Another Fischer Effort Gets Bipartisan Opposition

Here’s Eric Crawford’s first column for his fancy new non-newspaper employer. Probably not one that will make Gannett very happy. [FOX41]

Republicans Kelly Downard and Jerry Miller, along with Democrat Mary Woolridge, said putting $500,000 of city tax dollars into the project is unacceptable to them, especially because the city has already committed to a $1.5 million forgivable loan for the project. [C-J/AKN]

Hundreds of people in favor of mountaintop mining in Eastern Kentucky started congregating for a rally in the state Capitol before 5 p.m. Tuesday. While that rally went on, a group of about 75 people opposed to surface mining held a news conference nearby. [H-L]

A show of support in West Louisville as a large group came together for an anti-violence rally. [WAVE3]

Eat at Penn Station in Louisville? Your credit card information could have been breached. Several locals have written in to tell us about their experience. [Click the Clicky]

What’s the important news you can’t get anywhere else? Why, none other than a syndicated story about snake handlers from The Tennessean. [C-J/AKN]

Pro-tip to Renee Murphy: one isn’t “anti-coal” merely because they oppose mountaintop removal. But we’re not worried about your station issuing a correction and remember what happened the last time the station was wrong – it paid Ed Hart millions.  [Deep Teevee Thoughts]

What? They’re still “anti-coal” because they oppose mountaintop removal? Okay. Good job, teevee folks. [WHAS11]

As Gannett newspapers relinquish longtime columnists to layoffs and buyouts, The Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Miss., has joined many of its sister papers in devising a new low in cheap, replacement labor. [Gannett Blog]

The Louisville Metro Council will give the public a chance to comment on Mayor Greg Fischer’s proposed budget Wednesday. [WFPL]

One can only wonder if the mainstream media in Kentucky will make note of the Kentucky Retirement Systems scandals if something happens on a national level. [Page One Here & Here]

Makers of Kentucky’s signature beverage — bourbon — might see more intense competition in emerging markets from Diageo plc, the world’s largest distilled spirits company. [Business First]

What Eric Crawford Says About Leaving The Paper

In his own words:


The tool of choice in journalism today is the knife. Staffs are cut. Coverage areas are constricted. Employees are furloughed. Some of the most seasoned journalists are bought out. It is not just here. It is everywhere. Every sports staff in the city is smaller today than it was three years ago, or at least no larger. Except one. And that one just hired me.


I have read The Courier-Journal every day for as long as I can remember. I always will.


And whether it is a “newspaper” site or a “TV” site or whatever you want to call it, I have craved that chance to not just do what I have always done, which I love, but to create, shift, adjust and innovate on the fly, and based on the desires and interests of this city. I have a great many ideas for the way this kind of local sports operation might evolve and work. The time came for me to do something bold and try them, and I have taken that opportunity. If that makes any sense.

Click here to read the entire post from Crawford.

Everybody Wants To Ignore The KRS Scandal(s)

You’ll likely want to read this article about the cost of being number one in mountaintop removal. [The Hill]

Nope, FOX41/WDRB still isn’t back on your teevee. Time Warner has way more money and power so you can bet the company will win. [FOX41]


We hear through the A Kentucky Newspaper rumor mill that circulation is down about 10,000 from last week. Only a matter of time until the paper cuts print days. [Things We Hear]

Here’s another absolutely splendid story for Louisville. A body was recovered from the Ohio River at Shipping Port Island near the Portland Canal. [WAVE3]

Now you know why all the feathers at the paper got ruffled yesterday, forcing paper folks to melt down in our comments section. It’s because everything – including sports – can be read elsewhere. [The ‘Ville Voice]

You know something is a hot mess when the Secret Service is investigating a lady after a traffic stop. This story is going to be entertaining. [WHAS11]

It’s beyond crazy that PARC owes Metro Louisville nearly $4 million for parking garages it never paid for. Stories like this make it clear that Jerry Abramson’s crew had their teeth in deep and still do. [C-J/AKN]

Animal care advocates are targeting an Indiana animal shelter with a high kill rate. You’d think folks would notice that Louisville Metro Animal Services is also a killing disaster. [WLKY]

Here’s a look at how the mainstreamers are digesting Larry Hayes’ new role as Grease Bucket Authority boss. [Business First]

Experts say beavers are not a threat to this St. Matthews park. Please, hold your awesome jokes. [WFPL]

Southwest Airlines is adding new nonstop jet service between Louisville and Denver later this year. [WLEX18]

The mainstreamers don’t want to talk about the mess that still exists at Kentucky Retirement Systems. [Page One]

Will The World End If Fox Isn’t On Your Cable?

