Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

This week we discuss Jason Stinson (no mention of his ridiculous religious statements), stupid rumors about Heather French Henry and the mayoral race (for the record, we did not hear from reliable source that she’s considering this race, not sure why that was said on television), something about Kentucky Kingdom and a roller coaster, yadda yadda, check it out.

It’s a shame Fox 41 felt the need to over-hype this stupid Heather French Henry rumor. How is a non-credible rumor – which we publicly attacked for being pure hilarity – more important than the Stinson case or any number of issues? Come on, Fox, let’s get real and quit it with the hype when it comes to doing the news. It’s not cool to do just because it’s “sexy” to discuss someone who used to work for you.

Still think they should hire Dan Spangler.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

The scary and literal poo flood that wreaked havoc all over Louisville, Jerry & Steve touring the city and smelling the poo, all the news that didn’t happen because of the poo flood, University of Louisville spending thousands upon thousands of dollars prosecuting nursing student Nina Yoder because she exercised her freedom of speech only to lose hard, and Metro Councilcritter President/Sometimes Mayoral Hopeful David Tandy’s little scandal. It’s all on the teevee this week.

Looks like David Tandy’s hot mess isn’t going away any time soon.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Covered all kinds of stuff on the teevee this morning. Jim Bunning, Jerry Abramson at Fancy Farm, the awesome Golden B.S. Awards (love love LOVED watching Candyce Clifft as she was forced to speak of golden excrement – oh, how Rick wishes this were his idea) and how to get involved, something boring about Valhalla and golf or whatever

We were wrong. WDRB didn’t learn during the intro that Rick is not just representing The ‘Ville Voice. But it’s a work in progress! Disappointing that Barry wasn’t forced to discuss poo.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee!

We’re back again this week. And my favorite part of the segment? When Barry Bernsen has no idea about these internet tubes and struggles through our domain names, not realizing that Rick didn’t uncover the Daniel Mongiardo shenanigans.

Check out the clip, though, as we hit on the Louisville mayoral race and the U.S. Senate mess. Dan Seum thinks he’s going to be mayor – all right for Republican failure. And we take the leaked strategery from Lt. Dan’s camp to the airwaves. Rick says it’s like UofL getting its hands on UK’s playbook before the big game. Ruh ro.

Ugh. Rick needs to be more scandalous. Or maybe I need to actually go do an on-camera. Gotta spice things up a bit for the early morning viewers.

In other news: WDRB/Fox41 is woah better than the CW. True story. But they still need to hire Dan Spangler.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice On TeeVee!

Told ya we’d be back after the new owners of the CW lost their marbles.

Jerry Abramson announces candidacy with Steve Beshear. Jim King, Greg Fischer, Steve Pence front-runners to be next mayor Kentucky’s largest city.

Next time WDRB will actually display both graphics. And maybe they’ll spice things up a little? (They should also hire Dan Spangler!)

Yay TV. Yay Fox41.

Dave and Freak Shows Canceled on CW

The local sports programming airing on WBKI-TV, the CW affiliate here, has been canceled. The last show of “Dave and Sports” with Dave Ragone aired this morning.

Dugan Ryan, the executive producer of the program, will host the final edition of what’s been known as “The Freak Show” tonight. Even though former host John Renshaw left the show in May, the 11:30 p.m. program has been airing with the same name with guest hosts.

There are no plans to continue the sports talk show lineup, which originated on radio more than tw0 years ago and moved to TV early this year.

“I think the market is underserved for sports talk,” said Ryan. “I’d like to find a way to get us back on the air.”

WBKI-TV will air a nationally-syndicated show, The Daily Buzz, for two hours daily beginning Monday at 7 a.m.  It will also debut the CW World Report at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

We’re Splitting with CW

The new owners of CW affiliate WBKI-TV, Iowa-based Fusion Communications, fired station manager and Louisville Live morning host Dan Spangler on Tuesday. Yesterday, they notified us, through Craig Hoffman, that they no longer want a ‘Ville Voice/Page One segment on the morning show.

Hoffman gave no specific reason for the change, mumbling something about the way new management always makes changes, that they’re adding some things and taking away some things, that it was nothing personal. That’s not exactly true.

