Interesting Rumors Floating Out Of WBKI

I hear through the gayvine that after the telethon this past weekend, WBKI is walking away from its morning show and laying off another few people. Any other media types hearing this? I’ve gotten it from a few people from different walks of life.

All this is on top of the station’s recent application to sell off LPTV translator sites, which imperils WBKI’s viewership attribution in the Louisville market. (The exclusion of Taylor & Marion counties from the Louisville MSA/CSA didn’t help matters.)

WAVE3 Makes A Super-Pricey Move

From WAVE3:

Jean West is the new Sunrise anchor.

You know she doesn’t come cheap.

Wonder what the folks at WHAS11 think?

I’m personally glad to see her back on the teevee tubes that people actually watch.

Additional thoughts: Is WAVE bringing Jean in to eventually replace Janelle? Like, say, a few months or a year down the road? We love Janelle, but it seems likely.

I mean, why hire someone of such stature if you don’t want to eventually make them the top dog?

P.S. I’m super-glad for Jean because of this.

Interesting Local Television Rumors Floating

We hear through the newsie vine that Ray D’Alessio is leaving WAVE3 Sunrise. It seems like he just got here a few minutes ago. I sent to a message to Ray but haven’t yet received a response.

Could this explain why Eric Flack (thanks to the dozen or so WAVE folks who sent this in) is allegedly coming back to the station after a stint in Cincinnati?

Fun times in morning news.

New 84WHAS Mid-Day Host Coming

The name of the person taking over as host of the mid-day show (Francene’s 9AM – Noon spot) on 84WHAS will be announced today at 3:00 P.M.

And that strongly opinionated and interesting character (with quite the background) will be the focus of an interview with Terry Meiners at 4:10 P.M. today.

So be sure to tune in to 840AM and at 3:00 & 4:10 this afternoon.

While no one will ever be able to fill Francene’s shoes (I’m obviously biased), I am pretty excited to hear the news.

Dan Spangler Sues Station for Discrimination

Remember Dan Spangler, former host of Louisville Live on WBKI? (We were a part of that fancy teevee program for a while – Julie Smith of Southern Belles fame is now the host)

Spangler was oddly canned from the station in June after helping to lead the station through a number of successes. Then the station’s new management/ownership severed ties with anyone remotely critical of them.

That was months ago.

I discovered this morning that Spangler is suing Louisville TV Group and Fusion Communications, his now-former bosses. And thanks to a tipster, I just got my hands on the court documents in which Spangler makes some pretty alarming allegations, so let’s dig in to the juicy, juicy…

13. Naturally, when Fusion purchased WBKI, Mr. Spangler wanted an assurance that he would be kept with the station he had been involved with for over ten years. During the negotiations of Fusion’s purchase of the station from Cascade Broadcasting, David McAnally, President of Fusion, assured the then CEO of Cascade Broadcasting, Carol LaFever, that there would be no need to include a mandatory carry-forward agreement for Mr. Spangler in the purchase agreement because Mr. McAnally and Fusion loved Mr. Spangler’s work and intended to keep him at the station into the future. In fact, Mr. McAnally indicated to Ms. LaFever that Fusion wanted Mr. Spangler to eventually become the Marketing Director of all of the Fusion-owned stations.

14. The assurances of job security made by Mr. McAnally and Fusion were related to Mr. Spangler and Mr. Spangler relied upon these assurances and remained at the station after the purchase by Fusion.

15. After Fusion took over the station, Mr. Spanger assumed the role of Station Manager, in addition to continuing hosting duties on the local morning show, Louisville Life This Morning. As in the past, Mr. Spanger excelled at this duties.

16. Shortly after Fusion took over the station it became clear that Mr. McAnally and Jeff Lyle, a managing partner of FUsion and Louisville TV, became intensely interesting in Mr. Spangler’s religion.

17. In early May 2009, Mr. Spangler was riding back from lunch with Terry Glaser, WBKI’s General Sales Manager, and Jeff Lyle. During the car ride Mr. Lyle asked Mr. Spangler and Mr. Glaser, point blank, what their religions were. Mr. Spangler, naturally, was shocked that one of his bosses would ask such an intensely personal and prying question. There was a long pause after Mr. Lyle asked the question, to which Mr. Spangler responded that he was a “non-practicing catholic.”

18. Only minutes before this question, during the same car ride, Mr. Spangler had related a anecdote to Mr. Glaser and Mr. Lyle about his first day on a job he once had in New Orleans. Mr. Spangler had explained that despite living across the street from his new place of work he was almost late to his first day of work due to slow service at a nearby restaurant. Mr. Lyle responded to the story by saying that it sounded like the water was on “CPT.” There was a pause and Mr. Lyle went on to say that “CPT” stood for “colored people time.” During his story Mr. Spangler had never mentioned the race of his server. Apparently, Mr. Lyle had assumed that the slow service Mr. Spangler experienced was due to an African-American waiter and used the offensive racial slur “colored people time” to explain his opinion of why the service was slow.

Something tells me you’re going to want to read the rest of these excerpts after the jump…

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