Possibility City Is Filled With Death This Week

Another day, another murder in Possibility City. Homicide detectives are investigating Louisville’s latest murder. It happened just after 2 a.m. Wednesday off Southern Parkway near Churchill Downs. [WDRB]

The city has given two lawyers exclusive rights to develop a $200 million, mixed-use project on riverfront land abandoned by the Museum Plaza investors nearly two years ago. [C-J/AKN]

Police are investigating after a man was found dead in Beargrass Creek on Grinstead Drive near Lexington Avenue. (Will they ever learn street names?) [WHAS11]

Parks, gardens and green space in urban areas can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living there, says a University of Exeter study. Using data from 5,000 UK households over 17 years, researchers found that living in a greener area had a significant positive effect. [BBC]

Wait, no, even more horrible crap in Louisville. A police investigation is underway after a man was shot in the chest in Louisville. [WLKY]

You know what’s unfortunate? Watching Alison Lundergan Grimes refuse to answer Joe Arnold’s questions about the Progress Kentucky scandal. [Page One]

Jefferson County Public School’s superintendent has no plans to facilitate a meeting between Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education and the Jefferson County Teacher’s Association. The best part of this story is the photo of Brent McKim captioned with “Terry Holliday” – ha. [WAVE3]

A former Kentucky Department of Agriculture employee who took time off to appear on The Amazing Race television show in 2011 has pressed the state for compensatory time payments he claims he is owed. Richie’s Folks are just magical for pee alerts. Magical. [H-L]

The group launched by Gabrielle Giffords will start airing gut-punch radio ads against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, highlighting the Republicans’ votes against the Democrats’ failed gun control legislation. [Politico]

Oh, look, the paper picked up on a story we mentioned weeks (months?) ago. It’s a good one, though, about buying up medical debt. [C-J/AKN]

Restaurant giant Yum! Brands Inc. reported a decline in revenue and profit during the first quarter, primarily as a result of continued challenges in its China division. [Business First]

The New Albany Redevelopment Commission is considering whether to open a piece of property up for commercial development or leave it as a stormwater detention basin. [News & Tribune]

Hargens Probably Won’t Embarrass Like Berman

Here’s what John Yarmuth had to say about his no vote on the Budget Control Act: “Tonight, I chose to stand up for what the American people have demanded. Throughout this politically-induced crisis, my constituents have been loud and clear: any plan to reduce our debt must protect Medicare and require millionaires, billionaires, and big oil companies to share in the sacrifice. This plan asks nothing of the wealthy few and will inevitably lead to cuts in Medicare, education, and the investments we need to create jobs and get our economy back on track.” [Press Release]

A man in Southern Indiana ran a stolen police car into a mobile home. Yep, in Indiana. [WAVE3]

Does the Museum Plaza failure highlight Metro Council’s taxpayer protections? [WFPL]

It’s nice that everybody is coming together to pay the cardinal bird’s tuition at the University of Louisville and all. But let’s not forget how many other less prominent students are struggling with jacked up tuition rates. [FOX41]

Superintendent Donna Hargens started her first day with 327 Jefferson County Public Schools teachers. [C-J/AKN]

Jack Conway’s failure to investigate is unfortunate. Especially in light of the latest campaign finance shenanigans in Frankfort. [Page One]

The Backpack Angel program, organized by Service for Peace, is looking for donations. [WLKY]

CSX is building a $15 million intermodal terminal near the airport with operations beginning next year. [Business First]

LG&E was fined $4,000 by Louisville’s Metro Air Pollution District for being in violation of a local fugitive dust ordinance. [WHAS11]

The old Louisville Clock could be homeward bound to Fourth Street. [Broken Sidewalk]

Yesterday marked the 89th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “We’re beginning to wonder what’s keeping our Attorney General so busy that he cannot answer our questions,” said Robertson. “We know that he hasn’t been fighting Obamacare or investigating public corruption, which leads us to believe he is simply avoiding the issue because he has something to hide.” [Press Release]

Very important news: Cake Flour is turning three this month and is offering a 60-proof brownie cupcake for $2.00. [Consuming Louisville]

Bets On How Long It Takes For MSD To Stink?

