Get Real, No One Uses That Tiny Park, Greg

Will Jefferson County Public Schools actually get overhauled after those audit recommendations? Will the millions in wasted salaries be put back into education? [C-J/AKN]

Are the arena bonds about to be downgraded? Because that good be a very bad thing. [Bond Buyer]

The truth about the Keystone XL pipeline? Doesn’t look like the McConnell-Republican claim of jobs is based in reality. [HuffPo]

This is truly the American way. Presiding over and knowing about the theft of millions of millions of tax dollars and getting rewarded with bonuses and raises worth millions. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Gasoline prices jumped a whopping 40 cents over night and Jack Conway isn’t batting an eye. Price gouging? What? [WAVE3]

Basically, no business in Frankfort get handled until after the Kentucky Chamber day on January 5. [Business First]

The entire community – or, just the few people in town who even know there’s a bridges debacle going on – are foaming about the Drumanard Estate’s historic status. [FOX41]

Occupy Louisville is pushing a discussion on homelessness. It’s fitting, since Greg Fischer doesn’t see it fit to allow even those without homes to sleep in tents in the dead of winter. Are we still pretending that Founder’s Square park is ever used by anybody for any reason? [WFPL]

Evicting the Occupy folks downtown is sure to end on a really positive note, right? Because it’s ended so well in so many other cities. [WLKY]

Absolutely nothing could be bad about this. White Castle is considering selling beer and wine in some markets. [WHAS11]

Yesterday Rand Paul and his wife had some really upbeat and happy holiday thoughts (?) for you. Check the awkward video out. [Page One]

This is a good thing, right? Ramsi Kamar is building an organic farm to provide tasty goods. [Broken Sidewalk]

Woah, Jim Ramsey & Crew Are At it Again

This week brought terrific news from Owsley Brown Frazier in the form a $25 million gift to the University of Louisville. This should in no way overshadow that.

However… you’ve gotta hear the gossip rolling from some very powerful folks.

After the news crews rushed back to their stations to file the story about Owsley’s gift? That’s when the University of Louisville Foundation Board kicked into high gear.

Guess what they’re trying to keep under wraps until after the hospital merger gets approved?

They voted to give Jim Ramsey a 25% pay raise and another $500,000 in deferred compensation for every two years of service at the University. Guess we know where Owsley’s money is going instead of academics and research.

We’re sorry to upset all the back room dealers but this is just obscene. This serves as yet another example of the great lengths to which some will go to bilk well-intentioned donors at UofL. It’s not the Robert Felners of the world that we need to be worried about.

Meet The New Chief, Same As The Old Chief?

Why is it, exactly, that Jim Ramsey never, ever has to answer for people repeatedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars on his watch? When this happens at other schools, the buck stops with the individual at the top and they take ultimate responsibility. He’s yet to do so. Ever. For any reason. [C-J/AKN]

Will the new board members at Kentucky Farm Bureau continue the organization’s history of being ignorant and homophobic or have the times changed? [H-L]

You know you shed a tear when Sexytime Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign so he has more time for sexytime. [HuffPo]

A date has been set for the Kentucky Supreme Court to hear the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment case. [FOX41]

You can save 10% if you do some holiday shopping at the Frazier Museum during your lunch hour. You can also just skip a few hours of work and tour the place. [Consuming Louisville]

A pretty white girl is still missing and the media cannot stop talking about it. A young gay boy’s body has never been recovered and we’ll never hear another thing about it. Countless non-white people go missing every day and we also never hear about that. [WAVE3]

Heaven Hill lost 6,400 gallons of its alcohol this weekend. Losing that much bourbon is enough to cause any bourbon lover to have a heart attack. [Business First]

Greg Fischer is set to name the new interim chief of police this week. [WHAS11]

And the officers who frequent are none too happy with the way things are being handled. We can’t blame them in the least, as they’ve largely been shut out and their voices haven’t been heard by Fischer. [ & More]

The families of 1996 murder victim Tyrone Camp and accused killer Kerry Porter united for a vigil Saturday night to call for Porter’s release on a wrongful conviction, and to continue the search for the real killer. [WLKY]

According to a new report, youth asthma hospitalizations continue to rise in Jefferson County. And we continue to pollute like crazy. [WFPL]

