Stereotyping Voters

I just completed an assignment for LEO in which I talked with folks from different parts of town. I found few surprises.viljennifer

I wasn’t surprised that Norman Simpson, an African-American who owns a business on West Broadway, knows a lot about political issues and knows exactly one Republican. I wasn’t surprised that 20-year-old Clint Cecil, working in a Chili’s in Hillview, credits his Baptist upbringing for stances against abortion and gay marriage. Nor was I surprised that Fern Creek single mom Linda Cobb was active in the Democratic Party and wanted an end to the war. And I could have done the piece on East End investment banker Tom Raque’s views without even talking to him.

But Jennifer Stevens surprised me. Working the bar at Harper’s on Hurstbourne Lane, she had real Democratic views on every issue. But to her, the election is not that big a deal, and she said she might not even vote. Of course, she is a blond, and a bartender, and the first political issue she mentioned was that she hoped John Yarmuth would be able to get the drinking age lowered. But she had some insightful thoughts as well, including a view that we need to get out of Iraq.

For someone who claimed she didn’t pay a whole lot of attention, she really knew a lot about what’s important.
I think what the Democratic Party needs to do to win, especially in the Yarmuth race, is to figure out how to get the Jennifers of the world into a voting booth.

Dems Rally at Union Hall

yarmuth1011061.jpgAt the Oct. 11 Democratic Rally at the UAW Union Hall on Fern Valley Road, party officials showed they’re fired up for the 11/7 election, and that they had a sense of humor.  There was video of a series of George W. Bush gaffes, video of the Barack Obama speech at Slugger Field (oddly, the only video available was from, a clip of a political rant by MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, the hilarious Al Gore skit from Saturday Night Live (showing what the U.S. would be like if he had been elected in 2000) and singing from a makeshift Democratic chorus.

Col. Mike Weaver, trying to unseat Ron Lewis in the 2nd District, loosened up with an off-color joke (PUNCH Line: I don’t know, what was her maiden name?). There was a video introduction of John Yarmuth by Ben Chandler. Yarmuth, in a brief speech, called Anne Northup’s comment on raising the minimum wage (“Everyone should have the opportunity to start at the bottom and work your way up.”) a “condescending bit of crap.”

But Jerry Abramson grabbed top billing, saying “it’s time for Democrats to win this fall” because “we’re on the correct side of the issues.”

Seeing Abramson at a Democratic pep rally was a bit of a surprise, and indicates that the “Mayor for Life” may be moving closer to the party’s heart.