Wanna Buy The ‘Ville Voice?

I’ve toyed with it for a while and have received tons of pushback from friends and colleagues.

But when have I ever let something like that stand in my way? Let’s test the waters.

If you’re interested, I’m open to offers.

Hollar at me.

Only if you’re serious.

Any Publicity is Good Publicity, Right?

LEO Weekly has published a portion of a private and confidential email that was illegally obtained from my email account (I’m cool with it) at the some time over 1,300 stories were mysteriously deleted and our Twitter accounts and Feedburner accounts were hijacked/passwords changed. An email that contained personal health information, no less, and private business information.

I won’t cause a stink over that, but I’ll go ahead and say this: the douchebag at the Courier-Journal who was/is behind the email (he knows who he is – he’s melted down in the comments of this site) getting sent around town, according to several media types, can suck it long and hard. And the individual(s) who took it upon themselves to originally obtain and illegally distribute my emails? Surely you know what karma is.

Without further ado, here’s a delicious excerpt that is sure to incite a riot of hot comments:

Beware of blog: Louisville’s media odd couple splits, stirring an online controversy

Long before mainstream news organizations mentioned Robert Felner — the former University of Louisville dean now charged with money laundering — Page One Kentucky was doggedly reporting on the scandal. Under the editorial control of Jacob Payne, the online news blog probed university officials for answers and exposed hundreds of pages of documents related to the matter. Also helping shed light on what would eventually spiral into a full-blown federal investigation was Rick Redding, the man formerly behind The ’Ville Voice, the sister website to Page One.

Over the past three years, the two — doing business as Full Signal Media — built a formidable pair of news-commentary websites that uncovered stories in politics, media and business that other organizations, quite frankly, either missed or ignored. Though their blog posts were often dotted with the usual gruff associated with online commentary, they offered ample news in addition to being an entertaining read.

All seemed to be going well, that is until Redding abruptly left his post at The ’Ville Voice on Sept. 25 — apparently without talking to his business partner — to begin writing for Louisville Mojo, a social-networking site. Since Redding’s departure, Payne has tried to dodge anonymous criticisms on his own site and to calm at least one investor amid the brewing controversy.

You’ll want to click here to read the rest of the juicy juicy (!) from Phillip M. Bailey.

For the record, I did respond to requests seeking comment. In an email to Stephen George, Sarah Kelley and Phillip Bailey on October 1, 2009, I said, “I won’t be making a statement about private business matters.” And on September 30th I told Phillip Bailey the same thing via telephone. I did not, however, respond to further requests for comment. Like it or not, I am a professional and operate a business that owns Full Signal Media Group’s network of websites and other interests. It would have been in poor taste, as far as my business is concerned, to offer comment. And I wasn’t about to put peoples’ jobs and income at risk.

Besides, all the rumors drive up our value. Everybody knows that I am an admitted media whore. So that’s no secret.

I appreciate Phillip’s handling of the story and can’t thank LEO Weekly enough for the oodles of free publicity. Much love to our king of alt-weeklies.

P.S. Extra-major thank-yous to LEO for putting “whiny ass titty babies” in print!

The ‘Ville Voice Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Contrary to rumors and messages spreading about, The ‘Ville Voice isn’t going anywhere.

We’ve got news of exciting new changes which we will share with you in the coming weeks. You’ll like it.

So stick around – we aren’t going anywhere, the content isn’t moving and our website will remain exactly where it is.

Thanks for reading!

Something So Hilarious You Can’t Miss It

Something so hilarious has happened that you’ve just gotta read it.

These two guys named Roger Quarles and Jim Anderson Stivers have concocted a fancy conspiracy theory that, well, just read it.

While I could go on and on, I give you 2 things that you can instantly discredit Jake and put him on the path towards irelevance.

It will require you guys having big balls, and I think you do. It wil require you doing what Marc Nikolas did — filing official actions. That is the only way the press will take action. They hate Jake and it give sthem an excuse to write a story.


First, everyone in Louisville knows that Jake’s money guy is David Jones, Jr., the son of the HUmana founder and a venture capitalist in his own right. Do a Google search and you wil find out he is loaded. What it doesnt say but what evryone knows is that Jones and Rick Redding are buddies and Redding convinced him to fund PAge One and the Ville Voice as an investment. Also Jones and Conway are tight, Jones thus makes JAke say nice things about Conway.

Here’s my advice. File a complaint with the FEC that this constitutes an illegal corporate contribution to the COnway campaign. That Jone shas set up Jake to write horrible libel about Dr. Dan and this is a crooked, sneaky way to get that message out.

Really, just read it all. It involves David Jones of Chrysalis Ventures, Attorney General Jack Conway and Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo.

Pee alert, though. You’ve been warned. Clicky clicky.

Yes, Rick is lucky and gets to leave the office for lunch today. Everyone shame him for leaving if you see him out and about!

The Best Way to Follow Us

Here at The ‘Ville Voice/Page One HQ, we’re grateful that so many of you spend at least a part of your day reading what we have to say about whatever. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to build an amazing audience, one that continues to grow.

Lately, when we’ve been out talking about the site and introducing ourselves to new audience members, we’ve discovered that we really should point out to you an easy way to keep up with our frequent posts. Down on the left side of the site, you’ll find a small sign-up form where you can request a daily e-mail reminder of what’s going on here.

Every day, you’ll get an e-mail from us. It’s a quick way to scan our headlines and quickly jump over to the site for your daily fix.

So take a minute and sign up today.

WANTED: You, For Your Slave Labor

It’s that time again! Haha so, funny story, we need to hire another creative and capable advertising executive to grow our media sales team.

Could that be you? Would you relish the opportunity to work with some very important and powerful bloggers and politico/media types?

We’re obviously a flourishing media operation with trillions of dedicated readers per day so it’ll be easy for you to sell a highly educated and web-savvy audience to advertisers.

We’ll offer a generous commissioned sales package to start with serious opportunity for growth. You’ll offer a great sense of humor (must be fluent in LOLcat) with real world ability to deliver the goods – AKA you’ll be able to force some old codgers who don’t have a clue how to spend ad dollars to spend their ad dollars on the internets and teevee.

Send your cover letter (yes, it’s required, don’t accidentally “forget” to include it, and MAKE IT FUNNY!), a resume that makes sense and 3-5 strong references to Jake. We promise not to tell your current employer that you’re job shopping.

Remember, kids, it’s all about the $$$$. We have it, you want it. So let’s play together!