How shocked are you that the editorial board is shilling – again – for merger, which everybody knows has been a failure? Are you even less shocked that they’re personally attacking Darryl Owens? [C-J/AKN]

Turns out that Oklahoma’s meth registry doesn’t work. Funny how Frankfort won’t bother dealing with the truth. [Page One]

Sexytime Herman Cain Has Tainted Our Great City

Greg Fischer is going to protect you from scary fireworks. Because there are clearly no other issues facing Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Will Greg Fischer’s second “virtual town hall” on the Twitter and Fakebook be as much of a failure as his first? How quickly people forget. [WFPL]

Lexington is unhappy, to say the least, about a potential move of mail processing to Louisville. [H-L]

Yes, that’s right, Sexytime Herman Cain’s latest alleged shenanigans started in Louisville. A little too close to home for the crazy, folks. [Faux News]

Lots of misinformation is being spread about a proposed meth registry and Brent Yonts is making sure you don’t get snowed. [Page One]

Louisville: When are we going to get our shiz together and stop allowing young people to kill each other? [FOX41]

The only Queenie’s we know is the former Queenie’s Pizza on South Fourth Street. Which is now Windy City? Queenie’s was way more gay, for obvious reasons. [Consuming Louisville]

Kerry Johnson finally got indicted for stealing $100,000+ from the University of Louisville. This is, what, the millionth time this has happened at UofL and Jim Ramsey still hasn’t been held responsible? [WAVE3]

John Veitch finally got canned for failing to handle the Life at Ten situation better. Funny how that works. No one would have cared if animal advocates hadn’t raised concern. [Business First]

Will this finally be the end of busing? Teddy Gordon filed a motion with the Kentucky Supreme Court not to hear Jefferson County Public Schools’ objection to a recent appeal. [WHAS11]

John Schnatter is apparently now a “Hometown Hero” and his face will be gigantic and plastered on the side of a building downtown. [WLKY & Louisville Heroes]

Greg Fischer’s Metro Animal Services is a literal disaster. BOTH Gilles Meloch and Wayne Zelinsky were more open than these folks. Even the crazy dog show people will back me up on that front. But you’ll never get that sense from the mainstream that LMAS is a big deal and the issues will be completely ignored when the time for re-election nears. [The ‘Ville Voice]

University President Fired After Just One Scandal

Okay, here is the deal. How odd is it for a university president to get fired after only ONE scandal? [Deep UofL Thoughts]

Louisville Senator Tim Shaughnessy (hi, Tim!) says he isn’t running for re-election in 2012. Here’s hoping he decides to do something more fulfilling than serving in the legislature. [WLEX18]

Further proving our conspiracy theory that Greg Fischer only ran for mayor to be featured in the socialite rags every week. [Voice-Tribune]

You folks are really shocked that Louisville Metro Animal Services and Greg Fischer would go on a whitewash spree as I share negative facts from their own current documentation? And because I revealed why there was really a major Distemper outbreak? When they threaten us, we know we’re doing the right thing. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Today’s Veterans Day Parade begins at 11:11 A.M. and will be led by the 113th Army Band from Fort Knox. Main Street will be closed from 3rd to 10th Streets beginning at 11:00. [Veterans Day Traffic]

People who live near Atherton are holding a meeting with Greg Fischer to discuss break-ins? Really? Have these people ever been to the South End or Shawnee? Sucks that they’re experiencing break-ins but a meeting with the mayor? Really? Okay, reality: the meeting was already scheduled to take place at Atherton on Monday but it’s still apparently news enough that some well-to-do white people experienced a few break-ins. WTF, Louisville? [WHAS11]

Guess which publication just now discovered there’s a food truck snafu going on with Greg Fischer’s trust fund “advisers” and the rest of the community. [C-J/AKN]

At this point, you already know “clean coal” technology just doesn’t exist. Now the leading American effort to capture carbon emissions from coal plants has fallen apart. [NY Times]

Looks like folks in Denver aren’t too happy with the hiring of Robert White as their new police chief. [FOX41]

Here is an important music thing you should do in Louisville now and in January. [Consuming Louisville]

Metro Council members are saying what the public already knows: constables are unnecessary in Louisville. And that guy who shot the woman in the face is a loose cannon. [WAVE3]

Not many people are upset about the VA’s choice of a Brownsboro Road location for a new hospital and that’s a good thing. [Business First]

