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The principal of Moore Traditional School will not be able to lead the school after a state diagnostic review has determined she does not have the capacity to oversee the school’s turnaround efforts. [WDRB]

If the Metropolitan Sewer District won’t hide its planned 17-million gallon sewage storage basin underground, Smoketown residents are promising a political fight through “direct action” and litigation. [C-J/AKN]

The Louisville Free Public Library will receive a $10,000 grant after winning first place in a national competition. [WHAS11]

The House-Senate negotiations to craft a two-year, $21 billion state budget lasted more than three hours Friday without any resolutions while concerns about funding for Kentucky’s courts intensified. [H-L]

Another day, another shooting, you know how this plays out. [WLKY]

These are the kind of extremists who support Donald Trump. [HuffPo]

Some concrete animal statues were moved from a long-closed restaurant and local media outlets treated it as a top story yesterday. [WAVE3]

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said he believes the state can lead the way in research on the effectiveness of a new drug treatment program centered on Vivitrol. [Ashland Independent]

Researchers Kyle Barnett and Christine Ehrick are saving Kentucky sound. Not saving as in redeeming, of course. They’re preserving the audio that is unique to the state’s character. [WFPL]

Rock climbers hope a new study of their economic impact in the Red River Gorge will help make the case for opening more public land in the area for climbing. [WKYT]

Real estate developer America Place LLC could break ground on its next project at the 6,000-acre River Ridge Commerce Center in Jeffersonville as early as next month. [Business First]

Clark County residents have the chance to learn the ins and outs of their sheriff’s office at a Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academy this spring. [News & Tribune]

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Out Of The Mouth Of An Idiot Came Nonsense…

Sure, Michael Macfarlane is going to lose to John Yarmuth harder than anyone before him.

But let’s take a look at some of the crazy crap he had to say Monday night on KET.

Let’s ignore all the unspecific nonsense he rattled off about health care that wasn’t based in reality and focus on his… well… just watch this excerpt:

Mmm hmm. Those people. They. Them. Breeding.

That’s the ticket, GOP. Keep it up.

If you have the stomach for it, go watch the entire hour-long program.

In related news, this is how Macfarlane is trying to spin things:


Blaming the dying newspaper for his unfortunate racist language.

WAVE’s Eric Flack Continues JCPS Nonsense

The last time we ripped apart one of Eric Flack’s (WAVE3) stories, we stopped short of calling his work absolutely terrible. Yes, good reporters can do terrible work.

So let’s do that now: Eric Flack is doing terrible work and ought to be replaced when his contract is up. Because he’s doing terrible work and edges on being a generally awful, unethical reporter. Goodness knows WAVE has replaced better reporters for lesser reasons on countless occasions.

From filing open records requests on family members (that’s why we redacted the person’s name – it was a relative!) under the guise of researching Jefferson County Public Schools to pulling things out of his rear end? Well, it’s time to completely write the dude off as serious.

He’s trying to play the role of JCPS expert while having no business covering the school system. He’s trying to discuss an audit (along with re-hyping the bogus story we hit him on the last time) from Adam Edelen that hasn’t even begun to be wrapped up. He’s going out of his way on social media to create hype where there is none. To Edelen’s credit, he’s tried to calm him down.

But the latest move by Flack to appear on 84WHAS to trash talk is ridiculous. Flack appeared on-air with Mandy Connell’s replacement, Leland Conway – someone who has been pretty loud in the state about trashing public education. More to the point: he’s one of those religious charter tea school folks. Flack provided his opinion on several issues and went so far as to make claims about the Jefferson County Teachers Association meddling in snow days. Claims so absurd that JCTA called in to the show to correct him.

We’ll overlook the nonsensical rant Flack went on about families losing money because they have to reschedule vacations due to snow. Let’s focus on a bit of what he said about JCPS and JCTA:


Conway: There’s not even a willingness to look at trying to be flexible for the sake of appearances.

