Louisville Sighs With Relief That Jerry Is Gone

And just like that, Gerald Neal’s corrupt days at the Metro Sewer District have ended. Funny how that works. Woopsiedaisy! Gerald can act like he’s “frustrated” to be dragged into the sewage but we all know why he was “quietly” let go. It’s because of his work with that shady investment lady, for which he likely also pocketed mountains of cash. Crit won’t say it but you know that’s part of her concern. [C-J/AKN]

Jerry Abramson is adjusting to his new life as lieutenant governor. His new job that has absolutely no constitutional duties. So he literally does nothing all day. [WHAS11]

Just a reminder that Louisville needs sidewalks for a very important reason. Something people like Anne Northup and Jerry Abramson ignored for a long time. [Broken Sidewalk]

Expanded gambling will certainly dominate this legislative session in Frankfort. While actual issues of importance get relegated to the sidelines again. [FOX41]

The Newburg Boys & Girls Club could open as early as this month. And that’s why Louisville can have nice things. [Business First]

But it wouldn’t be Louisville if there weren’t another story about a teenager being charged in two murders. [WLKY]

We can apparently expect a few more rumblings about the Drumanard property this week. [WAVE3]

Really, you still want to pretend Terry Holliday and the rest of Steve Beshear’s crew aren’t corrupt as all hell? Don’t expect Adam Edelen to pull off a promised education audit, either. [NYT]

Here comes the reaction on a state level about the Terry Holliday-KDE financial corruption. [H-L]

What did Greg Fischer/Chris Poynter even say about the decision on the University of Louisville Hospital merger decision? [WFPL]

Frankfort rolls back to action this week with the 2012 legislative session and Greg Stumbo says no action will be taken against his corrupt friend, Keith Hall. [Page One]

Will Metro Govt Ditch Insight Communications?

Jerry Abramson says he is “surprised” by what Crit Luallen’s audit discovered about Bud Schardein… despite the entire community screaming about it since 2004. [C-J/AKN]

We may be rolling our eyes every other day at the “Occupy” “movement” but it’s cowardly for Greg Fischer not to renew their permit with tents. The Occupy folks plan to occupy Greg’s office this week and plan to set up outside his home, as well. [FOX41]

What’s next for the New Madrid Fault? People in Louisville are nervous but probably shouldn’t be. Metro Government may act like it’s 1820 sometimes but it’s really not. [H-L]

Gregory O’Bryan, the guy who allegedly killed Andrew Compton and who admits to dumping his body, apparently “won’t be ready” for trial in April. [WHAS11]

How can an organization like the Fairness Campaign that preaches fairness and equality – one that even stands against gay people who question its motives – write a letter to the editor about the now-dead bishop who enabled and ignored the sexual exploitation of hundreds (if not thousands) of young children without bothering to mention that massive problem? [Twitter]

At least EIGHT child abuse deaths are missing from Kentucky’s recently released list. What a farce. HEADS NEED TO ROLL. [Debby Yetter]

Congressman John Yarmuth is delivering holiday cards to the homeless at Wayside Christian Mission at 9:00 A.M. this morning. [Press Release]

Some crazy crap went on in Oldham County yesterday. Two dead, another wounded. [WAVE3]

The National Restaurant Association and some in Louisville expect a bump in holiday spending this season. Think it’ll come to fruition? [Business First]

With Metro Government’s contract ending today with Insight Communications, everybody is freaking completely out. Who expects anything to change? [WFPL]

First responders have flooded our inboxes for four days complaining about Greg Fischer and his lack of awareness of what’s going on in the city. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Metro Sewer District board is set to meet with Greg Fischer today to discuss the nightmare of an audit. [WLKY]

Metro Council Reminds Us Of Abramson Myth

Earlier this week, we questioned Jerry Abramson’s claim that he supported neighborhoods in Louisville. The folks at KDP had a mini-meltdown over it but everyone who lives in a Louisville neighborhood was able to remember what Jerry did and didn’t do for neighborhoods while he was the queen bee in the Commonwealth’s largest city.

