Starting Another Crazy Mayoral Campaign Week

This afternoon State Auditor of Public Accounts Crit Luallen will appear before the Metro Council to discuss her office’s audit of Metro Government. Republican councilcritters tell me the questions they’ve got prepared for Luallen will make Jerry Abramson’s political career even more limp. [Don’t Miss It]

Today at 10:00 A.M. Hal Heiner will announce a “significant endorsement” during a press conference at the River City FOP lodge. Hmm, what could that be? [Media Adivsory]

Steve Beshear appointed banker Luther Deaton, Jr. of Lexington to the Bi-State Bridge Authority. Yup, another non-Louisvillian. [Press Release]

Finally! Wayside may legally be able to operate its shelter downtown! [WFPL]

Check out this great story from Ambassador Matthew Barzun about some Kentuckians and the TEDx Conference. [DipNote]

The Courier-Journal editorial board is not having any of Jim Ramsey’s WATB letter about transparency. [C-J]

We’re probably all screwed with this new LG&E/KY-Duke Energy deal. [WLKY]

So why did E.ON stick it to Jerry Abramson and his pals? What gives? Why can’t the Water Company get a chance to buy everything up? [Business First]

You don’t have to agree with the Courier-Journal on anything because, well, who does? But you should check out the voter guide. It’s not live as of this writing, but it could be soon. [C-J]

Take your pets to this Derby Festival event and have a cocktail. [Consuming Louisville]

Get rid of just SOME urban billboards? Let’s get rid of them all. [Broken Sidewalk]

Friday Morning Dept of Vote For Tina

The 18th Annual Frankfort Avenue Easter Parade will take place on Saturday, April 3, 2010. The parade begins at 11:30 A.M. at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Metro Councilcritter Tina Ward-Pugh, our favorite, will be the parade’s Grand Marshall and will be escorted through the parade by a terrifying Easter Bunny. We love Tina but hope she doesn’t come to say hello to us with some dude in a scary rabbit suit beside her. Hopefully Jeebus won’t smite us this year with another sunburn. [Easter Parade Excitement Press Release!]

Speaking of Ward-Pugh, go vote for her in the ‘Most Admired’ contest at Today’s Woman! [Click the Clicky]

Kentucky’s environment is going to pot but Democrats aren’t keen on doing anything about it. Greg Stumbo favors allowing Jim Gooch to spew his weight in propaganda. And, no, Stumbo doesn’t really live in Prestonsburg. [Ronnie Ellis]

Fairdale Bigfoot may no longer be running for mayor, but he’s still got all kinds of advice for you. Especially if you’re troubled in the relationship department. [Consuming Louisville]

The next piece of the Wayside block redevelopment puzzle is in place. East Market Street is going gangbusters. [Broken Sidewalk]

There’s always been deep corruption in Southeastern Kentucky. But the latest audit from Crit Luallen details serious troubles with the Whitley County Sheriff. Check out the massive waste, fraud and abuse. [Page One]

Metro Government is definitely playing chicken with PETA. But who really wants a disgusting chicken statue erected, you know, anywhere? Hard to pick a side in this fight. [LEO Weekly]

Quick, Everybody Pray For Doug Hawkins

Here’s one thing mayoral candidate Jackie Green loves about Louisville. [Consuming Louisville]

Mike Sodrel apparently wants history to repeat itself every two years, forever, amen. [Press Release]

Let’s make this new cleaners/condo/shop thingy happen on Bardstown Road. [C-J]

Tyler Allen raised $10,000 in the last 48 hours of the quarter. He’s scheduled to officially file for office tomorrow at noon. [Press Releases]

Poor Doug “Protector of Our White Women” Hawkins is getting a primary opponent. [WFPL]

Anybody have thoughts on the Coalition for the Homeless stepping up to the plate for Wayside Christian Mission? The organization is backing the lawsuit alleging the city violated federal law when it stopped Wayside from moving to the Highlands. [C-J]

Does Tom Riner know what EMO really means – outside of education? Also, HMOs for schools? Really? Wait… HOMOS FOR SCHOOLS? Oh noes. [WAVE3]

Gilles Meloche applied for a job in Columbus, Ohio. But guess what? The administration there ran so quickly from him it isn’t funny. Can’t sexually harass people and kill animals willy nilly and get away with it. [Sources]

