Finally Friday. You’re Obviously Bored at Work.

Is anybody else’s head gonna explode if they have to endure another round of David Camm television coverage? The coverage will be worse than campaign ads. Especially now that Twitter exists. [Nightmarish Thoughts]

That Fairdale Bigfoot. He is so funny with his advice for faithless heathens. And he is gonna be your next mayor. [Consuming Louisville]

Local media is obsessed with sexting. Every day it’s a new sexting story of some sort. [WHAS11]

Apparently the Courier-Journal’s value is no longer news – but coupons. [Twitter]

HullabaLOU tickets go on sale today at noon. If anybody wants to buy tickets for us, just send them our way. [Click the Clicky]

Bill Weyland is awesome! Finally, another non-Cordish developer doing good things in our city! Somebody award this many dozens upon dozens of whore diamonds! Granted, nobody will ever be able to afford to live in the units he’s developing, but it’s still pretty awesome. [Sheldon Shafer]

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Haha. Can’t breathe. [Wonkette]

I could be mistaken but it looks like the Taminator maybe harmed someone with some blue gloves? [Twitter]

Wayside wants to keep its hotel. JCTCS wants it for expansion. And Chris Thieneman has jumped in the middle to mess things up. JCTCS Communications staff say Thieneman met with them yesterday to work on a “solution.” [C-J]

Hope you’ve got a really good water filter because there’s no telling what’s in our water when it comes to poop. [FatLip]

Wake Up or River Fields Will Steal Your Stuff

That mean Stephen George at LEO is so mean to poor River Fields! SO! MEAN! Hahahaha. Pee alert, folks. PEE ALERT. It’s gone mainstream. [WHAS11]

Ambassador Matthew Barzun shares his thoughts on eGovernment. [Video]

Karen Sypher was indicted on six counts including retaliating against a victim. [Ruh Ro]

Wayside got its fancy permit yesterday. [WFPL]

Can you believe this mess? Marilyn Parker is bogarting the Rand Paul money bomb idear. She’s begging people on Facebook to take part in the Marilyn Parker Money Bomb on Friday, December 4. I bet she raises literally tens of dollars. John Yarmuth is totally shaking in his boots. [Hilarity]

What? The Airport Board has a new chairman? Long live the airport board scandal! [Business First]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he still answers your questions in a weekly advice column. [Consuming Louisville]

The old D&W Silks building is no more. Check out these demolition photos. [Broken Sidewalk]

Mr. Ivory is just not happy with Jim King and would have his staff write about bowel movements if he thought it’d take King down. It’s almost like this story was written for the purposes of dirty campaigning. Especially since it repeats over and over that incidents were mere allegations and that both parties now dispute them – one saying she embellished things and one saying they never occurred. [Joe Gerth]

Monday Morning of Pig Guts & Helping the Homeless

Can you believe the Courier-Journal allowed Joe Gerth to publish my name? Woah. Thanks for that, Joe. As for Mike Bryant – he’s being totally dishonest when he says he wasn’t trying to hide his identity. He’d changed his domain name registration in an attempt to do just that – and i wrote about it at the time. [Joe Gerth]

Artwork for the 2010 Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks has been unveiled. [WFPL]

Will Wayside get its health permit to continue operating Hotel Homeless? [C-J]

Look, just don’t eat anything from a concession stand unless you’ve consumed enough alcohol to kill any sort of germ you’ll be ingesting. [WHAS11]

The Metro Council is none too happy with Jerry Abramson’s decision to screw them out of a seat on the Ohio River Bridges Project panel. We all know that Mayor McCheese loves the Metro Councilcritters so this must be some sort of oversight. Heh. [C-J]

Is it good news or bad news that Gilles Meloche is a finalist to be an animal services director in Florida? [WAVE3 & FOX41]

Surely somebody wants to develop a chrome-front diner in Louisville. [Broken Sidewalk]

