Here’s A Chance To Pester Jerry Abramson Today

Are you bored out of your gourd at work today?

Are you a reporter just looking for another mindless story to air on the teevee?

Well, get your rear in gear and on down to the Galt House to pester Jerry Abramson.

He’s speaking at Steve Beshear’s Local Issues Conference at 1:00 P.M.

You can ask him if he still thinks the West End is too old, black and poor. And maybe push him to clarify his negative comments about a group of Catholics in Western Kentucky (Fancy Farm).

First Judy, Now Barbara. Who’ll Be Next To Go?

The Common Cause of Kentucky chairman who filed an ethics complaint against Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2nd District, said in a filing Monday that the council member is offering a “fallacious defense” to the Metro Ethics Commission. [C-J/AKN]

A Louisville woman was arrested over the weekend after police say she was involved in a “serious” DUI crash and couldn’t even remember it. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

The National Association of Social Workers has endorsed John Yarmuth. [Press Release]

Did you know? There are tons upon tons of scumbag parents who don’t pay child support in Jefferson County. [WAVE3]

Jockey Robby Albarado was fined $500 on Tuesday for a misdemeanor assault conviction stemming from a scuffle with his former girlfriend, but the Preakness-winning rider’s legal problems aren’t behind him yet. [H-L]

You need a major pee alert and number two alert in Clarksville. Because it’s going to cost you 50% more to flush. [WHAS11]

Jefferson County Public Schools officials will keep a close eye on school lunches this year as the district implements new federal standards that will make meals healthier. [WFPL]

Oldham County now requires students on free or reduced lunch to take fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, parents have to pay up. [WLKY]

A 27-year-old Louisville man was arrested Monday after sheriff’s deputies say he threw a Big Red soda at another motorist and threatened him and his family with a gun, both while driving. [C-J/AKN]

Paul Coomes, a professor of economics at the University of Louisville who led numerous economic development studies about the Louisville community, has retired from the university. [Business First]

It would be an understatement to suggest that these commenters have a strong dislike for Jerry Abramson and his decades of shenanigans. [The ‘Ville Voice]

You’ve read us for several years and now you’ve got the chance to help create our new ad-free project. Your contribution can be public or private (but you have to tell us in writing that you want it to be public) – it’s up to you. [Our New Project]

Jerry Abramson Put His Foot In His Mouth Again

Need some laughter in your day?

Here’s Jerry Abramson trashing Fancy Farm:

Many big name Kentucky Democrats skipped this year’s Fancy Farm Picnic, and the excuses varied: Gov. Steve Beshear was in Europe, there were no statewide races this year, and some Democrats did not want to weigh in on Obama.

Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson declined to attend because he and his wife were celebrating their anniversary. But he told the Louisville Rotary Club Thursday that he didn’t miss being at the annual political speaking event at the Fancy Farm picnic.

“I think the days of yelling and screaming at folks who are up on the stage — just to yell and scream and make fun of them are days of the past,” Abramson said of the event. “Where was I? It was my anniversary.”

This is just the latest flap in Jerry’s world. From complaining that Louisville’s West End is too black and too poor to trashing the country’s largest political picnic, he’s clearly not living in the reality-based community.

If the organizers of Fancy Farm know what’s best, he’ll be barred from ever attending and the ban on Jerry will be loudly promoted each year.

Somebody should probably remind Mayor McCheese that it’s his political party responsible for the nastiness and sniping. It’s his people who spend their days defaming and attacking those who dare ask questions. It’s he who is responsible for a super-majority of the problems in Kentucky because it’s his people at the helm.

Maybe Metro Council Will Get In More Fights Soon

You’ve read us for several years and now you’ve got the chance to help create our new ad-free project. Your contribution can be public or private (but you have to tell us in writing that you want it to be public) – it’s up to you. [Our New Project]

April 8, 2009 started off with a stop at a gas station for Louisville Metro Police Officer Andrea Rice: “I was sitting and drinking my coffee that morning as I usually do and the run came out,” said Rice. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Two requests for $1,500 in Neighborhood Development Fund expenditures blew up Monday into a larger discussion about the appropriateness of Louisville Metro Council members distributing tickets and other things of value to constituents. [C-J/AKN]

There’s poop in this Oldham County waterway and everybody is freaking out. It’s John Boel’s latest big time investigation. Poop in the creek. [WAVE3]

We figured out why 84WHAS was foaming at the mouth pretending that the attacks on Mittens Romney and Bain Capital were magic and wonderful. Turns out? It’s because the Bain attacks are spelling serious trouble for Mittens. [HuffPo]

The entirety of the local teevee scene freaked out when a couple rode some horses through Louisville while hollering about Jesus. [WHAS11]

Steve Beshear is busy claiming Kentucky’s meth problem is disappearing because of new legislation that barely limits pseudoephedrine-containing medications. The reality? The problem isn’t changing and it’s still going to cross state borders from situations like this in Clarksville. [WLKY]