Flack: There are union issues here at work. I don’t know the ins and outs of em and I don’t … we have a very, very strong teachers’ union here … that doesn’t just necessarily agree to everything that the school district wants to do. Just because it might be in the best interest of scheduling.

Teachers work a long time and they’re not necessarily open to being kept longer just because that exactly what would be best for the schedule.

Conway: That’s interesting because in yours and my world, if you get called in to do storm coverage, LAUGHTER, we gotta show up. MORE LAUGHTER

Flack: That’s true, that’s true. But, the, the, the union, the teachers’ union world is a little bit different. And they, they have a strong negotiating power and they have a big say when it comes to work.

Conway: Which I think is at the expense of the parents. Listen, I found the story interesting and that’s why I called you. Because I just thought, you know, there’s a lot of, it sounds, on the surface you go, “Aw, wah wah, somebody’s vacation.” But when you think about it, when you start talking about booking to Florida or some families might book a cruise or some families might want to go somewhere, you’ve gotta do that way out in advance, especially in today’s economy to save a few bucks here and there.

It actually is a pretty big deal and if these families are getting hit with 5, 600 bucks they weren’t expecting because, you know, we’re inflexible and uncreative, I find a problem with that on behalf of the taxpayers.

Flack: Absolutely and, you know, it’s, it’s unfortunate, it’s putting a real wrench into peoples’, uh, plans. And, you know, travel insurance won’t even, basic travel insurance doesn’t even help in situations like this because it’s basically not covered.


The call ended and Conway went on a rant:


Conway: If you’ve got a union that’s standing in the way of common sense solutions, is it pretty hard for you to wrap your head around the fact that in some cases they’re not really keeping you, the taxpayer, the funder of their salaries, the, the, the customer on the customer end, they’re not keeping you in mind? Because they don’t want to work a little later?

Because, like I said, in Raleigh, North Carolina, … they’re doing school on Saturdays. That, that, that is, in, in, the thing about that is, is that that displaces parents and teachers. It’s kind of a hey, we’re a community, come together, we didn’t expect this this winter, so let’s figure it out. Everybody’s got skin in the game. Parents don’t necessarily want to give up their Saturdays to take Little Johnny to school and neither do the kids. But you gotta do it or else everybody gets inconvenienced at the end of the year.

Bottom line is: The reason why they cancel school at the drop of the hat – there’s some safety concerns included but they’re gonna tell you it’s all safety – it’s not all safety. If 90% of the roads are clear but 10% are not, they don’t get the funding for the 10% of kid they don’t pick up in the bus. That’s part of what goes into the snow days decision. They’re not gonna like me saying that but it’s the truth.


The show went on break and when it returned, Conway made the typical global warming-denying teabagger commentary and promptly got back on the anti-union wagon.

He also took a few calls. One of them was from DeeAnn Flaherty, Executive Director of JCTA:


Conway: Thanks for callin in, whattya got?

Flaherty: I’d actually heard that Eric Flack had basically kinda laid the blame at our feet in terms of saying that we were inflexible, um, and, that’s really not the truth.

In, In terms of the calendar, the school board controls the calendar. They determine makeup days and they determine, um, if you realize a couple weeks ago, they voted in, in, to take the days in February and things like that. Um, we have never been approached officially about going longer hours. We were approached um, what I would say, “Well, hey, you know, what about something like this?” And we said, well, you know, we might be able to make something like that work. Like that other teacher said.

We have a lot of teachers that might prefer to go longer in the day than to go longer into the summer. Because it’s not just the parents that you’re talking about with vacation plans. We have teachers with vacation plans.

Conway: So you guys are more flexible than maybe the, uh, the, the school board is making it seem.

Flaherty: I don’t even know if it’s really the school board that’s making it out that we’re unflexible (sic). Um, you know, I apologize, I was actually phoned and told that this conversation was happening and that we were being, uh, called out as being, um, uh, unflexible(sic). And so, um, all I heard was that, uh, that the school board had said that, you know, that the law doesn’t allow it.

