Remember the Wayside-Hotel Louisville Ordeal?

Here’s a refresher, just in case you’re not familiar with this never-ending story:

Tina Mosley just allegedly pulled a fast one over the city. We hear from several sources that Mosley, head of Wayside Christian Mission, moved people into the now-former Hotel Louisville last night. How? By charging them one cent.

Many tell us that since Mosley is charging people to stay there it’s not a “homeless shelter.”

But we’re left wondering how Mosley is going to pay required tourism/hotel taxes and such from a mere penny per room.

Mosley has not returned requests for comment.

Where’s Beyonce Chase Cain? Hopefully he gets some answers.

Tuesday and We’re Still Forgiving

That Would Be a Nice Look: Check out the idea for a park in the middle of East Market Street. A hundred years ago, it was a park, and now visionaries want to bring that look back. [Broken Sidewalk]

We’ll Just Bike, Thank you: The Mayor’s Office announced plans for its Labor Day Hike & Bike, which will take a route from downtown to Iroquois Park. It’s become a local tradition, now in its fifth year. [Mayor’s Office]

More Forgiveness for the Coach: The New York Daily News scored an interview with Joanne Pitino’s sister, who lives in Lynnbrook, who said she and the family have forgiven the coach. And she said Joanne never missed a home game until last year, when she was caring for her ailing mother. [NY Daily News]

A Reason to Turn to Channel 60: Remember that great series about jockeys on Animal Planet? It’s coming back with footage from Churchill Downs. There are seven new one-hour episodes, which start airing Friday at 10. [Animal Planet]

Inside With Wayside: Dick Irby got a personal tour of the Hotel Louisville building from Wayside officials, who just got the keys to the place.  The plan is to use just four floors, leaving several floors available for rent to other non-profits. A playground in the pool? Coffee shop in the bar?  [Fox41]

Yarmuth on Health Care: Ignore the hype and listen to the source — WAVE has a 23 minute interview with John Yarmuth on health care. Note that WAVE’s reference to last week’s health care protest downtown doesn’t mention Steve Langford’s participation. [WAVE]

Doug’s Kind of Issue: A Doug Hawkins e-mail yesterday included a link to a survey on MSNBC asking if “In God We Trust” should be removed from U.S. currency.  It’s running 88-12 against. Nothing in the e-mail about running for Mayor. [MSNBC]

Hotel May Soon Host the Homeless

If you missed the pointcounterpoint in the C-J recently between John Gilderbloom and Homeless Coalition director Marlene Gordon, you should take a look.

Gilderbloom maintains conditions in the city for the homeless population are deplorable and in need of regulation, while Gordon writes that local shelters are already getting plenty of regulation, and the problems Gilderbloom mentions aren’t so bad.

Today BOZA set its foot down in the middle of the road, softening an earlier requirement that homeless shelters must be approved through new zoning regulations that haven’t been written yet. Until the Metro Council takes up the issue of putting together some new regulations, BOZA has agreed to consider applications based on the old system.

Which opens the door for Wayside Christian Mission to move into the Hotel Louisville property it bought at auction, possibly by this fall. Today Nina Moseley of Wayside said she hopes to move women and children into the property by November, before it gets too cold outside.

The building at Second and Broadway is zoned commercial, and experts say it’s likely to get approval to move in. In fact, it could continue to operate under current zoning as a hotel, since residents will be essentially using it as one.

There’s still a shady side to the story, with questions about why Wayside offered a bid, $10 million, that was way more than warranted, remaining unanswered. But unless Metro Government, neighbors or Jefferson Community and Technical College officials do something, the hotel is on track to welcome Wayside residents soon.

