T-Shirts and the Chests Who Wear Them

One of the cooler parts of the Idea Festival this week is a project by local photographer Leslie Lyons, who wants you to wear your most provocative t-shirt down to the 21C Hotel on Thursday so she can take your photo.

It’s called Talking Back. As Lyons explained, one of the featured subjects from Louisville will be featured in an exhibition at the Art Directors Club in New York next month. The images, all shot in Polaroids, will be enlarged to life-size, just like one that’s currently on display down at 21C.  The idea is to express an idea using only the power of the message on your chest. She’s done shoots like this one in several cities, with the concept to celebrate self-expression.

But don’t wear that “I’m with Stupid” shirt you think is so cool and expect to get in the exhibit.

Here’s a more eloquent way of saying what it’s all about. You can go down to 21C on Thursday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to be photographed in your shirt.

TALKING BACK aims to elucidate the dynamics of personal expression across the landscape of pop culture in America with a fashion monograph celebrating the unique personal essence of T-shirt culture and its power to convey the essential passions of its wearer. Lyon’s subjects are real people and these are their real shirts. Working as journalist as much as artist, she invites all who are inspired to literally wear their thoughts on their sleeves as it were. Some shirts are bought, some home made but all represent an extension of self that each subject wishes you to know or believe about them or to provoke a thought or stance.

Only in America, and Kentucky

One thing we can all agree on — America is a wonderful place to live. So I hope you’re getting out and celebrating.

Meanwhile, here’s some things to think about that make America great…

Chicken on Crutches: In its ongoing efforts to point out KFC’s cruelty to chickens, PETA wants to put up a statue of a “wounded chicken on crutches” downtown and call it art. Surprisingly, the organization asked the city for permission.  Holding back laughter, spokesman Chris Poynter told the C-J he had a hard time believeing it would be approved. [Courier]

For Some Actual Art: Go to the Green Building tonight and see a new photographic exhibit from Sarah Lyon, who says she threw darts at a giant map of the city, then went out and took pictures. The result is a 50-image project you can see starting at 6. [Courier]

Our Family Feud: You can’t beat $20 for 9 holes with a cart for four people on public golf courses. You have to tee off after 4:30. I’ll be out there with Luke and Josh at Vettiner later today.  It’s part of Metro’s efforts to promote city courses.

MJ All Day: We don’t know what’s up, but the 1570 AM radio station in New Albany in playing all Michael Jackson today.  It’s not permanent. The station recently announced it was losing Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham from its talk lineup. Owner David Smith says it’s just a stunt. We’ll let you know when we figure it out.

Gee, Those Baptists Really Hate the Gays: You remember that the Southern Baptist Convention kicked a Texas church to the curb because it wasn’t hostile enough to gays during its convention here last week. Turns out the church has a national touring choir that had planned a mission trip to the University of the Cumberlands. The Baptist group uninvited them, said they weren’t welcome to come to podunk Kentucky and help people in poverty. Now the story is getting national attention.  [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

Maybe the Ohio River Bridges Project will Be Done Before the Harrods Creek Bridge: Yep, they stopped work on the Harrods Creek Bridge after a week when Judge Charles Simpson buckled to River Fields. He issued a stop work order for Monday that will effectively stop everything. The bridge was going to be fixed by December. Now, who knows. [Courier]

All About Timing: A friend told me the Downs was so crowded last night that a big group of her friends gave up when they couldn’t park anywhere close to the track. Drawing 33,000 people to anything on a summer night is quite a feat, even if, as C.D. Kaplan discovered, at least one CD exec complained that many weren’t interested in betting. Still, it’s a no-brainer to install the lights permanently and make at least half the racing dates at night. [Score]

Stereotypes Are Fun

Did you a double-take when you saw this ad in LEO this week?

Were you wondering what a scantily-clad, obviously pregnant bride would be used to promote?

If you answered, “bachelor parties at a gun range,” of course, you were right on target.