The man had such little positive involvement with neighborhoods that he left everything up to chance. And Louisville’s Metro Council had the freedom to spend willy nilly any Neighborhood Development Funds it saw fit. Fortunately, in 2010, then-president of the council Tom Owen stepped up and demanded a spending review. Jim King, the current president, continued to push for a review on policies and procedures from the Government Accountability and Ethics Committee.

And some changes were made:

  • Annual training of Council staff on policies, periodic review of policies and procedures by Council
  • Revised procedures to the NDF applications to include an NDF checklist prior to submitting requests for Council review. Specifically, acknowledgement in the application, proceeds of fundraisers, grantee monitoring, additional disclosures of compensation, and more stringent restrictions on funding organization with a relationship to a council member
  • Tightening up the subrecipent pass through procedures for nonprofits acting on behalf of other organizations
  • Designation of NDF transfers to Cost Center prior to approval
  • Limits the use of Kroger Cards for operational costs of the district offices only and requires a dollar amount limitation.

“This Metro Council, through these changes, has taken responsible action in its review of how we spend tax dollars. Transparency and accountability are key to what we do and the public should know this process of checks and balances are needed for the future when groups come to us asking for assistance,” says Council President Jim King (D-10). “I commend Councilwoman Ward-Pugh and Councilman Kramer for their leadership in moving us forward.”

Members of the council tell me that if Jerry had been even remotely involved in running the city, none of this would have been necessary. Had he been involved, former councilwoman Judy Green may not have gotten away with wasting thousands upon thousands of neighborhoods dollars on her friends and family.

P.S. The foreclosure crisis did more for neighborhoods in Louisville than Jerry ever did.

King Pushes Louisville Economic Recovery Myth

Kentuckians won’t be shocked to learn that the government tested AIDS drugs on foster kids. [MSNBC]

Greater Louisville Inc.’s big dog is leaving for St. Louis. This means someone else will come in to suck down hundreds of thousands of dollars for bringing more of the same. [WFPL]

Anyone who thinks Steve Beshear won’t approve the University of Louisville Hospital merger because the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression says not to is disconnected from the world. [C-J/AKN]

Wonder where the Herald-Leader got its idea for a story about the crazy Hart County superintendent and his creationism fantasies? [H-L]

Rand Paul has absolutely no idea that he was elected by Kentuckians – including Democrats – and he’s not about to learn any time soon. [Page One]

Jefferson County Public Schools is STILL spending your tax dollars to discuss student assignment plans. [FOX41]

Tina Ward-Pugh took time out of her day of ignoring Metro Animal Services (Hi, Tina!) to get a bike rack installed on Frankfort Avenue. It’s a good thing but she deserves to be called out for ignoring LMAS/serving as an apologist. [Broken Sidewalk]

Just a reminder that Kelly Downard has the guts to stand up. He’s also not an apologist and isn’t afraid to do the job taxpayers pay him to do. Regardless of partisanship. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jerry Abramson finally got another job doing nothing. At least Louisville got rid of him, right? [WAVE3]

Indianapolis wants to fund a rail and expanded bus system. Read that again and again. Indianapolis, not Louisville. [Business First]

MSD paid an $8,000 fine to the Army Corps of Engineers and WHAS11 refuses to take the MSD talking point that it’s not a fine, thankfully. [WHAS11]

Jim King was forced to pretend he’s a fan of Joe Reagan yesterday: “Louisville is losing a true business leader. Joe Reagan is a dedicated professional who was instrumental in helping us through the businesses side of merged government. Working with state and local leaders, he and GLI have helped secure a solid future with Ford, GE and the rebirth of Downtown with the YUM Center. I wish Joe and his family success in St. Louis and look forward to working with GLI to continue the momentum Louisville is beginning to see in its economic recovery. “ [Press Release]

