SNOWPOCALYPSE II Ruined Everything For You

Local doctors and nurses are saying children’s lives are at stake and Kosair Children’s Hospital is among those begging Frankfort to fix a law they say is broken. [WDRB]

Another day, another odor story. It’s just Louisville, I guess. Louisville’s largest sewage treatment plant has a $450,000 emergency that may be contributing stronger odors wafting from the Outer Loop Landfill. [C-J/AKN]

At 12:31 P.M. yesterday the big story for WHAS11 was Jodi Arias. Because nothing else was going on in Louisville. [WHAS11]

Faculty at the two largest campuses in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System have passed resolutions asking former President Michael McCall to return more than $300,000 he will receive as “emeritus” system president. [H-L]

More than 200 motorists were stranded on I65 and had to be rescued by the National Guard. [WLKY]

In a worsening trend, deaths from heroin overdose in the United States increased even more dramatically in recent years than they did over the previous decade, according to a new report. [HuffPo]

LMPD officials confirmed before 8 a.m. Thursday that they’d been at the scene of a standoff for more than six hours. [WAVE3]

Two protestors seeking state Senate action on a bill to restore voting rights for non-violent felons who complete their sentences were forcibly dragged from a legislative committee meeting room Wednesday. [Ronnie Ellis]

Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet secretary has drawn both praise and criticism for comments he made during last week’s Climate Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. [WFPL]

One of America’s largest circus companies has said it will phase out the use of elephants in its shows. [BBC]

Brown-Forman Corp. has cut 25 jobs, and most of those were from the company’s Louisville headquarters. [Business First]

You could say that the town of Clarksville’s timeline for completion of its new wastewater treatment plant is a bit backed up. [News & Tribune]

You A Pedestrian? Your Days Are Numbered

Walsh Construction won’t be cited after three workers were thrown into the Ohio River as they sought to retrieve a boat that had broken free from the downtown bridge construction site. [WDRB]

A year after two members of Congress asked for an investigation into the appraisal price of the planned Brownsboro Road VA Medical Center site, there has been no response and opponents are launching an 11th-hour appeal to persuade Veterans Affairs officials to pick another site. [C-J/AKN]

Three pedestrians in the Kentuckiana area were struck in three separate accidents within two hours Friday night. Nothing to see here, move along, Possibility City, compassion, transparency. [WHAS11]

The state Senate voted Friday to limit Kentucky’s debt, and the Senate president later said the chamber will search for another way to strengthen the state’s teacher pension system instead of the House-approved plan to borrow $3.3 billion. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! A local reporter was indicted for leaving the scene of a deadly crash. Police said Jeff Woods, a WHAS sports reporter, was driving a station vehicle when he hit a woman in downtown Louisville in January. [WLKY]

There’s good news and bad news for both parties, in a Pew Research poll out Thursday: Republicans are seen as extreme and intolerant but more trusted to handle international issues, while Democrats’ position as the party of the middle class doesn’t translate into an edge on the economy. [HuffPo]

Remember Debbie Fox? She’s the woman who half-assed everything so badly at Metro Animal Services that everyone threatened to resign unless Fischer moved her ASAP. Now she’s making mega bucks handling an agency that’s far more important. [WAVE3]

Indiana could be the first US state to introduce baby boxes – anonymous drop-off points designed to prevent the deaths of abandoned infants. [BBC]

Young people living in Louisville’s westernmost neighborhoods have less opportunities for physical, social and cognitive development than in other parts of the metropolitan area, according to findings of a recent study by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. [WFPL]

More jails are replacing face-to-face visits with video, passing the costs on to inmates. [Mother Jones]

Hillerich & Bradsby Co., maker of Louisville Slugger baseball bats, may be up for sale. [Business First]

The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library is looking for a new director. [News & Tribune]

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A Fun Blind Item For Your Snow Blind Friday


  • She allows her cabinet to spread rumors about the sexual orientation of her employees
  • She’s hired three (3!) hot messes/communications directors in less than four years
  • She told her employees their pay was being frozen on a Friday at 4:00 P.M.
  • She puts things on meeting agendas and then tries to remove them after facing heat
  • She promised her employees that a monster of an audit wasn’t about salaries… but it obviously was
  • She has her ombudsman handle HR matters so there are zero checks and balances when it comes to who she hires
  • She’s knee-deep in the collusion game with a wealthy board member
  • She’s being rewarded with four more years

Do you know who she is?

Because the EPSB certainly does.


A Priceless Greg Fischer Possibility Moment…

Get a load of this nonsense that people in the editorial world fell for:

Mayor Greg Fischer sees no role for using private accounts or equipment to conduct public business, and if it happens, the policy is for sunshine.

“All city government business, whether conducted on a personal device or a city-issued device, is subject to open records laws,” said Chris Poynter, spokesman for Mr. Fischer.


If they bought that horse shit, all the public business people like Chris Poynter and Sadiqa Reynolds conduct via their private email accounts and telephone numbers would have been disclosed ages ago.


