People Are Freaking Out Over Sex In A Book

Kentucky should expect more from Frankfort. Obviously. But the editorial board can’t act like it doesn’t carry some of the blame because it’s partially responsible for those folks getting elected. [C-J/AKN]

Frankfort has turned into a literal cesspool. Now everyone is peeing all over everybody else when it comes to Congressional redistricting. [H-L]

Steve Beshear was apparently one of the worst persons in the world on Friday. Not for bungling gambling for four years straight but for the Ark Park. [Page One]

Black and Latino students are performing at levels of 30 years ago. Is anyone paying attention to this? [HuffPo]

Is MSD really making big changes after that scathing state audit from Crit Luallen? [FOX41]

Work on the Sherman Minton is expected to be completed before the March 2 deadline. [Business First]

Jefferson County Public Schools needs consistent curriculum policies and the audit identified several areas for improvement. [WAVE3]

Work on a pedestrian bridge connecting elevated plazas downtown is moving forward. [Broken Sidewalk]

Okay, let’s get serious: There’s an accident involving a JCPS bus nearly every day, right? Come on, people, stop hitting school buses! [WHAS11]

Here’s more on those ten recommendations put forth by the Jefferson County Public Schools curriculum audit. [WFPL]

You’ll roll your eyes really hard at this story. Anyone who believes their 14-year-old hasn’t heard of blowjobs? Uh, yeah, maybe they have bigger problems than a piece of literature to worry about. [WLKY]

People are still freaking out about Rand Paul’s Nashville airport incident yesterday. [84WHAS]

That MSD Story Rattled Some Big Nerves Yesterday

Instead of contributing financially to an arts organization that already has millions of dollars this holiday season, please consider supporting Dare to Care so thousands of hungry youth and elderly can receive the nourishment they need. [Click Here]

Kentucky State Parks offer tons of New Year’s Eve fun and you should make note of what’s available in your own back yard. [Page One]

Congressman John Yarmuth’s press secretary, Trey Pollard, is leaving the job on Thursday to become the deputy press secretary for the Sierra Club. Stephen George becomes the new spokesperson. [Press Releases]

Ishmon Burks was named interim chief of police yesterday. [Press Release]

The editorial board wants you to call 311 if you know anything about the missing scales of justice. We want you to call 311 if you find Greg Fischer’s balls. [C-J/AKN]

Sexytime Herman Cain’s sexytime lady is sharing creepy new details about their creepy sexytimes. To think this all started in Louisville. [HuffPo]

Really? A rally is being held for Stephen Daeschner in Southern Indiana? What kind of jacked up are people in Indiana to believe the man is worth the mountain of cash they’re paying him? Wow. [FOX41]

Seriously – this is the equivalent of Sheldon Berman conning people into rallying for him. It’s the funniest thing we’ve seen in weeks. [WLKY]

Greater Louisville Inc.’s president and CEO, Joe Reagan, is a finalist for a similar job in St. Louis. Will GLI change and actually serve small business? Don’t hold your breath. [Business First]

Do you feel safe with MSD protecting you from the raging floods? [WAVE3]

Just a reminder that five pedestrians and cyclists were killed and one badly injured on Louisville streets in just ten days. [Broken Sidewalk]

Something tells us it’s not a happy week at Masterson’s now that 60 people who ate their food got violently ill. [WHAS11]

Could MSD corruption bankrupt Louisville? Probably not likely but you should definitely see what we’ve uncovered. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Everybody Forgot About Promised Transparency

Greg Fischer campaigned on transparency and has spent the past year claiming to be the most transparent mayor in the country. Reality? He and his staff are working like mad to hide public documents, to obfuscate, to play pat-a-cake and be all-around difficult butt cramps when it comes to releasing information about their level of mismanagement at certain agencies. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Ruh ro! Looks like the copy editors at A Kentucky Newspaper screwed up the Greenville paper by including the word “fuck” – which is awesome. Looks like they’re as adept at screwing up other papers as they are the AKN. [Jim Romenesko]

Some hoodlum has stolen the Scales of Justice from Metro Gubmint! [Click the Clicky]

Oh, get a grip, people. Maker’s Mark IS cheap. That’s a good terrific thing. Maybe the best you can buy for the money. $25 is cheap for magical bourbon like that. Don’t play. And Maker’s 46 is worth every penny of it’s $40-ish price tag. [H-L]

That fireworks ban was so stupid that Metro Council is going to consider lifting it. After it only passed, what, two weeks ago? [WFPL]

Oh, look, here’s a six-page glowing review of Robert White from the paper. Never could have expected that. You’d think an actual news outlet get a few interviews with some officers who actually work in the community to find out what the deal really is with LMPD. They’re glad the man is leaving. [C-J/AKN]

Heard of this RAMP thing? Rockin’ Appalachian Mom Project? There’s a benefit being held on December 10 at The Green Building and Claudia Coffey is involved. It’s a good thing! [CLICK HERE]

It’s so foreign to see actual progress in a Kentucky city. Nope, it’s not Louisville. It’s happening in Lexington and nobody is being corrupt and nasty about it, either. [H-L & More H-L]

Louisvillians are discussing what they want in a new chief for the Louisville Metro Police Department. [FOX41]

Metro United Way has raised $24.5 million for its annual fundraising campaign. [Business First]

The sister of Sexytime Herman Cain’s alleged mistress is talking to Louisville teevee stations. This is definitely worthy of a pee alert. [WAVE3]

We’re trying really hard not to laugh about the lady who drove her car into Longhorn Steakhouse in J-town. Yes, we realize it could have been much worse. [WHAS11]

More On Sexytime Herman Cain Ruining Everything

Really, how can you read this and not gag a little?