Greg Let The Drunk Driver Come Back To Work

Greg Fischer appointed the first black auditor in city history. It’s a good move for Louisville on one front. [WFPL]

Ruh ro – here come the big dogs calling Greg Fischer out for pulling a campaign finance bait and switch. [C-J/AKN]

These folks in Los Angeles are crying about 18 dogs getting euthanized. They need to get their asses to Louisville. [HuffPo]

Jerry Abramson is already hard at work trying to ruin Kentucky even more than he ruined Louisville. [84WHAS]

Greg Fischer has ordered a city-wide review of overtime policies and procedures. This is sure to end in a flustercuck. [WHAS11]

You won’t find us complaining if A Kentucky Newspaper throws up pay walls. [Gannett Blog]

Drunk Metro Parks director Mike Heitz is already back at work. Greg Fischer is allowing every joke of an official he’s got on the payroll to make massive mistakes without any consequence. We can hear the campaign commercials now. [WAVE3]

Yum Brands avoided paying state income taxes despite large profits. And we’re supposed to be surprised. [H-L]

We’re glad to see the local media is paying attention to a proposal in Frankfort that would create a tax-free weekend for educational purchases each year. [FOX41]

There’s a fancy holiday green gift fair on Saturday at Rainbow Blossom in St. Matthews. [Consuming Louisville]

Construction is set to begin on a new 21c Museum Hotel local in Bentonville, Arkansas. [Business First]

Riverport businesses are paying for their own police station in an attempt to combat area crime. [WLKY]

Kevin Cogan is once again trying to build a 17-story building in Cherokee Triangle. Here’s a look at 2008 versus 2011. [Broken Sidewalk]

Isn’t it convenient that Greg Fischer’s taxpayer-funded staffers are pushing this city-wide overtime review story like crazy now that we’ve gotten word out about his campaign finance bait-n-switch? [WHAS11]

“Compassionate” Thing Is A White Wash, Right?

I have friends involved with this “Compassionate City” thing. Not entirely a bad idea. But it won’t be feasible until Greg Fischer is out of office. Even the people involved roll their eyes over it. What’s compassionate about what he’s not doing with Metro Animal Services? The way he allows Sadiqa and his trust fund staffers to attack people? Yep – complete compassion. [C-J/AKN]

Alison Lundergan Grimes FINALLY put the meemaw blooper video back online:

Here’s hoping Greg Fischer can get his ducks in a row long enough to name a chief of police that most of LMPD will be okay with. But you know he won’t. So why hold your breath? [FOX41]

We told you Kentucky has an advantage when it comes to organic farming. Young farmers are finding huge obstacles to getting started and Jamie Comer could ditch the teabaggers and find a way to make Kentucky hot. [NY Times]

Really? The editorial board is worried about the “downtown core”? All this hand-wringing because the new VA won’t be located downtown? While simultaneously trying to kill downtown with bridges and overhead roadways? [More C-J/AKN]

That crazy ass constable has got to go. This is getting more ridiculous as the days go by. Where is Greg Fischer on the matter? Where is the state legislature? Time to get rid of constables in Jefferson County. [WAVE3]

You should probably go to this NuLu thing on the 19th since the dang holiday swarm is beginning even earlier this year. [Consuming Louisville]

This is what Jerry Abramson is going to do until he tries running for Senate. While his wife spends all day as a lady of leisure, just cold buying coffee all day, constantly running into us and telling people she’s Jerry’s wife at every stop. [WHAS11]

Did you even know a protest was still taking place in Downtown Louisville? [WFPL]

Thank goodness you can’t get to Indiana because you’d probably just get killed in Jeffersonville. [WLKY]

Here’s Jim King’s opportunity to sack up and do something solid for food trucks and other small business owners in Louisville. [Business First]

Remember Jerry Abramson’s Guy, Gilles Meloche?

You know, the ousted former director of Metro Animal Services? The guy who is crazier than a shithouse rat?

