Carrying On May Be Off, and More Celebs

Who’ll Stop the Gun Show? According to a piece on the front page of today’s New York Times, the insurance company covering New Bethel Church smartly canceled the church’s policy for Saturday, and Pagano said if the insurance is not replaced, people won’t be allowed to openly carry their guns. He did get the quote of the day in the paper’s news alert, saying “I don’t see any contradiction in this. Not every Christian denomination is pacifist.” [NYTimes]

Another Cover-Up: Before the Lexington newspaper exposed rampant misuse of funds, the Kentucky League of Cities was voluntarily responding to open records requests. Now the League, funded in part with membership dues from 382 cities, says it’s not a public agency and not subject to open records laws. In other words, they’re hiding something. Jack Conway, please step up. [Herald-Leader]

Saying So Doesn’t Make it True: David Williams squared off with Lachlan McLean on, of all things, his sports talk show last night.  He had the nerve to say that surronding states that have expanded gaming are not better off financially than Kentucky, that slots would hurt the poor and that gamblers from other states wouldn’t spend any money in Kentucky. Especially since Kentuckians spend so much time crossing our borders to wager. [WHAS]

Terry on TV: Speaking of WHAS, Terry Meiners got some extended airtime on the Southern Belles episode last night, trying out Emily Gimmel as a sidekick. Of course, she was stumped on questions like “Who won World War II?” and said if it didn’t involve celebrities, she didn’t really know about it. And Kellie compared herself to her dog, which can’t seem to stop humping a toy.

Millionaire News: U of L’s Terrence Williams was the 11th pick in the NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets, the first senior picked. Earl Clark was snapped up by the Suns three picks later. Good for them. [USA Today]

Yes, We Have a Budget: Few surprises as the Metro Council approved the city’s budget. The Mayor is happy, the Council is happy, and for no good reason Doug Hawkins was the lone vote against it. [Courier]

Celebrate Krekel at the Vernon:  It was a touching day of radio at WFPK yesterday, realizing just how many people were touched by Tim Krekel in his 58 years. Sunday there’s a celebration of his life at the Vernon Club at 4.

Media Death Watch: Guess who was the first to report Michael Jackson’s death? Right, TMZ. 18 minutes after he passed. And other media wouldn’t cite them as a source. It beat the LA Times by 7 minutes, which prompted a story about the coverage in the paper, and tells you how competitive entertainment reporting is. We know the feeling, since we were first to report that guns in church story and never get cited, and yes, we’re bitter. NBC’s Jackson tribute last night, hastily assembled, sure brought back memories. [LA Times]

Sweating It Out

Yea, it’s hot. Hope this helps get you through the day.

Fire Away: Good for Cary Stemle, who got another TIME byline on the New Bethel Church Open Carry controversy. It’s Saturday, by the way. Paston Ken Pagano has done tons of interviews, but turned down ABC’s request to cover the event because he thinks the cameras would be invasive. Guns OK, cameras, not so much. [TIME]

Driver Revealed: Notice how news organizations were holding back on naming the 18-year-old driver of the train at the Zoo that crashed? How the Zoo wouldn’t give up her name? When Mary C. Coffey was identified as the driver in a lawsuit, the protection ended. [WLKY]

Primetime Pregnancy: No surprise that teenage pregnancy is on the rise, and that ABC News chose a 14-year-old Louisville teen to illustrate its national story. [ABC]

Is That What You Call Ironic?: The city is hosting a Snow and Ice Symposium this week, as a thousand people brave the Kentucky heat to learn how to get rid of snow. So the Possibility City people thought it a good reason to make a video. [YouTube]

Big Horsie Rally: As Billy Reed makes clear, it doesn’t really matter that the horse industry people got a big crowd at a rally at Keeneland last night. That ship has sailed. Horse has left the barn and all that. How big a crowd was it? Doesn’t matter either. [BillyReedSays, Page One]

Turn on Your Radio: WFPK is doing an all-day tribute to Tim Krekel, who passed away yesterday. Listen in. More tributes on the station’s site. [WFPK]

