Lunsford Talks About Health Care, Education

Bruce Lunsford talks about health care and education at the Louisville Democracy for America meeting Feb. 7, 2007

“I am the best-equipped among every candidate in this election to deal with providing health care insurance for everybody in the state of Kentucky.”

Thanks to Mike Bailey for providing the video.

“Mess USA” is Perfect Media Storm

For the Miss USA pageant, it’s been a perfect media storm. Nothing the pageant has ever done has generated as much publicity as when Donald Trump granted Kentucky’s own beauty queen a second chance.  The story has gone beyond simply being discussed on the major networks, but to every imaginable outlet that can think up an angle. ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, NPR’s All Things Considered, along with all the entertainment and mainstream media. I even heard Rush Limbaugh mention it. Conner was the topic of a Letterman Top Ten list:

10. “Thought a slutty Miss USA could help make America popular again”

9. “Haven’t been myself since I heard Rumsfeld was retiring”

8. “Cracked under the pressure of having to smile and wave at people for a year”

7. “Russians drugged my sushi”

6. “If a hot babe can’t get drunk, sleep around and make out with her female roommate, the terrorists have won”

5. “I told them my talent was ‘beer pong'”

4. “It’s Isiah Thomas’ fault”

3. “Too drunk to think of a number 3”

2. “Wanted to skip straight to the has-been portion of my career”

1. “Why should Paris Hilton get all the ‘drunken whore’ ink?”

But the funniest is this segment from The Daily Show:

The Daily Show: Naughty Miss USA

What Happened to Kramer?

I posted the video from YouTube here because you have to see it to believe it. It shows how easy it is to ruin a once-promising career.

If Michael Richards was worried about forever being remembered only for his role as Kramer, now he’s changed that for good. As an original fan of “Seinfeld” I’m sorry to see this happen to him — but it does show how close to the surface racism is in our country.

It’s just sad.