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Hilarious/Terrifying Tip We Received…

Remember Donald Robinson?

One of the architects of the Sadie scandal at Metro Animal Services? The guy who ultimately got a promotion to work for Develop Louisville?

A tipster tells us he’s received ANOTHER PROMOTION!

He’ll allegedly be serving as an Assistant Director in Codes & Regulations.

What’s next? Giving Margaret Brosko the job Sadiqa Reynolds is leaving behind?

Possumbilly City.

Heard It Through The Dry, Boring, Monotone Greg Fischer Grapevine…

We hear through the grapevine that Metro Government maybe doesn’t archive email until a fixed time each day — like, say, 6:30 P.M. Meaning that email deleted prior to the set backup time wouldn’t get swept up into the archive.

Greg Fischer’s office wouldn’t provide an answer, which is unsurprising, so we went directly to employees who work in IT for Metro. They say it wouldn’t surprise them in the least. Others in the department clammed up when asked directly if that was occurring, giving people like Sadiqa Reynolds and Margaret Brosko the opportunity to cover their tracks.

We also hear Fischer has been withholding funding to develop a better records management system. Which should surprise absolutely no one.

Maybe The Least Transparent Administration Ever

You know that fun Real Time Crime Center?

All you enterprising journos out there should file a bunch of ORRs.

Try getting footage older than 48 hours. Maybe something from last month.

See what happens.

Bonus: We hear the Office of Performance Improvement has been trying to move all kinds of data to the open gubmint website.

But guess what?

Most of the metrics they track are collected and entered manually. Meaning there’s no source to cite for data used, no way to verify, no way to review data sets used.

When Metro staffers begged for a system to track data, they were chastised for the way they asked for it and the language used. Apparently, Fischer’s administration was upset with them mentioning that they weren’t in compliance with state and federal law. Whoopsiedaisy?

Transparency, much like compassion, is not a tenet of the Fischer world.

If it were? And if data were truly open? This would be Accountability City instead of Pedestrian Death City.

Layoffs Coming At The Local Sportsiversity?

We hear through the University of Louisville rumor mill that Dr. Kimberly Kempf-Leonard, the new UofL Arts & Sciences dean, has been speaking cryptically about laying people off come January. Allegedly saying things about her knowing who she’ll be able to let go by January.

There’s recently been a reorganization of business unit managers for all of the departments (Chemistry, English, et al) and we hear they’re the likely target. She’s called a meeting of all assistant/associate deans who work under her for early in the month. If they’re the target, it would appear she can’t fire them because of tenure.

But she can cut their dean positions they hold and pull a bunch of their cash.

Will it happen? Let’s see what goes down in a couple weeks.

Is That The Sound Of…

Greg Fischer soliciting bids from businesses to run Louisville Metro EMS?

Because we hear entities like Baptist Health have expressed interest.

Sure, just about any business could do a better job than the previous guy running LMEMS. But remember who is in charge: Greg Fischer. He’s the man who allowed Richmond several months to find a new job before “resigning” him, the guy who promoted Margaret Brosko, the guy who promoted Donald Robinson, the guy who continues to cheer on Sadiqa Reynolds, the guy who turned a blind eye when the director of Parks repeatedly drove drunk in city-owned vehicles, the guy who has regularly gone after whistleblowers (like here & here), the man who wanted you to pay more sales taxes so he could give more money to his friends, the guy who got his son off a drug/DUI charge with a citation.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Will The Zoo Hold Secret Interviews Again?

You bet your ass it will. And probably at Debbie King’s office — just like last time.

The Zoo is yet again looking for a Development Director.

Since it’s allegedly about half way to its $10 million project goal, all the low-hanging fruit has been picked. Which means it’ll take someone with serious skill and likely a family background (you know that’s how it works in Louisville) in money to finish.

We hear Walczak has already set his sights on an insider — the current coordinator already making bank and isn’t liked too well by the board.

And a certain Frazier is in the running?

So you know what that means. Fun, secret meetings.

We’ll get calls asking us to keep things hush-hush in 3, 2…

Oh, The Fun JCPS Gossip That Gets Around

The hullaballoo rolling around Jefferson County Public Schools this week is all about Donna Hargens’ latest hire.

Yep, on the heels of a nasty audit, she’s adding to her executive staff.

Remember the lengthy search Hargens went on to hunt for a Director of Strategy? It was a national effort that no doubt cost tens of thousands of dollars and lasting several months. (We’re sure all those personality reports produced by the Oliver Group at JCPS expense weren’t cheap)

And she hired an insider — Jonathan Lowe. Lowe previously served in Student Assignment and led the District of Innovation effort for JCPS.

You can expect his salary to definitely be north of $70,000.

We’ve interviewed some of the candidates who were considered for the position and one thing is clear: it’s an unnecessary position. It should already be part of Hargens’ daily job function.

Wondering why JCPS can’t have nice things?

Metro Animal Services To Get A New Bosslady?

We hear that Greg Fischer has decided to hire a new director for Metro Animal Services.

The individual, rumored to be Beth Vesco-Mock, is currently director of a shelter in New Mexico. In 2011, a vet tech at her shelter killed a dog on television to send the message that intake at the shelter was too high. During that interview, she said that the shelter’s kill rate was 42.6%.

The kill rate at LMAS? Despite the bullshit 92% “save rate” — which is not a real thing? It was 29% in 2013.

Why on earth would Greg Fischer want to hire a director from a shelter with a kill rate higher than the current one? Is this what he’s resorted to now that the LMAS-KHS merger is kind of on the back burner, thanks to our exposure?

And don’t these appointments need to flow through Metro Council? For the integrity and importance of the position? It’s not like Fischer has any sort of solid track record on that front.

It’s a shame no one really has the guts on Metro Council to take Metro Animal Services seriously.

  • Jim King certainly doesn’t.
  • David Yates is an absolute hypocrite when it comes to LMAS. Remember when Marty Meyer lied to us about doing something?
  • David James is too busy trying not to lose half his income, thanks to his fellow Democrats attempting to throw him under the bus.
  • Attica Scott doesn’t even know LMAS exists.
  • David Tandy wets himself at the idea of doing anything worthwhile.
  • Tom Owen doesn’t touch that sort of thing.
  • Tina Ward-Pugh, while solid on the economic front, is an abysmal failure when it comes to challenging power like this.
  • Mary Woolridge doesn’t know what planet she’s on.
  • Ken Fleming? Ha.
  • Cheri Bryant Hamilton has no interest.
  • Kevin Kramer, Rick Blackwell, Cindi Fowler, Marianne Butler and Vicki Aubrey Welch would have heart attacks if they had to really put in the effort on the LMAS front.
  • Kelly Downard? He already takes it seriously but hits a brick wall every time he attempts to drive change.
  • Brent Ackerson and Dan Johnson are about as useless as Jerry Abramson.
  • The rest? We won’t even bother.

We’ve been covering this issue and getting horrible people fired for nearly a decade now and nothing has changed. It’s only gotten worse. If any of these people were worth their weight, they’d finally stand up and reform LMAS.

Just don’t hold your breath.

We also hear Margaret Brosko will be heading to work in communications for Fischer’s office. Which… that won’t last long. You’ll love the stories about her to come in a few weeks. Get the popcorn ready.