Fighting Over Grass As Folks Go Hungry

Some say growing grass on abandoned properties in Louisville is a growing problem. [WDRB]

Jack Conway went to western Louisville on Saturday and promised that he would appoint African Americans to the University of Louisville’s board of trustees if he were elected governor. [C-J/AKN]

The oil bust has been largely a supply-driven phenomenon. Unlike the last time that oil prices were this low — during the 2008-2009 financial crisis — this past year’s price collapse has not been because of destruction in demand, but due to too much supply. [WHAS11]

While standardbreds took to the track outside during Red Mile’s regular meet Saturday night, fans of casino gaming took their seats inside for the historic track’s first night of slots-style wagering. [H-L]

Who knew this was a thing? A crowd favorite returned to the Ohio River along Waterfront Park Saturday. A team from Waggener High School was one of 30 teams competing in the Annual Dragon Boat Festival. [WLKY]

Kamilah Brock says the New York City police sent her to a mental hospital for a hellish eight days, where she was forcefully injected with powerful drugs, essentially because they couldn’t believe a black woman owned a BMW. [HuffPo]

With the stroke of a paintbrush, a west Louisville man is transforming shoes. Dinero Andretti creates custom artwork for any shoe and any customer. Some customers have requested specific designs for causes. [WAVE3]

Hidden in the haze of the petrochemical plants and beyond the seemingly endless traffic jams, a Texas city has grown so large that it is poised to pass Chicago as the third biggest in the United States in the next decade. [Reuters]

A Louisville Metro Council committee is looking into concerns that deliberate and systemic bias pollute the process of allocating funds associated with the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, as more than $300,000 allocated for the program this year went unused. [WFPL]

Governor Steve Beshear announced today that U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation Victor Mendez, a champion for the nation’s vital transportation infrastructure, will visit Louisville next week to speak to an automotive conference and to view progress on the downtown Ohio River bridge project. [Press Release]

Louisvillians are practically salivating for a major-league sports team to support. [Business First]

Most employee positions or big purchases, with an exception for public safety, will not yet be approved for next year’s budget, but the Jeffersonville City Council is still discussing what’s to come during its annual budget workshops. [News & Tribune]

Yes, Tolls Are Still The Local Devil

And you thought people in Indiana wouldn’t get screwed. About three times as many residents of Clark County, Ind., travel to Louisville to work than do people commuting in the opposite direction, new data shows. [WDRB]

If you missed it last week, another Fischer official jumped ship. [C-J/AKN]

People are still the absolute worst. Metro Parks is dealing with a second case of vandalism at Algonquin Park in a little over a month. [WHAS11]

A Louisville woman who authorities say admitted to setting a series of fires throughout the city has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! A JCPS student is home safe after being left at the wrong bus stop Thursday, and not being located until nearly 2 a.m. Friday. [WLKY]

Your tax dollars at work — all so Jack can score a few extra political points. Fifteen state attorneys general petitioned a federal court in Washington on Thursday to block new U.S. rules to curb carbon emissions from power plants, in the first of several expected legal challenges to the Obama administration measure. [HuffPo]

Gas prices at dozens of Louisville gas stations plummeted 50 cents overnight, less than two days after they spiked by the same amount amid speculation that problems at a Chicago-area refinery would cause shortages. [WAVE3]

The U.S. Department of Justice says that banning people from sleeping in public could be a violation of their constitutional rights. [Time]

For the first time, Kentucky State Fair-goers who take a TARC bus will pay half-price adult admission and, of course, not pay the $8 parking fee. [WFPL]

It should be easy to come up with a weekly column during a governor’s race, but the 2015 election between Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway is unlike any I’ve ever seen. [Ronnie Ellis]

An Ohio development company plans to buy the former Mercy Academy property and build a four-story apartment complex on the East Broadway site. [Business First]

With just over two weeks until applications for the $84 million, statewide Regional Cities Initiative must be submitted, the board that’s required to submit the application locally has yet to be formed. [News & Tribune]

HELP PROTECT OUR SOURCES! Stop the Montgomery County-Joshua Powell-Phil Rison insanity! [CLICK HERE]

Southern Indiana & Sewer In The Same Sentence

Seventy-eight years ago this month, Louisville suffered from what’s considered to be the largest natural disaster in the city’s history. The flood of 1937 devastated the city. [WDRB]

Emissions of the cancer-causing chemical 1,3-butadiene doubled in Louisville in 2013 over the year before, but they still were substantially less than before the city enacted a new pollution control plan a decade ago. [C-J/AKN]