This sort of thing will continue as long as people in the media continue to poop where they eat.

It’s why the years-long Metro Animal Services nightmare has raged on. It’s why every other agency head has been arrested for DUI or for having sexytime in a parked city car with very little mainstream attention (yes, very little — there’s way more attention paid to lane closures and sports). It’s why there are gigantic segments of our population that feel forgotten. It’s why Cordish can walk away with millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars without anyone blinking an eye.

Ethics Aren’t A Thing Here In Possibility City

Another day, another pedestrian death in Possibility City. [WDRB]

Because of course they dropped the ethics charges. The Metropolitan Sewer District ethics charges that were shedding light on the inner workings of the agency were dropped Friday by the agency’s Audit Committee, clearing former chairman James Craig and current board member Lonnie Calvert. [C-J/AKN]

Joseph Cambron’s denial lasted more than five hours during an interrogation with police, claiming he had nothing to do with a 12-year-old boy’s murder the day before. It wasn’t until the end of that police interview on Oct. 1, 2014, that Cambron confessed, for the first time, to the crime. [WHAS11]

A highly invasive fish commonly called Asian carp is proliferating in the Ohio River at Louisville. Wildlife officials say they have a spawning area below the McAlpine Locks and Dam. [H-L]

Another day, another senseless murder in Possibility City. A man was shot and killed early Sunday morning in front of a Louisville home. [WLKY]

Voters in three key battlegrounds support tax hikes on the rich. [HuffPo]

Investments in downtown Louisville continue. Friday night, word that the historic Starks Building may be renovated to include a 200 room hotel and 100 rental apartments was posted on a company’s website. [WAVE3]

Wanna see an entitled school board member act like a WATB because WFPL didn’t bow at his feet? Here’s David Jones doing just that. Sure, Ryan could have put in more than five minutes of effort on the story but this sanctimonious bullshit from Jones takes the cake. It’s worse than that silly front page spread featuring he and his wife wherein they pretend to be champions of education with a reach-around from Greg Fischer. [Guilty Dog Barks First]

Steve Haag, a spokesman for the Louisville Metro Council Republican Caucus, said Republican council members question the language within the investigation’s findings. “They used the term ‘willingly’ and ’intentionally’ — but what they don’t use is the work knowingly,” he said. “Yes, maybe nobody wanted to hurt this dog, but did they know the dog was hurt?” [WFPL]

The homeless face many challenges, but one is basic: it’s difficult to get clean. Even if they go to a shelter, those shelters don’t usually have laundry services and may not even have a shower. [Think Progress]

The Ports of Indiana handled more than 10.4 million tons of cargo in 2014, and have set a record in annual shipments. [Business First]

Floyd County Clerk Christy Eurton was asked by the New Albany City Council when additional voting machines needed to be purchased for the city’s primary election in May. [News & Tribune]

LG&E Set To Screw Environmentally Friendly Folks

Cierra Lewis , 22, died in a house fire early Saturday morning, according to Capt. Salvador Melendez from the Louisville Division of Fire. [WDRB]

Louisville Gas and Electric is seeking to get more money from its customers, but a proposed rate structure could discourage people from investing in solar power or energy efficiency, a Louisville engineer warns. [C-J/AKN]

The family of a man arrested in Bardstown, Ky. claims excessive force was used while officers detained him. That suspect is now in critical condition in a Louisville hospital. [WHAS11]

Bigoted undertones are apparent for foes of a proposed Islamic center in Lexington. Don’t want to make it about religion or ethnicity? Here’s a tip: don’t make it about religion or ethnicity. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! “She was burned after her death, almost over 70 percent of her body. So not only did they take her from me in life, they took her from me in death and I couldn’t even mourn my beautiful baby,” she said, adding through tears, “I had to have a closed casket.” [WLKY]

For the first time, more than half of U.S. public school students live in low-income households, according to a new analysis from the Southern Education Foundation. [HuffPo]

Police haven’t said who fired the shots that killed 16-month-old Ne’Riah Miller and wounded her mother Cierra Twyman last August. But newly released information, and a review of evidence obtained from prosecutors earlier, points the finger at a fifth man, whom police hadn’t named a suspect until this past Tuesday: 28-year-old Duwan Mason Jr. [WAVE3]

This is a big deal. [Press Release]

Dominique Frierson has wanted to get out of Beecher Terrace since he moved into the Russell neighborhood housing project in 2003. [WFPL]

Greg Bourke and Michael DeLeon have lived together for 32 years and were married in Canada more than a decade ago, but back home in Kentucky, something is missing. [Reuters]

If it wasn’t for Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, the city of Louisville very likely might have a different mayor in office, according to Mayor Greg Fischer. [Business First]

His family lives off Spring Street, he works off East Main Street, and he’s a proponent of two-way streets. John Smith believes people in his situation — downtown residents, business owners and employees of those establishments — should be given the top priority when it comes to public feedback about planner Jeff Speck’s street study. [News & Tribune]