Wednesday’s News is Full of Woe

No Experience Necessary: A Senate panel says Anne Northup is qualified to serve as a Consumer Products and Safety commissioner, proving that the only qualification necessary to attain such a post is being pals with the Senate Minority Leader. She does bring to the job “the sensitivity of a mother of six children.” Taxpayers will shell out $153K for Northup’s salary. [Courier]

One for Wayside: After a rain delay, a judge ruled that Wayside Christian Mission can indeed buy the Hotel Louisville, and Nina Moseley’s organization says it will start moving in soon. [Fox41]

Now We’re Doomed: Listening to sports radio today, callers were absolutely freaking out on KRD because two young men have decided not to play hoops at U of L, saying it clearly shows Rick Pitino’s lost his touch. Life — Get One. Some perspective here. [Ballz]

Arena Announcement, Weather Permitting: The Jerry and Steve Show have moved that big arena announcement to Friday in Frankfort, at 1. So it must not be that big of a deal.

Somebody’s Going to Miss Mr. Hawpe:  Nice piece by Michael Lindenberger on a guy who has inspired love and hate for years. [LEO]

Rand Paul is in: The Bowling Green ophthalmologist is running in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. [Page One]

Wanna Be a Flood Volunteer? The Metro United Way needs your help. Mopping, scrubbing and disinfecting involved, but you’ll feel better. [Metro United Way]

Tuesday’s Post in a Dark Room

Yikes: The power is out in Jeffersontown. Thankfully, there’s our wireless card.

Wayside’s Fate Expected: Either let Wayside have it, or let’s have another auction. A judge will make a ruling on Hotel Louisville today. [WLKY]

Where’s Diane McGraw when you need her? We have no idea what Jerry, Steve and Jim are going to announce about the arena today, which is amazing in that no one leaked the news to the media. Some economic development news is all we’re getting. May have to show up.

How About Admitting You Screwed Up! This quote from the C-J story from Mark Hebert at U of L: “Our lawyers and School of Nursing administrators will be reviewing the court’s decision to determine what our next steps might be.” Wonder how much taxpayer money the school wasted defending itself on this one. [Page One]

WIMP! We’re disappointed that Jack Conway found it politically expedient to apologize for saying something he totally meant to say at Fancy Farm. If he was such a tough son of a bitch, he would have told all the whiners to get over themselves.

Wii. Payback is Swell: In Lexington, airport officials are getting some of the stuff former offiicials bought with company money, like Wii consoles, a breathalyzer and two tuxedos. In case they were formally charged. Time for a yard sale. [Herald-Leader]

Beyond Improper: OK, so which media outlet is going to be first to dig up some dirt on the Butler High basketball coach? There must be records of all those text messages. Let’s get some interviews with the parents who originally complained about the improper relationship, and find out what really happened up there at the ski resort.

Stay Tuned! I’ll be on Terry Meiners show on WHAS Radio this afternoon.

Wayside Wins One, Temporarily

This morning the Board of Zoning Adjustment met and said it will reconsider zoning requests for homeless shelters as long as they don’t come from an area zoned OR-3. Last month, it ruled in the Mercy Academy case that shelters were not an appropriate use in any zoning category.

The Metro Council was charged with coming up with an ordinance to address the issue.

The move opens the door for Wayside to apply for a BOZA determination on whether it could operate in another zone, including the Hotel Louisville property, zoned C-2, on Broadway.

Stephen Porter, the attorney who represented the Original Highlands Neighborhood Association in that case, said a group of Hotel Louisville neighbors opposed to the shelter moving in are watching the case.

But today’s action opens the door a crack — on Aug. 17 BOZA will make a decision, and that could allow Wayside to apply for permission to locate there.

Metro Government is said to be working with Wayside to find an alternative location for the shelter, even though Wayside won an auction to purchase the Broadway property and has said it intends to move in.

The Sharks Are Circling Dept.

Welcome to Shark Week. Let’s get it going.

