Thank You to Our Radio Girlfriend, Francene

Thanks, Francene, for having us on the radio this A.M. to discuss Gilles Meloche and the corrupt Jerry Abramson – the man who has supported and promoted the sickening cloud hanging over Metro Animal Services.

If you missed our appearance, we may post a clip in a day or so. Or maybe we’ll just read the phonebook to you.

We’re incensed over this Meloche mess. He owes an apology to us all. So does Jerry Abramson. These guys need to sack up and take responsibility for the messages for which they are responsible.

Another Monday & Week of Hot Political Messes

Kentucky State Auditor Crit Luallen is Governing Magazine’s 2009 Public Official of the Year. We’ve got all the details. [Page One]

Jerry Abramson admits an anti-incumbent backlash is hitting mayors. It’s too bad he’s delusional enough to think people only dislike him because he’s an incumbent. [Politico]

A meth head in Bashford Manor was critically injured in a fire started in his meth lab. [C-J]

Francene has it right about handling things internally. [LEO]

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Print out these masks. Sara Palin, Glenn Beck, Kanye West, Rod Blagojevich. [HuffPo]

Robert Felner’s trial has finally been set for February 1. What a great Groundhog Day birthday gift. Guess we know where I’ll be for three weeks – if it’s open to press – right? [Nancy Rodriguez]

The Swedes are studying whether or not listing the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production of foods on labeling/packaging will impact the way people eat. Is Sweden the smartest place on earth? Somebody should call Ambassador Matthew Barzun to find out. [New York Times]

Looks like the C-J loves writing about Jim King. Wonder when they’ll start talking about the myriad lawsuits other candidates have been through? Maybe they should be talking about Hal Heiner’s past. Maybe David Tandy’s problems? Maybe Greg Fischer’s equally interesting past? At least there’s one candidate without a past– Tyler Allen. [Joe Gerth]

Did you attend Louisville’s 350 event? Let us know how it went. [LEO Weekly/Cary Stemle]

Ron Gettelfinger’s in town to urge Ford UAW members to okay contract changes. Not many folks are keen on giving up their right to strike. [C-J]

Governor Beshear Just on Francene’s Show

Governor Steve Beshear was just on Francene.

“Quite honestly, Francene, I got a little chuckle out of it. It’s amazing the ingenuity of folks and what they can do these days… it is cut and pasted and spliced.”

He then compared the profanity-filled rant from Mongiardo it to the casino/slot machine mail piece of him. It’s clearly not randomly pieced together. The only editing is to put two separate recording sessions together.

Let’s listen again just to be safe:

And if you need a transcript, click here

He wouldn’t say the clip was a fake when pressed. Said Mongiardo says it’s doctored. “We’re not gonna allow these kind of political shenanigans.”

What’d Francene have to say about it all?

Read the rest by CLICKING HERE

Looking for Trouble Edition

A personal thanks to radio hostess with the most Francene for talking with my Public Speaking class last night at Brown Mackie College.  All those principles we’ve been talking about — confidence, knowing your material, making eye contact, etc. — she reinforced in a big way.

Media Trouble, Part 1: Didn’t take long for one media organization to bite on a story being pushed by metro government — that Hal Heiner’s company has taken jobs from Jefferson County to his business park in southern Indiana.  Heiner reacted by saying he’s brought plenty more jobs here. But Chase Cain’s report conveniently mentions, but doesn’t identify, Heiner’s critics in metro government. [WHAS-TV]

Media Touble, Part 2: Turns out Jim King did break campaign-finance laws by helping buy daughter Katie a Judge’s seat in the 2008 election. Blogger Ed Springston, who filed the KREF complaint, says it vindicates him for bringing the charges, while King says the report vindicates him. At least King knows something about running a campaign while being roundly criticized. [WLKY, C-J]

Motivated by Us?: Fox 41’s Bill Lamb’s latest “If I Ruled the World” bit has him complaining about anonymous posters on websites, like, uh, let’s see, US? A few weeks back the VV readership base blasted Lamb, most anonymously, after I criticized his rant about bikes and traffic. [Fox41]

Gaslight Political Festival: Metro Council Republicans Stuart Benson, Jon Ackerson, Kevin Kramer and Robin Engle will be manning a booth at this weekend’s Gaslight Festival. We’re sure they won’t be the only ones working the crowd, including Bill Dieruf and Kay Ackerson, the two announced candidates after Mayor Clay Foreman’s job.

