Hospital Turf Wars Are Worse Than High School

Some businesses along Frankfort Avenue are banding together after recently being hit by thieves. [WDRB]

In the most recent FEC reporting quarter, Alison Grimes spent tons on travel. Ed Marksberry questions how she could do so much traveling while also doing her job as Secretary of State. [Page One]

It was erected on the Belvedere in 1983 as a tribute to Vietnam Veterans. An attempt to right the wrongs faced by drafted service members who spent every day trying to stay alive in the midst of ambushes, snipers and booby traps. [WHAS11]

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare parent KentuckyOne Health has signed a contract to buy the shopping center that includes the Village 8 Theatres on Dutchmans Lane in St. Matthews. [C-J/AKN]

Just when you think people aren’t absolutely terrible… A project aimed at helping children in need and orphans in Third World countries is starting over after 200 pairs of its shoes were stolen. [WLKY]

Just wait until the fun tolls come along and no one will be staying across the river. From Elizabeth in Indiana to Elizabethtown in Kentucky and all parts in between, hotels across the region are going to have one thing in common: no vacancy. [News & Tribune]

Charges against a Louisville man accused of killing a witness in a murder case have been dismissed. [WAVE3]

It’s quite a time to become an American ambassador in Europe. When Matthew Barzun took up his post as the American Ambassador to the UK, he could hardly have known how quickly he would be thrown in the arena. [CNN]

Louisville’s Home of the Innocents is opening its primary care services to more foster children through a new collaboration with the state. [WFPL]

A new gambling opportunity for Kentuckians debuts Monday. [WKYT]

The NCAA on Wednesday announced the host site finalists for the final round of 81 upcoming championships, and Louisville was selected more than any other city. [Business First]

Brooks Wicker: Dumber Than We Thought Possible

Wow, Brooks Wicker, John Yarmuth’s Republican opponent, is a lot dumber than we thought.

From his latest email blast where he attempts to “fact check” Yarmuth:

Also during the KET Debate, John Yarmuth said seniors would not see a reduction in Medicare Advantage benefits under the Affordable Care Act.


Mr. Yarmuth doesn’t seem to understand that cutting funding to Medicare Advantage will decrease the number of seniors covered. He can’t cut funding then promise more seniors better coverage. The math doesn’t add up.

Unfortunately, Wicker is lying through his teeth yet again.

Medicare Advantage is not Medicare. It’s an additional service that seniors buy on top of or to replace traditional Medicare. It’s a flat-out lie to claim seniors will lose Medicare coverage if something that is not Medicare disappears.

The funding being “cut” is a subsidy being paid to insurance companies to provide Medicare Advantage. Which is, again, not Medicare.

It doesn’t really matter, as Wicker will lose harder than Anne Northup ever did. But you’d think these hacks would learn to be a bit honest with something that is so important to thousands upon thousands of seniors.

Rubbertown? Nothing To See, Just Move Along

Get the popcorn ready, ladies and meemaws! Louisville Metro Councilman David Yates, D-25, is raising ethics concerns about allegations that fellow Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21, made an offer to buy the historic Colonial Gardens property in the midst of a city funded feasibility study. [WFPL]

The Jefferson County Constable charged with shooting a woman in a Walmart parking lot is still deciding if he wants to take a plea deal. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

Have you read about the University of Kentucky’s top medical guy, FrankenGangster? UK knew what it was getting when it hired him and did it anyway. [Page One]

Thousands of hot rods are in town for the annual Street Rod Nationals at the Kentucky Exposition Center. This marks the 15th consecutive year the city has hosted the event. [WAVE3]

Just in case you’re wondering how stupid people can get when it comes to ending animal abuse. Yep, those are the people running your country. [Wonkette]

An LMPD officer is credited with saving a shooting victim’s life. [WHAS11]

University Hospital is closing its sleep center, halting open-heart surgeries and limiting nonemergency outpatient services for uninsured patients to save about $2.5 million a year. The move comes amid financial struggles for the safety-net hospital, where almost a quarter of patients are uninsured people who can’t pay their bills. [C-J/AKN]