Hal Heiner’s has shared his opinion on take-home care fees: “Now is the time for the Mayor and his representatives to halt their appeal, and instead begin talks with representatives of our Police Officers to put this dispute to an end. Rather than adjudicate this for years, we need to put this matter behind us and find an acceptable answer for this contentious legal fight.” Where are our other councilcritters? [Press Release]

Today at 3:00 the University of Louisville will unveil new officers for Military and Veterans Services. Both Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz are scheduled to speak. Since this is for veterans, I won’t show up and ask them about anonymous crap. [Press Release]

It’s Tuesday Morning & You’re Not Really Working

Since it’s really still holiday time and everybody in an office is just sitting around on YouTube or reading Cheezburger, posting will be light today and tomorrow. Because why not! It’s the holidays.

WHAS11 has the most unintentionally hilarious Twitter line of the week. Something about getting tough on bad bears. Heh. Yes, I went there. [The Twitter Machine]

Banned by Humana? Must be all those offensive mentions of things like coffee or delicious treats. [Consuming Louisville]

Wayside finally got the title to its hotel on Broadway. [Sheldon Shafer]

Fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here has turned out to be some dangerous bunk. [LEO’s FatLip]

This story about Daniel Mongiardo has his campaign in an uproar for some reason. But the campaign has refused to say why or provide additional information. [Page One]

All the more reason Kentucky needs comprehensive tax reform. Maybe some day Governor Beshear will wake up to that reality instead of poo-pooing something so hugely popular with the entire Commonwealth. [H-L]

Flying right now can be kind of a headache and totally confusing. Have you flown lately? What was your experience? [Huffington Post]

Ruh ro: It’s top albums of 2009 time. [Backseat Sandbar]

Just How Frozen Are We This Thursday Morning?

Chris Thieneman should be wary of Kentucky’s campaign finance law if he wants to pass the smell test. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The University of Louisville’s winter commencement ceremony is set for December 17. [Press Release]

Ford is considering Louisville for an investment of $300 to $500 million to assemble advanced batteries and electric/hybrid electric cars if Michigan denies tax credits. [C-J]

Parking wars in Louisville are heating up. When will the reality series come here? [Phillip Bailey]

Listen to the story of Steve Beshear marking the midpoint of his gubernatorial term. [WFPL]

Watch a video of the Charlie Strong press conference. [C-J]

Doug Hawkins’ head is exploding because Jerry got his way with the firemenz. [WFPL]

Mayor McCheese plans to meet with small business owners today at 10:00 A.M. at Metro Hall to discuss job creation ideas. But the press isn’t allowed in until 11:20. Not exactly the openness and transparency required in government. [Press Release]

If Chris Thieneman isn’t trying to gain politically from Wayside-JCTCS, then why is he just cold forwarding emails exchanged with JCTCS officials to a certain member of the media without JCTCS knowledge? [Julie & Ellen]

The 13th installment of mayoral candidate Fairdale Bigfoot has hit the internets. Advice on holiday parties and the end of the world in 2012. [Consuming Louisville]

Guess Kentucky’s Just Stagnant These Days

Special election bloodbath last night. Republicans cleaned up in both the House and Senate races. Steve Beshear might as well pack his bags after last night’s massive losses. [Page One]

Jason Stinson said he wasn’t at fault in Max Gilpin’s death. [Toni Konz]

Charlie Strong will be the University of Louisville’s new coach. [WHAS11]

Osama is gonna ruin the mail! [FatLip]

Here’s Mockingbird Terrace rising above its neighbors. [Broken Sidewalk]

Lexington has a brand new mayoral candidate. The city’s Vice Mayor, Jim Gray, is challenging his corrupt boss for the city’s top job. [Bluegrass Politics]

It’s not so great when hype-mongers work double-time to confuse an issue, is it? That’s exactly what some are doing in trying to pit JCTCS against Wayside. [C-J]

Kentucky’s climate change could bring about poverty or growth. [H-L]

TARC heard citizens on planned service cuts. No one is happy. [Sheldon Shafer]

Everybody is hungry for transportation changes these days. But before there were good roads, mass transit had mass appeal. [More Broken Sidewalk]

