City Is Flooded With Bridges Talk All The Sudden

HA! Just a couple hours after the federal government announced a sweeping review of the Ohio River Bridges Debacle was necessary, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet sent out a press release stating that Kentucky and Indiana will seek federal approval to begin building the bridges next year. [Press Release]

It’s a shame Frankfort still wants to force a woman to have a seance with her fetus. Typical insecure male thing to do. [H-L]

The Bridges Debacle “Forum” begins tomorrow. You excited? Mortified? [WFPL]

Preservationists want Metro Council to help save Whiskey Row. And Greg Fischer’s month gets even more difficult. [FatLip]

Have you seen this story of a Murray State University professor essentially telling an African American student she should be whipped like a slave? [Page One]

Today Congressman John Yarmuth and other members of the Congressional Health Care Caucus will take part in a roundtable discussion with Dr. Susan Collins of the National Institutes of Health. They’ll talk about recent scientific and treatment breakthroughs. [Press Release]

Louisville achieved a top ten ranking for independent retail vitality in a report published by Civic Economics and the American Booksellers Association. [Warning: External PDF]

One local media outlet is questioning whether Brent McKim should be involved in the search for a new superintending of Jefferson County Public Schools. [WAVE3]

Fayette County Public Schools are going through their own search for a new superintendent. But FCPS promises to keep the search open and free of past mistakes. I know, doesn’t sound remotely familiar to what’s going on in Louisville. [H-L]

An anti-immigration zealot in Arizona was convicted of killing a nine-year-old girl and her father. [HuffPo]

You should immediately check out these photographs from the University of Louisville. Because Louisville’s history is terrific. [Consuming Louisville]

This Is A Very Important Fairdale Bigfoot Update

Fairdale Bigfoot, a fuzzy guy we’d like to take credit for introducing to the internets, on the Twitter, has a thing he loves about Louisville:

But, of all of Colonel Sanders’s creatures, Fairdale Bigfoot most loves the humans.

Yes, the humans of Louisville. That is what Fairdale Bigfoot loves. He loves the way they hunt for him, not in the woods among the rocks and trees, but online, among @rocks and @trees. They send him messages on Twitter, despite the fact that Fairdale Bigfoot hasn’t tweeted in weeks. Before Fairdale Bigfoot retired, humans asked for his advice on personal matters. Heck, a few lost souls out there probably even cast a ballot for Fairdale Bigfoot in the mayor’s race, effectively destroying democracy in the process.

Thank you humans, from Beleaguered in Buechel to Pondering in Portland. Thank you for writing in for an entire year, long after the joke became stale. Thank you for trusting a woodland beast with your dark secrets, ethical quandaries, and questions about inconsistencies in Pokemon storylines. Y

Because this is so important, you’ll definitely want to click here to read the entire story from Fairdale Bigfoot.

Despite some sort of hate-filed lawsuit against ALF, we are hopeful Fairdale Bigfoot will come out of hibernation this spring for a few new advice columns.

Some Mayoral Campaign Numbers And Such

Last night Greg Fischer pulled in 37,157 votes to win the Democratic primary for mayor.

But here’s what concerns me: 45,016 people voted for other Democratic candidates in that race. And there were 48,510 Republican votes cast for candidates on the R side.

Since the Republican Party of Kentucky won’t have to focus much on the U.S. Senate race (the teabaggers will take care of that for them) and since this is the first real shot in a long time at a Republican mayor in Louisville… What will happen? Will RPK focus its attention on Louisville?

Take a look at the Democratic map below. Tyler Allen is the purple speck. David Tandy is dark green. Jim King is bright green. Greg Fischer cleaned up in blue.

  • Tyler Allen won a single precinct, L143, by a single vote (15) over David Tandy (14). It’s a geographically small area west of downtown.
  • David Tandy really showed his strength in the western and central parts of town.
  • Jim King won less than 40 (CORRECTION – 49 precincts, according to the King Camp) precincts.

Now check out the Republican map:

  • Jonathan Robertson won two precincts in the West End.
  • Chris Thieneman held his own in the southern and southwestern parts of town.
  • And Hal Heiner cleaned up everywhere in green.

Thoughts on all this without getting nasty? It is the day after election day, after all.

Louisville may be “weird” but it certainly doesn’t like its candidates with any fancy flair.


Okay. I know I over hype local businesses 24/7. So deal.

This shirt from WHY LOUISVILLE:


Is precisely why I do so.

You should probably buy it. Or buy two so you can send one in my direction, size small.

That is all.

(Nope, they’re not advertising and I haven’t received goods from them. Just happen to have a tiny obsession with their t-shirt line.)

ear X-tacy Faces Closure, Owner Speaks Out

Is 2010 the year we’ll see beloved ear X-tacy disappear from the local scene? I sure the hell hope not.

But check out this release just out from John Timmons’ PR rep:

John Timmons, founder of the independent record store and owner for nearly 25 years, is expressing his concern for the survival of ear X-tacy, as we know it.  Timmons will announce details of the store’s situation during a press conference Friday, February 12, at 10:00am, at the store,1534 Bardstown Road. 

With the 10,000-square-foot prime location’s lease about to expire in March 2010, Timmons is focusing attention on the realities of a dire situation and the potential impact of losing one of the nation’s top 10 record stores.  The absence of this local treasure would have a financial impact on the local media, especially public radio.  It would affect concerts, promoters, and leave a void on Bardstown Road in the Highlands, an area already severely impacted by the economy’s downturn.  The synergy of Louisville’s local businesses would be affected and the city’s music and cultural landscape definitely would be altered.  The dynamics of “keep Louisville weird,” a local movement founded by John Timmons, would suffer from such a loss.

“This is not about business.  It’s about something my customers have built and have come to expect.   It’s about a place to experience music,” Timmons said.   “Many tourists seem to make ear X-tacy a destination point as out-of-towners have learned about ear X-tacy through national exposure.  I think the store is a place that makes Louisvillian’s proud.  It’s been a community effort to build it and it’s going to take a community to sustain it.”

#  #  #  #  #

Sure, it’s time for ear X-tacy to get with the times and new technology. But if there’s any community that could keep a music icon like this alive? It’s Louisville.

Time For a Baloney Art-Filled Update

On January 11 I told you about the baloney situation at the Speed Museum. In summary: hot mess.

Which brings me to today… time for a fancy update.

On January 30 a show of baloney/bologna artworks went on display at Smoketown USA. And, well, let’s just take a look at the event and some of the art:

Former Director of the Speed Museum Peter Morin & wife:

See the rest after the jump – warning – it’s graphics-intensive…

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