Let’s Have Greg Fischer Video Flashback Time

People are coming up to us left and right, exasperated that Greg Fischer has bungled Louisville Metro Animal Services for so badly.

Folks who just can’t figure out what went wrong. People who have been snowed — but are no longer — by the cheerleader schtick originally perfected in Possibility City by Jerry Abramson.

Regular readers knew who Greg Fischer was and what he would do way back in 2008. Rather than link you to a bunch of boring stories, let’s just flip through some quick video flashbacks.

We knew who he was when he hired an actress to slime Bruce Lunsford… because he couldn’t get anyone to disparage him with questionable material without paying them:

We knew who he was when he claimed to treat everyone equally, to be compassionate:

We knew who he was when he claimed (starting at about 2:30) he was the second coming, that everybody loved him, he was a successful problem solver:

We knew who Greg was when he hypocritically attacked Lunsford for contributing to Republicans:

We knew who Greg Fischer was when Bruce Lunsford called him out on his hypocrisy:

He lost to Lunsford.

Then Greg resurfaced in 2010 to run for mayor. His new claim to fame? Depending upon the day, he either invented or co-invented an ice machine:

Of course we later discovered that he not only didn’t invent anything, he wasn’t even present when the guy (who originally owned the patent) created the metal plate (not an actual machine) used to dispense ice. We knew who he was then.

He’d even claimed to be an award winner, which, well… we also discovered was another Fischer myth:

We knew who Greg was when Jim King — of all people! — tried to warn the city:

King tried again:

There were so many red flags that nearly every one of Fischer’s Democratic opponents in the mayoral primary endorsed his bigoted, right-wing extremist opponent:

But the puppies and rainbows set were enthralled with Greg. He was anointed mayor, thanks to the old money that runs the good old boy network.

We knew trouble was around the bend, sadly, and it didn’t take long for Metro Animal Services nightmares to re-surface under Greg.

First up was a budgetary mess, despite Fischer’s claim of being a budget champion. His CFO, Steve Rowland (you already know him) was there to angrily spin for him, flying spittle and all:

Way back then in 2011, Kelly Downard was having none of the nonsense and excuses:

Unfortunately, Tina Ward-Pugh was snowed a few years ago, loosely defending the people who made matters much worse:

Thank goodness the councilwoman has come to her senses.

Back to the original point…

Fischer’s one to tell people about actions speaking louder than words. You’ve heard his words. You’ve seen his actions.

Fischer also loves to tell you how compassionate he is:


He made the above image his profile photo on every social media platform his office uses just hours after the Sadie scandal became a big deal.

For anyone feigning surprise that Greg Fischer has bungled LMAS since day one? The writing was on the wall years before you elected him mayor. It’s only gotten worse sense then. It’s well-documented. None of it is secret. You can read all about it. There are even hundreds of videos to watch if you don’t feel like reading.

Anyone mortified and shocked that Fischer’s henchwoman, Sadiqa Reynolds, along with his other top folks, have played pat-a-cake with the agency? It’s probably time to pay a bit more attention, probably time to demand accountability instead of lip service, whitewashing and schadenfreude.

Yet Another Greg Fischer Flashback Moment

Here’s what a press release from Greg Fischer’s mayoral campaign said in 2010:

Fischer pledged to the group of law enforcement, criminal justice, business and community leaders present to be a “visible and strong supporter of police, prosecutors, courts, corrections, and our criminal justice personnel” and to “ensure our criminal justice agencies have the resources they need to effectively prevent and respond to crime.”

How’d that play out for him?

Any thoughts?

Another Greg Fischer Flashback Moment

In 2010, Greg Fischer claimed he would:



  • Organize a design workshop to discuss green infrastructure strategies that MSD, Metro Government, and our neighboring communities can adopt to address storm water issues and the requirements of the consent decree
  • Explore new energy alternatives ranging from the purchase of LG&E as a public utility to low-impact hydroelectric power from the Ohio River, to the expanded use of methane from the Waste Management-Outer Loop Landfill as a fuel source

These flashbacks are… telling.

Yes, Kids, it’s Greg Fischer Flashback Time!

Here’s what Greg Fischer had to say about $3 tolls being too expensive while he was running for mayor:


Text: “We need to build the bridges an to create the thousands of jobs that come with it — but a $3 toll is simple too much.”

Interesting how his tune changed once he got into office. $8 and $12 tolls suddenly weren’t too expensive for him.