I can’t speak to that, I’m, I’m driving in my vehicle right now so I couldn’t really look up the law for you. But, if it’s a possibility, we don’t, we don’t ever turn our noses to anything to try to make things easier.

Conway: What do you think of the way, like, and I gave the example of I’ve got family in Raleigh, North Carolina and they had obviously less snow days than us but the most, they had like a record number of snow days – seven – which is like, we’d be like, oh, that’s fine. … It’s a really big deal for them and so what they did is they’re going to Saturday school, um, for like the next seven weeks to try to make it up.

Is that something you guys would consider either, you know, as an either or partly we’ll do an extra hour a day or we’ll do an extra day a week or whatever. Is that something you guys would be willing to have laid on the table to avoid screwing up everybody’s vacation?

Flaherty: You know, something like that, that’s a big deal. It would be something that, and I know it’s, it’s a lot of people think that we operate in a void and that we don’t actually check with our members on issues, that would be something that we would, we would take to our membership and say, “Hey, what do you all think about this?” So, I mean, again, we’re not shutting the door to anything.

Conway: Let me ask you a question because I remember a couple weeks ago – we’re talking to DeeAnn, she is, uh, the executive director of the teachers association – it, something perked my interest a couple weeks ago, there was a news story floatin around about how the JCPS board had met and they were havin to decide, um, you know, what to do about snow days and all that kinda stuff. And I thought, it’s kind of interesting, it fascinated me that we had this big meeting to make a decision about whether or not we were gonna use snow days that were already available to us.

Is, are you guys a part of that process or did they just —

Flaherty: No.

Conway: Okay, that seems odd. That seems like you ought to be a part, the teachers ought to be a part of it and then we would be able to work these things out. Everybody would be in the same room together.

Flaherty: … Let me clarify that. In terms of, obviously, we don’t have a vote at the table. Um, we, uh, they do, they will ask our opinion, “what do you think about this?” and what we try to do is, we try to give them the good, the bad and the ugly. But ultimately, in terms of the final decisions that are made, the calendar belongs to the school board.

Conway: Yeah, that’s interesting.


Uh, you know, just basic reporting that Flack could have and should have done before getting on the radio to run his mouth with Mandy Connell Junior. Which is exactly what he did in an attempt to show some sort of bizarre prowess.

Snark and innuendo is fine when you’re communicating as a columnist. But Flack appeared on the radio under the guise of journalism and WAVE3 News. If this were Toni Konz of the Courier-Journal editorializing and making inaccurate claims? Gannett would have fired her a couple days ago.

No wonder we hear through the grapevine that JCTA (an organization we love to hate here, mostly because of Brent McKim) was considering a lawsuit on behalf of one of its teachers for the way Flack treated them during his ridiculous travel story.

The bad reporting just won’t quit.

P.S. For those unfamiliar with Leland Conway, he’s a used car salesman who worked in Lexington for a bit. He’s excused racism in the past, intentionally misinformed people about the tea party, repeatedly furthered liberal boogeyman myths and allows his own racial ignorance to pervade everything he does.

Are You Relieved That Bus Service Is Closing?

A Jeffersonville couple catches a pair of thieves in the act, and now they want the entire neighborhood to know about it. Their solution — what’s being called the Tree of Shame. [WDRB]

Embattled school bus contractor Commonwealth Bus Service and Transportation will be closing its doors Nov. 30, company president Mary Dunaway told Jefferson County Public Schools in a hand-signed letter. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Metro Police are investigating after two separate overnight shootings in Louisville. [WHAS11]

Here’s how Congress is making sure poor Americans are going to stay cold this winter. [HuffPo]

Remember when WDRB did this very story a couple weeks ago about GPS ankle bracelets and the jail? Turns out these folks decided to copy it. Because that’s original and exactly what the public needs. [WLKY]

