ALERT! Courier-Journal Passively Hits Abramson

Woah woah woah. The Courier-Journal editorial board is loosely attacking Jerry Abramson in the trans fats debate!

Check it:

It’s never a good thing when solid public health policy is sidetracked by wobbly-kneed politics.


Mayor Jerry Abramson’s backbone went missing, and he declared publicly that he wouldn’t support a ban.

Click here to read the entire editorial.

Is this a sign that the editorial board is slowly waking up to the fact that 99% of the region stands against it? Or is this posturing just because Abramson is finished politically and on his way out the door?

Either way, we’re all pleased to see it. It’s just too bad the folks at the C-J have waited until it’s too late.

Friday Morning Dept of Cutting TARC Again

There you have it. Humana intends to fill many of its eliminated positions with contract labor. [C-J]

Got 65 bucks? Then you can learn about Louisville, the Ohio Valley and the Civil War at the University of Louisville. [Civil War Symposium 2010]

Jerry Abramson is going out of his way to pay lip service to axed Humana employees. But where’s he been as tens of thousands of other Louisvillians lost their jobs? [WAVE3]

Wow. A Louisville woman named Emily Walters created a Facebook group in support of Austin tax terrorist Joseph Stack. And she used popular teabagger imagery and phrases. How will the Paul camp spin this one? Will they say she went rogue? [Business Insider]

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be in Jeffersonville on Monday – along with Reps. John Yarmuth and Baron Hill – for a meeting to discuss the Ohio River Bridges Project. 9:00 A.M. Ken Ellis Center at 1425 Pennsylvania Avenue. [Press Release]

A Louisville company is in a tiff with the Indianapolis Housing Agency. LDC Development has been ordered to return more than $800,000 in rent subsidies over what can only be called a hot, crime-filled mess. [Indianapolis Star & LDG]

The 19th District Republican Metro Council race is getting interesting. [WFPL]

We can give bushels of city employees take-home cars for no reason, ignorantly force police officers to pay for them and then call our city progressive. We can spend years pretending we’re one of the nation’s biggest cities. We spend decades working to improve our transportation system for those who have less. And then what do we do? TARC is proposing another 20 routes be cut this summer. Nice. [C-J]

Thursday Morning Dept of Losing Jobs Like Woah

The real story behind Chris Thieneman & the Mint Jubilee the press is ignoring. The allegations from the University of Louisville are quite damning. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Humana is cutting 2,500 jobs (then re-hiring 1,100 in different roles), despite significant growth. 750 jobs lost in Louisville. [WFPL]

Here’s what Congressman John Yarmuth had to say about the gigantic cuts: “My thoughts are with the families that are affected by this difficult news. I am committed to fighting to ensure they have the resources they need to make ends meet, while renewing the effort to spark job creation in Louisville by increasing capital for small businesses and supporting growing industries. I also look forward to working with Humana toward a system in which we can maintain or expand the ranks of the insured and create new opportunities for the company to grow.” [Press Release]

Maybe some day we’ll see the end of environmental rape/mountaintop removal. [LEO Weekly]

Part of the problem: being afraid to out (pun intended) a state legislator for saying there are no gay people in their district. [Twitter]

Let’s talk about county health rankings in Kentucky. My home county of Morgan is ranked 14th in the state! Jefferson is 33rd. [Click the Clicky]

Group Recycling and Sustainable Solutions, a University of Louisville student group, will host a screening of Black Gold, a documentary about the coffee trade. Free. 7:00 P.M. in Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium. February 23. Gary Heine will be on-hand for a discussion after the movie. Representatives from Amnesty International will explain how people can support the fair-trade coffee movement. [Black Gold Movie]

Could somebody tell me how Jerry Abramson is going to help the hundreds of Humana employees who will be canned? [FOX41]

It’s almost Tina Ward-Pugh’s birthday, so go become a fan of her on Facebook. [Click the Clicky]

Tuesday Morning Dept of This Snow #!?!!&%

Former Churchill exec Ted Nicholson will manage the arena. [Business First]

Dear Schneider DeMuth Advertising: Did you bother reading what we wrote last week? Is that why you continue sending blanket emails (that say “see release”) with gigantic attached images and Word docs? We didn’t use your company name last week out of respect. We wonder if the company that owns The Brown Hotel would approve of this mess. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Goodness. Am I the only person in the entire metro area who is glad Evan Bayh is quitting the gubmint? At least until he scores a fat lobbying deal, I mean. [Wonkette]

Do you grow tasty stuff in your yard? If not, the libruls will come to your hard and beat you about the head until you do so. [Consuming Louisville]

Our fair city has been a trailblazer. Leading the pack when it comes to treating the gays like they aren’t second-class. Something we can all be proud of. [C-J]

You should probably take a look at this video of Mitch McConnell crying on the floor of the U.S. Senate for 18 minutes. Over his departing chief of staff. It’s terrifying. [Page One]

Jerry Abramson and Steve Beshear will make an economic development announcement together at 2:30 P.M. Today. Grindmasters. 4003 Collins Road. How convenient now that the two are running together. [Press Release]