Your best girlfriend, Jerry Abramson, went to Northern Kentucky and pretended to care about/know about tax reform. []

UPS sees a tough road ahead for the global economy. The world’s largest package delivery company is more pessimistic about global growth than many economists. [WLEX18]

Sometimes we get comments from people we’ve written about that just blow our minds. You’ll appreciate this one, as it’s related to Kentucky Retirement Systems and Chris Tobe. [We Get Comments]

It seems like every five minutes there’s a new Delta jet making an emergency landing in Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

The extended drought has brought has given people in northeastern Indiana a glimpse of history. [WFPL]

Travel or education: where are our priorities? Business First recently published a series of articles and in-depth databases on consumer spending as part of its Luxury Spending 2012 report. [Business First]

Dem Electeds Now Meddling For Private Business

Why on earth are your taxpayer dollars paying for Greg Fischer, Jerry Abramson and Jim King to get involved in the WDRB/Time Warner Cable dispute? [Business First]

Something all of these paywall stories neglect to address when comparing the Courier-Journal to the New York Times: the Courier-Journal is not the New York Times and will never have that kind of audience. [Media Life]

You can’t even drive on I-71 these days without just cold getting shot. What a compassionate city/metro area. [FOX41]

Wait, Joanie Cunningham lives in a Southern Indiana trailer park? [HuffPo]

Mining companies buried sections of streams in Eastern Kentucky without getting proper permits, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. [H-L]

The body of a man found in the Ohio River has been identified as Leland Deegest. [WAVE3]

Brooks Wicker, that guy pretending to run against John Yarmuth, is holding some sort of press conference in front of Humana’s headquarters today. [Press Release]

If you have a bicycle in Old Louisville, Shelby Park or Germantown, it’s probably going to get stolen. [WHAS11]

The Speed Art Museum has eliminated eight full-time staff positions. The cuts were made in anticipation of the Speed’s $50 million renovation and expansion project, which will close the museum to the public until September 2015. [WFPL]

The University of Louisville frequently uses budget cuts as a reason to jack tuition up every year. Turns out the school is faring quite well financially. [WLKY]

It was a noteworthy moment at City Hall on Wednesday, when a speaker at the Louisville Metro Council’s public hearing on the city budget didn’t ask for money. [C-J/AKN]

Churchill Downs Inc. and its subsidiary have given credits to the accounts of some customers who were underpaid for wagers. [Business First]

Rand Paul is spending every waking moment foaming at the mouth about Pakistan – something he has no clue about, apparently. Now new details have surfaced indicating that the bin Laden informant was jailed over ties to a militant group. Not because he was a bin Laden informant. [BBC]

Jerry Abramson’s “Tax Commission” Is Just Sad

Not even people in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati support bridge tolls or higher gas taxes to replace an aging bridge. []

It’s sad that Lauren Spierer still hasn’t been located. But if she weren’t a pretty white girl, no one would care in the mainstream. [FOX41]

Trips to the ballpark conjure up images of peanuts and hot dogs, but young fans attending Lexington Legends games will find something new these days. The team is joining food service provider Aramark and the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition to offer healthy choices in kids’ meals. [H-L]

The only thing controversial about the Brownsboro Road sidewalk project is the handful of wealthy business owners who don’t want to see some non-whites who want to speed through a residential zone. You wouldn’t get that from this slanted story, though. [WAVE3]

The Environmental Protection Agency is in Kentucky this week for two hearings on mining permits. [WFPL]

What does “an Amish twist” mean when it comes to a new restaurant opening in Southern Indiana? [WHAS11]

Looks like Greg Fischer and his staff have stepped in yet another nightmare that will likely cost the city some cash. [Indy Star]

Reading this story about the “tax reform” commission makes it clear that Jerry Abramson has no flipping clue what he’s doing. Here’s further proof that the “tax reform” commission is just a game to Steve Beshear. Not knowing that horses are way more important to Kentucky than cows is a clear sign. Can’t get much more clear than that. [Amanda Van Benschoten’s Replacement]

With fewer funds coming in from gasoline taxes, a number of states are considering new ways to tax drivers to provide funding to repair roads and bridges. [Business First]

Sometimes your Metro Council does the right thing. Like it did in this scenario to help stop illegal dumping in Louisville. [WLKY]

If you missed it last week, be sure to check out the details on Kentucky Kingdom. They’re details you are not getting from your local television stations, for the most part. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jerry Abramson On Tolling Bridges In Louisville

Jerry Abramson made some interesting remarks about why Louisville is resorting to tolls while he tip-toed around Northern Kentucky:

Kentucky Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson explained why Louisville needed tolls to fund its $3.5 billion two-bridge project on the Ohio River.

“We had a reality check,” said Abramson, in remarks similar to what he told the Business Courier last August. “I’m not advocating for you one way or the other. But in Louisville, without tolls, we would not be building those bridges.”

You should read the entire piece. It’s all a mix of people coming up with various excuses for tolling.