You Probably Don’t Remember This LMAS Director

We swiped these photos from Metro Government. Hit up their Flickr thingy for the originals.

But let’s take a trip down memory lane with failed Louisville Metro Animal Services director Justin Scally:






Remember him?

Of course you don’t. Just one in a long line of many failed directors.

Possibility City!

Dan Dry Joins Power Creative As Photo Big Dog

The PR/Comm/Advertising/Whatever wars are waging on here in the big city of Louisville. And famed photographer Dan Dry is joining Power Creative as the company’s Chief Visual Officer.

Dry, who has won more than 400 national and international photograph and design awards, is likely most well-known locally for his Pulitzer Prize-winning work in the Courier-Journal/A Kentucky Newspaper.


“Although I was working in Chicago for eight years, Louisville has always been the place I considered to be home,” said Dry. “My family and so many friends are here, and Power Creative is a premier agency with a great roster of clients. I’m looking forward to being a part of this very talented group of people.”

Power’s got a gigantic studio space and already has four full-time photographers. The addition of Dry just… ensures there’s no competition within a zillion mile radius.

He’s published 23 coffee table books, has contributed to more than 100 other books and has been the official photographer for Churchill Downs’ Kentucky Derby coverage since the beginning of time. He’ll continue to hold that role and will also serve as Director of Photography for the Breeders’ Cup.

Yeah, it’s PR hype. But it’s kind of a big deal for this town.

St. Matthews Is Now The Land Of Torture

What are you doing now that Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is closed? [WHAS11]

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Phoenix Lindsey-Hall’s latest show at the Tim Faulker Gallery, you should do so. Deep look at foreclosure. [LEO Weekly]

Joe Arnold caught up with Rand Paul in a Clear Channel hallway to discuss that mean old librul, Jack Conway. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s 4th of July celebration was pretty calm. Unlike the racist invasion in Lexington. [Page One]

The Mom Jeans have returned. Be afraid. Very afraid. [The Wil Show]

Everybody’s emailing us about shock probation in this Bullitt County DUI case. [WAVE3]

Parking rates have jumped from $6 to $8 at the Fairgrounds to make up for lost revenue. Which makes tons of sense right before the State Fair kicks off during this time of recession. [FOX41]

Woah – torture in St. Matthews? Over $200,000 in drug money. Guess you never know what your neighbors are up to. [WLKY]

Belle of Louisville Wins Photo Award

The National Park Service today named a photo of the Belle of Louisville as winner of the National Historic Landmark photo contest:

From the press release:

The National Park Service named a photo of the Belle of Louisville as first place winner of the Tenth Annual National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest.  The photograph, which shows the Belle cruising at Tall Stacks in Cincinnati, graces the cover of the National Historic Landmarks 2010 Event Planner and is also the featured photo for June.  Photographer Philip Groshong of Cincinnati submitted the photo, which was among almost 200 entries from all over the nation.
The tenth anniversary contest was titled “Imaging Our National Heritage.”  The photo of the Belle was chosen over images of other national landmarks such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and the Alamo in San Antonio.  Over the ten years of the photo contest, more than 1,000 images have been submitted from almost every state in the union.  The contest is meant to “encourage people to use their cameras to capture the meaning of their National Historic Landmark in a photo.”

Finally, some positive news!

Courier-Journal Hilarity: Funny Demand

Stop the presses (the few that are left working as the newspaper industry – specifically the C-J – dies a hard, cold death in these techie times)!

The Courier-Journal’s John Mura just sent the most hilarious email:

Name: John Mura
Subject: courier-journal front page in your header

Message: Jake, please remove the header photo that has the
Courier-Journal honor box with our front page from your rotation. I
think folks could get confused about whose opinions are being
offered. Thanks, John


You read it correctly. The Courier-Journal is demanding that I stop using an image that features a photograph of the paper. An image (they’ll have to be more specific, as I have over 25,000 header images in circulation on various websites) taken in a public space on public property.

Does this mean they’ll be making the same demands the thousands of other websites that have featured the Courier-Journal’s likeness?

Like I told Mura, “No wonder the Courier-Journal and Gannett are falling apart. You think your readership is too ignorant to, you know, recognize they’re not visiting the Courier-Journal’s atrocious website.”

I couldn’t buy this sort of controversy and free publicity!


Thanks for the validation, Bennie & Keith.


Maybe the Courier-Journal should never again mention my name or websites I own without my permission? I fear readers may get the false impression that the paper’s reporters might have actually spoken with me when they promote me and my websites in their stories.


Actually, no, I won’t be removing the header images unless Gannett and the Courier-Journal sue me – giving me tons of extra publicity.

Why won’t I?

Because my websites feature nearly every news publication, station, outlet and forum in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Greater Louisville Area.

I will, however, photoshop the offending images to make it clear how terrible I think the the once great Courier-Journal happens to be.


Mura just sent me a screenshot of the offending image:


Unfortunately, I won’t have time for a week or so to spend the hours it will take to locate the image. A photograph taken in a public space on a public sidewalk, no less. But when I locate it, I’ll photoshop it to include some hilarious mockery.