Barry Bernson’s History Doc Airing On KET

We hear Barry Bernson’s working on a documentary about Kentucky history that’s set to air on KET sometime in 2014. According to him, it’s a one-hour piece, in “Bernson’s Corner” style, that is written, produced and hosted by him. Should be good stuff!

It’s titled “A History of Kentucky in 25 Objects” and production is under way. Award-winning videographer Mark Crowner and Alanna Nash are part of the team.

Thought it’d be a good idea to share this with readers. Especially now that KET content is available through the PBS applications on AppleTV and iOS.

KET Tackles Teen Suicide Prevention Tonight

Tonight at 9:00 P.M. Eastern, KET will air Before It’s Too Late: Preventing Teen Suicide.

From KET:

On the program, family members who have been directly impacted by teen suicide share their stories, and experts provide advice for those who fear a teen they know may be considering suicide. Before It’s Too Late explores cyberbullying, depression, the warning signs of suicide and new legislation designed to prevent teen suicide. The program also visits an innovative suicide prevention workshop at Mercer County High School.

Guests on the program include David Marshall, director of secondary education for the Bullitt County Public School System; Sheila Stanton, co-founder of Make a Difference for Kids Inc., which promotes awareness and prevention of cyberbullying and suicide; Jan Ulrich, youth suicide prevention marketing specialist for the Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health; and Michael McFarland, licensed marriage and family therapist and former Kentucky state suicide prevention coordinator. Stanton and Ulrich also represent family members who have lost a loved one to suicide.

The program will also be streamed live on KET’s website.

At a time when 15.1% of Kentucky high schoolers say they’ve seriously considered suicide, you’ve got no excuse for missing it.

Beshear Does Major Flip-Flopping On SB 1

A couple days ago I may have mentioned my frustration with the Transforming Education in Kentucky talks. It’s pretty easy to understand why after discovering how deeply involved both Sylvia Lovely and Helen Mountjoy are in the so-called transformation.

But after last night’s forum? I’m struck by just how ridiculous the entire affair was.

Steve Beshear spent plenty of time praising Senate Bill 1:

You may view the entire hour-long program by clicking here.

And that necessitates a trip down the Papaw Beshear wormhole to a time when he and the infamous Helen Mountjoy were trashing SB1 left and right.

Here’s a press release from Wednesday, March 5, 2008…

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story…

Lots From Louisville Make Higher Ed Boards

Have you seen Governor Steve Beshear’s list of latest higher education appointments?

Get a load at the number of Louisville supporters he’s put on boards and such.

“Education and economic development are two of the highest priorities of my administration, and that is why it is critical that we continue to appoint talented people to serve in these board positions,” said Gov. Beshear. “The people who will serve these colleges and universities have a great responsibility – to help guide higher education for thousands of students across the state, which in turn shapes our future workforce and economic success in Kentucky.”

Let’s take a look at the list:

Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Ernest Matt House, London, Healthcare CEO
  • Appoint: David W. Tandy, Louisville, attorney/councilcritter

Kentucky State University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: David J. Guarnieri, Frankfort, attorney
  • Reappoint: Charles Whitehead, Villa Hills, attorney

Morehead State University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Patrick E. Price, Flemingsburg, attorney
  • Appoint: David V. Hawpe, Louisville, retired Courier-Journal “journalist”

Murray State University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton, Moreland Hills, president of Cuyahoga Community College
  • Appoint: Harry Lee Waterfield II, Frankfort, life insurance executive
  • Appoint: Mrs. Susan Shaffer Guess, Paducah, marketing director for Paducah Bank

Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Thompson, Nicholasville, attorney
  • Appoint: Nathaniel G. SMith, Ft. Mitchell, partner at SSK Communities

University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

  • Appoint: William Stamps Farish Jr., Versailles, horse breeder
  • Appoint: Oliver Keith Gannon, Mt. Sterling, self-employed businessman
  • Appoint: Terry Mobley, Lexington, representing alumni

University of Louisville Board of Trustees

  • Appoint: Mrs. August Brown Holland, Louisville, developer
  • Appoint: Robert Walton Rounsavall III, Prospect, business exec with Dixie Real Properties LLC
  • Reappoint: Marie K. Abrams, Prospect, representing alumni

Western Kentucky University Board of Regents

  • Reappoint: Melissa B. Dennison, Glasgow, pediatrician
  • Reappoint: Laurence J. Zielke, Louisville, attorney

Kentucky Authority for Education Television

  • Reappoint: Angela Dixon Cain, Walton, homemaker
  • Reappoint: Laura Brewer Ladd, Lexington, interior designer

Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Carl Ronald James, Paducah, river industry exec

Higher Education Assistance Authority Board of Directors

  • Appoint: Lawrence L. Jones II, Propsect, attorney
  • Appoint: Becky Ruth Lamb, Prospect, director of Humana National Network Operations
  • Appoint: Lisa Ann Payne, Prospect, economic development leader at E.ON US
  • Appoint: Carla A. Blanton, Lexington, PR consultant

Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

  • Appoint: Dennis M. Jackson, Paducah, Paducah Public School administrator
  • Reappoint: Marcia Milby Ridings, London, attorney

Which one sticks out like a sore thumb for you folks?