Swift is ignorantly claiming that opposition to its law breaking and purposeful zoning ignorance will kill its jobs. Unfortunately, people like Rep. Joni Jenkins know better but they still plan to speak out in support of Swift – further allowing the company to ignore zoning restrictions, the law and the health of the neighborhood. I know she knows better – I’ve had conversations with her – but she still plans to say what she knows not to be true when she visits the zoning board today. The Swift battle affects more than Butchertown. The problems Swift faces have been brought on not by upset neighborhood types – but by Swift itself. [C-J]

Thank Goodness It’s Finally the Weekend

We’re all gonna die of the 4.5% water rate increase. [C-J]

River Fields just won’t quit. But the federal government isn’t having it. [C-J]

Louisville is so gay and stuff. Shh. Nobody tell Frank Simon. [LEO Weekly]

Fairdale Bigfoot possesses a superior knowledge of films and Facebook. Oh, is that homophobe David Edmonds trying to be his friend? [Consuming Louisville]

On Thursday, November 5, three Louisville businesses failed ABC compliance checks. Wiltshire Pantry on East Market, Whits Liquors on 15th and West Main Liquors on West Main. Come on, Louisville, check those IDs. [Press Release]

Turns out it was EIGHT MILLION GALLONS of poop that flowed into the Ohio. Never forget! [WFPL]

Oh no he/she didn’t! Who shot their wa, err, green laser in the eye of WLKY’s chopper pilot while he was flying around all the pig flu people? [Fat Lip]

Churchill Downs has hired a gambling lobbyist. Former Whitfield staffer. [C-J]

Louisville will get fatter than it already is. Dunkin’ Donuts plans to open 15 new stores in the area. We are all going to die of the fat. [Business First]

Metro Inspections is reviewing Wayside’s use of Hotel Louisville. [WAVE3]

Remember the Wayside-Hotel Louisville Ordeal?

Here’s a refresher, just in case you’re not familiar with this never-ending story:

Tina Mosley just allegedly pulled a fast one over the city. We hear from several sources that Mosley, head of Wayside Christian Mission, moved people into the now-former Hotel Louisville last night. How? By charging them one cent.

Many tell us that since Mosley is charging people to stay there it’s not a “homeless shelter.”

But we’re left wondering how Mosley is going to pay required tourism/hotel taxes and such from a mere penny per room.

Mosley has not returned requests for comment.

Where’s Beyonce Chase Cain? Hopefully he gets some answers.

Tuesday and We’re Still Forgiving

That Would Be a Nice Look: Check out the idea for a park in the middle of East Market Street. A hundred years ago, it was a park, and now visionaries want to bring that look back. [Broken Sidewalk]

We’ll Just Bike, Thank you: The Mayor’s Office announced plans for its Labor Day Hike & Bike, which will take a route from downtown to Iroquois Park. It’s become a local tradition, now in its fifth year. [Mayor’s Office]

More Forgiveness for the Coach: The New York Daily News scored an interview with Joanne Pitino’s sister, who lives in Lynnbrook, who said she and the family have forgiven the coach. And she said Joanne never missed a home game until last year, when she was caring for her ailing mother. [NY Daily News]

A Reason to Turn to Channel 60: Remember that great series about jockeys on Animal Planet? It’s coming back with footage from Churchill Downs. There are seven new one-hour episodes, which start airing Friday at 10. [Animal Planet]

Inside With Wayside: Dick Irby got a personal tour of the Hotel Louisville building from Wayside officials, who just got the keys to the place.  The plan is to use just four floors, leaving several floors available for rent to other non-profits. A playground in the pool? Coffee shop in the bar?  [Fox41]

Yarmuth on Health Care: Ignore the hype and listen to the source — WAVE has a 23 minute interview with John Yarmuth on health care. Note that WAVE’s reference to last week’s health care protest downtown doesn’t mention Steve Langford’s participation. [WAVE]

Doug’s Kind of Issue: A Doug Hawkins e-mail yesterday included a link to a survey on MSNBC asking if “In God We Trust” should be removed from U.S. currency.  It’s running 88-12 against. Nothing in the e-mail about running for Mayor. [MSNBC]