Put the Lunsford Rumor to Bed

Here’s the deal, folks: Joe Gerth was incorrect (he was misled?) on Comment on Kentucky. There are no indicators that Bruce Lunsford is running for mayor of Louisville.

That’s a rumor that was started by a political campaign manager-type (when he thought his candidate was a goner – even though he denies it) by calling a reporter a couple weeks ago. It then spread to the West End of Louisville and throughout gossip circles to the Fischer Camp, where a few folks got nervous and spread it even further.

So, dear journalists, can we leave the rumormongering up to ME and you kids just stick to what you know?


(I think Bruce would make a great mayor – but why the hell would he want to wade into THAT mess?)

Ooh, Ahh, We’re The Best

You Gotta Go: LEO’s Reader’s Choice Awards next Thursday downtown. Even if you’re not going to win anything. Because they’re going to have some dude there who hangs by his hair. From a trapeze. Not kidding. But the big news is WE ARE WINNING SOMETHING. . . 


Jake and I will work on an acceptance speech this weekend.

Silly Pills: Somebody mixed a silly pill in with my flu meds. Why else did I think this was funny? [Wil Show]

Board the Titanic: 22 million people have seen this Titanic exhibit, so when it comes to town Oct. 3, you don’t want to miss it.  It’s at the Louisville Science Center. Tickets are on sale now. [Titanic]

Looking for Lexie: A feature film called “Bluegrass Run,” produced by a local group, Trinity Angels Productions, has an open casting call tomorrow for the part of Lexie, a precocious 10-year-old girl. It’s from 4-8 at Horseshoe Casino. [Ky. Film Office]

Bookish: I still read books. Right now I’m just starting “The Guinea Pig Diaries” by A.J. Jacobs, who’s coming to the Idea Festival. LEO’s Phillip Bailey got to interview him about his books on reading the encyclopedia and living Biblically for a year. Funny funny funny. [LEO]

Always Plead Not Guilty: Even when the evidence is stacked against you, even if you’re Steve Nunn. At least the Fayette County judge didn’t let him post bond, so he’ll spend the weekend in jail, by himself, with mental health professionals watching his every move. Wonder if he’ll ask about watching the football game?  [Page One]

Today’s Media Birthday: It’s WHAS Radio’s Tony Cruise, hitting the Big 5-0.

What to Watch on TV This Weekend: Tonight’s Comment on Kentucky, Steve Nunn edition, on KET at 8. Animal Planet’s “Jockeys” will have more local footage at 9. There’s the U of L vs. UK football game at Noon on Saturday. Sunday night is the premier of new episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO. Yes, I’ll come over and watch it with you.

And on Monday: If you’re in Lexington, the local SPJ chapter is hosting a discussion of coverage of the Rick Pitino/Karen Sypher scandal with three reporters in the middle of it all — the Herald-Leader’s Mark Story, the C-J’s Andy Wolfson and Candyce Clifft of Fox41. [H-L]

See you at the Gaslight Festival.

Something to Look Forward To

Ahhh. Friday. Hope to be knocking back a few with Dr. Ramsey tonight at the Parents Reception over at U of L, as long as I’ve not been declared a persona non grata.

Last Call for Comedy: We’ve still got room for you Sunday. Get in touch with me through the site, or Facebook, and come see Marty Pollio with us, FOR FREE, Sunday night.

We Need Anger: I missed this campaign in 2006, but fortunately Chris Anger, a local comedian, is considering running for Mayor again in 2010. Just gotta get a Vote with Anger t-shirt.  Anger is part of the an event in Irish Hill tonight and tomorrow that includes a history lesson from Tom Owen. Check it out. [Anger]

Get On Your Horse: I know it’s airing Friday night at 10, but still, if you’re home, turn to Animal Planet (insight 60) to see the first new episode of the reality series, Jockeys.

More Politics to Watch: Tonight’s Comment on Kentucky features Jack Brammer of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Adam Walser from WHAS-TV and Stephenie Steitzer of the C-J.

What? Wayside Christian Mission, which just said it has plans to move into Hotel Louisville by November, filed an appeal related to a BOZA decision related to its pursuit of the Mercy Academy building. How about a little focus? [C-J]

Hurry Car Buyers: Imagine the traffic at local car dealerships this weekend. Cash for Clunkers, and business for car dealers, ends Monday. [WaPo]

That’s all we got, Have fun at the Fair!

