Gaining Weekend Momentum Edition

Hang in there. One more day ’til the Labor Day weekend starts. What the hell, go ahead and start.

Eye-ing Hal’s Seat: As soon as Hal Heiner announces that he’s running for Mayor in a week or two, retired police officer Kevan Rumpel is ready to run for his 19th District Metro Council seat in the East End. Rumpel, who was at this morning’s Chris Thieneman press conference, is a founder of the Small Business Alliance along with Thieneman and a few others.

More Prosecution Whining: The Stinson case has become a whine-fest for the prosecution, which seems to know it can’t win.  Prosecutors didn’t like the balance of gender in the jury that was seated today, and filed a challenge. Now the thing can finally get started. [Courier]

Some Good News: One of the nicest women around, my fellow Brown Mackie faculty member Anna Belle Pfau, is recognized for all her talents in this month’s Today’s Woman. [Today’s Woman]

Nothing New Here, Except Saying What Really Happens: Jack Conway’s campaign is raising a stink over wording in a fund-raising e-mail from Dan Mongiardo. In it, donors are promised access to the Guv in exchange for cash at an event. Which is how it usually works. [Herald-Leader]

A Reason to Watch Tonight’s Eastern Kentucky at Indiana University football game: The sideline reporter will be Fox41 producer/hottie Larra Overton. Trust me. Ex-U of L announcer Ari Wolfe has the play-by-play. It’s on the Big Ten Network tonight at 8. [Big Ten]

Time-Wasting Baggy Pants Ordinance Passes: Really. Judy Green got her goofy baggy pants ordinance approved by the Community Affairs committee. The full Council will waste time on this next. [Fat Lip]

Discounts in St. Matthews: First the Highlands, then downtown and now the folks behind the VIP discount cards have a St. Matthews/Frankfort Avenue version. For those of you into saving $$. [VIP]

Not Just Any Friday…

Here’s some stuff that’s worth reporting…

They’re Not Evil, They’re Your Insurance Company: Wonder how many Humana employees the P.R. staff there considered before offering up Max Shireman to the NYTimes as a typical, non-evil employee? The big paper did a story on how tough it is to work for a company in the middle of the biggest political issue of our time. Shireman got a shot in at his pals over at Papa John’s, implying the food makes you sick. [NYTimes]

More Than 50,000 Drunks Served Since 2004: OK, CityScoot isn’t going to hire me to write slogans. But the local biz was featured in the Times’ story about entrepreneurs in the “take you, your car and your drunk butt home” business. A business that is booming. That’s right, Billy G., you should have called them. [NYTimes]

Count on This Book: It’s hard to hold back praise for Gill Holland, who has added “author” to his list of accolades. He’s just published “Louisville Counts”, an art book for kids featuring 21 local artists and 21 cool things about our little town. Luke, age 11, loved it. Proceeds go to the Art Sparks Interactive Gallery at the Speed Museum. Get one around town or stop by the Green Building, on East Market Street.

Just Another Joe: Don’t forget to watch Animal Planet’s “Jockey” reality series. Tonight’s second episode features 19-year-old jockey Joe Talamo on the road to the Kentucky Derby. Insight 60 at 9. [Animal Planet]

A Look Ahead: Get ready for some national media attention. Ex-PRP football coach Jason Stinson’s trial starts Monday.  A bunch of students have been subpoenaed. [AP]

Taylor Swift?: No, I haven’t suddenly got a thing for teen-age blondes or country music, or whatever Ms. Swift sings about. But please e-mail me if you can find me two tickets to Sunday’s show at the State Fair. For a friend. [e-mail me]

Going to College Edition

Wondering if I can figure out a way to sneak into a keg party after moving Josh into the dorm at U of L this afternoon . . .

