Hope Henderson Doesn’t Copy Secrecy

A family is trying to figure out why their dad was stabbed at a Louisville gas station. [WDRB]

A backup power generator at a pumping station could have prevented April’s massive flooding and a big sewage spill at Louisville’s Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center, state officials have concluded. [C-J/AKN]

The Phoenix Hill Tavern (PHT) and Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium closed permanently on Monday, June 1. [WHAS11]

The University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics has wrapped up a 10-year, $2.5 million donation from BB&T that will result in a new program on capitalism and funding toward the college’s $65 million renovation. But Gatton officials stepped back from the more controversial aspects of the original 2004 agreement, including a requirement for an Ayn Rand reading room, named for the novelist and free market philosopher. [H-L]

A Louisville park is hosting a night of camping in June as part of a national celebration. [WLKY]

U.S. police have shot and killed 385 people during the first five months of this year, a rate of more than two a day, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. [HuffPo]

A minister has a new plan to try to curb crime in West Louisville. [WAVE3]

It’s almost like these folks in Henderson didn’t bother talking to anyone living in the real world in Louisville. [Henderson Gleaner]

A resident must work full-time and earn at least $14.17 an hour to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment in Louisville, according to a recent study from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. [WFPL]

Among African American adults with low education and income levels, the increase in risk of heart disease or stroke associated with living in poverty is largest for women and people under age 50, according to a large new study. [Reuters]

Ford Motor Co. CEO Mark Fields said aluminum-body F-Series Super Duty Trucks will be launched next year and that the design will “wow people.” [Business First]

Parts of South Clarksville could be the next Newport, Ky., or at least a bustling addendum to the Louisville metropolitan area. [News & Tribune]

History Ignored In Compassionate Land

Two years ago the University of Louisville, Metro Council, Mayor’s Office and the Downtown Development Corporation unveiled some historic markers downtown.

The markers, designed by renowned sculptor Ed Hamilton, were to be placed at sites denoting locations of sit-ins on 4th Street.

Here’s a look back at the event:


Here we are in 2015.

Discarded to make way for what is presumed to be an Embassy Suites parking lot:


We reached out to Greg Fischer’s folks last night to find out what’s going on. You know we’re not going to sugar-coat anything, so here’s the deal: they lied, had no idea what was going on, claimed they’d received no communication on the matter.

But here’s the deal. This issue has been quietly bubbling up over the past few days and several elected officials have received emails and telephone calls about the destruction of history. People like David Tandy, Tom Owen, other council members and Greg Fischer.

Here’s a taste of the messages they’re receiving:

I am deeply disturbed that the marker commemorating the civil rights era sit-ins on Fourth Street sits with some trash leaning against a building. These markers were initiated by the late Dr. J Blaine Hudson and designed by Ed Hamilton. Reportedly this is to make way for a parking lot for the Embassy Suites hotel. For a long time now there have been complaints of routine racial profiling and discrimination against African Americans on Fourth Street Live. This development adds insult to injury and is unacceptable. This is shameful and I would like to know how you will address this outrage.

Claiming there’s nothing to see here, move along, just business as usual? Seems fitting. Particularly in light of the non-stop discrimination and racial profiling going on at 4th Street Live.

Maybe someone will finally stand up to the Fischer steamroller and force his team to think before acting. Maybe someone like Christy Brown will finally chastise Fischer publicly instead of behind closed doors. Maybe David Tandy, who is in part responsible for the Cordish mess, will have the sense to say something profound?

Possibility City. Compassionate City. Buzzwords.

Pretty sad. It’ll be whitewashed in 3, 2…

It’s Downtown Demolition Update Time!

This weekend Greg Fischer took a wrecking ball to some historic buildings downtown that resulted in a major backlash.

His crew have claimed an asbestos danger had to be taken care of prior to demolition.

But guess who can’t/won’t provide documentation when asked about it.

If the documentation exists? They should pony up. If not? It’s time for fines.

Related: How on earth does the city pull together an emergency demolition crew overnight and on a weekend like that? There’s lots of speculation that the demolition was planned long before the wrecking ball rolled in. When previous instances of Fischer secrecy are considered, it’s tough not to wonder.

It’s Groundhog Day With Fischer & Trees

Some pretty horrific news rolled out this week about Louisville losing eleven billion trees a day.

