How Many More New Taxes Do You Want To Pay?

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration received eight “wide ranging” responses to its request for a vendor interested in wiring homes and businesses with super-fast fiber Internet connections, said Ted Smith, chief of Louisville Metro Economic Growth & Innovation. [WDRB]

How on earth can the paper write zoning stories about Bill Bardenwerper without mentioning his ties to Metro Government and Greg Fischer? [C-J/AKN]

A Louisville man who served time for killing four teens in a 2008 high speed chase involving police is back behind bars. [WHAS11]

First Lady Jane Beshear’s Shop & Share Day raked in more than $839,155 in combined goods and monetary donations for the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association. The highest value ever. [Press Release]

Thousands of people are waking up in the dark after ice, downed trees and downed power lines caused many homes to lose power. [WLKY]

TV’s “Science Guy” Bill Nye says there are infinite discoveries yet to be made about the universe and how we got here. [H-L]

Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart has deferred to a special prosecutor to determine if criminal charges will be issued against Clark County Drug Court Treatment Program personnel who are subjects of an Indiana State Police investigation. [WAVE3]

The Sierra Club is touting new poll results that show a majority of respondents favor more regulations on carbon dioxide pollution from power plants. [WFPL]

It seemed like a joyous occasion for the New Albany City Council and Mayor Jeff Gahan’s administration. [News & Tribune]

Following months of opposition from Pewee Valley residents, AT&T has pulled the plug on its plan to build a cell tower near the city’s historic district. [C-J/AKN]

A Louisville church whose alleged oil-drilling activities were featured on the Discovery Channel is being sued by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. [Business First]

Go dig in to the specifics of Steve Beshear’s new tax plan that definitely will not remain intact if any of it becomes reality. [Page One]

Louisville’s Apparently The Center Of The Universe

HEY! YOU! Don’t forget to nominate someone for yesterday’s Golden Poo Awards category! [Page One]

Yesterday, Governor Steve Beshear and the White House announced that Kentucky was named a finalist for the Race to the Top educational award. Obviously, we will lose again, because why not. [Press Release]

AT&T activated a new 3G cell site in Louisville! Everybody jump up and down in excitement! [Business First]

Interestingly, this GE jet engine has a super Louisville connection. Feel free to play a guessing game. [Wonkette]

I think HullabaLOU was too expensive. But do you? Maybe the high price of entry was to keep the riff-raff out?  [Loueyville]

Independent Councilman Deonte Hollowell will file papers to run for his council seat today at 12:30. [Press Release]

You know, we really do get some awesome comments. Especially about the mayoral race. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Millions and millions of people are being called to testify in the Karen Sypher – Rick Pitino sexytime trial. [WFPL]

How does a heat wave affect your use of public space? You hide inside with the air conditioning and eschew public space. That’s how. [Broken Sidewalk]

In Jackie Green’s latest email blast, he says he’s hosting a party at Molly Malone’s on Baxter Avenue. Tomorrow. 7:00 P.M. What he didn’t indicate was that his campaign paid for the email

Give ‘Em Five!

Last week, the Metro United Way had a big kickoff event for its annual campaign, in which it hopes to match the $28.5 million goal from last year. But MUW is getting more creative, and reaching out for smaller donations (Just Like Politicians!).

Metro United Way funds 160 programs at 90 agencies in 7 counties.

And it’s pretty easy to give five bucks, as you can see. Find out how to text it in here.

Nice Weather, Not Nice News

Enjoy this stretch of good weather, but check with us for all the news.

Everybody Loves Shelly: Not really, but the School Board gave a really positive review of Sheldon Berman’s performance as JCPS superintendant, no doubt impressed by the 35-page self-assessment he provided yesterday. The teachers’ union criticized the glowing evaluation. [Courier]

Bad Guy in Health Insurance Dispute: Consumers will be the big losers in the dispute between Anthem and Norton, which comes to a head when the contract between the two ends tonight. Norton wants too much money, and Anthem isn’t providing good customer service. Patients will have to pay more or switch doctors. [Courier]

No Black Judges: As the NAACP’s Raoul Cunningham writes, there’s something wrong with a community with 20 percent African-American representation and ZERO African-American judges. [Cunningham]

Supremes Reject DVR Case: The Supreme Court is not going to step in and hear a case that would stop the surge of DVR technology. Network execs are worred ‘cuz it allows viewers to skip commercials. [NYTimes]

Running From the Camera: We love a good TV ambush, especially when the targets take off on a sprint away from the camera. Check out Adam Walser trying to track down some company guilty of ripping people off in an oil scam. [WHAS-TV]

Horsey Competition: Lexington residents are painting fiberglass horses to display around town with something they’re calling Horse Mania.  Really, really similar to Gallopalooza. [LexGo]

One More DTV Item and Guns

D-T-V: If you’ve been watching TV news, you probably expected the slew of stories about the 2% of Louisville households not ready for DTV. But WHAS has been having its managers staff a phone line since Friday that won’t stop ringing. Even Mark Pimentel is putting hours in telling people how to set their boxes.

Slots Rally: Big news in Frankfort today is a rally for slots to save the horse, or horsie, as Jake puts it, industry.  We’re no more optimistic that the slots legislation will pass today than we were, uh, ever. [Page One]

UK in Host’s Arena?: Nobody at today’s media tour for news reporters asked Jim Host about UK playing there, but the questions were different in the tour for sports reporters afterward. It would have been more fun with the second group. Of course, Kyle Draper probably didn’t ask about construction accidents, either. Anyway, your local news leads tonight with Arena stories.

Gun Shy: A local church is providing an alternative (is one needed?) to the idea of bringing guns to church. Thomas Jefferson Unitarian is promoting this: “Bring your Peaceful Heart…Leave your Gun at Home” in response to New Bethel’s widely publicized “Open Carry Celebration” (first reported here). [Peter Smith]

Ironic Gun Location: Speaking of guns, the death of a 15-year-old Valley Station boy from a gunshot wound to the face got the attention of the C-J edit board, which found it interesting that the accident took place one mile down the road from New Bethel Church. [Courier]