Laughing Matter: Get in on the funny. Sunday at the Comedy Caravan. Free Tickets from us. Marty Pollio, who’s really funny, is the headliner. Did we mention it’s going to be funny? [Comedy]

Doesn’t Smell Like Pepper: When the Eye Care Institute’s Mark Prussian called 311 today, he got the Air Pollution Control Board’s Tim Pretty on the phone. When he complained about the stronger-than-usual smell permeating Butchertown, Pretty told him there had been a violation there today.  Then said it had a lot to do with a catering company (which he couldn’t I.D.) cooking up a batch of pepper. “It’s absolutely infuriating,” Prussian said.

No, It Doesn’t Matter: So John Calipari’s 2008 Final Four team at Memphis will have to forfeit those 38 wins. No biggie. The UK coach, who hasn’t lost a game yet, will have to do much worse than that to eclipse the Pitino/Sypher scandal in the media. [Balls]

Whitey Gets His Due: Southern High’s most famous graduate, Phil Simms, is getting one of those Hometown Hero Banners out at the Preston Highway school tomorrow.  In the picture, he’s wearing his Giants #11. Whitey won’t be there, but hopes to come to town after the NFL season. Since you’re wondering, Matt Simms is playing this year at El Camino Community College.

Whoops. Bad Job News: Kentucky’s unemployment rate is up to 11 percent, the highest it’s been since 1983.  An optimistic analyst says the pace of layoffs is moderating. [News Release]

Phanton Numbers: How else to explain Rand Paul’s unexpected showing against Trey Grayson in WHAS-TV’s first poll on the Senate race. That’s how Republican strategist Ted Jackson explained the Paul numbers, which showed the son of the ex-Pres. candidate down just 37-26. [Arnold]

Why the Creation Museum people scare me: [Must-See]

Rachel Kissed the Pig: File that under “things we never thought we’d write.” [WHAS-TV]

Dept. of No Fooling and Yo We Ain’t Leaving

A Polling We Will Go: The first Survey USA poll of the U.S. Senate race came out yesterday. Mongiardo leads Conway overall 39-31. Grayson leads Paul 37-26. Of course there’s more to the story. [Page One]

Why Our Court System is Messed Up: Because ex-PRP coach Jason Stinson was re-indicted on wanton endangerment after his first indictment was dismissed by a judge. [AP]

A University Buys a Hotel: But it’s Sullivan, and the hotel is a Holiday Inn.  The rapidly growing Sullivan campus will be able to house 400 students in the old Holiday Inn near the KFC HQ. [Fox41]

Fooling Some of the People: A thousand people showed up to listen to Republican pro-life doctors bitch about Obama’s health care plan. They went nuts when one of them brought up not wanting to perform abortions, so we know what it was really about.  Too bad some of those people — who didn’t read our story —  thought they were going to an unbiased town hall. And check out the lady defining socialism for us all.  [WHAS-TV]

Obligatory Pitino Mention: Atlanta columnist Jeff Schultz reported word from the Twitter accounts of two Pitino recruits, adding to the rationale why the Coach is still in charge. Peyton Siva wrote: “Yo I ain’t leaving. Rick(’s) personal life is his life. He’s here to coach me and is the best teach of hoop to me!” [AJC]

Fair Game: I’m with Jake on this one. If you want me to go over and look at all the crap at the State Fair, you’ll have to send me some tickets. Still, the Fair is a big deal. It starts on Thursday. [Page One]

Pass the Smell Test: Of course neighbors are concerned that MSD is allowing a truck wash for pig haulers to open back up and continue putting pig poop in the sewers. [Courier]

Our  View – Don’t Worry About Getting U of L Tickets: U of L says it’s selling a lot of season ticket packages to watch this 2009 football team. Maybe. But we still say you’re going to have to dodge all the tickets flying around on Saturdays this fall. [Courier]

Get Up, Tune In: Watch The ‘Ville Voice/Page One segment on Fox41 this morning with Barry Bernson. At 7:45, or later here on the site.

Predicting Politics and Weather

How To Be Popular: If you’re on the Metro Council, use your Neighborhood Development Fund to pick up debris in your district. While most people with flood damage spent the weekend hauling their crap to drop-off sites, Marianne Butler’s constituents in District 15 waited for curbside pickups, provided by Butler for about $10K. Many Council members have a surplus in their accounts. [WHAS-TV]

Spotted at Lunch: Steve Pence, Dan Seum and Chris Thieneman at P.F. Chang’s yesterday.  Will the Republican candidate for Mayor come from that trio?