Tie Dancing: So what if half the local TV stations didn’t make it to Fancy Farm over the weekend. We got the best video from the event — Mrs. Mongiardo dancing with a tie. She seems to know something about getting up on a table to dance, don’t you think? [Page One]

Don’t Listen to What the Preacher Said: No, David Tandy says, just because Rev. Kevin Cosby congratulated him in church for running for Mayor doesn’t mean he’s in. Joe Arnold talked to Tandy about it, but apparently didn’t ask him about the brewing controversy we started about using a city employee as a babysitter.

Yes, You’re Paying: Karen Cunagin Sypher has a new attorney. At her Friday hearing, a judge appointed former federal prosecutor James Earhart to represent her against charges of extortion and lying in connection with Rick Pitino.  She claims her only income comes from TWO ex-husbands and amounts to $1,600. [AP]

Words We Never Thought We’d See: “Cunagin Sypher would not comment after Friday’s hearing.”

The Other Door: Though she didn’t speak, Sypher made quite an appearance at the courthouse. Check out WLKY’s video as she and her divorce attorneys try to figure out how to get in. [WLKY]

Reasons To Lean Left: Arnold Garson decided to explain why the Courier-Journal’s editorial policy is liberal, and to remind readers that its news staff is supposedly not influenced by its editorial board. So they say. [Courier]

Incompetence and Poo: Looks like a lot of support for Animal Services director Gilles Meloche in the latest Golden Poo award. We’ve got five more categories coming this week. [Golden Poo]

Wayside and BOZA: Expect more news from this morning BOZA meeting, as the board now wants to reconsider its earlier decision that would have prevented Wayside from moving in to the Hotel Louisville building until the Metro Council acts. Round and round we go. [Courier]

Plot Twist at Second and Broadway

What’s becoming a long-running saga at the Hotel Louisville took another plot twist Friday — and brings up the possibility that the structure could ultimately be turned into…a hotel.

WHAS-TV covered a commissioner’s hearing Friday in which the alternate bidder on the property (the one smart enough not to bid anywhere near the $10 million Wayside put up) claimed a second sale should be ordered because Wayside missed a deadline for putting up a bond.

If investor Phil Mason gets his way, the Circuit Court Commissioner will order another sale, and he would have another opportunity to bid on the property. Mason told WHAS’s Joe Arnold that he thinks the best use of the property is as a hotel. He wants to make it a Holiday Inn.

If there’s another sale, it might include bids from Wayside and Jefferson Community and Technical College.

As of Friday, Wayside’s Nina Moseley was still hoping to move into the property and operate a homeless shelter. And JCTC was still hoping to acquire the property to raze the building and put up a parking lot. And now it could end up back as a hotel again.

It’s all speculation until the commissioners makes a decision. Here’s what Moseley said about the possibility of another auction:

“That would be a question for our board to answer. It really would. We’re hoping the commissioner looks at the performance that we did do, and we have fully performed as of now, and we’re just hoping and trusting God that we’re going to get this building for our women and families.”

Wayside Looking at Antique Mall Site

Not wanted on Market Street, the Mercy Academy building, or Hotel Louisville, Wayside Christian Mission is negotiating a deal to buy the Louisville Antique Mall property at 834 East Broadway.

Owner Denise Golden announced plans to close the Antique Mall business last month, a year after moving from Goss Avenue. She bought the property for $810,000 in 2007, and reportedly invested $2 million on improvements. It also housed the Colonnade Cafeteria.

Golden told the C-J last month that she hoped to sell the property, and Metro Government officials set up talks between Wayside and Golden.

Wayside’s chances of moving into the Hotel Louisville site at Second and Broadway seem slim, and the city has said it would need various permits to operate as a homeless shelter there. The Jefferson Community and Technical College wants the property for parking, even though it was sold at auction to Wayside, for $10 million. That deal hasn’t been completed.

Last month, our sources said the city was assisting Wayside in finding an alternate location which wouldn’t raise objections from neighbors. The Antique Mall property fits the bill, and Wayside seems to have the money to buy it. It was expected to be listed at $3.8 million.