That’s despite all the hype Greg Fischer has attempted to generate the past couple years over trees. Attempted and failed because… trees. Only a handful of us get excited about trees.

So what’s he do when there’s negative news?

Rushes out and tries to hype all the puppies and rainbows up to confuse the public. Complete with headlines like:

  • New nonprofit sees major tree planting push [C-J/AKN]
  • Mayor outlines strategy for more trees [WAVE3]

Heaven forbid there be something Fischer and his team of communications hacks (Really? He’s still using Margaret Brosko on his comms team!) not use your tax dollars to spin into oblivion.

Maybe this time all the trees won’t die? Unlike the last time Fischer planted a bunch.

And remember this headline from not too long ago?

Leaders of Louisville’s fledgling tree commission are accusing Mayor Greg Fischer of cutting them off at the roots — saying the mayor has ignored their advice in his grand plan to restore the city’s shrinking tree canopy. [C-J/AKN]

Apparently not much has changed.

Note to those who aren’t paying attention: Fischer usually holds tree pressers to distract from scandals or bad press. Sometimes to combat bad press about trees, which seems to happen frequently.

It’s real life Groundhog Day with this. Good grief.

A Fun Blind Item For Your Snow Blind Friday


  • She allows her cabinet to spread rumors about the sexual orientation of her employees
  • She’s hired three (3!) hot messes/communications directors in less than four years
  • She told her employees their pay was being frozen on a Friday at 4:00 P.M.
  • She puts things on meeting agendas and then tries to remove them after facing heat
  • She promised her employees that a monster of an audit wasn’t about salaries… but it obviously was
  • She has her ombudsman handle HR matters so there are zero checks and balances when it comes to who she hires
  • She’s knee-deep in the collusion game with a wealthy board member
  • She’s being rewarded with four more years

Do you know who she is?

Because the EPSB certainly does.


These Are The Stories That Made 2014 So Crazy

There’s no better time than now to go through the biggest stories of the year. We did the same on Page One just a bit ago.

Yep — you guessed it — another year passes with Greg Fischer’s Arena shenanigans, Metro Animal Services shenanigans, UofL messes and No Kill Louisville shysters topping the list.

Arena Authority & UofL Legal Problems Coming? [May 8]

Earlier this week Governor Steve Beshear signed an executive order approving the University of Louisville’s decision to hire a bunch of law firms.

The LMAS Official-Turned-Fischer-Staffer Scandal Gets Real: Proof Margaret Brosko & Other Metro Officials Are Corrupt & Lack Any Compassion [July 22]

In February 2013, Louisville Metro Animal Services received a young and beautiful Pitbull named Sadie. She was friendly, likable and loving but had what amounted to a dangling leg from an injury that needed to be amputated. Her owner attempted to claim her in March and received a violation notice of her injuries. When a vet notice is issued, owners are required to provide vet care within 48 hours or they wind up in court. The owner didn’t bother getting her care and didn’t bother showing up for court. Nothing happened. No bench warrant was issued. There was no follow-up from LMAS.

New LMAS Lady Is Some Kinda Porno Queen [October 22]

This agency needs competent, experienced, scandal-free leadership. And it’s now got this mess and the lady who was fired and arrested at one of her previous shelters.

The No Kill Louisville Scandal(s) Begin To Unravel [March 11]

No Kill Louisville was for several years an organization dear to many of us. You’ve likely read hundreds of stories about the organization and its past attempts to clean up Metro Animal Services. It was a breath of fresh air in this town filled with nothing but euthanasia story after euthanasia story. Animals were being saved, pets were being fed, owners were being educated, area organizations were being assisted.

Now? The group is a shell of its former self.

LMPD Raided Cahoots, Which Surprises No One [September 11]

Wanna see LMPD raid Cahoots on a drug hunt?

No-Kill Louisville Now A Meaningless Money Pit [March 10]

The once-decent No-Kill Louisville has fallen apart over the past couple years. It now appears to be just a shell for collecting tax-free money. What on earth is it in this city that causes people to go crazy with perceived power and greed?

No One Wants Greg Fischer’s Job This Morning [October 23]

Following yesterday’s news that Greg Fischer had appointed three new out-of-state folks to run Louisville Metro Animal Services, we kept you in-the-loop. We even reminded you that he hired this lady who was repeatedly fired and arrested at her last shelter job.