Solution – Trees: In hopes of intercepting rain, MSD will plant a zillion trees (actually 10,000) in the next year. The bad news  — your MSD bill, on average, will go up from $354 to $757 in the next 15 years. [Courier]

Raider Nation Needs Help: The floods ruined the football equipment at my alma mater, Iroquois High, and the team’s 20 players can’t even practice outside because they don’t have cleats. The opener is Aug. 21. [WHAS-TV]

Museum Closed: We’re just finding out how bad the flooding was at the Derby Museum. “Closed until further notice” is not an optimistic phrase for a news release.  The press is invited to take pictures over there today at 10:30.

And, More Rain: Who moved Seattle’s weather to Louisville in August? Rain is in the forecast this afternoon and evening.

It’s Our Weekly TGIF Edition

Senate Approves Barzun, Northup: We’re happy that Matthew Barzun is going to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. Less enthused about Anne Northup getting a new job as a commissioner of the Consumer Product and Safety Commission. Both were approved by the Senate today. [Courier]

At least they’re being nice: The local GOP is publicizing a John Yarmuth protest Monday over the Congressman’s leadership on health care. The release on it asks protesters to be professional, focused and respectful at the event outside Yarmuth’s downtown office.

Chapter 1: U of L Professor John R. Hale gets the first chapter of his new book, Lords of the Sea, in the big paper. It’s about ancient Athens. [NYTimes]

So Maybe This Proves He was Just a Jerk: Ex-PRP Coach Jason Stinson’s trial starts later this month, and today the C-J got hold of  a deposition from a player who said Stinson was really mad during that practice, but that he didn’t deny players water. “Ding, Ding, We’ve Got a Winner” is what the player said Stinson said when he raised his hand to quit. [Courier]

Commenting on . . .: Tonight on Comment, it’s the C-J’s Stephanie Steitzer, along with Owen Covington of Owensboro and Roger Alford of the AP. And the Conway “Son-of-a-bitch” controversy lives on.

No More Poop: This weekend, go back and look at all the great nominations for our Golden Poo Awards. You might have forgotten somebody. [Golden Poo]

Coach’s Story Doesn’t Make Sense

At what point, I wonder, did Butler High girls’ basketball coach Eddy Wilson realize he’d crossed the ethical line? Was it after a hundred text messages (on his way to 555), some after midnight, to a member of his team?

JCPS fired the coach of Butler’s 2008 state champs, saying he had spent more than 5,000 minutes on the phone with a member of his team in a four-month period. But JCPS couldn’t prove a physical relationship existed.

The JCPS investigation revealed the text and phone messages, but none of the content of those messages was made available. They started the investigation as a result of stories being told by parents of other students about Wilson’s relationship. And, the investigation revealed, Wilson had been accepting cash from students to get out of running.

Wilson, according to reports, claimed he was mentoring the girl, and that he was going to use the money he collected from students to pay team expenses. He had more than $1,000 in his desk.

The story isn’t over. Materials have been turned over to Child Protective Services, which should investigate.

This one deserves some more media scrutiny, and let’s hope our town’s media jumps all over this one.

Trying to Play Fair in High School

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association had to know that its new rule would be challenged.

Attempting to stifle the recruiting of football players by Trinity and St. X, the KHSAA passed a rule that said students who get scholarships for high school tuition at private schools can’t play sports.

Only the problem is that all kinds of private school students get academic scholarships. And one Presentation student, whose parents are thrilled that she earned an academic scholarship to offset the $8,500 annual tradition, is faced with not being able to play volleyball if she gets more than 25 percent of her tuition paid by someone else. So she, and apparently a lot of other students, may have to accept smaller scholarships if they want to play sports.

And the rule isn’t likely to stop the big football powers from bringing in a few talented football players from Indiana (Duece Finch) or local public schools (Jordan Whiting) to supplement their Catholic school pipeline. Don’t let anyone try to tell you it’s not done.