The Environmental Protection Agency has begun cleaning up the former Black Leaf Chemical site in Louisville’s Park Hill neighborhood. [WFPL]

Democrats Now Literally Get Away With Everything

You can love organized labor or you can hate it but keeping its contract negotiations with city government secret is about as corrupt as corrupt can get. But what do you expect from your Metro Council? Jim King gave $30,000 to the very people who assaulted him (Okay, one of them died). David Tandy signed away his right to tell the voters what was going on with Cordish. Tom Owen is afraid to stand up to Metro Animal Services. Tony Hyatt (I know, not elected) lost his shit when we dared suggest he get a raise. David Yates has turned into a church mouse. Vicki and Tina play non-stop pat-a-cake with Greg. [Dan Klepal]

We’re surprised Metro Government hasn’t tried some nonsense like this with Occupy Louisville protesters. [HuffPo]

According to Greg Fischer, work to restore the former Museum Plaza site will begin next week. [Twitter]

Whattya mean Jonathan Miller’s replacement – Lori Flanery – used her state government-issued iPad (why did taxpayers pay for THAT?) and email to push state employees to contribute to Steve Beshear’s campaign? Surely not! I mean, really, what do you expect from an administration that tries to defame its critics and questioners? She knew she was wrong at the time and admitted it. “Innocent mistake” after “innocent mistake.” [H-L]

That’s right – Old Dirty Judy got replaced by Attica Scott last night. District 1 finally has competent representation. [FOX41]

We told you he wasn’t going anywhere. The University of Louisville decided to extend Jim Ramsey’s contract through 2020. You don’t give up a sweet gig like that. He could be found in bed with a live boy and a dead girl and still keep his job. [C-J/AKN]

This weekend’s Midnights at the Baxter flick? The Masque of the Red Death. And you’re probably going to go see it. [Consuming Louisville]

Finally, people realize (we’re looking at you, Tina) realize permits are silly for Halloween decorations on Hillcrest Avenue. [WAVE3]

Plans for the former Colgate factory show distribution firms and condominiums. [Business First]

Campaign finance reports have finally rolled into the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. [Dig In at Page One]

LMPD made a second arrest in a cold case murder that dates back to 2005. LMPD is why Louisville can have nice things. [WHAS11]

JCPS Almost As Bad As 4th St Live For Wasted $

Yes, we treated yesterday as a holiday that was established in honor of a genocidal maniac as an actual holiday. Why do you ask? We got all kinds of work done.

To the city employee who got drunk and parked their car inches away from our door on the sidewalk: Thanks. That was awesome. [Deep City Thoughts]

Many (read: most) of Steve Beshear’s 2007 campaign pledges remain undone. He didn’t balance the budget as he loves to bullshit, didn’t pass gambling, hasn’t solved the tax crisis, has pat-a-caked on education (save the spin, he’s done jack shit), nearly killed elder abuse legislation, hasn’t created jobs and continues to ignore the real problems of this state. [John Cheves]

Greg Fischer’s paid government staff are out defending River Fields and tossing blame to people like me. Imagine that. Your tax dollars at work. [We Get Comments]

Louisville could solve its planning and design woes by ditching all the shysters people like Greg Fischer continue to use to weigh the system down. [C-J/AKN]

While we’re at it, we could start axing these shysters installed by Jerry Abramson. Like Bud Schardein, who is the recipient of a fancy $200,000 taxpayer slush fund. What the fuck is wrong with this city?! [More C-J/AKN]

Last night Adam Edelen pointed out what a hypocrite teabagger John Kemper is. Two bankruptcies, lying, hypocrisy. And he hadn’t even paid his taxes. [Page One]

Metro Council is “likely” to select Judy Green’s replacement this week. Who do you think it’ll be? [Press Release]

This will certainly bring out all the nice people to downtown. Fourth Street Fail is turning into a real high-class joint. [WHAS11]

How excited are you that Jefferson County Public Schools will spend even more of your tax dollars appealing the student assignment plan ruling? [FOX41]

This place is like a heart attack and 15lbs of fat on a plate. But it is super-worth it. [Consuming Louisville]

Really, what’s the point of sinking thousands of dollars into religious billboards along I-65 while so many people are going hungry? [WAVE3]

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees is discussing Jimbo Ramsey’s contract extension. How many millions of your taxpayer dollars will he get? [Business First]