Ford Motor Co will pursue its boldest attempt yet to tackle a nearly $50 billion risk to its business when it begins offering lump-sum pension payout offers to 98,000 white-collar retirees and former employees this summer. [Reuters]

Guess who got removed from Time Warner/Insight/Whatever Cable. Yep, WDRB/FOX41. [FOX41]

The bonds issued to build the KFC Yum! Center are now classified as “junk” status by Moody’s Investors Service, meaning the rating agency thinks the bonds are particularly risky investments. [C-J/AKN]

Just what Louisville needs! Another deadly shooting. This time near Iroquois Park. [WAVE3]

This should send Marilyn Parker and crew into a fit of rage. Mitch Daniels is a member of the Bilderberg Group. [Dahahaha]

Ruh ro, an appeals panel scolded Karen Sypher’s attorney for repeatedly making assertions that weren’t backed by evidence in the trial record. Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey said the argument “appeared to be a waste of everybody’s time.” [WHAS11]

Nolan offered claims that Sypher wasn’t properly represented by attorney James Earhart, and that he didn’t call witnesses who might’ve testified positively about the ex-trade show model. [84WHAS]

Kentucky officials signaled Thursday they will change how prisoners are executed, opening the door to using a single drug instead of the current three-drug method that has been challenged by inmates who call it cruel and unusual punishment. [H-L]

Some lady was hoarding cats in J-town. Because that is apparently a nice life to live. [WLKY]

The top pick of Kentucky Retirement Systems to lead that organization has once again been sued. That’d be the guy Greg Fischer’s honcho wants to pick, obviously. [Page One]

A federal judge has given the Environmental Protection Agency one week to set standards for fine particle pollution across the United States. These are the fine particles that come out of factories, power plants and automobiles. [WFPL]

Greg Fischer can afford to spend $450,000 of your tax dollars to buy land near Fairdale for a park but can’t afford to feed the animals at Metro Animal Services. That’s compassion, right? [Business First]

Locals Realize Mainstream Dropped Tornado Ball

We’ve been harping on local media for dropping the ball when it comes to coverage of tornado devastation in Kentucky. The focus has primarily been on Henryville, Indiana because it’s in the metro area.

We thought things would change. But. Uh. Not so much. All you ever hear is, “Henryville, Henryville, Henryville.” Despite damage in Kentucky being far worse.

Then we saw this story about an elementary school reopening in Jake’s hometown of West Liberty. Quick and easy. A blip on the radar.

Didn’t take long to notice some of the comments on the story:

And then we were reminded why no one had a clue such a disaster had taken place in their very own state: because local media (not singling out FOX41/WDRB/whatever) only focused on the quick and easy.

It’s why Henryville will have everything it needs to recover. The area will likely be rebuilt in a matter of months. While the majority of damaged areas in Eastern Kentucky will be suffering years from now. Much of it will never be rebuilt. And no one in the metro area will be any wiser.

Interesting Note On WDRB’s Parent Co. Moves

Looks like the FOX41/WDRB affiliate situation isn’t unique when it comes to Block Communications:

KTRV, an independent station in Boise, shut down news operations on Monday and announced plans to shrink production staff this week.

The Block Communications-owned station, formerly a Fox-affiliate, became independent earlier this fall after Fox gave its affiliation to KNIN


“A network affiliate requires a different business model than does an independent station,” said Bill Lamb, vice president of Block Communications. “As a result, a reduction in staff is taking place this week.”

Here’s hoping news cuts don’t take place in Louisville. This city can’t afford it.

This Will Freak The Mouth-Breathers Out…

Haha, so, funny story…

All the mouth-breathers in town are going to freak out when they learn Betty Winston Baye will soon be appearing on FOX41/WDRB/whatever the hell station it is beginning December 12 during the 10:00 P.M. newscast. She’ll be delivering fancy “Point of View” editorials.

“We originally created ‘Point of View’ almost ten years ago with the intent of offering a perspective on the news that better reflected the values and opinions of our viewing public than the other available alternatives,” said Lamb. “Instead of being slavishly devoted to intensely conservative or liberal positions, we’ve always tried to put common sense above dogmatism, and I think we’ve succeeded in that regard.

More from Lamb: “But even though we’ve always welcomed dissenting opinions, airing scores of guest editorials and responses over the years, this latest step will represent the first time we’ve ever featured the opinions of another individual besides me on a regular, ongoing basis. I think it’s safe to say that Betty may look at many things differently than I do, and I think our audience will benefit from the even wider spectrum of opinion she’ll be providing.”

Those who hated her at A Kentucky Newspaper will surely hate her on the teevee.

We’re glad to have another voice on-air.