The ad is for a Crestwood business that hopes to attract parties to its 1,100 square foot space with a “state-of-the-art Indoor Rifle and Pistol range.” You can play Paintball there, too. And there’s a coupon for free admission for the guest of honor on the website.

The Premier Indoor Sport Shooting and Paintball ad is getting all kinds of viral attention on the Internets, and we know we’re adding to it, because it’s funny.  The jokesters at LEO have plenty of fun making fun of Kentucky stereotypes, like “unplanned pregnancies, shotgun weddings, and well, actual shotguns and the barefoot moms who love them.”

OK, Read This First, then Start the Weekend

We’re on the patio at the Gardiner Lane Heine Bros. because, well, it was impossible to stay indoors any longer. Join us at the Dan Dry photo exhibit at the ArtXP Gallery in Butchertown tonight. Meanwhile, here’s some stuff to end the week on….

Posing for Vogue: Fashion photographers for magazines like Vogue are probably always shooting girls named Rachel, but it was a little bit different for photog Stephen Klein at Churchill Downs today. He did a photo shoot with 3-year-old Rachel Alexandra, winner of the Kentucky Oaks and Preakness. The shots will appear in the August issue. [Blood-horse]

Flagging Kindred: The local hospital company has experienced a minor P.R. explosion this week because one employee asked another to take down an American flag at a Texas office. The offended American called in to Francene’s show today, and everybody gave Kindred some grief. The local office sent confusing press releases, eventually reprimanding the rogue staffer. See a pic of her. [Francene]

Live Track Blog: Ever covered a track meet as a journalist? I have, and it’s not pretty. So I’m feeling for Jody Demling of the C-J, who’s doing a live blog from the NCAA Regional Track Meet at Cardinal Park.  [Demling]

Somebody Call Wayside: Jeffersontown’s largest hotel, currently known as the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, is up for foreclosure auction in August with a lender seeking at least $9 million. Biz First touts it as potentially “one of the largest Louisville-area foreclosures in recent memory.” That must have been written before the $10 million bid by Wayside Christian Mission for Hotel Louisville. [Biz First]

An Idea for Budget Cuts: Do we really need a homeland security office in Kentucky, one which sends out press releases letting us know that Thomas Preston, the state’s director, is attending the Army’s War College? [press release]

An Online Kentucky Experience: Lookie here. First Lady Jane Beshear has launched a website called the Kentucky Experience. It’s geared to visitors to the 2010 Equestrian Games. [Page One]

It’s a Sell-Out: Forget those plans to go to Patterson Stadium for that NCAA baseball game tonight between U of L and Indiana. They’re already sold out. Try again tomorrow.

Photo Festival Opens With Dan Dry

Dan Dry may live in Chicago, but he’s a local treasure among the photography community. So it’s no wonder he’s leading off the Louisville Visual Arts Festival, a two-month exhibition of photography spanning 25 galleries during June and July.

On Friday, Dry’s “Moments in Time” exhibition opens at the ArtXP Gallery in Butchertown. A public reception starts at 6:30, with photography exhibited in giclee form on both paper and canvas. All the works will be available for sale.

Among the images are a 1976 image of Muhammad Ali, Calvin Borel after winning this year’s Derby, work from Dry’s visits to Africa and India, and the image you see here of Barack Obama, taken before his run for the Presidency.

Dry has won dozens of photographic awards, and continues to work for Louisville-based clients, including Churchill Downs, Brown-Forman and Papa John’s International.  In Chicago, he is the staff photographer for the University of Chicago, but makes frequent trips here, where he was a staffer at the Courier-Journal from 1976-82.

Gassed Up and Ready

Suddenly, gas prices jump 30 cents a gallon. No reason given.  No one in the gas supply pipeline can explain it. It just is. Which sucks. Jack Conway, if you can find the bad guys involved in this, that Senate seat is yours.