Wake Up or River Fields Will Steal Your Stuff

That mean Stephen George at LEO is so mean to poor River Fields! SO! MEAN! Hahahaha. Pee alert, folks. PEE ALERT. It’s gone mainstream. [WHAS11]

Ambassador Matthew Barzun shares his thoughts on eGovernment. [Video]

Karen Sypher was indicted on six counts including retaliating against a victim. [Ruh Ro]

Wayside got its fancy permit yesterday. [WFPL]

Can you believe this mess? Marilyn Parker is bogarting the Rand Paul money bomb idear. She’s begging people on Facebook to take part in the Marilyn Parker Money Bomb on Friday, December 4. I bet she raises literally tens of dollars. John Yarmuth is totally shaking in his boots. [Hilarity]

What? The Airport Board has a new chairman? Long live the airport board scandal! [Business First]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he still answers your questions in a weekly advice column. [Consuming Louisville]

The old D&W Silks building is no more. Check out these demolition photos. [Broken Sidewalk]

Mr. Ivory is just not happy with Jim King and would have his staff write about bowel movements if he thought it’d take King down. It’s almost like this story was written for the purposes of dirty campaigning. Especially since it repeats over and over that incidents were mere allegations and that both parties now dispute them – one saying she embellished things and one saying they never occurred. [Joe Gerth]

Monday Morning of Pig Guts & Helping the Homeless

Can you believe the Courier-Journal allowed Joe Gerth to publish my name? Woah. Thanks for that, Joe. As for Mike Bryant – he’s being totally dishonest when he says he wasn’t trying to hide his identity. He’d changed his domain name registration in an attempt to do just that – and i wrote about it at the time. [Joe Gerth]

Artwork for the 2010 Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks has been unveiled. [WFPL]

Will Wayside get its health permit to continue operating Hotel Homeless? [C-J]

Look, just don’t eat anything from a concession stand unless you’ve consumed enough alcohol to kill any sort of germ you’ll be ingesting. [WHAS11]

The Metro Council is none too happy with Jerry Abramson’s decision to screw them out of a seat on the Ohio River Bridges Project panel. We all know that Mayor McCheese loves the Metro Councilcritters so this must be some sort of oversight. Heh. [C-J]

Is it good news or bad news that Gilles Meloche is a finalist to be an animal services director in Florida? [WAVE3 & FOX41]

Surely somebody wants to develop a chrome-front diner in Louisville. [Broken Sidewalk]

Swift is ignorantly claiming that opposition to its law breaking and purposeful zoning ignorance will kill its jobs. Unfortunately, people like Rep. Joni Jenkins know better but they still plan to speak out in support of Swift – further allowing the company to ignore zoning restrictions, the law and the health of the neighborhood. I know she knows better – I’ve had conversations with her – but she still plans to say what she knows not to be true when she visits the zoning board today. The Swift battle affects more than Butchertown. The problems Swift faces have been brought on not by upset neighborhood types – but by Swift itself. [C-J]

Thank Goodness It’s Finally the Weekend

We’re all gonna die of the 4.5% water rate increase. [C-J]

River Fields just won’t quit. But the federal government isn’t having it. [C-J]

Louisville is so gay and stuff. Shh. Nobody tell Frank Simon. [LEO Weekly]

Fairdale Bigfoot possesses a superior knowledge of films and Facebook. Oh, is that homophobe David Edmonds trying to be his friend? [Consuming Louisville]

On Thursday, November 5, three Louisville businesses failed ABC compliance checks. Wiltshire Pantry on East Market, Whits Liquors on 15th and West Main Liquors on West Main. Come on, Louisville, check those IDs. [Press Release]

Turns out it was EIGHT MILLION GALLONS of poop that flowed into the Ohio. Never forget! [WFPL]

Oh no he/she didn’t! Who shot their wa, err, green laser in the eye of WLKY’s chopper pilot while he was flying around all the pig flu people? [Fat Lip]

Churchill Downs has hired a gambling lobbyist. Former Whitfield staffer. [C-J]

Louisville will get fatter than it already is. Dunkin’ Donuts plans to open 15 new stores in the area. We are all going to die of the fat. [Business First]

Metro Inspections is reviewing Wayside’s use of Hotel Louisville. [WAVE3]