Museum Plaza will not be built. Land now reverts to the city. 7th Street between Washington and River Roads will be restored and reopened. [Damnit]

You’d think the editorial board could get its facts straight by now. No Kill Louisville has tons of shelter management experience. One of its top folks has decades of experiencing running a large facility. Justin Scally definitely deserves the opportunity to do a good job. But people – particularly the apologists at your failing local paper – need to quit acting like Sadiqa Reynolds’ “with us or against us” way is supreme. Legitimate concerns, questions and disappointment should not be tossed aside. You cannot expect this community to come together overnight after Greg Fischer and crew spent a year ripping everything to shreds. [Short Sighted Editorial]

Get a load of Jack Conway in 2002 versus Jack Conway in 2011. [Page One]

The elephant in the room is FOX41 slowly referring to itself as “WDRB” more and more. Like with this Emmy story. [FOX41]

Are water main issues a preview of the future? [Broken Sidewalk]

Will the Rupp Arena task force cause Lexington as many headaches as the arena shenanigans caused Louisville? [H-L]

Remember the Louisville Zoo train crash? Turns out an employee disabled the train’s warning light prior to the accident. A light that could have alerted folks to problems with the brakes. [WKYT]

Wait, what? Free hot dogs at the Frazier Museum? [Consuming Louisville]

Little by little, problems at the Metropolitan Sewer District are floating to the surface like, well, you know exactly what we’re talking about. [C-J/AKN]

A fundraising event at Central Park tried to change the reputation of pit bulls. [WAVE3]

Kentucky is among the 10 states where government-sector jobs have grown the fastest over the past five years. [Business First]

Wait for this one: a Seymour police officer crashed a DARE trailer while allegedly driving drunk. [WHAS11]

Friday marked the 86th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “We will hold Jack Conway’s feet to the fire each and every day until he answers our questions surrounding this controversy,” said Robertson. “For a man who supposedly believes in transparency and accountability, this situation represents the height of hypocrisy.” [Press Release]

Museum Plaza Update: HUD Financing Coming?

John Yarmuth got a letter from HUD Assistant Secretary Mercedes Marquez regarding the application for a $100 million loan for the development of Museum Plaza.

Upon receiving this letter, Congressman Yarmuth said, “I have been working closely with HUD officials in support of this loan application since it was filed this past summer. Getting Museum Plaza financed and back under construction is critically important for our community and will lead to the creation of thousands of good paying jobs. This is an important step forward and I am proud to join the Governor and other community leaders in advancing this effort.”


Note that the project is so important to HUD that it can’t even get the name of the project correct.

Governor Steve Beshear noted, “It is very exciting that HUD is formally expressing its interest in helping finance Museum Plaza. This is a project that will create thousands of jobs for low- and moderate-income Kentuckians and will stimulate the economy across the Commonwealth. My administration will continue working with the development team, HUD, and Congressman Yarmuth to make this project a reality.”

See the text of the November 1 letter after the jump if you’re PDF-averse…

Read moreMuseum Plaza Update: HUD Financing Coming?

Museum Plaza’s In The Mainstream Again

You folks remember Joshua Prince-Ramus, right?

He’s the mind behind Museum Plaza. Love or hate the idea, you can’t deny that it’s impressive.

Check this bit from Forbes:

I’m working on two things right now. The big one is Museum Plaza. It’s a 62-story skyscraper with a floating contemporary art museum (on 24th and 25th floor) in downtown Louisville, Ky. It’s entirely about sustainability in our concept of it. Our clients, members of the family behind Brown-Forman ( BFA – news – people ), have two passions–contemporary art and a commitment to saving horse farms in the area surrounding Louisville while spurring development downtown.

They have a terrific collection and wanted to pay for a new museum in conjunction with Louisville’s Speed Art Museum but insisted it had to be downtown. The Speed said no. So they decided to do it themselves, and bought a brownfield site in the city. They said they’d invest $50 million for the art museum if they could make it back with a for-profit development, and they would use those proceeds toward funding an ongoing arts endowment.

Click here to read the entire piece.

Everybody Is Just So Excited About This Heat

Go listen to the question and answer session from yesterday’s mayoral forum. [WFPL]

And, yes, progressives are in play in the mayoral race. Oh, and Heiner wants electric fleet vehicles, Fischer doesn’t. Heiner wants public Wi-Fi, Fischer doesn’t. [Gabe Bullard]

TARC’s getting 9 new hybrid buses. Brings the total hybrid fleet to 21. [84WHAS]

Prosecutors allege that Karen Sypher tried to extort money from someone prior to attempting to extort money from Rick Pitino. Woah, nelly, this case gets crazier and crazier. [FOX41]

According to the latest polling data, Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning are unpopular in Kentucky. [Page One]

And the Kentucky Democratic Party is spending $1,000 per month on WHAT?! [More Page One]

The Museum Plaza loan plan is on its way to HUD. [Joe Arnold]

Where in the world is Jack Conway these days? We’re seriously wondering. [Even More Page One Trash]

From what I hear, Fairdale Bigfoot has kidnapped Branden Klayko. [Consuming Louisville]

All Monday Mornings Should Be This Quiet

It’s still Independence Day in Real America, so posting will be less frequent than normal today.

