Hot Topic: The Future of Journalism

Spurred by news that a Seattle newspaper was switching to an all-digital format, WHAS-TV invited Courier-Journal publisher Arnold Garson over to speculate on the future of the newspaper during yesterday’s Noon newscast.

He didn’t really tell Rachel Platt much that we didn’t hear a few months back when he spoke at an SPJ meeting —  the paper reaches 85 percent of adults, but revenue isn’t keeping up, blah blah blah. Nothing against Mr. Garson, but we’ve heard it all before.  No, he doesn’t know if there will ever be a time when there’s no paper, but he’s not making any predictions.

Meanwhile, they’re sweating bullets at the state’s other big paper, the Herald-Leader, which prompted columnist Tom Eblen to write a lengthy rant about where journalism’s going.  Eblen had just spoken to a high school class about the news business, agreeing with Garson that no one knows what a newspaper is going to look like in the future. He’s right about one thing — the reporting of stories will continue in one form or another.

Today the Ville Voice participated in a communications job fair over at Bellarmine. None of the students interested in media careers aspired to a job at a newspaper. And get this — no newspapers were represented among a group of a dozen or so employers.

Maybe the newspaper business has given up on recruiting — the companies represented included ad agencies, a TV station (Jennifer Baileys of Fox41), Insight, Metro TV, and a few online operations. Even Kentucky Kingdom. We met a bunch of bright students interested in writing, and we hope to introduce you to some of them during the next few months.

The C-J has participated in the past, but declined this year.