People in Lexington – and in Louisville – were super-excited to team up to express their hatred and willful ignorance for some deep fried chicken. [H-L]

When a Rubbertown plant was evacuated Wednesday morning, only a fraction of the surrounding area knew about the potentially dangerous reaction. [WLKY]

Here’s a somewhat interesting look at the way Greg Fischer has completely changed his personal story. He still claims to have been an entrepreneur (with daddy’s money) but now says he co-invented the ice machine. [Business First]

You’ve read us for several years and now you’ve got the chance to help create our new ad-free project. Your contribution can be public or private (but you have to tell us in writing that you want it to be public) – it’s up to you. [Our New Project]

Fireworks Are The Most Important Thing Now

Maybe it’s time for us to start talking about the folks who defamed us? Maybe we should name names, tell you were they work, who they’re involved with, which faux journalists they are, how much money they’ve taken from Jonathan Miller and his sister, their involvement with Jack Conway and Elaine Walker and what they do? Because people can’t stop making shit up. Some folks apparently don’t remember how much fun it was getting their ass handed to them. Maybe we can start talking about how they spread autopsy photos of my mother in an attempt to harm me personally. [How Cute]

Looks like KRS board member Tommy Elliott’s fun within Greg Fischer’s world is coming under fire from the Metro Council. [WFPL]

The Metro Sewer District audit is scheduled to be released today at 10:00 A.M. I hear you’ll want to read Dan’s story later today. [Dan Klepal]

Just a reminder to Greg Fischer: You may want to make sure your Metro Animal Services honchos aren’t threatening people with an audience. You don’t need that egg on your face. [Deep LMAS Failures]

Documents have finally been released regarding the University of Louisville Hospital merger. Reality? CHI would have control over all the money and could shift funds away from UofL without having to answer to anybody. [WHAS11]

A coal company filed for bankruptcy. You’ll get trashed and called a librul for discussing it. [H-L]

The Speed Museum is going to be closed for THREE YEARS while a new building is constructed! [FOX41]

Greg Fischer can spend hours in angst over fireworks but can’t be bothered to handle the mess at Louisville Metro Animal Services. [How Sad]

Instant racing stands at about $2 million per week, up 24% in November. And people are still afraid of expanded gambling? [H-L]

The entire city is freaking out over changes coming to Brownsboro Road at the Watterson. They’ve apparently forgotten the ongoing bridge nightmare. [WAVE3]

You should probably go see these photographs from Linda Golden at the Gardiner Lane Heine Bros because they are awesome. [Consuming Louisville]

No, Greg Fischer still hasn’t dealt with the contract mess with Metro EMS and employees are speaking out about it. [FOX41]

How Much Cash Can Uncle Jimmy Let Disappear?

Of course the editorial board would lightly chastise Greg Fischer over the least ridiculous thing he’s done in months. [-C-J/AKN]

You should probably nominate someone for the third category of the Golden Poo Awards ASAP. This one involves pearl clutching – the most insincere kind! [Page One]

Just in case you were wondering where some of those University of Louisville equine grant dollars went? [Click At Your Own Risk]

One shyster after another at the University of Louisville is swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars per pop. Jim Ramsey usually knows about it looooong before it gets investigated. And you folks in Frankfort keep thinking it’s a-okay to continue down this path. [WHAS11]

There will be no delay by the Metro Council in Judy Green’s removal hearing. [FOX41]

If you grow up starved of calories, you could have a greater risk of heart disease. Early diet matters. This is why kids shouldn’t go hungry. [BBC]

The new superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools says the district is committed to diversity. [WAVE3]

There’s not going to be any “research funding” left at the University of Louisville if people keep swiping it without any oversight at all. [C-J/AKN]

There’s a new store opening on Westport Road and all kinds of artists will be there. [Consuming Louisville]

