Ohio on July 31.

Here are the nominees from Louisville:

Newscast – Evening

  • WAVE3 @ 11 – Aaron Matthew Ellis, Sarah Miles
  • 5pm Newscast – Suspect Chopper Chase, WLKY – Erin Gritton

Breaking News

  • Jason Stinson Verdict, WHAS – Renee Murphy
  • Waterfront Park Shooting, WLKY – David Masino, William E. DeReamer, Erin Gritton

Spot News

  • Fatal test drive, WDRB – Bennett Haeberle, Sarah Grote

Continuing Coverage

  • Metro Animal Services, WLKY – Andy Alcock
  • Bridge to Nowhere, WAVE3 – Chris McGill, Doug Druschke

Peep the other nominees – there are a bunch – after the jump…

Read moreOhio Valley Emmy Nominations Announced

Sad! Julie Tam Ran Away With Her Blue Glove!

Yesterday Congressman John Yarmuth introduced legislation to reject the influence of Hugo Chavez (FEAR!!1!) and Saudi Arabian oil companies in American elections. The resolution condemns the Supreme Court’s decision to allow unlimited spending by foreign-owned corporations, Wall Street banks and bailed-out CEOs. [Press Release]

Wondering how fundraising is going for Jerry Abramson and Steve Beshear? Should also probably check out that crazy burn rate. [Page One]

Yesterday Brooks Wicker endorsed Rand Paul for U.S. Senate. The rest of the world yawned. [Press Release]

What? You thought the insurance fight with hospitals in Louisville was over? No UofL physicians are ticked at Humana. [C-J]

Today at 11:30 the County Attorney will announce the annual list of delinquent child support obligors. Three previous lists have resulted in the location of more than 4,900 individuals and $4.4 million in child support collections. [Media Advisory]

Jim King discussed his economic plan and recent polling with the radio people. [WFPL]

The latest JCPS ExCEL Award goes to Manual Spanish teacher Tim Smith. Congratulations! [Press Release]

Yesterday Churchill Downs Inc announced three big employee moves: Timothy Bryant, Harrahs exec, becoming President of Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots; Austin Miller leaves Fair Grounds to become President at Calder Casino & Race Course; Tom O’Donnell steps down at Calder. [Press Release]

State Rep. Joni Jenkins endorsed Jim King for mayor. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Huh. Guess that one slipped by me. Julie Tam is now at NBC in Dallas-Fort Worth. Guess she took her blue gloves with her. Taminator! [Twitter]

I have avoided talking about Connie Marshall because I think she’s batshiz and it’s sad. But. Uh. That woman is BATSHIZ. [Gabe Bullard]

It’s Early Friday & Fairdale Bigfoot Is Up & At ‘Em

This is very important and urgent news! [WLKY]

Could the nation’s most eco-friendly school be located right here in Indiucky/Louisville Proper? [C-J]

Check out this profile of Democratic mayoral candidate Lisa Moxley from Bennett Haeberle. [FOX41]

David Tandy also got a fancy profile. He’s still unable to explain his JBS Swift flip-flop. (P.S. to Bennett: People aren’t pissed over the smell, they’re pissed over the Abramson/Tandy-supported law breaking.) [More FOX41]

Greg Fischer announced the endorsement of Retired Police & Firefighters Advocates, Inc. yesterday. The group represents 400 families. [Press Release]

The Louisville Zoo was fined $37,000 for that accident last June. [AP via H-L]

Dear Fifth Third Bank: You’re the reason I’m switching to a local bank. Goodness gracious. [WHAS11]

Did you know? JCPS officials got a blog about Bloom Elementary shut down because they didn’t want to be seen as pervert-enabling. Read this story to familiarize yourself with the basics and then start asking JCPS why they jerked a critical blog down about bad behavior at Bloom. [C-J]

Construction watch: creating an urban edge on Brandeis. [Broken Sidewalk]

Fairdale Bigfoot is no longer a mayoral candidate but he’s back with his weekly advice column. [Consuming Louisville]