Some Valentine’s Day Help

No, you don’t want to listen to anyone in the ‘Ville Voice empire for advice on what to do for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Then again, we hear a lot of ideas, and this one just might save your butt if you haven’t yet made your dinner reservations or planned a big romantic evening.

And the pitch is that it makes it appear you planned everything well in advance, even though you know you haven’t given it a moment’s thought until now, and it’s 48 hours away.

Here’s the package. Our friend Gretchen will gift-wrap and deliver a basket of cool Arbonne aromatherapy/spa products to your sweetie on Friday at home, the office or even a local coffee shop.  But you can’t put it off any longer. Just let Gretchen know your budget (she can accommodate anything from $20 up) and she’ll make you look good.

Just send us an e-mail — now — if you need us to save your butt.

If you really want to be romantic, check out some of the ideas over at Ville Voice Eats, including David’s ambitious plan for a five-course meal that you prepare in your home for under $40 (it’ll be posted by Friday morning).