What ELSE Can Go Wrong In Louisville This Week?

This is the most ridiculous shiz I’ve ever heard. A law firm saying that inbreeding skews data linking mountaintop removal to birth defects. Worse than Bob Farmer. It’s enough to make us hope every mouth-breather in Appalachia succumbs to Darwin’s theory. Jesus. [WFPL]

Yesterday marked the 69th day of Jack Conway’s refusal to deal with the scandal involving his brother and Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned him: “Jack Conway continues to strike out in the judgment department,” said Robertson. “I cannot understand why this man finds it beneath him to admit what he knew, when he knew it and why he failed to publicly report a compromised drug investigation.” [Press Release]

Food deserts? If you build it, they may not come. A shortage of healthy food is not the only problem. [The Economist]

WFPL has yet another new reporter. At least one organization in town isn’t dying from being horrible. [More WFPL]

The University of Louisville is continuing its westward push with a new recreation center. [Broken Sidewalk]

So this happened and it sucked for a lot of people yesterday. Dang. Of all days for that to occur – when it was hotter and stickier than balls. [WHAS11]

Everybody freaked out and 75,000 people were without water. It was crazy. [WAVE3 Here, Here & Here]

Jefferson County Public Schools approved its contract with new Superintendent Donna Hargens. Here’s hoping she’s absolutely nothing like Sheldon Berman, who admitted to being on boards so they could profit off of JCPS. (You never heard the C-J write about that, did you?) [FOX41]

This isn’t exactly what we think of when it comes to East Market Street but it’s still an interesting place. [Consuming Louisville]

Discount tickets to the Kentucky State Fair are apparently no on sale. [84WHAS]

We’re all loosely shocked at the epically bad decisions Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture Jamie Comer has made over the past week. To think he was the darling of everybody – including the Democrats – just a week ago. [Page One]

Which Is Worse? Sypher Scandal Or Poison Water?

Chromium in Louisville’s drinking water exceeds safe limits. Yeah, perfect water, all right. I’ll still drink the shiz out of it, so, take this complaint with a grain of salt. [FatLip]

Or maybe not. Cause this chromium mess is jacked up. Look where Louisville falls on the charts. [Environmental Working Group]

Have you read this story about spine surgeons reaping royalties at Norton? [WSJ]

The deadline to switch political parties to vote in the May primary is fast approaching: December 31, 2010. [BOE]

On January 7, U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun will discuss diplomacy in the 21st century at the World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana. Well worth the $20 ticket price. [Click Here]

Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson was honored for making Louisville healthier. [WAVE3]

Louisville isn’t in the top 25 best shopping cities in the U.S. No one is shocked. [HuffPo]

Check this Connie Marshall gem out, from her website: “I woke up one morning to a man stating, “They wanted to see some beaver,” in my bedroom however at that time, I was living alone.” [OH HOLY WOW]

Here’s Greg Fischer ringing the Salvation Army bell at Gay Kroger yesterday. No word on whether or not he was personable or spoke with people he didn’t know. [FOX 41]

The Herald-Leader editorial board is right. Jack Conway’s investigation of some for-profit colleges (not all, it should be noted, as some are solid) is a good thing. [H-L]

Wait for it – Darlene Price has joined Karen Sypher’s defense team. Bite your tongue, people. Bite your tongue. [WHAS11]

Nuts n Stuff Celebrates 25 Wonderful Years

Nuts N Stuff, my absolute favorite place, is celebrating 25 years in Louisville. 25 years! That is major. 25 years of serving Louisville’s cooks and foodies.

On Saturday, August 7, the store will have a celebration from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. They’ll offer samples and tastings in honor of keeping Louisville weird.

Stop by! Help them stick around another 25 years.

East Market Street Is Still Exploding, We’re Giddy

What’s with Rand Paul and David Adams flip-flopping 24/7? What happened to the debate anywhere, any time mantra? Hypocrisy, thy name is Ro… Rand. Ignoring the women of Louisville won’t get you anywhere as a U.S. Senate candidate. [Page One]

Here’s mayoral candidate Tyler Allen on TARC’s first public meeting. [Tyler for Mayor]

Tuesday Sunday night at 9:00 P.M., Churchill Downs’ Chief Operating Officer Bill Carstanjen will be on CBS’ Undercover Boss. Tune in. [Press Release]

Will the Metro Council oppose an LG&E rate hike? If the councilcritters know what’s good for them come election time they certainly will. [C-J]

Humana loved this old man so much it wouldn’t let him cancel his Medicare Advantage plan. It’s a little silly for any customer to let something like this drag on for more than a couple days, but it’s equally silly for a company to go so far out of its way to maintain a few extra bucks a month. [Consumerist]

Creation Gardens (by I-65) was purchased by the state Transportation Cabinet for $3.6 million. All in preparation for the Ohio River Bridges Project. [Sheldon Shafer]

But wait – check out these renderings of the proposed new development Creation Gardens has up its sleeve for East Market. Excitement? Yes? For people like us who spend $100/week on produce? It’s a life-changing moment, possibly. [Broken Sidewalk]

You going to see As Bees In Honey Drown this week? It’s Pandora’s last show of the season. And it’s worth the $15. [Consuming Louisville & Pandora]

Mayoral Candidates On Local Food Economy

Greg Fischer and Tyler Allen spoke about the importance of the local food economy:

Really? Making Louisville the national leader in local food economies? I love ambition, but… have you ever tried to buy produce in the West End? It’s nigh impossible.

And I’m not even sure what Allen said, aside from “providing incentives.” (In fairness, having had personal conversations with Tyler Allen, I know he and Lisa Moxley are the only two candidates who really “get” the severity of Louisville’s food deserts. I just wish he’d shared that knowledge with the crowd.)


Monday Morning of Ignoring Our Crime Problem

Louisville business owners say they want a strong, risk-taking mayor. And I especially love that Jonathan Blue took a swipe at Mayor McCheese. Guess it’s time to send him a thank-you gift for making the local business rag fun for a day. [Business First]

Don’t you love that Insight is going to charge you $3 more for service that only works 50% of the time? I think the increase is to pay for the 8,000 ‘Insight Phone’ mailers they send to every customer each year. [WHAS11]

Crime? Yeah? Still not a problem in Louisville, apparently, despite all the murders. [C-J]

The arena flood wall has been installed. Check it out. [Broken Sidewalk]

What do you love about Louisville? Find out what everybody else loves starting today. [Consuming Louisville]

The teabagger’s shopping blacklist is a great opportunity to figure out where you SHOULD be shopping – everywhere the teabaggers try to avoid. [FatLip]

Do you stand against unsustainable mountaintop removal practices? Then you should protest the practice so you can then be arrested at home much later. [Page One]

We’ve all got that 1937 feeling. [NY Times]

Probably because the aughts sucked hard. Lost decade much? [WaPo]

Don’t worry, though, because nothing will improve any time soon. [Reuters]