Way to go, Frankfort, for being even more terrible than anyone thought possible. A central Kentucky high school principal says a new interpretation of a state regulation on school-related trips is partly to blame for the cancellation of a trip to Washington, D.C. [H-L]

The North Oldham Fire Protection District is looking for whoever dredged up an offensive posting on social media. The district has launched an investigation into the online comment that involved one of its assistant fire chiefs. [WAVE3]

Mitch McConnell says that the filibuster change is all about health care. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s all about HIM. [TPM]

The New Albany council opposes Indiana’s gay marriage ban amendment. A resolution was approved 7-1-1 to take a stand on the controversial legislation. [News & Tribune]

Just the news Louisville needs: a story about Greg Fischer’s holiday turkey. [WFPL]

As gamblers enjoy more options, Churchill Downs is feeling the squeeze. It’s canceling two races as growing competition draws away fans. [Business First]

Metro Animal Services Moment Of Hilarity

Leave it to an entertainment reporter or whatever (WTF, Gabe Bullard? How can you allow a staffer to do a story about LMAS without mentioning ongoing scandals?) to totally miss the mark in a Metro Animal Services story:

Louisville Metro Animal Services has gone six months without a permanent director, but Mayor Greg Fischer isn’t in a rush to fill the post.

Since Justin Scally left in May, Animal Services has been led by Maragret Brosko and Donald Robinson.

Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter says the “good job” the interim leadership team has bought the mayor time to find a full-time director.


“Things have been going so smoothly under Margaret and under Donald, we’re not in any rush to make a bad decision on hiring another director,” Poynter says.


He says he can’t rule out the mayor deciding to make the interim leadership team permanent.

Everything is puppies & rainbows!

We’re just praying for them to make Brosko permanent.

Because that means there will be yet another mess we have to force Fischer’s hand on.

Time To Build An Ark Because The End Is Nigh

It’s considered crude to discuss, but what is often flushed down the toilet was bubbling up out of the manhole covers in the New Broadmoor subdivision Sunday after heavy rains caused flooding in parts of Louisville. [WDRB]

Really? People in Louisville are surprised to find out that Leland Conway is as racist and ignorant as that clump of brain dead meat Mandy Connell? Please. She was apologizing for Mark Foley even after he admitted to his scandal. And she spent her entire time in Louisville attempting to further divide this already segregated city. That timeslot died with Francene. [Joe Gerth]

Torrential downpours caused major flooding in the metro area. [WHAS11]

Kentucky is emerging as the primary battlefield in the war between Republicans and Democrats over President Barack Obama’s health care law. [H-L]

The crazy ass rain even caused all the fun at St. James to close early. [WLKY]

Investors in Yum! Brands Inc., which operates KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, might get a stronger sense of how the company’s China unit is doing as earnings results are released this week. [Business First]

When you hear the record breaking totals, we must also remember those record breaking totals bring along with them heart break. [Dawne Gee]

It’s probably because they despise their hot mess of a mayor. Nearly 20 percent of Jeffersonville residents haven’t paid their sewer bills for at least a year. [News & Tribune]

Amid a banner year for the University of Louisville’s athletics program, some players and parents were seeking out the administration, angry about a coach whose tactics they say crossed the line. [C-J/AKN]

Have a lot of stuff ruined by the flood? Metro Gubmint can probably pick it up for you. [Click the Clicky]

Some Louisville-area residents have begun assessing and cleaning up flood damage to homes and other property. [WFPL]

Mandy Connell Leaves Louisville And, Well…

Here’s some of her goodbye message as she departs for Denver:

For me, this experience defies explanation in the best possible way. The people of Louisville are simply the best. The. Best. Warmest, kindest, most open and caring community I’ve ever seen. I tell my friends who are incredulous that I live in Kentucky that Louisville is the most surprising city I’ve ever been in. So much to do, so many amazing restaurants, a strong sense of community, and caring and generosity of both spirit and funds. Being a part of the Crusade for Children has been wonderful. That very special event is and will always remain unique to Louisville, because Louisville doesn’t forget it’s past. I met someone when I was new to the area who had moved away after college and moved back years later, and he told me once you live here, you want to come back. It’s as if Louisville sings the song of a siren that follows you when you leave and pulls you back…happily.