Did it have anything to do with what we’ve been writing about changes at the station, I asked. Of course not, he said. I asked if it wasn’t because the new owners, who are publicity-shy and have refused requests for an interview, were bothered that we wrote about the upcoming cancellation of the morning and late-night locally-produced sports programs?

Maybe it was our affection for Spangler, the dispatched morning show host with whom we’ve been doing our on-air shtick for 15 months, never missing a single week.

The real reason may have been the way we criticized the new on-air talent, Adele Guarino-Sanders, who has been doing segments on the show this week. She has no TV experience, is awful on camera and when Googled brings up a trail of court cases in which she’s the defendant.

On Wednesday, Hoffman called to make sure that I was planning to show up for next Tuesday’s show. He said there might even be an expanded role for us and that he was considering other ways to expand our brand in station programming. 24 hours later, he called to say our segment was being discontinued.

Next week, Hoffman’s on vacation and Guarino-Sanders is scheduled to host the morning show. I told Hoffman on Wednesday that I’d show up, despite reservations about the host. He assured me it was just one week, to get through that, and he’d be back as the regular host the following week. But 24 hours later, Hoffman called to say everything was off.

There are no regrets. The show gave us a video outlet and brought new fans to the ‘Ville Voice and Page One. Spangler was an enthusiastic fan, and the segments just wouldn’t have worked without him. It was fun while it lasted.

The good news: Now we have time to work with other stations that have been angling for months to pull us on-air on a regular basis.

Freak…and Dave, Out at CW

The experiment that brought a couple of local sports radio shows to television on the CW is about to come to an end.

Calling it a business decision, Craig Hoffman said today that the two shows will be off the schedule by July 4. Hoffman, the station’s community relations director, said the station is discussing the idea of a new local sports show that would debut in late summer or early fall. That show, he said, could include a role for former University of Louisville QB turned media personality Dave Ragone.

“I would not be surprised to see him do something here down the road,” Hoffman said.

The current shows — Dave and Sports in the Morning (6-8 a.m.) and The Freak Show with John Renshaw (11:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.) — both suffered a loss of personnel recently. Renshaw left town unexpectedly in may, while Ragone’s broadcast partner, Scott Padgett, took a job on Coach John Calipari’s staff at UK.

Those shows were part of a broadcast agreement between the station and Dugan Ryan, who produced and sold the shows. Ryan said he’s interested in working toward an agreement with the station’s new owners about future programming.

The sports shows were canceled on radio last November when Cumulus Broadcasting changed formats of its 93.9 station, which had been all sports talk. They started doing the show from the CW studios in January.

CW Shafts Spangler; No More “Dan Show”

Dan Spangler, the WBKI station manager and host of the local morning show Louisville Live, was dismissed from both positions yesterday by the station’s new ownership group, Fusion Communications.

Spangler said that about 4:30 yesterday, he was told that he was being let go due to budgetary considerations and asked to leave immediately.

Craig Hoffman, a former WAVE-TV on-air reporter who filled in as host when Spangler was on a business trip a few weeks back, is expected to host the morning show today. Hoffman is a full-time staff member and producer at WBKI. We attempted to reach him and Fusion representative Dave McAnally without success last night.

We can’t confirm, at this point, if other station employees have lost their jobs, or tell you anything else about future programming. The station has begun airing CW World Report, a national news program for CW affiliates, at 5:30 p.m.

Fusion won the auction to buy the station and completed the deal in May, and we have reported that the station plans to move to the Kaden Tower in September.

Spangler has hosted the morning show since its inception in March 2008, at last count more than 300 shows. It expanded from 30 minutes to an hour  earlier this year. While it’s never done well ratings-wise, the show’s emphasis on local activities and people made it a staple of morning TV.

On a personal note, it’s sad to see someone who’s become not only a polished and smooth on-air personality, but a close friend, lose his job in such an unceremonious fashion. Dan’s enthusiasm for his guests and all things Louisville is contagious, and no matter what the future of the station, we’ll miss seeing him every week.

In the last few weeks, we’ve been kidding him about renaming the morning program “the Dan Show” — sort of an unofficial honorary title for a guy who’s always been humble and lacking in ego. Yesterday was Dan’s last appearance on the show.