Teddy Gordon, the local attorney who argued against the JCPS racial guidelines, and won, at the U.S. Supreme Court, is taking on the case and suing the KHSAA. He should win this one, too.

The KHSAA must realize that it can’t have a one-rule-fits-all policy in order to stop the recruiting of high school athletes. Its best option — form an investigative arm to look at individual cases. Respond to complaints by actually taking a look at individual athletes, making sure they actually live where they say they do.

In fact, we’re told there’s a growing problem among JCPS high schools in which recruiters make sure certain basketball players end up playing at schools that hope to become local powers.

Investigate complaints. Hand out penalties. That’s what the NCAA does. On a smaller scale, the KHSAA could do it too.

It’s All About Timing

Good Timing: Last August, PRP assistant football coach Jason Hiser skipped practice on Aug. 20, which is probably the biggest reason he’s now the head coach. And he got himself released from the lawsuit by Max Gilpin’s parents. [WAVE]

Not So Senatorial: You’ve probably heard the Senate fund-raising results. Jack Conway at $1.3 million, Lt. Dan at $300K, which is a little more than Jim Bunning has raised. But now Mongiardo’s trying to make the race about condemning Conway because he’s from Louisville. His campaign manager made a ridiculous statement criticizing Conway for getting money from East End neighbors. [Gerth]

Yes, that was a Condom Ad: Really, I’m not listening to the new talk station after today.

UK Should Invest in This Guy: A UK student won $900K in a Vegas poker tournament. Of course, he fell from first place to 12th in one hand. [Herald-Leader]

Germantown’s New Bar: We heard from the people running the new Zanzabar, which opened recently at the former Brown Bag restaurant. Lots of beer choices. We’ll be dropping by soon.

No, Dan, Really, You’re Not That Popular: Councilman Dan Johnson was upset that LEO wrote that Republicans were saying he was “vulnerable and wildly ineffective.” So he started making calls to find out who would say something so un-nice about him, then called LEO and told them he was really popular and that he should get credit for the arena, and the Internet. Well, not the Internet. But he did try to keep the city from allowing more gas pumps to be built. [Fat Lip]

Bats Back: The Louisville Bats open a long homestand tonight at Slugger Field. They’re 9 1/2 games in front in their division.Watch for something special from us and the Bats.

Wednesday and We’re Giving Advice

Baby Times Two: Congratulations to former WLKY-TV morning news anchor Abby Miller, who gave birth to twin boys.

Someone Help This Woman: Yesterday Karen Cunagin Sypher released a statement to some media, but agreed to a phone interview with WDRB’s Bennett Haeberle. She said she’s praying the truth comes out. And that it’s all about her children. And that an allegation that she traded a sex act to get Lester Goetzinger to call the coach is comedy. Something she and the kids laugh about. We’re laughing too. [Fox41]

Tight Lips in PRP: Prosecutors in the Jason Stinson trial, which starts Aug. 31, are going to have a hard time getting witnesses to testify.  A memo given to members of the PRP community Monday night asked that they not speak about the case. But prosecutors also say they haven’t been able to locate some witnesses. Meanwhile, ex-Stinson assistant Jason Hiser has been named head coach. [Fox41]

Brainlock on Billy: We really hate to see tax dollars wasted. So knowing the UK is spending $100K fighting Billy Gillispie in court makes us angry. The man never signed a contract. And besides, he didn’t win enough games. [Herald-Leader]

TV To Snooze Through: Anybody see the photo on the front page of yesterday’s C-J? It showed seven individuals watching the 30-minute video being shown to coaches and athletes.  Four of them appeared to be sleeping, and the others really bored. I got through about 5 minutes of it online. [Courier]

Free Advice: Hey, David Jenkins. If you didn’t charge the $445 at the Thorobred Lounge on your KACo credit card, just tell us how the charges got there.  Or resign from public office. Quit hiding behind this fiction that you don’t know. [Herald-Leader]