Guns and Nuts at Knob Creek

We didn’t cover the Knob Creek Gun Show over the weekend.  Couldn’t have paid us to be there, and not just because we value our hearing. It wouldn’t have been a glamorous assignment for any media member, though let’s give some credit to WHAS-TV’s Melanie Kahn for going to Bullitt County Friday and filing a report.

So we’ll thank the Washington Independent for sending reporter David Wiegel to the shoot, where he joined more than 15,000 gun-toting folks spending a few days shooting, buying and talking about the horrors of the Obama administration. Check out his piece and the accompanying photos, under the headline “Scenes from the Real America.”

Gun show attendees are paranoid. Wiegel discovered a group so fearful that Obama will ban their guns that they’ve fueled a national trend to stockpile ammo.  Guns and ammo are sold here with no concern for paperwork.  You can pick up Nazi merchandise, as well as any sort of gun paraphernalia and a selection of clever, racist t-shirts.

Wiegel interviewed a man, asking about his problems with the President, whose logic was this: “There’s a black man in the White House. What else do you need to know?” The man, knowing Wiegel was a journalist, later tracked him down and destroyed pages in his notebook in fear that he’d put his name in a story. Another man told of stockpiling food in a spare bedroom, just in case. He thinks people are going to start stealing food.

Another group, called “Birthers,” hangs on to the failed campaign strategy that said Obama is not an American citizen. They say there’s an illegal alien in the White House.

Some smart entrepreneurs know how to make a buck off the Obama paranoia, whether they’re convincing citizens to buy arms or ideas. You can buy videos of the whole shooting match, starting at $15.95. Or fire an AK-47 for $125. The most popular t-shirt seems to be one comparing Obama to Hitler.

Sales haven’t been this good since since Bill Clinton, who inspired similar fears without the racism.