Metro Government Just Loves Wasting Money

We’ve received several reports that fancy, expensive granite curbing the city installed a few years ago (remember Dougie Hawkins freaking out?) is being thrown out with the trash.

Specifically in the 500 block of Fourth Street, where workers allegedly are only saving some of the curbs… while front-end loaders toss others into dump trucks.

Sounds like a terrific use of taxpayer dollars.

Somebody Stole Dougie Hawkins’ Crown!

We’ve definitely spent most of our afternoon feeling disgusted by Metro Animal Services and the utter level of inaction on the part of Greg Fischer.

The things we hear get worse every day.

So with all the negatives floating heavily in our offices, it makes sense to focus on something positive.

Okay, so it’s only positive in the sense that Louisville is no longer home to the most prominent fearer of non-whites in the Commonwealth. That title has been handed from Dougie Hawkins to State Senator Ray Jones, who is so afraid of the Messicans he can’t sit still.

Jones looks positively magnificent in that sombrero.

Light Rail Is Just A Pipe Dream For Us All, Really

That guy using a chainsaw on Dixie the other day, causing an assplosion? Turns out he was allegedly stealing… err… “cutting” some pipe. I have confirmed that it was not Rep. Joni Jenkins wearing a fake beard. No word on whether it was Dougie Hawkins, though. [H-L]

Jerry Abramson anticipates an Urban Services extension in Louisville. [WFPL]

In New York City, breaking up bigger schools into smaller ones is being touted as a reform solution. Could it work in Louisville? We’re open to trying just about anything to change and improve Jefferson County Public Schools. [PBS Newshour]

Farmers’ markets are going year-round all over the place. Which means we’re getting more and more excited for the NuLu market as time goes by. [HuffPo]

Did you don a Speedo and some Dougie Hawkins Brand Tan In A Can to walk in the cold for charity? Here’s hoping. [FOX 41]

Oh, here’s hoping Indiana starts selling booze on Sunday. Cause once tolls are implemented, Louisville will sell out of everything on Saturday nights. [More WFPL]

Really, Louisville? We can’t even making it through the holidays without someone getting killed? You couldn’t just drink some bourbon (or a lot of it) to numb the pain for a while? [WAVE3]

Please recycle your dang Christmas tree instead of just leaving it on your front lawn. [WHAS11]

He’s right. Kentucky needs a fair and equitable tax system. If David Williams wanted to win over Democrats in a big way, he’d push comprehensive tax reform and force Steve Beshear to continue fighting against it. And not just the standard big business Republican tax reform – real tax reform for real people who live in the real world. [Ralph Long]

Jackie Green still thinks he’s running for mayor and spams the entirety of the local press corps every day with emails. This morning, he sent along a story about light rail but failed to include a solid link. So here it is for those unable to locate the original. [NPR]

UPDATE: We found out why old people freeze to death. LG&E’s web forms don’t work and their telephone system says to call back later. Haha. Thank goodness it’s not an emergency.