And Wayne Zelinsky? The now-former director of LMAS who had a sexytime side business that I uncovered to force Greg Fischer to fire his ass?

Turns out they’re both still costing the taxpayers mountains of cash:

Meloche’s confrontation with the O’Neills lacked all the elements required by LMCO §§ 91.073(A)-(B) and 91.074(D)—sections of an ordinance that Meloche claims he created—and was not reasonably calculated to apprise the O’Neills of the allegations against them or of the procedures available to present their objections. See United States v. Baker, 807 F.2d 1315, 1323-24 (6th Cir. 1986) (holding that notice was not constitutionally adequate where the clear-cut statutory procedures for notification were not followed); cf. Herrada v. City of Detroit, 275 F.3d 553, 557 (6th Cir. 2001) (holding that a parking citation provided adequate notice where it was “reasonably calculated to inform the vehicle owners of the allegations against them and the procedures available to obtain a hearing to contest the allegations”).

Furthermore, the circumstances as here alleged have an under-the-table, improper air about them. No one is accusing Meloche of personally pocketing the money for his own gain, but his confrontation with the O’Neills has the feel of a pseudo-shakedown that is not at all akin to a plea agreement, as the defendants would have us believe. If it were a plea agreement, what charges were the O’Neills pleading guilty to? At least as alleged, no notification was provided to the O’Neills and no record of this transaction, or of the alleged violations, was made with any court.

Meloche also threatened the O’Neills with the possibility of arrest if they did not accept his “deal.”

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) to read the Sixth Circuit opinion.

Yep, their search and seizure was illegal.

Possibility City, indeed.

Fine, Here Are My Thoughts On The Candidates

Several have asked me to post this, so, here you go. My thoughts on the candidates this year.


  • David Williams: Stupid for not managing his reputation for a decade. Offers solid ideas and an actual plan. Refuses to take political advice and that’s why he’s not going to get any further than his current office. He’s not a homophobe, despite allowing people like Frank Simon to co-opt him, the gays hate that I remind them of the legislation he’s personally killed because I bothered to try talking to he and Bob Stivers. What you see on television isn’t the same person you see off-screen. Needs to quit with the gambling hypocrisy but we all know gambling isn’t going to save this state. Richie Farmer: This man is literally an adult baby. All he does is eat candy all day, complain about not having the right candy when on the campaign trail (you know, the 5% of the time he’s bothered to show up) and the rest of the time he’s just cold wandering around lost. The only people who do less than Richie in a day are the folks Jerry Abramson has given jobs to.
  • Steve Beshear: May be the luckiest man alive to get two well-hated opponents in two consecutive elections. You already know he’s a do-nothing kind of guy who loves to give his friends lots of cushy cash-filled jobs. He’s afraid to say “gay” in public. He thinks making excuses for corruption is acceptable. He’s failed three times to get expanded gambling legislation passed. Ark Park. You know what the next four years will be like. It’ll be four years or trying to decide who we pick next. Jerry Abramson: Hello? Have you SEEN the shit storm this man created in Louisville? I’m not even going to get into it but there’s a reason he’s well-hated throughout the city.
  • Gatewood Galbraith: His best campaign yet. He has some good ideas. It’s a shame he never takes a breath while trying to explain them and always gets cast as the lunatic fringe. Dea Riley: Haha, really?

Auditor of Public Accounts

  • John Kemper: Wow. Two bankruptcies. Clearly not ready for prime time. Where the hell do Jesus and abortion fit into financial forensics?
  • Adam Edelen: We’ve not always been a fan and are always the first to question him and call him out. If he’s going to be a good auditor – and he has the ability to shine – he’ll need to investigate the living shit out of his friends and eschew partisanship for the next four years. Then he can run for re-election, create a strong legacy and run for Congress or something. Being governor won’t ever suit him. No matter what he believes. He needs to avoid the stagnation of that office and go for a real legacy.

Go ahead and CLICK HERE to read the rest… you may (or may not) be surprised…