Metro Community Services & Revitalization Review

Have you taken a look at the 2012 review of Metro Community Services And Revitalization?

Nah, of course you haven’t. So go here to download the 58MB PDF and do so.


We’d link the report ourselves but someone in Greg Fischer’s office decided it was appropriate to scan the report and turn it into a PDF file. Because this is 1997 and people still do things like that.

It’s another hot mess, courtesy Sadiqa Reynolds.

It promotes her sorority sister, Jean Dunlap, while undermining the apparently talented current director.

And it fails to mention that the first recommendation of firing the now-former assistant director has already taken place.

On Monday, Sadiqa called an all-staff meeting for the department and instead of presenting the review, she tried to give everybody a pep talk.

Possibility City.

Sadly, Those Fairness Endorsements Don’t Matter

Today the Fairness Campaign’s Political Action Committee announced that it has endorsed Denise Harper Angel:

Senator Denise Harper Angel once again earns C-FAIR’s support in the Democratic primary for Kentucky Senate District 35. Senator Harper Angel’s breadth of knowledge and experience with Fairness issues and the Kentucky State Senate confirms she is the most equipped to further Fairness causes.

We’re not suggesting Curt Morrison, her openly gay opponent, should receive the endorsement. And we’re not suggesting that an endorsement from Fairness is worth a cubic centimeter of Greg Fischer’s halitosis. But it’s interesting, isn’t it?

Considering Harper-Angel has a questionable past regarding equality.

And her campaign folks have been working with the guy Fairness actually protested over Facebook commentary that many perceived as racist.

Morrison didn’t receive the endorsement because he’s dared question the organization and has been rightfully critical on several occasions.

We all know you can’t speak up about anything in Louisville unless it’s pre-approved by the establishment – even in the gay community – because maintaining the status quo is too important.

In a perfect world, Morrison wouldn’t receive the endorsement because he has no experience and couldn’t beat a Republican if he faced a legitimate challenger. But that’s not why he was ignored in this case.

See the rest of the Fairness endorsement recipients after the jump…

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Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Thankful for each and every reader, as always. Even the d-bag Democrats who defamed me.

And on that note, it’s time to open up a bit. I just decided to kill an advertising contract (yep, I know I said I’d take money from anybody but I was wrong) for one of the individuals involved in that mess. Why? Because they showed up at a loved one’s funeral in February and a week later were spreading sealed autopsy photos of my loved one in an attempt to cause serious emotional damage (you didn’t see the C-J writing about THAT, now did you?). This individual, a Democratic elected official, will be retiring at the end of their term for obvious reasons. I plan to tell you more about it next year.

So if anyone wants to get in on a sweet 90-day deal, EMAIL ME directly:

Out of spite, I’ll be selling the spot at our 2010 rate just to rub it in their face. Will include both of our Kentucky sites (Page One & The ‘Ville Voice) in the deal, a huge steal, just to make it worse. We’re nearly sold out for ads through 2012 and have a bit of a waiting list. First come, first served on this one, though. (Come on, please come through, folks, so I don’t have to explain to the salesperson why their commission got flushed)

You folks make this all possible and you’ll never understand how thankful I am.

Gobble gobble,


Won’t Bode Well For Fischer Re-Election Attempt

Buried deep in this story about the Louisville Orchestra was this tidbit:

In an effort to bring the parties together, Mayor Greg Fischer met with both parties Friday afternoon, Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter said. “He wanted to hear where things stood, since the Monday deadline was looming,” Poynter said, adding that Fischer encouraged the two sides to keep talking.

That’s right — Greg Fischer has time to meet regarding the orchestra but has no time to fire his drunken Parks director, no time to deal with Metro Animal Services, no time to handle his MIA EMS director. Guess it’s tough taking time out of his day of showing up at various ribbon cuttings so we can appear in the weekly socialite rags.

The man truly is existing solely to give us crap to write about. Wow.

P.S. Really, a salary of $925 per WEEK? That’s more than most Louisvillians make each week. No wonder the local Orchestra is a disaster.

New Study: Kentucky Kids At HIgh Risk Of Hunger

A landmark study, released by Dare to Care Food Bank, reveals there are kids living with or at risk of living with hunger in every county.

The study – Map the Meal Gap: Child Food Insecurity 2011 – shows rates range from 14% in Fayette County to levels higher than 26% in counties like Carroll and Henry.

“These numbers are stunning, but unfortunately, in this time of unprecedented need for food assistance, not entirely surprising,” said Brian Riendeau, Executive Director of Dare to Care. “This study reinforces the depth of the challenge before us as we work to insure all families in our community have access to the food they need to be healthy. Now, more than ever, we need our community to respond and stand with us. Supporters can join us at The Hunger Walk on September 18 and find other ways to help at”


What shocked us? One-third of food-insecure kids are in households that don’t qualify for federal child nutrition programs. Programs like reduced school lunch prices.

Should be enough to make your head spin.

Hey, Greg, Gov. Branstad Wants His Ad Back

Earlier today Greg Fischer launched his latest campaign ad:

What’s interesting about that? Last month, Iowa Governor Branstad ran the same ad:

Who did the Branstad ad? None other than Hal Heiner’s media consultant, Kim Doyle.

Not only is Greg Fischer following Hal Heiner on the policy front? Now he’s doing so on television by literally copying his consultants’ material!


Shannon White’s Economic “Plan” For Louisville

Earlier in the week we told you that Shannon White planned to release an economic “plan” for Louisville.

Well… She did. And here it is in all of its… um…  here it is:

Economic Plan for Louisville

With the latest unemployment numbers at 12% in our city, and the Federal Reserve stating that our regional economy has softened, it’s a crucial time to rebuild and reenergize our local resources.

For the first time in a generation, we have the opportunity to take back Louisville and create a bright future for all of its citizens. Other candidates say they know what it takes to get people back to work, but I am the only one who has worked tirelessly with the unemployed population and understand specifically what it take to get folks working again.

African Americans, young people and the less educated have been hardest hit in this economy, and the longer people are jobless, the harder it becomes to get a job.

Invest in Small and Medium Sized Businesses

As mayor, I would invest in small and medium sized local businesses with forgivable loans, incentives and encouragement. As a small business owner, I understand how proactive investments can grow a business. When companies start here and grow, then they stay and help drive our local economy for generations. It is imperative that we invest in our own resources to boost the local economy. We need to encourage all citizens to buy local first and be proactive with our investments. Small businesses, especially women-owned small businesses, are the catalyst we need to boost the economy.

Read the rest after the jump…

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ALERT! Beyonce Has Left The Building

Ruh ro. Check this from News Blues:

Chase Cain, an aggressive young reporter at Belo’s WHAS-11-ABC in Louisville (Market #49), who arrived from WLEX-18-NBC in Lexington (Market #62) just a year ago, is leaving the station (and Louisville) “in the next few days” to deal with a personal matter.

Guess our previous two stories (here & here) were spot-on.

Maybe he got an acting job using teleprompter and equestrian skills?