Monday Afternoon Roundup. Primary Eve Edition.

Dropping Cynicism and Negativity? Who said “When people drop cynicism and drop negativity and work together, we can do anything?” Guess. It wasn’t Bruce Lunsford. Peep the video for proof. Something about doing Mitch McConnell’s dirty work? [YouTube]

Former racist Klan member and 700-year member of the U.S. Senate Robert Byrd (D-WV) endorsed Barack Obama. “Barack Obama is a noble-hearted patriot and humble Christian, and he has my full faith and support,” Byrd said. [Ben Smith/Politico]

One of the names listed on Greg Fischer’s illegal Obama flyer is none other than Paula McCraney. McCraney, you’ll recall if you’re in the Louisville media market, is the former spokeswoman for the Circuit Court Clerk who was fired after “someone” unsealed documents in the prominent local murder case of Ivan Cano. [WHAS11]

Someone is making phone calls at– get this– 3:00 A.M.— to voters, claiming to be from Bruce Lunsford’s U.S. Senate campaign. The calls are not coming from the Lunsford campaign. Stinks of retarded ass Fischer campaign behavior. What’s up with this, Kim & A.J.? [Press Release]

A Frank Simon-esque mailer that is sickeningly homophobic went out across the Louisville Metro Council’s 6th District attacking Democratic candidate Ken Herndon. Herndon’s opponent, incumbent George Unseld, is holding a 3:30 press conference to denounce it.

We’ve redacted a portion of the text from the mailer (claimed to have been paid for by “Citizens for Family and Moral Values”) because it’s, well, sick and inappropriate.

Take a peek:

The front of the mailer has a photo of four men at a gay pride parade and suggests that Ken Herndon tries to hide his sexual orientation, which isn’t true. “I guess when you live a life of trash…” is just some of the fancy language used.

The back is just beyond belief. It personally attacks a member of Herndon’s campaign staff, alleging that the staffer is a drunk driver and alleging that said staffer was “charged with being a pedophile.” Yeah, that’s right. Vomit-inducing.

Is this what DEMOCRATIC politics have come to in Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city? Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is despicable.

Greg Fischer Launches Lunsford Attack Ad

Or how to campaign for Mitch McConnell.

Greg Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate has launchd its first real attack ad of the campaign. The ad features an unidentified elderly woman talking about Bruce Lunsford’s business ethics, says he evicted old people from nursing homes while newspaper and internet headlines roll across the screen. It ends with “SAY NO TO LUNSFORD” on the screen as Greg Fischer says he approves the message.

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Wendell Ford Dinner Drama, Photos, Gossip

Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party’s annual Wendell Ford Dinner was a hoot this past Friday. We took advantage of the semi-palatable Tanqueray and mingled all night like a good little blogger is supposed to do. Also snapped a few photos (horrible lighting at the Executive West– they don’t have gays there, so sorry for the red eye… even our fancy camera and photoshop couldn’t fix it) and will pepper them throughout this post. Rather than make this boring and drawn out I’ll break things down into little blurbs. My adult ADD or whatever needs lots of paragraph breaks anyway.

Folks at our table included: John Y. Brown III, Bruce Lunsford, Andrew Horne, Stephanie Horne, Pat & Alan Roles, Mike & Kelly Bailey, Tori Strange. How much fun is that? Half the room was ready to swallow their tongue when they learned of the scandalous seating arrangement. Dirty Blogger, JYBIII, Bruce, Andrew. All at the same table. Whaaaat. Yeah, how bout them apples? Greg Fischer walked by dozens of times to stare.

The rest of the debauchery and dozens of photos by CLICKING HERE