Ruh Ro: Mandy Connell On The Tweetvestigation

Last week, 84WHAS mid-day host Mandy Connell, had something rather interesting to say and outrage ensued.

Last night, LEO Weekly’s Phillip Bailey went on a Twitter Inspectigation that we thought was potentially very interesting.

This morning, however, Connell responded on her radio program. Give the segment a listen:


For those of you who can’t listen at work, here’s a rough transcript:

Mandy Connell: 84 WHAS! Howdy doo, everybody, it’s me, Mandy, and welcome to another addition of the really big show. And boy, you know, you can tell it’s a slow news cycle right now, because the stupidity of the stories out there is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing.


I wanna start the show by talking about something that happened last Thursday because that was the starting off point for all of this, the nonsense that’s coming down the pike right now. Uh, last Thursday — last Wednesday, actually — I said, uh, I used a phrase that I just, I still don’t know why those words came out of my mouth. It was inappropriate. On Thursday I apologized. Cause I meant it.

And now that incident is being used as a jumping off point by some by some of the local media, who are doing things so preposterous in an effort to paint me as this bitter, angry racist, that I just can’t let it go without comment.

Now, my tweets have been mined as part of a tweetvestigation by a local blogger for a, for a local magazine. And in his tweetvestigation he went back through all – I think I’ve tweeted 375, 376 tweets in my entire tweet career, which I believe goes back to maybe February of 09, I don’t remember when I started the Twitter thing. I was really, I was an active Twitterer for a long time, I haven’t been tweeting lately, I’ve just been busy. But I am very proud of my tweeting because I do some of my best comedy in 140 characters or less.

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Amazon-Owned Publisher Censors Local Author

In late January I shared news that Todd Eklof released an interesting new book. It’s called A Gospel for Liberals: Considering the historical Jesus in light of today’s most controversial social issues. It’s nothing short of controversial (suggesting Jesus was a Democrat is so scary, apparently) but it’s definitely not the first book to suggest Jesus would vote a particular partisan bent.

But check this out– the publishing company he used decided to essentially censor him.

CreateSpace, an company, received payment for promotional services and the staff spent several weeks ironing out a press release and promotional strategy with Eklof. And the company took issue with the book’s content, saying in an email to Eklof, “We try to stay away from controversial subjects in headlines and also did not incorporate the phrase Jesus’ followers.” Pretty milquetoast, eh? The two parties came to an agreement and settled on acceptable language in the release and CreateSpace assured Eklof it would be sent in early March.

Nothing happened. Eklof contacted the company and was again assured his release would be sent. “Your press release is currently in the distribution queue and we will be distributing within the next two weeks.” Then two weeks went by and eyebrows were raised.

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