Your Four-Day Weekend Has Finally Arrived!

I’ll be on Francene later this morning to discuss the whole Steve Henry mess. Tune in.

Take a trip down the Steve Henry memory hole, with video. [Page One]

Judge pronounces Henry guilty in election finance case. [Ralph Dunlop]

Steve Henry accepts plea deal on campaign funds (read it). [John Cheves]

Steve Henry and his wife Heather French Henry are still calling the Rosemary Clooney House a non-profit. It’s not. Just ask Leslie Holland about the IRS investigation because Steve & Heather live inside the home. Interesting that the Courier would provide this positive press on the day of the biggest campaign finance corruption story in recent history in Kentucky. [C-J]

Roger Alford wrote the most inaccurate and empty story in this week about Steve Henry’s guilty plea. Which is interesting, since I sat with Alford for about 30 minutes yesterday and he understood all the facts He didn’t invent anti-biotic beads (see 2007) and it was political aides (plural). Wow. Thank goodness no one reads newspapers or they’d never know the full story. [AP via State Journal]

Ambassador Matthew Barzun hosted a luncheon to honor Nobel laureates. [Spotted]

This morning Mayor Jerry Abramson and Congressman John Yarmuth will visit a home being made more energy efficient. 10:30 A.M. [Media Advisory]

Wanna see something sadistic? Check out this photo (second in the bunch) of Steve Henry laughing in court as he is pleading guilty. [C-J]

Here’s another angle on the water main flood downtown. Lots of great photos. [Broken Sidewalk]

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo is finally a parent. Congratulations to his family. [WKYT]

Gaying Up the Radio & Uncovering Corruption

Yesterday I shared details about Southern Indiana taxpayers getting hoodwinked. After uncovering details of Greater Clark County Schools officials deliberately misleading a Courier-Journal reporter, I appeared on The Francene Show to discuss the whole mess. (read what happened after my appearance by reading yesterday’s story)

So I thought I’d share the audio from my appearance on Francene for those of you who weren’t able to listen live:

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If you’re at work or can’t play the mp3, you’ll find a rough transcript of the appearance after the jump…

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Only Francene Could Make This Mess Funny

Piggish behavior all around, indeed:

Little Pig One, a neighborhood association, built pretty loft condos and fostered urban development in a place called Butchertown, where unpleasant smells and industrial traffic from the local slaughterhouse shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Little Pig Two, Food and Commercial Workers Local 227, over the past 10 years watched companies that were once its employer’s competition close up shop. It believes that because JBS Swift was in Butchertown before the neighborhood went residential, the company’s rights supercede those of all others — especially those of the neighborhood association.

And that brings us to JBS Swift, or Little Pig Three, the slaughterhouse company itself. Not only has Swift thumbed its snout at the law in a couple of instances, in order to shift blame it has purposely inflamed tensions between Pig One and Pig Two.


This is where city leadership should have stepped in. When Swift decided it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and started expanding without the necessary permits, city officials should have levied harsh consequences and stopped construction immediately. Instead, BOZA fined the company $500 and gave it permission to continue building. BOZA, of soccer club Javanon fame, is infamous for letting serious infractions slide if it approves of the perpetrator.

No wonder homeowners were furious. As for Swift, like it or not, times have changed. The company has residential neighbors now, and they have a right to be consulted about an industrial expansion.

Click here to read the rest.

Go to This: Southwest Community Forum

You live in the southwestern part of town? Then you should go to the Southwest Community Forum on Tuesday, November 10th.

Southwest Community Forum

7:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. on 11/10/2009

Southwest Government Center
7219 Dixie Highway

Sponsored by the Greater Louisville Project, the event is free and open to the public. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn what the research says about education in Southwest Jefferson County
  • Ask a panel of experts your questions about the current state of education and efforts that are under way
  • Participate in a brainstorming session to discuss what we can all do to break down the educational barriers for our children

Special guests include: Rep. Darryl Owens; Rep. Joni Jenkins; Rep. Tim Firkins; Rep. Kevin Bratcher; Sen. Perry Clark; Councilcritter Rick Blackwell; Councilcritter Bob Henderson; Shively Mayor Sherry Conner; Carolyn Gatz, Greater Louisville Project; Glenn Baete, Doss High School principal; JCPS board member Linda Duncan. We hear Francene will also be there. So go!

It’s Thursday & The Sypher Mess Is Still Around

From the Fairness Campaign yesterday: Just before 3 p.m. today, President Barack Obama signed into law the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act that includes the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act as an amendment. The bill will expand the 1969 federal hate crime law to include crimes motivated by perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. The bill passed the Senate last Thursday with a 68-29 vote in favor of the bill; both Kentucky Senators Bunning and McConnell voted against the measure. It passed the House on October 8 with the support of Congressman John Yarmuth, Ben Chandler, and Republican Brett Guthrie. [Press Release]

I’ll whore it out one last time: if you missed me on Francene yesterday, listen to me on the internets. Don’t try to count the number of times I said “apparently” in 15 minutes or your head might explode. HUZZUH! [Jake Was On Francene’s Radio Machine]

Think Jerry Abramson is nervous about Richie Farmer mulling a run for governor? [H-L]

While we agree that Jim King is fair game as a candidate, his family is not. The Courier-Journal has already received copies of all court record – provided by Ed Springston’s ghost writing attorney – so we’re wondering why the paper doesn’t just write what it already knows. [C-J]

We’re purposefully ignoring the trans-fat debate, mostly, because it is borderline ridiculous. If people want to be fat and die, let them. [Just Saying]

Will Jerry Abramson’s Metro Government ever get the Affordable Housing Trust Fund up and running? Don’t hold your breath. [Phillip Bailey]

Gone to the dogs. Louisville Metro Animal Services and director Gilles Meloche face a barrage of criticism about how they do business. Guess which fancy pants mayor is once again passing the buck. [Jonathan Meador]

David Williams is a whiny ass titty baby. If he wants to shove Christmas down my throat? I’ve got something he can kiss. Not every Kentuckian worships Jesus and this man needs to offing realize it. Absolutely offensive. The one time Steve Beshear doesn’t screw up and David Williams has to cry about it. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell is STILL complaining about health care reform. He’s still not offering a viable alternative. And he never will. [The Hill]

The Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was signed into law yesterday. 11 years after the death of Matthew Shepard. [Huffington Post]

Two sealed motions have been filed in the criminal case against Karen Sypher. Her attorney wouldn’t spill the beans, though. One can only imagine just how juicy the details could be. [Andy Wolfson]

Miss Me On the Radio? You Can Listen Here

Roughly a year ago I appeared on Francene to discuss the hot mess that was/is the Robert Felner scandal at the University of Louisville. Click here for that. It really was a hot, hot flustercuck.

Today I made another appearance on her program to complain about the corruption of Metro Animal Services’ Gilles Meloche and Mayor Jerry Abramson’s complicity. Juicy bits about a federal lawsuit potentially coming as soon as Friday.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

More importantly, this isn’t about me. But about corruption in light of years and years of media reports. Give it a listen.

We love Francene. She’s one of the folks who deserves great credit for shedding light on this disgusting and heartbreaking situation.

Thank You to Our Radio Girlfriend, Francene

Thanks, Francene, for having us on the radio this A.M. to discuss Gilles Meloche and the corrupt Jerry Abramson – the man who has supported and promoted the sickening cloud hanging over Metro Animal Services.

If you missed our appearance, we may post a clip in a day or so. Or maybe we’ll just read the phonebook to you.

We’re incensed over this Meloche mess. He owes an apology to us all. So does Jerry Abramson. These guys need to sack up and take responsibility for the messages for which they are responsible.