You Ready For The Next Snowpocalypse???

I’m traveling on a fancy aeroplane all morning/afternoon, so it’ll be a little slow around here for a minute. Remember, if there are any must-see/do thingies in Shreveport? Now’s your chance to give me a yell, ladies and ladydudes. Maybe I’ll bring back some cool gifts for you all.

Yesterday Rep. John Yarmuth was on The Stephanie Miller Show and he spoke extensively about the public option and the State of the Union address. [Page One]

Lame Kenny G has canceled his Valentine’s performance with the Louisville Orchestra, making him that much more lame. [Press Release]

Evolving City: West Main Street and the Louisville Hotel. An interesting trip down memory lane, complete with pictures. [Broken Sidewalk]

Jerry Abramson, Sheldon Berman, Joe Reagan and other community leaders will gather today to launch a community-wide campaign to “make sure everyone is counted during the 2010 U.S. Census this spring.” 9:30 A.M. in the Mayor’s Gallery. [Press Release]

You ready for the judicial races, Louisville? [C-J]

UofL students are preparing to rally on higher education. [UofL Today]

The Louisville ice storm of fail in 33 seconds. [Fat Lip]

First, Jack Conway started creating fancy YouTube videos. Now Lt. Dan is in on the game. [Page One & More Page One]

Kevin Harned and John Belski have created the most awful video ever. A Pants on the Ground parody. “Snow on the Ground.” OMG.  That takes some real guts. [WAVE3]

Your Monday Morning of Lawyering & Educating

Everyone seems upset that Lee Eldridge left WAVE. It’s been two weeks since people started emailing us. Goodness. [Just Saying]

Louisville mayoral candidate Connie Marshall has written in about, well, various things. What are your thoughts? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Our condolences to Councilman George Unseld who lost his wife, Jacqueline, on the 21st. [Obit]

Maybe some day Louisville drivers will learn to respect pedestrians. But maybe not. [Broken Sidewalk]

When federal judges are cracking jokes about you, you know you’re nearing the end of your reign as governor. This is quite possibly the most awful story written about Beshear yet. And I love it. [Joe Gerth]

Inside the arena: the view from the nosebleeds. [More Broken Sidewalk]

See??? This is why I live for Architectural Salvage. [Consuming Louisville]

This morning at 10:30 Jerry Abramson and John Yarmuth will announce plans for the 2010 Youth Opportunities Unlimited Showcase. The job fair will aid teenagers seeking summer employment. [Media Advisory]

Is it cool for these guys to want a portion of Hans Poppe’s legal fee if they didn’t perform the work? Chime in, lawyerfolk. [Andy Wolfson]

Rep. Joni Jenkins’ HB 305 would make it illegal for the University of Louisville to charge mandatory athletic and meal fees for students who commute to school. [Page One]

Waking Up At Work? Read All This Stuff

After some unwelcome media attention, Steve Beshear, Jerry Abramson and Mitch Daniels have called for an “organizational” meeting of the Bi-State Bridges Authority. The meeting will take place at 2:30 P.M. on February 2 at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. [Press Release]

Democrat David Yates will officially file to run against Doug Hawkins today. [David’s Site]

Yesterday President Barack Obama nominated David Hale to serve as the United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky. Hale previously served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney under David Huber. Kerry Harvey has been nominated in the Eastern District of Kentucky. He’s been general counsel and acting inspector general of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services since 2008. [Press Release]

Thousands of you clicked through to read this story yesterday but none of you complained and attacked? What the heck is in the water? Any other time I have mentioned Jim King, you’ve gone insane. [I’m Floored]

Jerry Abramson’s staff say they’re proud of the way he’s balanced the interests of unions and taxpayers. Which means Abramson & Crew are proud of union busting, causing initial drama with the arena and being all-around underhanded. [C-J]

What improvements would you like to see in Metro Parks over the next few years? Local powers that be want to know. So maybe you folks could share your ideas for improvement or yell at the Parks folks about what they’re getting wrong? It’s the least you could do. [Metro Parks]

Louisville Public Media has joined the Stand with Haiti campaign and all three stations (WFPL, WUOL and WFPK) are raising funds for Partners in Health. So give back today. [WFPL, WUOL & WFPK]

The University of Louisville has joined STARS – the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System. According to a release, UofL is one of 115 higher ed institutions to take part in the effort to collect and publish information on ho well schools are integrating sustainability into all aspects of campus life. [STARS]

Your Friday Morning Dept of Feigning Work

State legislators are none too happy to finally have proof that Steve Beshear was lying about gambling votes. [Page One]

Have you seen House Bill 253? It will make your eyes roll back in your head and your fingernails pop off in rage. [More Page One]

