Some People Need To Get A Major Flipping Grip

We feel that you definitely need a reminder what about kind of overpaid shysters are running the state’s educational system. [Page One]

Really? November is King James version of the Bible Month? What the fuck kind of crack is Steve Beshear smoking? This is one of the most offensive things he’s done. Fucking pandering hack that the Democrats only love because he isn’t David Williams. Worse than promoting the goddamn Ark Park in front of an Orthodox Jewish crowd. [SoS]

We’ll be foaming at the mouth about this all week. Corrupt Keith Hall has been reprimanded and fined by the Legislative Branch Ethics Commission for being corrupt as all hell. To think this guy had the nerve to accuse everyone of lying about him. [H-L]

So the guy’s father is prominent, we get it. And we get that this is a domestic violence issue. But what does it have to do with his father? It’s not like this incident is getting covered up like the last. It’s not like Jerry Abramson covering up for his son. [C-J/AKN]

Accusing this girl of being a racist even AFTER seeing video and learning she didn’t say a word some asshat thought she said? Really? Calling the NAACP? This shit is out of control and people need a reality check. [FOX41]

No, WHAS, it’s not that she says she didn’t say the n-word. She didn’t say it. Watch the video. Jesus flipping christ. [WHAS11]

We’re pretty excited that yet another store is opening on East Market Street. But organic towels and eco-friendly bathroom accessories? You know what we’re thinking (it’s not good) and we’re fans of that sort of stuff. [Consuming Louisville]

Last night Steve Beshear said Louisville bridge construction would begin within a year. Louisville residents know that couldn’t be further from reality. We know those bridges aren’t getting built. [WAVE3]

Yep, this is what Greg Fischer spent your tax dollars on. He even held a press conference to promote it. [C-J/AKN]

Younger workers in Louisville are beginning to be happier but they’re still looking to leave. When will we stop this brain drain nightmare? Why are we ignoring this mega issue? [Business First]

Casino revenue and patrons dropped like flies when the Sherman Minton closed. Proof Kentuckians gamble like woah. [WLKY]

Berman’s Maybe Taking His Show To Oregon

Sheldon Berman is a finalist for a job in Eugene, Oregon. You think they know he admits to using his job to give money to businesses upon which he is affiliated? [WFPL]

Found a photo of Jerry Abramson dumpster diving in Lexington. You should probably take a look at Mayor McCheese. [H-L]

The State House voted overwhelmingly to reform the corrections system. This is good news, right? [Ronnie Ellis]

Dunno if you’ve noticed lately, but East Market Street is turning into a hotbed for all things good. Yet another delicious joint opening up. [Consuming Louisville]

Have you seen this video of Rand Paul talking to folks at CPAC? [Page One]

Karen Sypher is awaiting sentencing. That story is just enough to make me gag all day long, every day. [FOX41]

Jerry Abramson is adjusting to life out of the public eye. That means he goes to Kroger in his sleepy pants and hoodie to buy Graeter’s Coconut Chip and Coke Zero. [WAVE3]

This Ohio River Bridges thing is never going to happen. And you know what? 99% of the city seems to be okay with it. So let’s get back to doing nothing. [WHAS11]

The editor of Louisville Magazine has resigned his job to do something with pizza or whatever. [FatLip]

Four abortion bills were defeated in State House committee this week. There’s a win for women everywhere. [H-L]

We hear through the gayvine that Greg Fischer’s police driver has been removed from his duties. They should probably release a statement about it before the rumor mill goes insane. [Downtown Rumors]

Greg Can Give Away Money But Ignores LMAS

I’m not going to shut up about this. There’s no reason for wasteful legislation to stop meth production. Limiting access to legitimate consumers is ridiculous. Send a letter to your legislator today. [SEND A LETTER!]

On February 27, in honor of the 83rd Academy Awards, the WHAS Crusade For Children will host an officially sanctioned party. All proceeds will benefit the Crusade. Should be fun stuff. We’ll update you when the charity releases additional details. [Press Release]

Here’s a six sentence story about a former death row inmate who spoke at the University of Louisville. [WHAS11]

Is Lexington’s new mayor doing a better job at tackling budget and debt challenges than Louisville’s new mayor? [H-L]

Newsflash: The USDA says physical activity and good nutrition are a must. Will anyone notice? Or will everyone continue sucking down 40 gallons of corn syrup water every day as they ride around Kroger on their Rascal? [WAVE3]

We shared the press release about the Iron Quarter yesterday. But the reality that Greg Fischer is throwing $400K at the buildings and giving permission to demolish them doesn’t sound any better today than it did yesterday. On a funny note: an hour after we published our story, written from the press release, a Guthrie Mayes PR exec called us on our personal telephone lines to ask if we had received the unsolicited release. Yet another reason Louisville can’t have nice things. [FOX41]

East Market Street is getting a fancy new restaurant from the creators of Proof. How bout them apples? Let’s talk about how it’s tough not to get fat again. [Consuming Louisville]

Secretary of State Trey Grayson bid farewell to the Commonwealth last week. Have a look at his goodbye letter. [Page One]

The Kentucky Lottery has millions in unclaimed winnings. If you won? Please apply to be our sugar momma/poppa ASAP. [FatLip]

Egypt isn’t the only country with a problem on its hands. Jordan’s King Abdullah II dismissed his cabinet after protests. [NY Times]

Let Me Be Biased For A Few Minutes Today

Check this bit from Phillip Bailey’s latest in LEO:

NuLu is a movement that embodies the message of sustainable living, and the district’s crown jewel is the Green Building.