Guns, Gays, Gov, Not in That Order

Kicking a Dead Horse: At the special session, they killed David Williams’ plan to boost racing purses, as they should have. Julian Carroll told WHAS Radio he thinks maybe only Churchill and Keeneland will survive, and both of those tracks are hurting. [WHAS]

“Failed to Condemn Homosexuality”: That’s basically what got a Texas church booted from the Southern Baptist Convention today.  We’re enjoying Peter Smith’s coverage of the homophobes over at the Fair and Expo Center. Read it. [Smith]

We’re Not Getting that Battery Plant Either: That plant we got all excited about is going to Tennessee. [Page One]

She May Not Last: Prosecutors in the Cecil New case want to depose a frail 79-year-old witness who they claim saw New with bug spray around the dumpsters where Ivan Cano was found. But the defense wants her to testify at the trial, which isn’t scheduled until February. [WHAS]

Headline Prize: Joe Arnold’s blog headline summed up our Governor’s tenure:  “Beshear not sure what to do next.” [Arnold]

For Some Reason We Figured This Would be the Case: Doug Hawkins says “I’m extremely proud this is in my district. I can’t tell you how proud I am of my constituents standing up for their rights….”  So Hawkins produced this YouTube video of his interview with Pastor Ken Pagano, sponsor of the much-publicized Open Carry Celebration (it’s this Saturday!). Warning — it’s 6:29 you’ll never get back. At the end, you get Hawkins doing a stand-up. [YouTube]

Quotable Chief: At a news conference today, Pres. Obama: “I know everybody here is on a 24-hour news cycle. I’m not.” And talked about his struggle to give up smokes.

One More DTV Item and Guns

D-T-V: If you’ve been watching TV news, you probably expected the slew of stories about the 2% of Louisville households not ready for DTV. But WHAS has been having its managers staff a phone line since Friday that won’t stop ringing. Even Mark Pimentel is putting hours in telling people how to set their boxes.

Slots Rally: Big news in Frankfort today is a rally for slots to save the horse, or horsie, as Jake puts it, industry.  We’re no more optimistic that the slots legislation will pass today than we were, uh, ever. [Page One]

UK in Host’s Arena?: Nobody at today’s media tour for news reporters asked Jim Host about UK playing there, but the questions were different in the tour for sports reporters afterward. It would have been more fun with the second group. Of course, Kyle Draper probably didn’t ask about construction accidents, either. Anyway, your local news leads tonight with Arena stories.

Gun Shy: A local church is providing an alternative (is one needed?) to the idea of bringing guns to church. Thomas Jefferson Unitarian is promoting this: “Bring your Peaceful Heart…Leave your Gun at Home” in response to New Bethel’s widely publicized “Open Carry Celebration” (first reported here). [Peter Smith]

Ironic Gun Location: Speaking of guns, the death of a 15-year-old Valley Station boy from a gunshot wound to the face got the attention of the C-J edit board, which found it interesting that the accident took place one mile down the road from New Bethel Church. [Courier]

TGIF and Graduation Day

Good Morning! We have a busy day ahead. Josh is graduating with 478 classmates from Manual High School at a ceremony at Broadbent Arena at Noon. The C-J has a great section for looking him up, or anyone else graduating from a local high school. So pardon us if things are a little slow here today. But we do have some juicy-ness.

Stepping Up: It is sounding more and more like Jerry Abramson won’t run for another term, so take a look at the list Jake’s compiled of potential candidates for his job. Was the Mayor bummed he wasn’t asked to speak at last nigh’s Lincoln Memorial ceremony? Anyway, the buzz is now directed toward Craig Greenberg, the Museum Plaza attorney. [Page One]

Lincoln Seen in Hard Rock: The setting sun was a perfect backdrop for a moving ceremony dedicating the Lincoln statue last night. Kids played on the statue while Ed Hamilton spoke, the Louisville Orchestra played, William Mapother narrated, the Belle of Louisville floated and a crowd of 500 ooohed. We’ll have more on this later.