Blame UK: It was UK’s idea to move the annual football game with U of L from a nationally-televised spot on Labor Day weekend to the third week of the season. Oh, yeah, the teams suck, too.  So this weekend the Gaslight Festival may get more hype than the game in Lexington, where the Cats are a 2-TD favorite. Remember, speculation was that UK didn’t want the national stage because a few years ago they were afraid of getting embarrassed on the field. [Crawford]

Tyler’s On: Meet Mayoral candidate Tyler Allen down at Waterfront Park, where he’s making his announcement at 11.

Health Care Crowd Gets Some Answers

by John LaFollette
The ‘Ville Voice Correspondent

In his opening remarks before the town hall meeting he hosted Wednesday night at Central High School to talk about health care reform, John Yarmuth said, “This isn’t about me.”

For all the bad news he bore — to mostly antithetical ears, at that — he might as well have been saying, “Don’t kill the messenger.”

In the course of the 90-minute question and answer session, Yarmuth told his constituents that Congress is adding too much to the national debt, that he didn’t know how Congress would wind up paying for the sweeping health care reforms that it drafted, and that national insurance providers would never insure Kentuckians because they are the least healthy citizenry in the country.

Some of Yarmuth’s answers — to questions asking about his support for a single-payer plan, on the one hand, and about the Democratic party’s “war on freedom,” on the other — drew a mix of applause and booing, but most were met with emphatically negative reactions.

And when he gave responses that were actually, objectively true, like the inclusion in House bill 3200 of a provision for tort reform to protect doctors from unfounded malpractice suits, there were shouts of “He’s lying!” and murmurs that sounded like audible eye-rolling.

The same people who roared with approval when a questioner asked about alternative, “free market” solutions, booed with indignation when Yarmuth said he favored increased competition among insurance companies.

Yarmuth’s candor about the health care system’s dire straits was probably directed at those folks — the crowd that hears what they want, when they want to — in the hopes of convincing them that the future cost of doing nothing now will be far more painful than changes to the system, even in times as tough as these.

And it might have worked.  L. Pottinger, who said she went into the town hall meeting against the House’s reform plan, said afterward that she had some more research to do.  The meeting was informative, at least, she said.  “I got a lot of the questions I had answered,” she said, which is a start.

Pottinger is still concerned, though, about the system’s ability to absorb an influx of newly-insured patients and about how the reforms will be paid for.  Her prediction: that we’ll adopt health care reforms piecemeal and not as part of sweeping legislation, which Yarmuth has said is a realistic possibility.

Read the Rest After the Jump…

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Bats Extend Clear Channel Deal

The Louisville Bats’ contract with Clear Channel radio has been extended through 2013. Clear Channel GM Bill Gentry announced the contract extension during Francene’s show, broadcast from the Bats’ early game at Slugger Field.

Bats’ games are broadcast on 790 WKRD-AM.

Bats GM Dale Owens, discussing some upcoming potential attractions, said the team hopes to bring the Cincinnati Reds for an exhibition next spring.

Finally, Some Spring-like News

There is news outside of basketball, like this…

“Gloomy Jerry Abramson”: In his story about the soaring jobless rate, the C-J’s Joe Gerth used an adjective rarely used in connection with our upbeat chief. The news is gloomy — about 1 in 10 people can’t find a job. Don’t forget that Francene’s doing her radio want ads at 10 today. [Courier]

A Pro-Wine Sales Argument from a New York Wine Store Owner: In New York, politicians are dealing with the issue of whether or not to allow wine sales in grocery stores, just like our legislators up in Frankfort. Just 15 states don’t allow it, and nothing is changing here for the foreseeable future. This Op-Ed from the New York Times is from a wine store owner who sees opportunity where others find fear. [NY Times]

The Foreclosure Fight: The Mayor, John Yarmuth and HUD officials are announcing a plan to help people avoid foreclosure today. The press conference is in Shelby Park.  [news release]