There was not an empty seat at the Capitol, Senator Wendell Ford is the 21st person to lie in state. [WHAS11]

Interest groups spent a record-breaking $18.4 million to lobby the Kentucky General Assembly in 2014, the state’s Legislative Ethics Commission said Friday. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Metro Police are investigating after a man was murdered in the Portland neighborhood. [WLKY]

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States fell 13.3 cents in the past two weeks, falling to its lowest level since late April 2009, but the end of a months-long slide may be near, according to the Lundberg survey released Sunday. [HuffPo]

University of Louisville students completed a project on Sunday that will last a life time, spending the morning putting up birdhouses. [WAVE3]

U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has directed agency staff to create and deliver an updated Animal Welfare Strategy plan within 60 days, according to an internal email reviewed by Reuters. [Reuters]

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana officials say a new mentoring program launched this school year has been a success and will be expanded next year. [WFPL]

Greg Stumbo keeps pushing for the release of that LRC report. So what’s not in the report that he’s so excited about? Remember, the LRC released a report about the Kent Downey Sexytime Condom Tree Scandal that helped House leadership escape the mess. You can probably expect the same sort of whitewash here. [WKYT]

A Ford Motor Co. executive said Friday that a “critical” goal for the company in this year’s contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers union is to “maintain a competitive environment.” [Business First]

The town of Clarksville stands to save about $500,000 by refunding sewer bonds it issued in 2005. [News & Tribune]

Indiana Wins All Terrible Awards For The Week

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Quick, everybody freak out over rising gas prices! The world is gonna end! OH NOES!!1! [WDRB]

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad announced Wednesday that his department was revising its pursuit policy to reduce the risk from collisions in car chases that have killed eight people and injured at least 77 since 2007. [C-J/AKN]

Clarksville Police now have the Ford Mustang they believe a killer drove away from a murder scene Tuesday. [WHAS11]

New U.S. single-family home sales fell slightly in October and the prior month’s pace of sales was revised sharply lower, casting a faint shadow over one of the brighter spots in the U.S. economy. [Reuters]

There were tense moments in the courtroom Tuesday, as the second day of testimony wrapped up in the trial of a murder suspect. Marcus Crook is accused of firing several shots at Joseph McNealy three years ago. [WLKY]

A Finnish author and education reformer has won the University of Louisville’s 2013 Grawmeyer Award for education. [WFPL]

Life doesn’t appear to be all puppies and rainbows at the University of Kentucky in Lexington these days. [Page One]

Officials with LG&E and KU Energy LLC and Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government will announce details Thursday of a $940 million construction project at the utility’s Mill Creek Generating Station. [Business First]

The Clark County Board of Aviation Commissioners voted to authorize the county attorney to pursue a legal malpractice suit against the now-former air board attorney at a special meeting at the Clark County Government Building on Wednesday. [News & Tribune]

Former McMahan Fire Chief Paul Barth, convicted of stealing nearly $200,000 from the WHAS Crusade for Children, will have a telephone hearing before a federal judge at 1 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the condition of his bond. [C-J/AKN]

Lengthy criminal past maybe not the full story of that Clarksville shooting victim? The man shot and killed in his own home Tuesday had a lengthy criminal history, connections with the Louisville Outlaws motorcycle club and served time in federal prison. [WAVE3]

Maybe Possibility City Could Become Museum City

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

You read about it here first. Two more women filed suit against Ted Pullen for sexytime harassment. [C-J/AKN]

The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage continues to face financial struggles despite $15 million in investments since a renovation in the late 1990s. [H-L]

The Jefferson County Constable charged with shooting a woman in a Walmart parking lot is expected to take a plea deal tomorrow. [WDRB]

Jerry Abramson says it’s necessary to balance energy production with environmental stewardship. Abramson delivered the keynote address today during the Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment. [WFPL]

Can’t this city go a week without a shooting death or a stabbing? An argument ended with a stabbing in the Cane Run area. [WAVE3]

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission appears to be poised to drastically reshape the state’s Thoroughbred racing calendar by taking a month of races from Turfway Park in Florence and giving it to Churchill Downs in Louisville. [H-L]

You can’t even live in New Albany these days without your home burning down. But you can’t live in Louisville without getting shot. [WHAS11]

Edwin Chandler said he appreciates Louisville metro government “stepping up” and paying $8.5 million to settle a wrongful-conviction lawsuit, but he can’t bring himself to forgive the retired Louisville police detective he blames for his years in prison. [C-J/AKN]

Gasoline prices have jumped 20 cents in Louisville and that means it’s time for everybody to freak completely out. [WLKY]