Big Four Bridge: And we couldn’t help but notice that the project to build a ramp to the Big Four bridge is coming along nicely.

Beshear’s Gamble, Williams’ Response: Can’t figure out why Steve Beshear waited a day to state the obvious reason for the special session — another attempt to get gambling passed, which was, you know, a campaign promise two years ago. Even more absurd — David Williams calling for squeezing more money out of the lottery to fund purses at tracks. [Herald-Leader]

Dancing Media: Our favorites in the Dancing with the Stars benefit for Families for Effective Treatment of Autistm (FEAT) are former WHAS-TV reporter Kirby Adams, radio hostess Lynda Lambert and WLKY-TV anchor Vicki Dortch, who you can see practicing here.

New Gig for Ramsey: Local media personality John Ramsey’s got a new gig. A long-time friend of Muhammad Ali, Ramsey is the new marketing director of the Ali Center. Sure beats the radio biz. Ramsey had been selling spots for U of L’s sports marketing arm. [Courier]

U of L Staffing Changes?: Anybody know why U of L’s Advancement Department keeps losing VPs?  We hear that the two VPs recently departed are just the latest in a three-year purge of high-paying ($165K, $90K) execs.

Buthod Squirms: Interesting watching library director Craig Buthod squirm while the Metro Council debated with him why he can’t get a few libraries open on Sundays. It all has to do with union negotiations with libary workers. And of course, there not being any money. [Courier]

Guns Story Gets Bigger: The New Bethel Church gun story, first reported here on Tuesday, has now made ABC News and USA Today. A Google search for Pastor Ken Pagano turns up 339 articles.  Best headline pun: Piece Be with You.

We Have to Quit Watching This Train Wreck: Got back from the Waterfront in time to see the Southern Belles go “camping” at a luxurious cabin outside town, to hear Kellie (our new favorite for least likable) complain to her Mom about all the cocaine she used to do, and Emily fret over an image consultant saying she dressed like a trampy showgirl.

Thursday’s Menu of Possibly Cool Items

A Day in the White House: Pres. Obama’s status as the coolest president of our generation is safe after NBC’s Brian Williams hung out with him for a day for an NBC special. Bo the dog is pretty cool, too. A rare thing — interesting, compelling network TV. [NBC]

Jumping on the Church/Guns Bandwagon: Since we published our story on New Bethel Church’s plan to encourage bringing guns to church on Tuesday, local TV stations, radio, the C-J and even a national blog have jumped on it. At least Francene gave us some credit when she interviewed Pastor Ken Pagano Wednesday.

At Least We Are Among the Faves at Possibility City: Check out the newly-redesigned website brought to you by the folks who bring you all those goofy videos. [Possibility City]

Something Else They Could Waste Money on: Just a hunch, but I’m guessing the idea of this NASCAR-related bargain is tempting to ‘Ville boosters. Don’t do it. [A Bargain?]

Sypher Seeks Delay: So much for those comments about wanting to get to a jury as soon as possible. Karen Sypher wants to delay her June 29 trial date in the extortion case involving Rick Pitino. Her attorney, Thomas Clay, says he’s discovered additional phone records and witnesses and needs more time.  [WLKY]

Speaking of The Rick: To stop the rumor mill, U of L put out a statement from the coach yesterday saying he’d offer an assistant coaching position to Ralph Willard, for the fifth time, but that Pitino didn’t expect his old pal to accept it.