Sustain Saturday: It will be good for you, and the environment, to stop in at the new Sustain store in St. Matthews on Saturday. We’re thinking of making the screening of the documentary “Flow” during Happy Hour at 4, followed by some great jazz. [Page One]

Speakeasy Supper Surprise: The promise is great food, great wine and a surprise location. That’s intriguing enough for us to get interested in the Supper Speakeasy on Monday, produced by Bon Vivant Savant. The location isn’t disclosed until Saturday. The chefs are the husband/wife team of the Seelbach’s Ethan Ray and Sarah McGregor Ray. See the website for details. [Courier]

Dog Watching: Looks like the Metro Council is going to be talking about dogs again. Kelly Downard told WAVE-TV that he’s been getting complaints about the way the long-debated dog ordinance is being enforced, and the station found a woman whose home was raided by animal control officers while she was out.  [WAVE-TV]

Static/Major Update: LEO’s Phillip Bailey got some quotes from the doctor targeted by the rap star’s family in a malpractice suit, who says of course he did nothing wrong. Baptist Hospital East still isn’t giving up Stephen Garrett’s roommate in the hospital, either. [LEO]

Brain Surgeons Fired?: U of L now says it’s worried about losing its accreditation as a Level One trauma center. The top brain surgeon in town says U of L fired him. Kind of unusual to see these really smart docs (U of L’ s Edward Halperin and Dr. Chris Shields) bickering in the media, but no one’s come up with a solution. Shields and his group of surgeons want to stay on as U of L faculty while opening a new center at Norton HealthCare. Let’s just say there are egos involved. [Fox41]

It’s the first day of spring, and here’s your excuse to get outside at lunch — The WFPK Spring Membership Drive Kick-off at Ear x-tacy, featuring Rachel Yamagata and yes, Steve Forbert. See you there.

More to Life Than Basketball Edition

Time to quit filling out those brackets and get to work…

Forde Takes the Cards: If you really want to be in-the-know about all this NCAA Tournament buzz – read Pat Forde’s column at ESPN. If you can’t wait until the end of the piece to know who he picks — we just told you. They play Friday at 7:10 in Dayton, and could face Morehead State. Western takes on Illinois in Portland, Ore. in a late game Thursday.

It is All About the Money: Remember last year when Louisville, Indiana and Kentucky were all in the NCAA and playing all over the map. Local TV stations scrambled to send crews to every locale featuring a local team. No one’s happier than the GMs that the only team they have to follow is U of L, and they’re not likely to travel far.  Oh, the Cats do have a home game Tuesday against UNLV.

Seven Weeks: Actually, less than 7 weeks til Derby Day. The new favorite is Friesan Fire, winner of Saturday’s Louisiana Derby.

Gannett Closes a Paper: After 138 years in business, the Tucson Citizen is no more. Gannett will shut down the afternoon paper on Saturday. [Death of Newspapers]

Weeding Out Realtors: The big Sunday story in the C-J was about how 500 realtors have given up the business because of the economic downturn, i.e. nobody’s buying houses. Semonin’s Brad DeVries said some firms will likely go out of business this year. [Courier]

National Attention for Radio Want Ads: Producers at CNN heard about this Radio Want Ads business that Francene cooked up at WHAS, and sent a reporter to do a story on it. [CNN]

The End May Not Be Near, But It’s Coming: That interview with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke on 60 Minutes last night was good TV. It was also funny that during  a new break in the show there was an item about AIG paying bonuses to employees. [CBS]

Mum on Humana: No one in the big structure on Main Street is talking, but rumors about a possible takeover of Humana boosted the stock price Friday.  Industry analysts are all over the rumor. [Bloomberg]

Stimulating News: This morning, Jerry Abramson will announce that money for new walking paths, bike lanes and sidewalks is in the federal stimulus plan.  He’s making the announcement at California Park on W. St. Catherine. [Press Release]

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Crit Luallen’s damning audit of Metro Housing in Louisville, the gay hate legislation in Frankfort, Francene and the JobJam this Saturday and Jim Bulleit speaking out.

The first few seconds were cut off because the CW apparently can’t figure out how to start at 10:00 A.M. instead of a minute before, killing our TiVo.