And where are those thousands of jobs?

Possibility City!

Fischer’s Crew Violated Campaign Finance Law

You’ve read us for several years and now you’ve got the chance to help create our new ad-free project. Your contribution can be public or private (but you have to tell us in writing that you want it to be public) – it’s up to you. [Our New Project]

Greg Fischer’s top dog, Tommy Elliott, should be found in violation of campaign finance law, says the KREF. Tommy’s the head of Kentucky Retirement Systems’ board, as well. THAT’S the guy in charge, folks. That’s the guy. That said – Emily Dennis dragged her feet with the Steve Henry case, half-assing everything and she’s doing the same again. Even Marty Cogan thinks it’s a joke. And if you think having Steve Beshear’s son represent Elliott isn’t a major conflict of interest, you’re living on another planet. [C-J/AKN]

Sadly, yet another person has drowned in the Ohio River. What a terrible way to die. [WAVE3]

How about another reason allowing your tax dollars to pay for an event with the mayor of Sacramento is crazy? Haha, yeah, here you go. [Click the Clicky]

Quick, let’s everybody freak out over the Ohio River Bridges Debacle on the teevee. Because that hasn’t been happening every week for several decades. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Here’s yet another story about the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. Because you know you need one. [WFPL]

The Herald-Leader is making another round of cuts to its work force and will ask employees to take one week of furlough before the end of the year — the second such furlough this year. [H-L]

Does this sound like a fun way to spend your day at work? A Louisville Water Company employee was rescued Monday morning after falling into a manhole. [WHAS11]

You apparently can’t even ride a TARC bus in Louisville these days without getting shot to death. [WLEX18]

Residents of La Grange will decide today if the Oldham County community should allow more alcohol sales at restaurants and open the door for liquor stores in the city. [Business First]

The daughter of a 66-year-old man charged with rape spoke out Monday, but not in his defense. [WLKY]

What kind of news does your oh-so-objective radio station focus on today? A piece about CFL light bulbs harming your skin and Mittens Romney’s controversial work history allegedly being amazing. [84WHAS Here & Here]

Important Microwave Zapping Sexpert Arrested

What a sad week. Former mayoral candidate and important microwave zapping sexpert Connie Marshall (here & here) was arrested yesterday after leading police on a pursuit and dragging an officer with her car.

She was apparently trying to file trespassing charges against LG&E (please, hold your laughter, this is Connie Marshall we’re talking about).

Here’s the story about Connie’s brave stand from WHAS11:

Just this March she was in Washington, D.C. telling a presidential commission that she had never been involved in any criminal activity:

That wasn’t true for long.

Maybe LG&E was trying to “zap her booty” with “microwaves”?

The world may never know.

Ohio River Bridges Debacle Jobs Reality: Meh

Greg Fischer ran on a platform of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

But when you take a look at page 300 of the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Warning: Massive External PDF Link), you learn:

“As shown, construction of the LSIORB Project would result in a shift in permanent employment within the LMPA, and a decrease of 78 in total employment over the No-Action Alternative. By the year 2030, a shift of almost 12,000 employees from Kentucky into Indiana could potentially occur as a result of the project. It is anticipated that these employees would shift away from Jefferson and Oldham counties and move into Clark and Floyd counties.”

Interesting how that works.

Guess that’s more of that professed “transparency.”

Fischer Continues Trail Of Campaign Finance Lies

Still remember Greg Fischer’s latest campaign finance mess? The one where he’s lied umpteen times to the press about inaugural fund contributions from Bruce Lunsford and Ed Hart? The funds he and his people pulled a bait-and-switch with to use as campaign contributions to retire Greg’s personal debt?

Here’s your refresher:

  • Fischer’s Crew Still Don’t Get Campaign Finance [January 13]
  • A Greg Fischer Prediction… [January 20]
  • More On Fischer-KREF-Elliott-Corruption Mess [January 20]

His inaugural account filed amendments for its December 2010 and March 2011 Quarterly reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance last week:

Still no mention of the contributions from Bruce Lunsford or Ed Hart.

So it’s clear Greg Fischer is continuing to illegally handle those funds.

If this ever gets to court? A judge looks at it and says, “Uh, you corrected other problems but not these glaring issues backed up with a paper trail? You’re a Steve Henry-style criminal.”

It’s time for Jack Conway to appoint a special prosecutor in this case so the Kentucky State Police Special Investigations Unit can dig in.