I didn’t quite get it then, but I get it now.


Someone else will be hired to do this job. Please be kind and give them a chance! I would remind many of you that when I arrived, many were not happy. I was not Francene, would never be Francene, and you were not happy. I have the emails to prove this, lest you be in denial. But it worked out. You got used to me. I settled in. So I ask you to give the next host a chance. You will get used to them. They will settle in. You may even like them better! Seriously, it could happen. I hope it does, because I love this audience that much!

She’s right. Many of us didn’t like her when she got here, though we gave her several chances. And many of us are glad she’s leaving.

Why? Let’s take a stroll down racist lady memory lane:

As you can see, we welcomed her initially. We defended her for a while. Then she continued to step in the crazy, the hateful, the ridiculous. The worst? She embraced racism, embraced her own anti-semitic comments (and continued to attack John Yarmuth after the whole snafu), played the victim all along.

We knew you were a hot mess when you first told the story about how you were defending your friend, Mark Foley, as he was admitting to that congressional page incident. Don’t let the door hit you on your purposefully ignorant, racist-baiting, anti-semitic ass, Mandy.

Shanklin Mess Drags On For Yet Another Day

Bob Gunnell and crew are at it again! Using their white flight fear to proclaim something that is a proven success will be a failure. They can’t handle the reality that Brownsboro Road is a residential area, not a business through-way for people afraid of anyone who is brown. [WDRB]

Wondering how batshit crazy people can be in Kentucky when it comes to science education? [C-J/AKN]

When will these senseless crimes stop? Police are investigating an overnight shooting and a stabbing that sent two men to the hospital. Both incidents happened within a few blocks, but police did not say if there is a connection between the two crimes. [WHAS11]

Will Mandy Connell’s replacement be as racist or as tea-obsessed as her? [84WHAS]

Graphic and disturbing details were revealed Wednesday in the case against Oldham County resident Gail Kelly, who is accused of killing her long-time boyfriend, Michael Evans, with a hatchet. [WLKY]

Remember Melissa Mershon? The board of Directors at Supplies Over Seas chose her yesterday as the next executive director. [Flashback Funtimes]

Crews are working to renovate a one-mile stretch of Grinstead Drive to reduce the number of crashes. Where’s all the white flight fear for Grinstead? [WAVE3]

When it comes to job benefits, Matthew Barzun is about to enjoy some of the best. As the new U.S. ambassador to the U.K., he’ll live in Winfield House, a London mansion set on 12 acres with gardens second only to those in Buckingham Palace in size. He’ll be able to borrow art from museums for free and host the president as an overnight guest when he’s in town. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Louisville Metro’s internal auditor says there were two questions he considered when reviewing the relationship between Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin and the ex-offender program she helped oversee: did her relatives benefit and was there double billing? [WFPL]

The Louisville Board of Water Works has scheduled a special meeting for 2 p.m. Thursday to name a new president and CEO for Louisville Water Co. [Business First]

A detour route associated with the Ohio River Bridges Project that would divert truck traffic through downtown Jeffersonville raised some concerns the last time it was presented to city officials. [News & Tribune]

Mandy Connell’s “Apology” Just Aired On 84WHAS

Mandy Connell just said she was “trying to make a point” when she made the Anti-Semitic remark to Congressman John Yarmuth last week. Connell said it wasn’t her intention at all and then said she is “truly, truly sorry” if she offended people. Not sorry that she said the words. Just sorry if anyone was offended.

Then she glossed on over the matter, ignoring the severity of her remarks and went on the attack against President Barack Obama and his “petty nature.”

There you have it.

She won’t take responsibility for her own words. She won’t acknowledge the weight of her remarks.

But you’re not surprised because of her history of racial remarks.