Muhammad Ali’s boyhood home in western Louisville might become a museum with a restoration of how it once looked in the 1950s. [Business First]

Nobody In Jefferson County Has Health Insurance

More than 100,000 Jefferson County residents don’t have health insurance, but nearly half of them would qualify for Medicaid if the state expands the government program under the federal health reform law. [C-J/AKN]

Some Louisville families say a local recycling company is making it difficult for them to “love thy neighbor.” That’s because a nearby recycling company is also grinding wood. [WDRB]

People in Lexington are absolutely freaking out over rising gas prices. They must have been living in a bubble for quite a while. [H-L]

A constable charged with shooting a suspected shoplifter rejected a plea deal. On Thursday Constable David Whitlock turned down a plea deal offered to him by prosecutors. [WAVE3]

Could this eventually lead to changes in Louisville? A New York City zoning law designed to keep adult entertainment businesses away from schools, churches and residential neighborhoods was deemed unconstitutional by a New York state judge on Thursday. [Reuters]

Two Louisville-based members of the Montford Point Marines have been awarded the highest civilian honor in the United States. [WHAS11]

Joe Gerth was so mad about this he tweeted non-stop. The University of Louisville board of trustees met behind closed doors for more than 2½ hours Thursday to discuss a new operating agreement for University Hospital but took no action. [C-J/AKN]

What will Louisville look like in 25 years? That’s the question Mayor Greg Fischer posed to the community as he unveiled his newest vision and plan Thursday at a luncheon for Leadership Louisville. [WLKY]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer entered the education debate and publicly endorsed former Humana Inc. Chairman David Jones Jr. for Jefferson County school board on Thursday. [WFPL]

Ellis Park enters a new era today as the Henderson, Ky., track begins offering casino-style instant racing games. [Business First]

Fischer-KRS Get Great Ass Beating From Oldfather

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Look, people, stop acting shocked that nothing is happening in Frankfort with the Kentucky Retirement Systems corruption. Just look at these old stories to see why your beloved Democrats are enabling the corruption and sweeping things under the rug. [Page One]

Ann Oldfather chapped some Greg Fischer-Kentucky Retirement Systems ass. That corrupt game is falling apart. [C-J/AKN]

Long story short, heads are exploding because people can’t figure out whether or not Amazon is building a distribution center in Southern Indiana. [WAVE3]

Louisville is the NUMBER THREE (#3!) city in the country for having the worst allergies. Meanwhile, Frankfort fearmongers powered by Hal Rogers’ pork (blow me, Kelly, you fucking hack – and I won’t apologize for the language. -Jake) are trying to stifle your ability to obtain affordable medication… since you don’t have health insurance, can’t walk to the doctor because there are no sidewalks and can’t afford to take a cab or ride a bus because you’ve just been laid off. [AAFA]

Sorry, there is no “debate” over Brownsboro Road traffic. It’s all Bob Gunnell foaming at the mouth because a few fat white guys paid him to. Bob’s just lucky Mark and Tim Mulloy feel sorry for him and are allowing him to work. Cute that the only people with “concerns” are people like the Dahlems and those who literally just speed through from Mockingbird Valley. [FOX41]

Remember Alisha Ward? And how we broke the story last year about her allegedly stealing mountains of cash from the University of Louisville? She was just charged with wire fraud and money laundering. Jim Ramsey will probably win awards for allowing her to swindle dough. [C-J/AKN]

This story about gas prices in the 1980s has been WHAS11’s feature for roughly three months. [WHAS11]

What’s the best way to waste tens of thousands of dollars? Ask Southern Indiana how they flushed cash down the toilet in an attempt to pull in tourism dollars after the bridge reopened. [News & Tribune]

We told you early last week that No Kill Louisville was donating 27,000 pounds of pet food to storm-ravaged Eastern Kentucky. The local media finally caught on. [WLKY]

A handful of people in Lexington are just cold terrified of some homeless folks. Can you believe they let homeless people outside?! [H-L]

LG&E and Metro Gubmint have yet to reach a settlement on those fancy coal ash fines. [WFPL]

Yep, You’ll Be Paying Bridge Tolls Forever & Ever

If you can afford to buy coffee this week, you can afford to give to the red cross for tornado relief efforts. Your help is sorely needed. [Red Cross]

The St. Matthews po-leece department in Louisville donated three police cars to West Liberty. So don’t tell me everyone can’t do something to give back. [C-J/AKN]

Because it’s Frankfort, an illegal cockfighting ring continues to be ignored. A state government employee running half the operation is given the green light. And nutbags left and right are threatening us for daring to bring it up. [Page One]