Saw This One Coming: The police union is now complaining that its members, relieved of some of their obligations to show up for court duty, count on the overtime pay they get and, well, going to court wasn’t so bad after all. Government spent $833K in six months paying cops to show up in court, money better spent elsewhere. [Fox41]

Old-Fashioned Newsman: Congressman John Yarmuth paid tribute to WHAS-TV’s Mark Hebert on the floor of the House yesterday. [WHAS-TV]

Leaving Las Vegas: Yes, it was a pretty big deal, this ABC Kids convention that Louisville’s CVB lured here and announced yesterday. But we’re not really buying Jim Wood’s logic — that Louisville won out because it has fewer distractions for visitors than Las Vegas. Let’s see if any other big shows make the Vegas to Ville switch. [Joe Arnold]

Johnson, Trees, Pissed: Councilman Dan Johnson is holding a press conference at 10:45 this morning at 6th and Ashland, where we can assume there are still storm debris lying around. We’re anxious to hear if Johnson is going to criticize the Mayor. [press release]

No Poe Development in Irish Hill: Remember all that controversy over moving a creek in Irish Hill to accommodate plans by Poe Companies to bring some retail to the area near Breslin Park? Well, never mind. Poe is walking away from the project. [Broken Sidewalk]

Not in Church: We saw the WHAS-TV report on religion and weren’t impressed.  The two-part series featured comments from locals on what we already knew – there’s a big decline in the number of people who identify themselves as Christians. But Gary Roedemeier’s series barely mentioned controversial church positions on sex and politics and how they might factor into the decline. [WHAS-TV]

“They’re Just Completely Full of Shit.” — Quote of the day from LEO’s piece on downtown entertainment, from Ward Plauche, who recently closed the CityBlock nightclub. Plauche, as you might guess, was referring to city economic development officials. [LEO]

Don’t Hire a Guy Named Ramon: Local wedding photographer Ramon Rodriguez has some DUI problems and seems to have skipped town with deposits from dozens of clients. Even his attorney doesn’t know where he is. [WAVE]

Olmstead Way: There’s a ceremony later today unveiling new signs at Armory Place honoring the late WHAS reporter Chuck Olmstead. [WHAS-TV]

Keeping Up with the Locals

The idea of picking out an interesting person and profiling them isn’t new — it’s always been among the most popular features of Business First. But the I Live in Louisville portraits done by Leslie Lyons are special — she manages to find the kind of people that make you realize our city has a diverse and rich culture.

This week, she’s found an artist whose singular mission is creating artwork featuring horses. Jaime Corum’s work is being featured at the Brown Hotel starting Friday and running through June 5.

Last week,  she featured a young lady connected to the upcoming Girl Power Day, which is May 12. It’s a celebration of empowerment for girls.

Lyons’ portraits are supported by Heine Bros. and the fiveOtwo organization.

Ice Tsunami – More Photos

Why “ice tsunami”? When sheets of ice slide off of your house, it kinda sounds like a huge wave crashing.

The Governor is visiting Lexington (1:00 P.M. presser with Jim Newberry, Urban County Govt Center) and Louisville (4:00 P.M. presser with Jerry Abramson, old Federal Reserve Building) to assess storm damage this afternoon.

There are now 100,000+ LG&E customers without power and we hear a new transformer explosion every few minutes.

What are things like in your neck of the woods? Have photos to share?

Since we’re all gonna die of the ice death and no electricity, we thought we’d share a few more photos.

It really was a close call:

Peep the rest by CLICKING HERE

Obama’s Louisville

A photo book about Barack Obama’s ties to Louisville may not seem like much, we know. But when you examine his deep ties to the city and the Commonwealth and the time he’s spent here over the past few years, you really begin to understand that an Obama presidency may be the best thing to ever happen to the River City.

Well-known photographer Tom LeGoff just produced this great book featuring the President-Elect and Joe Biden and it’s well worth picking up.

Here’s a sneak peak:

This is allegedly on Obama’s mantel

Fancy, fancy

Oh, look, it’s Yarmuth before he was elected and Gill & Augusta

Joe Biden came to town, too

Instead of buying an atrocious Obama plate or some hideous photo coin, why not pick this up? It’s local, too.