All Monday Mornings Should Be This Quiet

It’s still Independence Day in Real America, so posting will be less frequent than normal today.

If you’re ever wondering why A Kentucky Newspaper treats the University of Louisville with kid gloves? Just remember those 14 seats the paper gets in the new arena. [Deep Thoughts]

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Rand Paul really is flip-flopping on that underground electric fence. See what he had to say on his own campaign website about keeping the messicans out. [Page One]

You should read these essays from historians on America. []

The Museum Plaza HUD loan will be discussed at a public hearing on Wednesday. You going? [WFPL]

Anyone watch the July 4th Afghanistan special on Fox 41? We missed it! We are un-American, so please let us know how it was. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Michelle Jones is un-American and does not like beer. Please send her hate mail. And then go enjoy some Bell’s Hopslam ASAP. [Consuming Louisville]

Will this “stimulus” plan put together by major retailers lure you out to spend more of what you don’t have? Yes, there’s a local connection. [NY Times]

Just When You Think You’ve Got It Tough

I know a lot of folks are experiencing somewhat difficult times.

But read this:

James Malou has a quick smile that could put anyone at ease. Though in his early 30s, there’s something young and jubilant in his expressions, as if nothing has been lost from this so-called “Lost Boy of Sudan.” Indeed, what a comfort it must be for the uprooted and persecuted to encounter his grin after a long trip across the water, which is Malou’s first task as a caseworker with Kentucky Refugee Ministries.

“It doesn’t pay (much),” explains Malou about his position at the nonprofit. “But if you see what you are doing, you are really changing lives. Because you are the first impression the refugees have — the way you pick them up from the airport; the way you take them to food stamp office; the way you orientate them to their new apartment — they will remember it the rest of their lives. When I came here, somebody did it for me, and I still remember.”

Malou is a Dinka, an ethnic group in southern Sudan known for fishing, building canoes and herding cattle.

In 1991, Malou’s entire family was killed in the Bor Massacre, an intra-tribal attack that resulted in tens of thousands of casualties over two months.

You think your life is tough? Click here to read the rest of this story from LEO Weekly and then tell me how tough your life is.

Sudanese Refugee & Scholar Fights to Stay Alive

Sudanese scholar and refugee Lino Nakwa just had his green card application denied because he was kidnapped by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army when he was 12-years-old, the very reason he was granted entry to the United States of America as a victim of persecution. Because Nakwa was held captive against his will for one month by the Sudanese terrorist organization, the Department of Homeland Security has decided Nakwa poses a security threat.

Sound preposterous that Lino, a Dean’s List student at Transylvania University trying to make everything right with the world would be carelessly tossed aside?

Click here to learn more about Lino Nakwa and contact your legislators to urge their support of one of the few immigrants in the U.S. who follow the legal route to citizenship only to be castigated by the system.

Don’t sit idly by while the United States allows another person to die in genocidal Sudan. Which is what will happen if Lino is deported. It’s sad enough that we’ve (the world, not just the USA) allowed hundreds of thousands of others to perish.

Doug Hawkins: Still Afraid of Mexicans

And this time the LEO is all up on the moonbat Metro Councilcritter.

Doug Hawkins’ (R-Protector of Our White Women) fear of those south of the border has grown exponentially over the years into a massive, public show he puts on anytime anyone will listen to him.

The most recent show involves gum balls, Newt Gingrich and “me no speak-ah de English” jokes.

Note to LEO: We love the headline.

From LEO’s Stephen George:

Is Doug Hawkins afraid of Mexicans? The councilman’s crusade against illegal immigration quietly continues

By Stephen George

I could sense it coming the way a dog understands doom slightly sooner than its owner.

We’d just finished an 11-minute video called “Immigration by the Numbers,” a pedantic piece by a man named Roy Beck, who uses gumballs to represent population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. It’s his way of illustrating the overwhelming wrongness of the idea that America can help the Third World by welcoming its citizens into this country to seek economic prosperity — for those who remember what that’s like.

Click here for the rest…