The new LMPD chief will be sworn in on Monday. How excited are you for this? [Deep LMPD Thoughts]

To say the rank and file at LMPD are anything more than lukewarm about the new chief would be a stretch. []

When Churchhill Downs begs for public cash, remember that it just reported a record revenue quarter. [H-L]

Hahaha! Tolls? They’re going to last forever. Literally. Even after the bridges are paid off. So the money can go in a “maintenance fund” or whatever. You get what you voted for, people. Permanent tolling of public, taxpayer-funded roads. [C-J/AKN]

The American Red Cross will remain in the region for quite a while. This is why it’s imperative for you to support the organization. [FOX41]

February General Fund and Road Fund receipts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky were just okay. [Page One]

Have kids on spring break soon? Encourage them to put their time off to good use and to give back. [WAVE3]

The NCAA is making visible changes to the grease bucket arena and it has those who helped fund construction of the grease pit more than upset. [Business First]

WHAS has been freaking out about gas prices for months. Literally freaking out. This has been their top story for weeks and weeks. [WHAS11]

Really? Lawmakers are alarmed that hundreds of criminals recently released have already committed new crimes? [WLKY]

You Probably Have To Work On Pretzeldent Day

It’s Pretzeldent Day. Of course the round-up is delayed. Expect light posting today, as well.

Of course the State Fair Board wants to build a luxury hotel. That’s not completely weird or anything. Especially in this economy. [H-L]

The National Council on Teacher Quality released its annual report. Kentucky ranks 27th with a D+. [External PDF Link]

The city is finally learning that Greg Fischer doesn’t have real business or leadership experience. The city’s rainy day fund is drying up and everyone fears the city’s credit rating will drop. Even Jerry Abramson knew better than to play that game. [C-J/AKN]

Just like we said, the local press is spending every waking moment discussing the opening of the Sherman Minton bridge. [FOX41]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessed is WAVE3 with running stories like this one about sex-change treatment for kids? As if constantly sending their gay reporters (WHAS11 does it, too) to cover gay stories all the time wasn’t silly enough? Gotta run with this specious AP story in an awkward manner. [WAVE3]

UPS wants to buy a Dutch delivery giant. Could this be good for the local economy? [Business First]

This same story about rising gas prices has been run for, oh, how long? At least ten years? 20? It’s still running. [WHAS11]

That coal ash informational meeting is tonight. Don’t forget it if you live in the southwestern part of town. [WFPL]

Something tells us this story of two LMPD officers who were bitten by a dog and then killing it is going to linger on for a while. [WLKY]

The bridge re-opening is literally anybody can talk about. It’s non-stop. [84WHAS]

All This Mess And Louisville Still Gets The Shaft

Yesterday former Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo blasted the nasty redistricting process in Kentucky. He hit Steve Beshear, praised Kathy Stein and pointed out the shenanigans with Alice Forgy Kerr. [Page One]

Raise your head if you think Frankfort will do the right thing when it comes to halting executions. [WHAS11]

Oh snap! Looks like Robert White is having a rough go at it in the big city of Denver. Check out the shenanigans going down involving an anonymous letter. [Denver Post]

If you aren’t paying attention to the problems your first responders face in Louisville, you’re going to end up with a problem on your hands some day. There’s no reason EMS shouldn’t be treated like LMPD and Fire. All are equally important and necessary for life to function. [FOX41]

Quick, let’s pretend the Energy and Environment Cabinet cares about Earth Day! [Click the Clicky]

We used to love Dawne Gee back when she looked like a 20-something on the teevee. But now that she has turned the corner to calmness and comes across as the young meemaw (we said young!) everyone wants in their life, she’s way more entertaining. You know you love seeing her pass that cash. [WAVE3]

When Jerry Abramson says small businesses should have a large role in tax reform in Kentucky? He means gigantic businesses that employ thousands and operate outside the state. [Business First]

Remember when your attorney general said he was fighting hard against gas price corruption during his campaign? Haha, right, about that. [WLKY]

Now University of Louisville folks like Jimbo Ramsey say they welcome the indigent care fund audit. Here’s hoping Adam Edelen’s ties to everyone there won’t cloud his judgement. No, of course they won’t cloud the judgment of his hundreds of auditors but that’s just something one has to question early in a new auditor’s term. [WFPL]

Did you see Greg Fischer asking his most trusted source – Facebook – for advice on how to do the most basic parts of his job yesterday? [The ‘Ville Voice]

You have lots of storm debris? You can drop it off this weekend for $15 per truckload. [84WHAS]