No, Ed Martin, you’re not going to beat John Yarmuth. And being directly involved in your own “draft” effort is embarrassing. Run for a small, local office instead. Running around on tape with Rand Paul’s former spokesperson isn’t exactly going to win you support. Check out this totally impromptu unscripted footage of Kentuckians swarming Ed Martin of Louisville … begging him to join the 3rd District Congressional race against Communist conspirator John Yarmuth on the Libertarian ticket, so he will split the vote and give Yarmie a 30 point win instead of a 20 point win. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Will requiring prescriptions for pseudophedrine really solve our meth problem in Kentucky? I’m more than a little skeptical that this is our quick fix. Would just create another reason for meth heads to go doctor shopping. A new brand of oxy head. [C-J]

Happy & Snowy Monday Morning Dept of Sleep

It’s a holiday so posting here will be light. We’ll be using this day to get about a thousand meetings out of the way. So here are some fancy links that may or may not have anything to do with Louisville.

Miss John Timmons’ press conference at ear X-tacy last week? Watch the videos here. [YouTube]

The Big Four bridge renovation should be a priority for this city and the Kentuckiana area. [C-J]

Jerry Abramson will hold a community conversation in the Carter Elementary School cafeteria (3600 Bohne Ave) today at 6:30 P.M. Show up and get answers to your questions if you so desire. [Press Release] CANCELED. The snowpocalypse ruined it all.  Instead, Mayor McCheese will host a fancy 11:00 A.M. press conference about the snow.

Republican congressional candidate Larry Hausman will hold a press conference tomorrow at Jefferson County Republican Party HQ at 11:00 A.M. Hausman will discuss his jobs plan and media are encouraged to attend. [Press Release]

Dear fearmongers: census data is confidential. Big Brother isn’t coming to get you. [C-J]

In case you didn’t know: WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE OF THE SNOW OH NOES!!1! [WFPL]

This may be a quick fix for America’s worst schools. But when will locals wake up to the reality that we have schools – locally – in dire need of improvement? [TIME]

Snow in winter obviously disproves global warming? Right? HA! [Crooks & Liars]

Maybe you should think twice about flying airlines that have absolutely horrible customer service. [Kevin Smith]

Really, Crit Luallen, You Need To Do This

I called for it in January and I’m calling for it again.

Crit Luallen should run for governor. People on Facebook agree with me.

Special interests have a nightmarish stranglehold on Frankfort. People in the governor’s office are acting out. There’s a big city mayor running for Lt. Governor who trashes and demeans the job while at the same time flushing our tax dollars down the drain. We’ve got a governor who goes out of his way to pander to a single special interest on the biggest enviro-centric day of the year. So far out of his way that he takes to national television to drag this Commonwealth through the mud. A governor who thinks so poorly of the millions of citizens he was elected to govern that he throws them under a nuclear bus without any consideration.

And I’m not even touching on the disaster of a “budget” the man presented. Or his inability to get gambling passed in more than two years.

We’ve had Steve Beshear. This great Commonwealth may not make it under his governorship for the next two years, let alone four more after that.

I could go on for days about her qualifications. About how she’s proved herself as a tenacious steward of the taxpayer’s interest. About how she’s been to hell and back in her personal life. How people consistently try to tear her down when she sniffs out their corruption. But I don’t think there’s a single honest person reading this who hasn’t already noticed that she’s been a super-effective constitutional officer no matter the circumstance. I’ve been a critic of hers for a lot of years. And I know first-hand the calibre of Kentuckian we’re dealing with.

Crit Luallen needs to run for governor.

We Bet That Balogna Was Rather Stinky

Mary Wilson of The Supremes will be in town as a guest of the Louisville Orchestra. Saturday, March 13, 8:00 P.M., Whitney Hall. Tickets range from $25 to $70. [Louisville Orchestra]

Louisville stimulus funds are being used to steer people who are in need toward social services. [WFPL]

Jerry Abramson will host an event at 2:30 P.M. with Energy & Environment Secretary Len Peters (of Mills’ firing fame) to break ground on a new marketing/demonstration facility for Eco Power Solutions. The new structure will house the company’s integrated energy recapture and emissions reduction solution. [Press Release]

Balogna by any other name. The Speed ended up displaying some of that fancy baloney art. [LEO Weekly]

You think Louisville’s got some, ahem, interesting candidates? Check out this council-at-large candidate in Lexington. Pee alert. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Going to I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort this morning? Speakers include: Teri Blanton, K.A. Owens, Mick & Nina McCoy, Sen. Kathy Stein, Cari Moore, Miranda Brown. Musicians include: Nora, Ben & Eli, Kathy Mattea, Daniel Martin Moore and Ben Sollee (!!). If you can’t go? Watch everything live. [I Heart Mountains]

That Wheelright mudslide the state said wasn’t mine-related? The feds say it IS mine-related. Yet another King Coal flustercuck. Remember this as you head to I Love Mountains Day in Frankfort this morning. [H-L]

Fairdale Bigfoot, the Louisville mayoral candidate and forest humorist/giant creature, has written another advice column. [Consuming Louisville]