Jewish Hospital cut 155 positions. 30% through attrition. The rest got offered severance or comparable positions. [Business First]

Here’s a look at TARC’s fancy LEED Gold-certified maintenance facility. [Broken Sidewalk]

Metro Police are looking for a Good Samaritan who helped an injured city worker. [WLKY]

Kentucky’s U.S. Senate Race Has Now Turned Crazy

Did you see Rand Paul defend segregated lunch counters on Rachel Maddow last night? No, I’m not remotely exaggerating. [WATCH IT NOW]

If you missed the mayoral victory speeches on Tuesday night, check out Dan Klepal’s story for video. [C-J]

You folks should support this youth rugby league. Just saying. [More C-J]

Greg Fischer’s people are having a tough time letting go and can’t stop attacking the messenger. [We Get Comments]

I’m biting my lip on this one. Because it is absolutely sad and hilarious at the same time. [FatLip]

Pushing speculation that the Robert Felner scandal has tarnished the University of Louisville, the school has suspended its search for his replacement. [Nancy Rodriguez]

The libruls say Todd Lally is an extremist. [Think Progress]

Just a reminder – tomorrow is bike to work day. Even the University of Louisville is taking part. You should, too. Burn that fat off. Save some dough. [Broken Sidewalk]

Some crazy hippies will be at Rainbow Blossom trying to squirt you with smelly oils while doing devil tricks! [Consuming Louisville]

Jackie Green’s getting ready for the general election. Are you? If he gets out there often and loud enough, he could help sway the election. [WFPL]

You can send text message tips to the po-leece menz now. How convenient is that? [C-J]

JCPS Gets Something Majorly RIGHT!

Wow. I love being able to write positive stories about Jefferson County Public Schools (or anything in education, really). And this is certainly a major win.

JCPS just announced that Central High School Magnet Career Academy is unveiling an in-school, student-run bank. The grand opening will be held this Wednesday, 12/16, at 10:00 A.M. Fifth Third Bank CEO & President Phil McHugh will be on-hand to present a $4,500 scholarship check during the ceremony.

According to a press release, 30 students will run the bank each year. Both faculty and students will be able to set up checking and savings accounts, cash checks, save for class rings, dues and more. Incentives (not clear what) will be provided as motivation for students to save.

“CHS is grateful for the quality of education and increased opportunities for our students this partnership will provide, said Principal Dan Withers. “We are grateful to organizations like Fifth Third Bank for their commitment and support of the community and to the education of our young people.”

McHugh says it best himself, “Helping to provide students with the tools and support they need to succeed as financial services industry employees is very rewarding and it’s exciting to work with young people who are eager to learn and succeed.”

Major kudos to JCPS and 5/3 for working together over the next three years to provide students with real world experience: hands-on financial education. This is a step in the right direction toward preparing kids for life.

Guess Kentucky’s Just Stagnant These Days

Special election bloodbath last night. Republicans cleaned up in both the House and Senate races. Steve Beshear might as well pack his bags after last night’s massive losses. [Page One]

Jason Stinson said he wasn’t at fault in Max Gilpin’s death. [Toni Konz]

Charlie Strong will be the University of Louisville’s new coach. [WHAS11]

Osama is gonna ruin the mail! [FatLip]

Here’s Mockingbird Terrace rising above its neighbors. [Broken Sidewalk]

Lexington has a brand new mayoral candidate. The city’s Vice Mayor, Jim Gray, is challenging his corrupt boss for the city’s top job. [Bluegrass Politics]

It’s not so great when hype-mongers work double-time to confuse an issue, is it? That’s exactly what some are doing in trying to pit JCTCS against Wayside. [C-J]

Kentucky’s climate change could bring about poverty or growth. [H-L]

TARC heard citizens on planned service cuts. No one is happy. [Sheldon Shafer]

Everybody is hungry for transportation changes these days. But before there were good roads, mass transit had mass appeal. [More Broken Sidewalk]