It’s a literal who’s who of Beshear supporters.

Candidates Should Give Back Dirty Contributions

Transfer stats show JCPS students are mostly staying put. [Toni Konz]

Today at 10:30 A.M. John Yarmuth will join Joe Meyer, Secretary of the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, and Shae Hopkins, Director & CEO of KET, to make a “major legislative initiative” announcement. The federal legislation they’ll discuss will apparently “help better prepare Americans for the workforce.” [Media Advisory]

Mayor McCheese’s hike and bike drew thousands of folks downtown on Memorial Day. [WHAS11]

Metro Council’s budget hearings begin today and everybody gets to complain about whatever they want. [C-J]

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to John Yarmuth’s first victory over Anne Northup. [CQ Politics]

Guess Sheppard Square isn’t going to get torn down any time soon. Now that a $22 million request has been denied by the feds. [Fat Lip]

Acts have been named for this year’s Independence Festival on the Waterfront. [WAVE3]

The big city newspaper editorial board recognizing the insanity of Rand Paul’s opposition to the constitution. [C-J]

Is anybody shocked that the budgeting process in Frankfort was stifled by egomaniacal loons? Of course not. [H-L]

Jack Conway and everybody else should give back any contributions they have received from BP or BP employees/spouses. And Rand Paul needs to return racist contributions – something his father refused to do. Posthaste. [Marion County Line]

3rd District Republican U.S. Congressional Candidates Talk 2012 Presidential Hopefuls

On Monday, April 12, Republicans running for the 3rd U.S. Congressional nod appeared on KET’s Kentucky Tonight with Bill Goodman. During the icebreaker portion of the show, the four candidates told Goodman where their presidential allegiances currently lie.

Take a look:

Click here to view the program in KET’s archive.

Brooks Wicker said he’d vote for Mitt Romney. Jeff Reetz said he, too, would support Mitt Romney. Todd Lally gave the best answer, in my opinion, by saying he’d like to see new blood get into the game. But Larry Hausman gave the craziest, most troubling answer: Mike Pence… and if not pence, Newt Gingrich. Hahaha.

And that, friends, caused me to laugh out loud.

Put the Lunsford Rumor to Bed

Here’s the deal, folks: Joe Gerth was incorrect (he was misled?) on Comment on Kentucky. There are no indicators that Bruce Lunsford is running for mayor of Louisville.

That’s a rumor that was started by a political campaign manager-type (when he thought his candidate was a goner – even though he denies it) by calling a reporter a couple weeks ago. It then spread to the West End of Louisville and throughout gossip circles to the Fischer Camp, where a few folks got nervous and spread it even further.

So, dear journalists, can we leave the rumormongering up to ME and you kids just stick to what you know?


(I think Bruce would make a great mayor – but why the hell would he want to wade into THAT mess?)

Ooh, Ahh, We’re The Best

You Gotta Go: LEO’s Reader’s Choice Awards next Thursday downtown. Even if you’re not going to win anything. Because they’re going to have some dude there who hangs by his hair. From a trapeze. Not kidding. But the big news is WE ARE WINNING SOMETHING. . . 


Jake and I will work on an acceptance speech this weekend.

Silly Pills: Somebody mixed a silly pill in with my flu meds. Why else did I think this was funny? [Wil Show]

Board the Titanic: 22 million people have seen this Titanic exhibit, so when it comes to town Oct. 3, you don’t want to miss it.  It’s at the Louisville Science Center. Tickets are on sale now. [Titanic]

Looking for Lexie: A feature film called “Bluegrass Run,” produced by a local group, Trinity Angels Productions, has an open casting call tomorrow for the part of Lexie, a precocious 10-year-old girl. It’s from 4-8 at Horseshoe Casino. [Ky. Film Office]

Bookish: I still read books. Right now I’m just starting “The Guinea Pig Diaries” by A.J. Jacobs, who’s coming to the Idea Festival. LEO’s Phillip Bailey got to interview him about his books on reading the encyclopedia and living Biblically for a year. Funny funny funny. [LEO]

Always Plead Not Guilty: Even when the evidence is stacked against you, even if you’re Steve Nunn. At least the Fayette County judge didn’t let him post bond, so he’ll spend the weekend in jail, by himself, with mental health professionals watching his every move. Wonder if he’ll ask about watching the football game?  [Page One]

Today’s Media Birthday: It’s WHAS Radio’s Tony Cruise, hitting the Big 5-0.

What to Watch on TV This Weekend: Tonight’s Comment on Kentucky, Steve Nunn edition, on KET at 8. Animal Planet’s “Jockeys” will have more local footage at 9. There’s the U of L vs. UK football game at Noon on Saturday. Sunday night is the premier of new episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO. Yes, I’ll come over and watch it with you.

And on Monday: If you’re in Lexington, the local SPJ chapter is hosting a discussion of coverage of the Rick Pitino/Karen Sypher scandal with three reporters in the middle of it all — the Herald-Leader’s Mark Story, the C-J’s Andy Wolfson and Candyce Clifft of Fox41. [H-L]

See you at the Gaslight Festival.