Originally built in 1891, the building was renovated by local filmmaker and businessman Gill Holland, along with his wife, Augusta. The couple transformed the structure, making it an environmentally conscious building that includes 732 Social, office space, a record label and multiple event rooms. In an interview with LEO last week, Holland confirmed that they have received LEED Platinum Certification, making the Green Building the first commercial building in Kentucky to achieve that goal.

The business leader believes the area is now primed to pick up where it left off before the recession.

“A lot of things didn’t go as fast as they could or would have, but things are moving methodically forward,” Holland says. “I feel this was the one area of town that kept momentum during the last two years. Maybe it wasn’t full speed ahead, but it was still speeding ahead.”

Holland notes that the euphoria in the district is due to more than just his award-winning renovation project, and he credits the businesses and neighborhood association’s strength as a group. Successful networking has educated people about the importance of supporting local and family-owned businesses.

Click here to read the entire story. And note the bits about how housing is really out of reach for most Louisvillians when it comes to dowtown.

But that’s MAJOR news on the green front. MAJOR.

2nd Annual NuLu Fest Announced For Oct 2

The East Market District just announced that the Second Annual NuLu Festival will take place on Saturday, October 2 from 2:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. It’s fun, free and great for the entire family. That is, if you enjoy all things local… like live music (like Love Jones, Lucky Pineapple, The Fervor, The Instruction and THE PASS!), micro-brewed beer, food food food and shopping.

From the release:

For 2010, NuLu Festival has also been named the “Official After-Party” for Louisville’s Idea Festival, a gathering of innovators and thinkers from around the world who discuss and celebrate imagination, new perspectives and transformational ideas. Idea Festival participants will be encouraged to attend the NuLu Festival to enjoy living, working examples of leading edge innovators in the Louisville community.

Sponsors for this year’s NuLu Festival include the Idea Festival, Experience Louisville, sonaBLAST! Records, Interactive Media Lab, Public Radio Partnership, Louisville Beer Store, Java Brewing Co., 732 Social, Creation Gardens, Stock Yards Bank, Bargain Supply, JEB Advertising, Residence Inn, Crushed Ice Events, The Pepper Group, Gebhardt-Marshall Gallery , Home of the Innocents, Hunt Tractor, Bill Marzian, Bays Boutique, A N Roth, and Action Graphics.

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait.

Friday Morning Dept of Vote For Tina

The 18th Annual Frankfort Avenue Easter Parade will take place on Saturday, April 3, 2010. The parade begins at 11:30 A.M. at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Metro Councilcritter Tina Ward-Pugh, our favorite, will be the parade’s Grand Marshall and will be escorted through the parade by a terrifying Easter Bunny. We love Tina but hope she doesn’t come to say hello to us with some dude in a scary rabbit suit beside her. Hopefully Jeebus won’t smite us this year with another sunburn. [Easter Parade Excitement Press Release!]

Speaking of Ward-Pugh, go vote for her in the ‘Most Admired’ contest at Today’s Woman! [Click the Clicky]

Kentucky’s environment is going to pot but Democrats aren’t keen on doing anything about it. Greg Stumbo favors allowing Jim Gooch to spew his weight in propaganda. And, no, Stumbo doesn’t really live in Prestonsburg. [Ronnie Ellis]

Fairdale Bigfoot may no longer be running for mayor, but he’s still got all kinds of advice for you. Especially if you’re troubled in the relationship department. [Consuming Louisville]

The next piece of the Wayside block redevelopment puzzle is in place. East Market Street is going gangbusters. [Broken Sidewalk]

There’s always been deep corruption in Southeastern Kentucky. But the latest audit from Crit Luallen details serious troubles with the Whitley County Sheriff. Check out the massive waste, fraud and abuse. [Page One]

Metro Government is definitely playing chicken with PETA. But who really wants a disgusting chicken statue erected, you know, anywhere? Hard to pick a side in this fight. [LEO Weekly]

It’s Friday and Time to Slack Completely Off

Greg Fischer said yesterday that no one in the middle class wants to live downtown in something that doesn’t cost a million bucks. Apparently somebody needs to clue Greg in ASAP? Gill Holland? Somebody? Because that’s some horse shiz. [Mayoral Forum Thingy]

Larry Hausman is kicking off his congressional campaign on Monday the 25th, 11:00 A.M., Bowman Field Airport Terminal. [Press Release]

Not surprisingly, your hometown newspaper thinks it’s fine and dandy to prey on the emotions of consumers by using Haiti to make a buck. Guess it’s no worse than a non-profit having overhead costs. Though, it’d be just as easy for a business to donate a portion of proceeds rather than use a disaster to to pull in profits. [C-J]