It’s Our Weekly TGIF Edition

Senate Approves Barzun, Northup: We’re happy that Matthew Barzun is going to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. Less enthused about Anne Northup getting a new job as a commissioner of the Consumer Product and Safety Commission. Both were approved by the Senate today. [Courier]

At least they’re being nice: The local GOP is publicizing a John Yarmuth protest Monday over the Congressman’s leadership on health care. The release on it asks protesters to be professional, focused and respectful at the event outside Yarmuth’s downtown office.

Chapter 1: U of L Professor John R. Hale gets the first chapter of his new book, Lords of the Sea, in the big paper. It’s about ancient Athens. [NYTimes]

So Maybe This Proves He was Just a Jerk: Ex-PRP Coach Jason Stinson’s trial starts later this month, and today the C-J got hold of  a deposition from a player who said Stinson was really mad during that practice, but that he didn’t deny players water. “Ding, Ding, We’ve Got a Winner” is what the player said Stinson said when he raised his hand to quit. [Courier]

Commenting on . . .: Tonight on Comment, it’s the C-J’s Stephanie Steitzer, along with Owen Covington of Owensboro and Roger Alford of the AP. And the Conway “Son-of-a-bitch” controversy lives on.

No More Poop: This weekend, go back and look at all the great nominations for our Golden Poo Awards. You might have forgotten somebody. [Golden Poo]

Time for a Beer Summit

I’m with the cop – a Blue Moon, please.

Where Rudeness Rules: Treating elected officials poorly is a big sport at Fancy Farm, where up to six U.S. Senate candidates may speak to the 10,000 folks sweating themselves over barbecue dinner. WAVE and WHAS will be there, so reward them for making the trip by watching their reports. Here’s a link to Ronnie Ellis’ preview. [Ellis]

Therefore, On Comment: Back in the studio, it’s John Stamper of the Herald-Leader and Debby Yetter of the C-J on Comment on Kentucky. They’ll chat by phone with Paducah’s Bill Bartleman down at Fancy Farm. But you’re probably doing something else. It’s on KET at 8.

What’s Up With That?: Suddenly Anne Northup is an expert on consumer products and safety. That must be why Mitch McConnell got the President to pick her as a new CPSC commissioner. [Courier]

Sypher News: Some poor schmuck attorney is getting Karen Sypher as a new client today, courtesy of the government. Another round of Sypher footage on TV news. How do you feel about paying for her defense?

Vietnamese Cuisine Back on Bardstown: Cafe Mimosa, which burned down in January, is making a comeback at a new location. [Eats]

Your Lead Story Tonight: They convicted the crazy Indiana woman who shot a guy on a motorcycle just ‘cuz she was filled with road rage.

Those Controversial Listings: The Kings of LEO have heard enough of the complaining. Starting with the Aug. 19 issue, they’ll bring back the Plugged In listings they cut earlier this year.

And Go Back for More Poo: When you have some time this weekend, take a lot at some of the great responses we’ve gotten for our Golden Poo awards. [Golden Poo]

Fancy Farm: Going or Not?

It used to be a no-brainer on the first weekend in August. Every political reporter in Kentucky spent the weekend in western Kentucky and got familiar with barbecue, the heat and heated politics.

That was before media started watching their pennies and foregoing most travel. And while the prospect of seeing what Jerry Abramson will do at Fancy Farm, and hearing what is likely the true start of the Republican primary for Jim Bunning’s seat, may be enticing, not every media outlet will be there.

KET, the statewide organization that most consistently broadcasts news about political races, won’t be doing any live coverage this year. KET’s Tim Bischoff says the fact that it’s not an election year led to KET’s decision to pass on live coverage. He said the network also skipped the picnic in 2005 and 2006. He said KET’s Bill Goodman will be covering the event as a reporter, and his Monday show will focus on the event.

Among local stations, Fox41 is passing on the festivities. News director Barry Fulmer said it was a big expense at a time when there was little fat in the budget. However, WHAS-TV news director Genie Garner said her station would be sending reporter Melanie Kahn and a crew to file reports from the picnic site. At WAVE-TV, reporter Marisela Burgos is, like Kahn, going to experience the drama of Fancy Farm for the first time.

So it will likely be worth watching the weekend news on WAVE and WHAS to see how Kahn and Burgos get along down there.

As of this moment, WLKY-TV had not made a decision on its plans for Fancy Farm coverage.