Yes, Racism Alive And Well In Possibility City [January 13]

After Louisville’s media outlets revealed that a suspect had been arrested in the St. Matthews Kroger murder case, something happened that won’t surprise anyone reading this. But that something is what a ton of people don’t want to talk about. Whenever we bring it up, we’re accused of causing drama and promoting unrest.

Here’s the deal: racism continues to be a real problem in Possibility City and it’s not taken seriously by this town we call home.

UofL VP For HR Let Go, Escorted Away By Cops [December 3]

University of Louisville Vice President for Human Resources Sam Connally has apparently been canned. According to multiple sources, he was forced to resign and escorted off campus by police.

The Back Story Of WAVE3′s JCPS Coverage [January 28]

All of this was shared here so we could get at the back story – the how and why – of the JCPS story WAVE did. We have no idea why anyone thought it was a good idea without a bit more effort.

But we do know that WAVE should never put Flack on a JCPS story again and should likely leave that sort of reporting up to other stations for the foreseeable future.

Greg Fischer Screws LMAS More With New Hire [September 4]

Greg Fischer hired Stephanie Moore to serve as assistant director of Louisville Metro Animal Services.

He’s paraded her around LMAS facilities and Sadiqa Reynolds has been singing her praises to everyone who will listen. She’s allegedly serving as an assistant until the time is right to name her director.

Who is Moore?

LMAS Still A Sinkhole After All These Long Years [January 16]

We’ve basically given up on Louisville Metro Animal Services, as you can likely tell. Because Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds REFUSE to take the organization seriously. They flat-out refuse to manage the disaster that is LMAS.

How many years has this been going on? How many directors have we gotten fired for being terrible/drunk/pimps/abusive/ridiculous?

The latest person to run things, Margaret Brosko, is no different than the people who came before her. You already know about her ramming a city vehicle into an employee’s car and lying about it – after being caught by police. Your tax dollars had to pay for the damages she caused.

We Can & Must Do More On The Suicide Front [April 15]

When television stations like WHAS11 put people like Claudia Coffey on-air to hype up a potential suicide attempt as a young man is preparing to jump from a downtown parking garage, it is imperative that they don’t turn it into a disgusting spectacle. (That’s an attack, WHAS11 was reckless) It is just plain common sense that resources, help numbers, charities, organizations, web addresses be shared with viewership.

This is sickening. From trying to hide from what happens to hyping it up as media loves to do.

Major LMAS Scandal Update: New Committee [August 19]

Unfortunately for the citizens of our fine city, Mayor Greg Fischer essentially told me (Jake) to take a hike. He ignored the mess. He refused to deal with it. He and his staff went so far as to attempt to retaliate against me behind the scenes by going to our advertisers. Par for the course.

But guess what?

Councilman Kelly Downard and Councilwoman Cindy Fowler are today announcing an ad-hoc committee to investigate the nightmare we’ve come to know as Metro Animal Services.

Been A While Since We Had An LMEMS Update [June 19]

We hear through the rumor mill that the metro ID/security card in possession of that alleged drug lady belonged to Chief of Staff Kristen Miller. Our sources in the LMEMS world tell us she lost the card about a year ago and never reported it, a violation of the agreement signed when issued a card.

Patterns Of Recklessness Begin To Emerge At NKL [March 12]

We have twice requested in-person access to documentation that the group is legally required, as a 501(c)3 entity, to disclose to the public. Rebecca Ficklin refused to allow in-person access, directed us to the bogus financial statements on the NKL website and then just stopped responding to our requests entirely. We’ve since filed complaints with the IRS. Beyond ignoring requests, she also refused to identify the organization’s current treasurer.

Just When You Thought Greg Couldn’t Get Worse [July 8]

The agency that STILL has an abysmal kill rate. It’s not improved. The agency that still euthanizes thousands upon thousands of animals. The agency that is repeatedly directed by failures who eventually get spooked or “resigned” (fired) when they realize we’re not backing down.

The agency that still operates an animal shelter so filthy and disgusting that the public isn’t allowed on-site.

The agency that, at the behest of Greg Fischer and his right-hand hack, Sadiqa Reynolds, refuses to allow volunteers to assist thousands of animals in need if they so much as question authority or offer helpful suggestions.

