Ambassador Barzun Held Captive By Foreign Ladies

Oh, hey, lookit. Here is a picture of Ambassador Matthew Barzun just cold being interrogated in foreigner land, by the foreigns:

Why do these foreigns want to subject our Ambassador to doilies and froo-froo lady things like good posture and high tea? Don’t they know that the gays could teach Barzun of these things, for free, in Real America?

Possibility City of Metro Animal Services Mess

So, ladies and dudes, get ready. We hear through the media grapevine that WLKY is set to air another exclusive interview with Dr. Kendall Clay tonight at 6:00 P.M.

Clay is a contract veterinarian who used to work for Metro Animal Services. So far an audit bomb as been dropped, triple sexual harassment has been revealed.

What’s next?

Guess we’ll all be tuning in to find out. God. What a hot mess.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Rick got a little confused on the UofL nursing student – she didn’t violate any rules, regulations or agreements. So you’ll have to forgive him. But he also discussed Sustain, the nasty Robert Felner mess and more. Check it out!

Dan also tells us John Yarmuth will be on TMZ this evening.

Page One & ‘Ville Voice Scandalizing The TeeVee – With an Update on the Felner-UofL Story

Did you notice the elephant in the room during Rick’s appearance this morning on the CW? When Rick arrived at the studio, Dan Spangler told him the Robert Felner-UofL story was too hot for the morning show to handle. The station’s general manager, Carol LaFever, said the morning show wasn’t the place for such hard news. She mentioned a rumor she’d heard that the attorney involved was upset with Page One’s coverage. So we asked her for a statement, and here’s what she said:

“Baldly put, this story is fascinating and lurid and terrible all at the same time – it deserves investigation and it’s getting that, in part thanks to you guys – but our show is a format for you to tell people about what you are doing, not to disseminate the story – I have some discomfort about what we might have heard this morning, as some of it lives in the realm of speculation – at least until the story rolls out further. I will continue to be a daily visitor to your website to see how it develops.”

If that’s not an indication that the story has become a monster, we’re not sure what is.

For the record: we spoke with journalists, news directors and managers from WLKY, WHAS, WDRB/Fox41 and the Courier-Journal and confirmed that Felner’s attorney has not attempted to silence coverage of this story.

So watch us be all scandalous on the teevee. Again. And every week.

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