The University of Louisville hired a new Vice President of Human Resources, Sam Connally. Maybe this person will clean up all the messes Shirley Dubya and Poppy Ramsey have created? [Press Release]

I hear a fancy rumor that Andrew Horne could be contemplating a run for County Attorney in 2010. This could be a race he has a chance to win if there are more than two candidates in the mix. [Rumor Mill]

Miss Jerry Abramson’s final State of the City address? Listen to it here. [WFPL]

Hal Heiner finally picks one (kinda) thing he loves about Louisville: our city’s parks. [Consuming Louisville]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he’s got a mathematical new advice column this week. [More Consuming Louisville]

Monday’s the MLK holiday. So let’s take a moment to find an event near us. [C-J]

Jerry’s Final State of the City Address

In case you didn’t catch Mayor Jerry Abramson’s final State of the City address this afternoon and are interested in spin from his office? I thought I’d share the press release with you:

By 2015, Louisville will see new bridges and skyscrapers under construction, a revitalized economy with more “green” jobs and an expansive system of city parks that strengthen neighborhoods.

Mayor Jerry Abramson outlined these and other milestones of future success today in his State of the City speech, his 21st and final annual speech, to the Downtown Rotary Club at the Galt House. Abramson’s term ends Dec. 31 and he’s not running for re-election.

Abramson credited three ingredients for Louisville’s recent success and future gains – vision, teamwork and perseverance — as he examined life in the city five years from now.

“Over the years, I’ve seen that formula for success change the lives of our people and the face of our city…a new city with a new spirit that doesn’t stop at the county line or the river’s edge,” Abramson said.

In the seven years since the merger of city and county governments, Louisville Metro Government has built a strong foundation that withstood a major economic recession and will help the city to “flourish over the next five years as the economy improves,” he said.

Read the rest after the jump…

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Hey, Want Some Francene With Your Congress?

Francene was approached by prominent Louisville Democrats to run as a Republican against Congressman John Yarmuth. Let’s speculate on who that might be. [LEO Weekly]

LG&E wants to jack your electricity rates up 12% and natural gas rates nearly 9%. Just what this region needs – more bills. [C-J]

Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson will deliver his final State of the City address today at noon. The speech will take place in front of the Downtown Rotary Club in Grand Ballroom A, second floor of the Galt House’s East Tower. [Press Release]

No surprise. Jerry Miller announced in a press release yesterday that he’s running for the 19th District Metro Council seat. [Facebook]

Jim King loves all kinds of things about Louisville, too. Apparently all candidates have difficulty picking one thing. [Consuming Louisville]

The American Printing House for the Blind was selected as the official charity of this year’s Marathon/Mini-Marathon of the Kentucky Derby Festival. [Press Release]

Does JCPS suck or not? No one could decide at the Louisville Forum yesterday. [WFPL]

A fancy “upscale” chain restaurant is coming to the former Starks Building on 4th Street. Even more reason for locals to avoid 4th Street. [C-J]

Any locals paying attention to the U.S. Senate race? It’s been interesting watching at least one local reporter swim around in the tank for Ayn Rand. [Joe Arnold]

One of your current U.S. Senators is fond of never offering solutions or alternatives, ever. [WAVE3]

Wednesday Morning Dept of Loving Louisville

There’s a new video series called the Green Building Sessions. Check it out. Here’s the first featuring the Seedy Seeds. [Green Building Sessions]

Ellen Call is the new spokescritter for Insight in Louisville. Maybe she can make their shiz work and maybe call it quits with the 900 Insight Phone 2.0 mail pieces every Louisvillian receives every day? [C-J]

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is holding its annual conference in Louisville January 14 through January 17 at the Seelbach. [Press Release]

What does Greg Fischer love about Louisville? His campaign staff reached really far for this one, kids. [Consuming Louisville]

You ready for tomorrow night at 9:00? A&E’s The First 48 premiers with a focus on LMPD’s Homicide Unit as it investigates the double murder of Dion & Timela Smith in March 2009. [Press Release]

Greg Fischer has been very busy touring the lieberry and stuff. [Twitter Machine]

Oh noes for the McMahan fire chief. Spending city money on his shiz. Smooth move, duder. [C-J]

Why is Jerry Abramson still screwing police officers and keeping their money? This is not a political issue and it’s time for him to stop sticking it to the most important folks in the city. [WLKY]

On the 18th University of Louisville students will go door to door asking for donations for Dare to Care. There will be three 15-passenger vans making the rounds from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. Contact Pam Curtis (502.314.6646), Brigid Welch (812.599.9042) or Natasha Ramsey (859.621.7553) to get involved. [Press Release]

WAVE3’s News Director, Lee Eldridge, is allegedly leaving to pursue other business opportunities. [Click the Clicky]