If you’re ever wondering why A Kentucky Newspaper treats the University of Louisville with kid gloves? Just remember those 14 seats the paper gets in the new arena. [Deep Thoughts]

Even Republicans think Daniel Mongiardo needs to grow up. His pity party is, you know, long over. [EITB]

Rand Paul really is flip-flopping on that underground electric fence. See what he had to say on his own campaign website about keeping the messicans out. [Page One]

You should read these essays from historians on America. [America.gov]

The Museum Plaza HUD loan will be discussed at a public hearing on Wednesday. You going? [WFPL]

Anyone watch the July 4th Afghanistan special on Fox 41? We missed it! We are un-American, so please let us know how it was. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Michelle Jones is un-American and does not like beer. Please send her hate mail. And then go enjoy some Bell’s Hopslam ASAP. [Consuming Louisville]

Will this “stimulus” plan put together by major retailers lure you out to spend more of what you don’t have? Yes, there’s a local connection. [NY Times]

Monday Morning Dept. Of Open Up A Vein

You could win a Ford Focus by giving blood at the Holiday Hero Churchill Downs Blood Drive. Paddock Pavilion, July 6 – 8, Noon – 7:00 P.M. Every presenting donor will receive a ticket to King’s Island, they’ll be served Stoker’s Broaster Chicken and will get a coupon for a free pint of Graeter’s ice cream (I recommend the Coconut Chip – forget about the carbs, it’s worth it) – which means you must go give blood. [Press Release]

For whatever reason, Greg Fischer is still trying to hide his campaign finance expenditures from the general public. But you can see the highlights on this very website. [The ‘Ville Voice]

$3 tolls each way? You betcha. [News & Tribune]

Vice President Joe Biden will join Rep. John Yarmuth in Louisville today at GE Appliance Park to discuss the Recovery Act. Todd Lally will inevitably act as if Yarmuth is running scared. [Press Release]

Want to know why some Democratic campaign staffers and advisers should have lost their jobs weeks ago? Jack Conway won’t be showing up for Joe Biden’s visit today. His campaign refused to say what his “scheduling conflict” is. And when there’s a legit scheduling conflict, there’s never a refusal like that. [Fox41 & Politico]

Hal Heiner will open his Southwestern Louisville campaign headquarters on July 1 at 5:00 P.M. Voters are encouraged to stop by for refreshments and conversation. 10648 Dixie Highway. [Email Blast]

Million-year-old (okay, 92) Senator Robert Byrd passed away. [NY Times, WaPo, Charleston Daily Mail, CBS, Politico]

This evening the Landmarks Commission will consider a request to preserve historic Whiskey Row downtown. [WFPL]

Todd Lally plans to protest Joe Biden’s appearance at a fundraiser for Baron Hill. Because that’s obviously what will move the 3rd District forward. [WHAS11]

Questions remain about the latest Kentucky League of Cities firing. [Page One]

Apparently Michelle hasn’t noticed our obsession with Nuts N Stuff. No, no pun intended. Because now she loves Nuts N Stuff, too. [Consuming Louisville]

Seeing this scaled architectural model of Downtown Louisville is always enjoyable for folks who love the city. But the video of Museum Plaza is a trip down memory lane, kinda. [Broken Sidewalk]

Friday Morning Dept Of Feigning Transparency

Greg Fischer says he’s going to focus on the end user of government. Can we really believe that, based on his campaign activity the past several months? [WAVE3]

Speaking of Fischer, did anyone catch that mayoral debate? Greg conveniently stopped talking about his faux Inc. Magazine award. [Deep Thoughts]

This morning at 10:00 A.M., Governor Steve Beshear will appear with the developers of Museum Plaza in Louisville to make a positive announcement. I hear MP is on a great financing path. You’ll hear more then. [Press Release & Sources]

Apparently Louisville ranks in the middle of a competitive city report. [WHAS11]

Sorry, but rumors didn’t start circulating about Museum Plaza minutes after a press release. The developers of the project started calling and emailing people to tease them. I support the project and want to see it built – badly – but let’s not act like there’s any more buzz than there really is. [Broken Sidewalk]

The Associated Press Stenography Service wrote another story about Rand Paul’s bailout balling last night. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Kentucky Refugee Ministries is a pretty cool organization. And you should read about it. [LEO Weekly]

Just a reminder that the silly Kentucky Youth Advocates event being held tomorrow is a waste of your time. [Page One]

And don’t forget that Greg Fischer is still preaching one thing on the transparency front while doing another. I.E., he likes transparency but goes out of his way to hide his campaign finance information. [The ‘Ville Voice]

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This week we discuss tip line bull from Metro Government that leads to private tip line drama, Jerry Abramson’s future as a non-mayor, Craig Greenberg, Greg Fischer, a Louisville Zoo exclusive, Robert Felner and leadership failures at the University of Louisville, the Courier-Journal’s lack of coverage, the Herald-Leader uncovering major spending scandals and more.

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