Yes, We’re For the Magic: WKU’s Courtney Lee will be guarding Kobe Bryant when the NBA Finals start tonight, so we’re pulling hard for Orlando.  He’s the first ‘Topper to play in the Finals since Clem Haskins. [Bozich]

Why Did They Really Fire the Swim Coach at St. X?: Mike O’Toole, the swim coach and a teacher who’s been at St. X High since 1989, has been fired, and there’s a Facebook firestorm brewing over it. O’Toole was told he’d done a poor job, but WAVE couldn’t find anyone who would criticize him. 1,500 people have joined a group supporting him. Oh, he was going through a divorce with another teacher at the Catholic high school. Parents want an explanation. [WAVE]

Jerry the Teacher: Next week in Charleston, W. Va., the special guest speaker on the topic of merged metro government is. . . Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson.  [Charleston Gazette]

Today in the Chamber: Groups appearing before the Metro Council’s Budget Committee today are the Library, Parks and Recreation, External Agency Workgroups and the Water Co. The fun starts at 1.

Stop This Train Wreck of News

If They’d Been This Careful with the Train: Notice how careful the Zoo is being with the media on this train wreck? No, we can’t tell you when the train was inspected, who the driver was or how he was trained. The media was invited to take pictures of the site, but no one’s doing an interview. Our advice: Just tell the public what happened and the story will go away much quicker. [Courier]

Strikes Against Felner: Former U of L dean Robert Felner is getting no favors from the courts. [Page One]

No Wonder They’re Charging $10 To Get In for Night Racing: Churchill Downs CEO Bob Evans took a big pay cut last year, from $6.28 million to $4.19 million. Makes it kind of hard to muster up any sympathy for the big corporation. [Courier]

Will This Be Exciting For Us?: Tomorrow the Metro Council’s Budget Committee will hear from the Zoo at 3, Codes and Inspections at 4 and the Science Center at 5.  And it’s all on MetroTV. Can we send in some questions about cozy relationships between the Codes department and attorneys for developers?

Berman Tripped Up: We understand why Sheldon Berman would lie to us about his relationship with Natalie Stiglitz/Bolton, whom he claimed was just his running buddy when we asked last fall. Guess he didn’t expect we’d be reading about the presenters at the World Congress on Civic Education in South Africa. [Page One]

Guns for God: We hope we’ve ignited some controversy around here. Tomorrow on Francene’s radio show, she’ll have pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church on to talk about the planned Open Carry Celebration in the Valley Station church. Listen in.

Honey, Let’s Make a Death Pact: A Henryville, Ind. couple was found dead in their home, leaving behind a note indicating they couldn’t handle their economic situation any longer. [WHAS-TV]

Guns and Nuts at Knob Creek

We didn’t cover the Knob Creek Gun Show over the weekend.  Couldn’t have paid us to be there, and not just because we value our hearing. It wouldn’t have been a glamorous assignment for any media member, though let’s give some credit to WHAS-TV’s Melanie Kahn for going to Bullitt County Friday and filing a report.

So we’ll thank the Washington Independent for sending reporter David Wiegel to the shoot, where he joined more than 15,000 gun-toting folks spending a few days shooting, buying and talking about the horrors of the Obama administration. Check out his piece and the accompanying photos, under the headline “Scenes from the Real America.”

Gun show attendees are paranoid. Wiegel discovered a group so fearful that Obama will ban their guns that they’ve fueled a national trend to stockpile ammo.  Guns and ammo are sold here with no concern for paperwork.  You can pick up Nazi merchandise, as well as any sort of gun paraphernalia and a selection of clever, racist t-shirts.

Wiegel interviewed a man, asking about his problems with the President, whose logic was this: “There’s a black man in the White House. What else do you need to know?” The man, knowing Wiegel was a journalist, later tracked him down and destroyed pages in his notebook in fear that he’d put his name in a story. Another man told of stockpiling food in a spare bedroom, just in case. He thinks people are going to start stealing food.

Another group, called “Birthers,” hangs on to the failed campaign strategy that said Obama is not an American citizen. They say there’s an illegal alien in the White House.

Some smart entrepreneurs know how to make a buck off the Obama paranoia, whether they’re convincing citizens to buy arms or ideas. You can buy videos of the whole shooting match, starting at $15.95. Or fire an AK-47 for $125. The most popular t-shirt seems to be one comparing Obama to Hitler.

Sales haven’t been this good since since Bill Clinton, who inspired similar fears without the racism.