ALERT! Courier-Journal Passively Hits Abramson

Woah woah woah. The Courier-Journal editorial board is loosely attacking Jerry Abramson in the trans fats debate!

Check it:

It’s never a good thing when solid public health policy is sidetracked by wobbly-kneed politics.


Mayor Jerry Abramson’s backbone went missing, and he declared publicly that he wouldn’t support a ban.

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Is this a sign that the editorial board is slowly waking up to the fact that 99% of the region stands against it? Or is this posturing just because Abramson is finished politically and on his way out the door?

Either way, we’re all pleased to see it. It’s just too bad the folks at the C-J have waited until it’s too late.

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One Big Fat Step Too Far

I thought we already decided that it was not the city government’s business to police the fat content of the product served at local restaurants.

However, the trans fat ban, authored by Dan Johnson (who would have thought a goofy anti-business ordinance would come from this guy) is going to be a topic of discussion at the Metro Council for the next few months. Dr. Adewale Troutman, director of the public health department, appeared before the Democratic caucus last week.

It’s one thing to start an education campaign to let people know that certain foods can make you fat. Encouraging healthy eating habits is a great way to get people to voluntarily change bad habits.

But it’s a fat step over the line to dictate to local businesses how they make their foods. I remember listening to Council meetings at least a year ago in which reps of local bakeries told the Council how devastating such a ban would be on their business.  Today’s story in the C-J quotes the president of the Kentucky Restaurant Association saying it would drive up prices at a time when businesses are struggling.

So it’s also shaping up as a partisan issue in the Council, and Republicans will likely be united against any legal requirements on businesses. Let’s hope a few Democrats will recognize the shortcomings of Johnson’s ban as well.