Yesterday President Barack Obama announced the Presidential Citizens Medal. Get all the details and watch the video at the link. [White House]

Jefferson County PVA Tony Lindauer wants to know what you think. [Take The Survey]

How sad. Somebody jumped to their death from the Heyburn Building yesterday. [C-J]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he’s got a new advice column this week! Relationship advice time! [Consuming Louisville]

That Jesus Museum in Northern Kentucky is going to be pissed that the Louisville Zoo is about to play host to some robodinos. [WHAS11]

Big news for the corner of Market & Cambell. New restaurant, wine shop. Excitement! [C-J]

Suburban dollars fund urban services but benefits are often shared? [WFPL]

Competitiveness & the Clean Energy Economy

Earlier today Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Energy Secretary Steven Chu hosted a Clean Energy Economy Forum at the White House with leaders from across the American business community. Amongst them was Louisville film producer and developer of The Green Building Gill Holland. He got to share his first-hand experience in creating jobs and restoring an historic property in a prominent downtown area.

The forum focused on discussion about a comprehensive energy plan to regain control of our energy future, revitalize our economy and break the dependence on foreign oil that threats us all. Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere Dr. Jane Lubchenco moderated the event.

“In the next few years, some entrepreneur or innovator will revolutionize an emerging technology and fundamentally change the way the world uses energy,” Locke said. “President Obama wants to make sure the brains behind these innovations live, work and create jobs in America.

Secretary Chu said, “Clean energy will be the growth industry of the 21st Century, and we need to take bold action to make sure America is leading the field. One of the most important steps we can and must take to create new jobs and ensure America’s competitiveness is to pass comprehensive energy legislation to create a system of clean energy incentives.”

I’m obviously biased when I say the local business world can learn a lot from Gill. But it’s definitely true. One only need to step foot in the Green Building to see what I mean.


Glad to see Louisville and Kentucky finally being represented in Washington.

Happy Tuesday Morning Dept of Chills

You won’t want to miss the audio recordings of Daniel Mongiardo attacking Governor Steve Beshear, maligning the U.S. Senate and cursing. [CLICK HERE]

Will this Norton-Anthem mess ever wrap up? Will there ever be a solution? We’re on the third day of talks. [C-J]

They get letters about Norton-Anthem. [More C-J]

If you haven’t yet become a fan of Fairdale Bigfoot, you may want to do so. He’s running for mayor. And he writes an advice column every week. [Consuming Louisville]

Attorney General Jack Conway filed a lawsuit against Merck yesterday in Franklin Circuit Court. The OAG alleges that the pharmaceutical giant is violating Kentucky’s Consumer Protection Act with activity related to Vioxx. [Press Release]

Possible sexual assault at the University of Louisville yesterday? Campus authorities sent out an alert in the early afternoon. [LEO’s Fat Lip]

Can’t hype this enough. The expansion of Creation Gardens on East Market Street has the city abuzz. Check out these great historic photos and the new block rendering. [Broken Sidewalk]

Miss NuLu Fest on Saturday? Check out these photographs. [Backseat Sandbar]

We want your thoughts on Jefferson County Public Schools’ proposed changes to the student-assignment plan. [Toni Konz]

Woo Hoo! NuLu!

Well, that was fun. I missed the hair-hanger guy at the LEO Readers Choice Awards last night, but arrived in time to bask in some glory and do the shakey-howdy thing with some nice folks. And got to see Nappy Roots. So here’s some video of Chris Lemon, who amazingly hangs by his hair. [YouTube]

The NuLu Fest is the big event on our weekend calendar. It starts at 5 Saturday, featuring free music until at least 11 down on East Market Street. The bands aren’t shabby — Ben Sollee, Generic Alternatives, Thomas A. Minor & the Picket Line, Lucky Pineapple and The Instruction. Good names. You can also partake in BBC beer, wine from Felice Vineyards and plenty of food from local restaurants. It’s in the 700 block of East Market, which will be closed to traffic.

More Ideas: The Nulu Fest is billed as the closing event for the Idea Festival, which continues today and tomorrow. Though the event seems to have lost a little luster, word is that ticket sales have been brisk, and that the Anthony Bourdain event for tonight is sold out. We’ll have coverage of that. And here’s my experience with A.J. Jacobs. [V.V.]

No Massacre This Time?: Top-ranked Florida, which embarrassed UK 63-5 in The Swamp last year, is in Lexington Saturday. Meanwhile, the Cards are 14-point underdogs at Utah Saturday night.

Amanda’s Bill: House Speaker Greg Stumbo has pre-filed legislation that would require domestic violence offenders to wear electronic monitoring devices so their victims would know when they were nearby. Stumbo took action in response to the murder of Amanda Ross, the ex-fiancee of former legislator Steve Nunn, who is charged with her murder. [Courier]

And If You’re Into Painted Ladies: Check out the video from our pal John Gilderbloom. It’s a tour of a Highlands home called the Painted Lady and includes a tour of the neighborhood. John’s an ambassador, appointed by the Mayor. Oh, the Painted Lady. Yours for four nights at just $7,950. [Big Event Home Rental]