The agency, with Brosko at the helm, that refused to provide us information about adoptable animals so we could publicize them. The agency that refuses to this day to re-license our pets (and then threatens us with fines) because we’ve been rightfully critical.

Fischer’s New LMAS People Are Out-Of-Towners [October 2]

Greg Fischer finally announced his new Metro Animal Services team. They’re all from out-of-town.

Enough Is Enough With No Kill Louisville Shysters [October 2]

They’re back to promoting a help desk, which is not a thing. All the spaying and neutering they’re claiming to pay for? It was funded by METRO COUNCIL DISCRETIONARY FUNDS. Taxpayer dollars. Not No Kill.

And they’re making claims about their food bank that are… specious, at best.

No Kill Louisville: Victim Of Terrible Leadership [March 14]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how surprised is anyone that No Kill Louisville was forced to start refunding money people have contributed for a non-existent license plate?

2014 was the best yet. Pushing the creation of an investigative ad-hoc committee that admonished Greg Fischer and his inner circle was fun. Not as fun as watching the entire Metro Council vote to approve a whistleblower ordinance that directly resulted from that. But it was still fun.

Thanks for constantly reading this afterthought of a site. Even if you deny it in public.

Here’s to more Possibility City in 2015!

Following The LMEMS Fun? Here You Go

Do you need a laugh this mid-morning, Louisvillians?

Check out this email blast now-former LMEMS director Neal Richmond sent out last week:

From: Richmond, Dr. Neal
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2014 1:26 PM
To: EMS-Everyone DL
Subject: Everyone at EMS

To Everyone,

I’m writing to you today to share some news that is, for me, both a little exciting and a little sad. I have accepted a new position and will be leaving LMEMS to join the MedStar Mobile Health system in Ft. Worth, Texas.

I should be clear that I was not looking for a new position when this opportunity came my way. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead this agency from its creation, and it’s been so gratifying to see all the great changes we’ve worked together to make on behalf of our patients, our service and our community. But I have worked with the MedStar team in Ft. Worth over the past few years through the implementation of their own nurse triage program that is similar to ours, and we’ve had many discussions about some of the progress they’ve made in the area of alternative care for non-emergent 911 patients as we’ve expanded our own alternate care efforts here. When I was approached about any potential interest I might have in assuming the position of Medical Director there it seemed like a natural transition from the work we’ve already been doing at LMEMS, so it was an opportunity I felt I should consider.

And while I am looking forward to taking on this new challenge, I am also incredibly sad to be leaving a place that I’ve been so lucky to watch grow and change over the past ten years. We’ve come through a lot of adversity together, from the tumultuous early years when I’m sure lots of outside critics figured we’d never make it through intact, to the years when our struggles changed to become more about the direction we wanted our service to take going forward. Today, I am proud to see what we’ve created together – an EMS service where the medicine is top priority, where we’ve tried (and still try) to open career pathways for employees who want to make this their life’s work, where we never shy from a challenge, whether that means lobbying the state to expand the scope of practice or taking on duties that have not traditionally belonged to an ambulance service but that still affect our patients and our daily jobs. We should all take this opportunity to look at the work we’ve done, and be proud that we’ve built this agency together, on our own terms.

It is my greatest wish in my role as your CEO and Medical Director that you keep pushing this service – and the field of out-of-hospital medicine – forward.

It will be up to the Mayor and his staff to determine what comes next organizationally for LMEMS, and I’m sure you’ll hear from them soon about their plans. But regardless of who may fill the office I’m leaving, I hope you will carry on with the important work you’ve been doing. Keep building partnerships in our community, keep seeking out the latest in medical treatments and technologies, keep pushing each other to do better, be better, every single day. What we’ve started here is important, and none of us is more important to the mission than anyone else. So in my absence, I have nothing but the highest expectations of what you will all be able to achieve. And I will always look back fondly on this chance I’ve had to play a role in building something new and special from the ground up, with the help the best EMTs and paramedics in the business.

I wish you all the very best, and I hope that there will be opportunities to keep in touch and work together again.

Sincerely, and with great admiration and respect—N.R.

The best part: his claim he wasn’t searching for a new job. Ha!

You’re welcome.