In her interview, Ms. White told Fox 5 News that Mr. Cain had showered her with gifts and flown her around the country to meet him at various engagements after they met in the late 1990s in Louisville, Ky., when Mr. Cain was president of the National Restaurant Association.

After that first meeting, Ms. White said, she and Mr. Cain had drinks, and he invited her back to his hotel room, where they planned their next meeting. It went on like this for years, she said, until Mr. Cain began to seriously consider the presidency. She said their sexual relationship ended about eight months ago.

Gonna need to take Lysol with you where ever you go just to be on the safe side.

Sexytime Herman Cain Has Tainted Our Great City

Greg Fischer is going to protect you from scary fireworks. Because there are clearly no other issues facing Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Will Greg Fischer’s second “virtual town hall” on the Twitter and Fakebook be as much of a failure as his first? How quickly people forget. [WFPL]

Lexington is unhappy, to say the least, about a potential move of mail processing to Louisville. [H-L]

Yes, that’s right, Sexytime Herman Cain’s latest alleged shenanigans started in Louisville. A little too close to home for the crazy, folks. [Faux News]

Lots of misinformation is being spread about a proposed meth registry and Brent Yonts is making sure you don’t get snowed. [Page One]

Louisville: When are we going to get our shiz together and stop allowing young people to kill each other? [FOX41]

The only Queenie’s we know is the former Queenie’s Pizza on South Fourth Street. Which is now Windy City? Queenie’s was way more gay, for obvious reasons. [Consuming Louisville]

Kerry Johnson finally got indicted for stealing $100,000+ from the University of Louisville. This is, what, the millionth time this has happened at UofL and Jim Ramsey still hasn’t been held responsible? [WAVE3]

John Veitch finally got canned for failing to handle the Life at Ten situation better. Funny how that works. No one would have cared if animal advocates hadn’t raised concern. [Business First]

Will this finally be the end of busing? Teddy Gordon filed a motion with the Kentucky Supreme Court not to hear Jefferson County Public Schools’ objection to a recent appeal. [WHAS11]

John Schnatter is apparently now a “Hometown Hero” and his face will be gigantic and plastered on the side of a building downtown. [WLKY & Louisville Heroes]

Greg Fischer’s Metro Animal Services is a literal disaster. BOTH Gilles Meloch and Wayne Zelinsky were more open than these folks. Even the crazy dog show people will back me up on that front. But you’ll never get that sense from the mainstream that LMAS is a big deal and the issues will be completely ignored when the time for re-election nears. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Don’t Let MAS & Greg Fischer Shirk Responsibility

A Jefferson County deputy sheriff tainted the jury pool, delaying all kinds of criminal trials. [C-J/AKN]


Yesterday was Day 8 of the Third Annual Golden Poo Awards nomination process and you need to get on that gravy train. [Page One]

Yesterday marked the 120th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway: “If Jack Conway really thinks he can make it through Election Day without answering these questions, he’s got another thing coming,” said Robertson. “If he wanted to make this thing go away, all he would have to do is thoroughly answer the five simple questions I have been posing for 120 days now.” [Press Release]

Lexington’s Urban County Government is making contingency plans for budget cuts. If Louisville did the same, Greg Fischer wouldn’t be disconnected enough to beg Metro Councilcritters for their slush fund dollars for his waterfront party. [H-L]

Judy Green has been given until Tuesday to produce those documents she doesn’t want to produce. Why these people continue giving her break after break is beyond us. [C-J/AKN]

The woman just won’t quit! She continues to attack her colleagues left and right. [FOX41]

Wait, there’s yet another place in Louisville to get cupcakes? We thought that fad was over. [Consuming Louisville]

Not many people are happy with having to pay $50 just for the chance to try to buy tickets to the Oaks and Derby. [WAVE3]

Tennessee moonshine products are now on sale in Kentucky. It’s only a matter of time before Kentucky moonshine is legal. [Business First]

Arrests are being made in animal cruelty cases. Greg Fischer and Metro Council are still sitting on their hands over animal cruelty taking place at Metro Animal Services. [WHAS11]

Sypher Sexytime Nightmare Now Involves Terra-ists

Sexytime Karen Sypher’s attorney is representing one of the Bowling Green terrorists!

From the Wall Street Journal:

The men made an initial appearance before a judge Tuesday in Bowling Green. James Earhart, an attorney representing Mr. Hammadi, said he would formulate a defense after reviewing the government’s case. Mr. Alwan’s public defender didn’t respond to a request for comment. The defendants remain in custody.

WOW. Head spinning.

Just when you thought it was safe to start forgetting about the Sypher grossness…