Page One & The ‘Ville Voice On TeeVee

God Jesus we move our head and eyes around way too much on the teevee. Plus it’s way worse when we’re super-sleepy. You likey?

Like how I over-dressed?

Stephen crosses his legs just like me. Because he is as skinny as me– dangerous for him, because I’m likely to maul anyone who tries to outdo me on the fat-free front.

And Rick got a haircut!

Stephen did a good job being a dirty librul, Rick offered some fancy insights and I said positive things about Mitch McConnell… and shared the truth about Katie King and what a cluster-eff THAT mess is.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice On TeeVee

It’s our fancy election day edition of being on the teevee! Check it.

Lots of discussion about Katie King pulling something off, Jennifer Moore screwing up, alcohol, being important.

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Big Announcement: Commitment 2008 Coverage

On Election Night, your favorite bloggers will be all over the TV.

That’s right, Jake and Rick will be providing political expertise and analysis on Louisville’s WLKY-TV– both on television and on the web. It all starts at 7:00 P.M. Eastern and will last all night.

We’ll be blogging live, of course, so you can set up your laptop to follow our analysis while watching us on the station’s coverage on Tuesday night.

Jake will reporting live on camera from the big political parties, while Rick will be in the WLKY studios Tuesday night explaining what’s happening in local races.

So if you want the real low-down? The inside look at what’s happening on election night? Stick with us here at Page One, The ‘Ville Voice and WLKY.

And if you see Jake out and about? Stop by to say hello! He may even interview you for some internets special features.

Jefferson County GOP Launches New Website

Brad Cummings, the newly elected Chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party, announced the re-launch of his party’s website. Click here to take a peek.

From Brad: “We are blessed to have a dynamic blend of youth and experience, breathing new life into our organization. “This is a strong first step in proving to party faithful that the future is now in the Jefferson County Republican Party.”

The new site has a frequently updated news feed, blog (they must be turning into fancy elitists!) and an events calendar. Visitors to the site can sign up for email updates, learn about volunteering and help the Party and Republican candidates by making financial contributions.

Jefferson County GOP Cat Fight Brewing

The abrupt withdrawal of Chris Thieneman (you remember him– he’s the guy McConnell and Northup allegedly forced out of the race) from Kentucky’s 3rd District Republican congressional primary sent shockwaves through Jefferson County’s GOP and across the Republican Party of Kentucky. Unfortunately for the powers that be, the uproar is far from over.

See the Kentucky Pachyderm 2 for their rant against GOP Chairman Jack Richardson IV:

Hmmm. Seems Richardson can’t even follow his own rules. We remember that for the last two years, Richardson basically took former Democrat Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s side against Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher. Richardson showed his own party’s governor no love nor support, opting instead to bash Fletcher at every opportunity given him when a Courier-Journal reporter called Richardson for comment.

This just serves as another reminder as to why Richardson is not good for the Republican Party. Not in his home county and not in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He needs to be replaced as chair of the party in the state’s most-populous county and Louisville Republicans will have that option this spring. We hope they’ll avail themselves of the opportunity and choose a real, loyal Republican to lead them.

Ruh ro. Drama in Republicanland. I mean, we can’t always rail against Steve Beshear.